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The 6 Best Dog Crates For German Shepherds

Many new pet owners are hesitant to cage train their new dog. In the end, we have bad associations with cages, even if it is in our pets' best interests.

Many people believe that they are harsh and uncaring, which likely goes against everything you've considered before bringing a dog into your life.

Undeniably, a dog cage is a wonderful approach to ensure your German Shepherd feels safe. You must keep in mind that dogs are hardwired for survival in the wild.

Relaxing your defenses is a formula for catastrophe. Thankfully, we are all required to sleep and replenish our batteries. Ironically, being always vigilant is as as dangerous as failing to relax.

We recognize your worries about the purchase of a container. Assuredly, this is not a dog jail. It is a great method for making your pet feel secure.

It eliminates concerns over unfamiliar sounds that may frighten your pet. It is also an effective strategy for housebreaking your dog.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has done its research to help you find the best product by providing in-depth evaluations of the best dog crates for German shepherds that illustrate what to look for.


Best Overall: MidWest iCrate Fold & Carry Wire Dog Crate

Sizes ranging from 18″ to 33″ in height make the MidWest iCrate Fold & Carry Wire Dog Crate a perfect option for a German Shepherd.

This is consistent with the 22-26″ height your puppy will attain as an adult. We appreciated the inclusion of a separator. When he outgrows his puppy crate, you may purchase a big or extra-large version to save money on a new cage.

The bottom of the container is a non-leaking metal pan that is simple to clean. There are four rubber feet in each corner of the cage to hold it in place if your dog becomes unruly.

The cage folds up easily, allowing you to bring it on vacation. It is also easy on the wallet due to its reasonable pricing. The crate is accompanied by a one-year limited guarantee.


  • Reasonably priced
  • 12-month restricted warranty
  • Divider panel
  • Simple storage


  • Simple to open without a separate clip

Premium Option Pet Gear Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

The Pet Gear Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate is the Mercedes-Benz of dog crates. This one has a detachable fleece mat on both the top and bottom to keep your dog toasty.

With its cushioned, rounded edges, the box also seems more welcoming than a simple wire cage. The space between the bars is ideal for pups and adults. One door with two quick-release clips are included.

The maker designed this device with both pet owners and pets in mind. It is equipped with wheels and a handle for simple transport to another room or the automobile.

It also includes a carrying bag. Unfortunately, the sizing may be a touch tight, particularly if your German Shepherd is a huge breed. As expected, it is also an expensive buy.


  • Coatings made of fleece
  • Wheel for mobility
  • Carrying bag
  • Water-resistant


  • Expensive
  • Less easy to clean

Collapsible MidWest Solutions Series Wire Dog Crate

If you have a specific area to keep this cage, the MidWest Solutions Series Collapsible Wire Dog Crate is a smart option. The dimensions of this spacious crate are 54″ L x 37″ W x 45″ H.

At 79 pounds, it is not something you can easily move about. This cage, unlike many other models we’ve examined, does not fold up with a handy handle. Instead, it requires assembly due to its drop-pin design.

The crate includes two extra-wide doors, making it simple for your Shepherd to enter and exit. The sliding bolts will guarantee that he remains in place as well.

This item is not intended for puppies due to its size and lack of a partition. However, it is durable and well-made. The company also includes a one-year limited guarantee with its box.


  • 12-month restricted warranty
  • Roomy
  • Extra-wide doors


  • Pricey
  • Not collapsible

Foldable Wire Dog Crate by Precision Pet Products

The Precision Pet Products Collapsible Wire Dog Crate is a spacious cage with dimensions of 42″ x 28″ x 31″ and a weight of 41.4 pounds.

It can comfortably accommodate a German Shepherd. The divider is included with your purchase so that it will endure until your child is an adult.

It features twin doors to accommodate various space concerns. The sole drawback is that it has just one latch.

The cage is constructed properly with the exception of the plastic tray. It is not as thick as we would want. The two design defects are regrettable, considering the overall high quality of the construction.

Another issue was the absence of a warranty. Overall, the crate is sturdy and could support a vigorous Shepherd puppy.


  • Roomy
  • Double doors
  • Separator panel included


  • No guarantee
  • Only one door latch is present.

Furniture-Style Crate by Merry Products

The name of the Furniture Style Dog Crate from Merry Products tells it all. When only the finest would do, luxurious lodgings are provided for pampered dogs.

It is so attractive that it may even serve as an end table. Considering what it is, it is quite stunning.

The measurements are suitable for an adult German Shepherd. It has a separator that allows you to confine the room to his dimensions.

The crate has a double door with two locks and a lid. This is advantageous, considering its increased size. This cage must be assembled before your dog may use it.

Our primary focus was the polish of the wood. A puppy would probably make quick work of it. This elevates the possibility of splinters and other risks. We view it more as an indoor option for a crate-trained puppy.


  • Elegant interior solution
  • Coverage comprises


  • Expensive
  • Assembly necessary

Wire Lucky Dog Dog Crate

If space is at a premium, the Lucky Dog Wire Dog Crate has a sliding door as opposed to a swinging door. It is an outstanding design that helps to strengthen the sides.

The cage is 48″ L x 30″ W x 33″ H and weighs just 38 pounds. This pricing for a steel product aroused our eyebrows. Given its size, we would anticipate a much heavier weight.

The package seemed fragile to us. A determined German Shepherd could be seen emerging from it. The corners are strengthened, thankfully.

The second deal-breaker has to do with the puppies. The absence of a divider reduces the worth of the cage in our estimation. There is no warranty beyond the money-back guarantee for defective products.


  • Sliding door
  • Reinforced radii


  • No divider
  • Poorly made construction
  • No guarantee

Buyer's Guide

Purchasing a crate for your German Shepherd is a crucial choice. You are essentially shopping for his bedroom and safe haven. Therefore, it is essential to analyze your alternatives and how you want to use the cage.

Do you want a box only for housebreaking, or will he sleep in it permanently?

This inquiry may influence your purchase and bring you to the ideal German Shepherd crate. German Shepherds are bright canines. They are muscular as well. Even a puppy will need a robust cage, which you should prioritize on your list of requirements.

Additional key factors include:

  • Intended use
  • Size
  • Type
  • Materials
  • Safety
  • Accessories

Intended Usage

Crate training may serve several functions. You may decide to just use it to housebreak your puppy and help him adjust to his new home.

You will provide him with a little room that is enough for resting and moving about, but limiting it to make the procedure simpler. This area will become his turf, which he will learn to maintain.

Evolutionary hardwiring is in the process of becoming. Many animals navigate their environment using their sense of smell. Marking a dog’s territory with feces is a warning signal for other predators on the prowl.

The key to surviving is minimizing your presence. When you confine your German Shepherd to a container, you replicate this situation.

The nicest aspect is that biology takes control without requiring any effort on your part, with one important exception.


This component is related to the previous one. An adult German Shepherd may reach heights of 22-26” H and weights of 50-90 pounds. If you just intend to use the crate for your puppy, there is no use in purchasing one for an adult.

He could just dirty one section of the cage and continue to utilize the remainder without concern. The purpose of utilizing a cage for housebreaking is to teach your dog to maintain tidy living quarters.

Yes, this restricts space, but that is the purpose of this strategy. After all, your pet will not remain in the cage all day. It is designed to avoid mishaps during downtime.

However, you must consider this when purchasing a dog kennel for your German Shepherd. To be a sensible investment, it must perform its goal in the most efficient manner possible.

Using a tape measure to determine your dog’s height from the top of his head to the floor is the most accurate approach to determine what size cage to buy. Get his length as well, from his tail to his nose.

Utilize these measurements to zero in on a bed that can fit his size. When purchasing a cage for a puppy, you may choose the bigger adult size if it comes with dividers that allow you to lock off the additional room until he outgrows it.

It is crucial that he can easily stand, turn around, and lie down.

The German Shepherd is a clever dog. Housebreaking will likely become second nature to him fast. However, the box may still be used as a sleeping space.

When choosing the size of the cage, you need also consider its placement. The optimal location lacks drafts and is usually in an area with little nighttime traffic.

Don’t forget to account for the additional space required for opening and closing the door. We suggest placing the cage in a place where there is still air circulation, particularly if it is enclosed.

Keep in mind that housebreaking often involves a few mishaps along the road. Putting it on a mat or small rug can help maintain its cleanliness.


Wire cages are the most common form of enclosure. They provide several benefits, starting with circulation. This makes your pet more comfortable and reduces unpleasant smells.

They are also easy to clean, since many of its components are coated. Simply take the crate into the backyard and give it a thorough rinsing with a garden hose.

Plastic has many of the same benefits as wood. The partly covered sides imitate a cave setting, which may be preferred by many timid breeds.

The cloth is simple to clean and does not absorb smells. The primary constraint is the ambient temperature. It may be beneficial in a cold environment but hazardous in a hot one.

A soft-walled cage, like those seen in certain pet carriers, is an alternative. It has the same benefits and drawbacks as the prior option.

However, they are often lighter, making them portable. This increases their adaptability, particularly with smaller dogs.

A wooden box is an alternative if you’re seeking for a lasting and visually beautiful housing solution for your German Shepherd. There are certain things that resemble furniture more than dog crates.

They are also heavier and more difficult to clean. We believe they are a superior option for a fully matured and housebroken pet.


Wire cages are a significant source of worry. Your dog will gnaw on the box he sleeps in. That is obvious. He will paw at and claw his box until he becomes used to it.

The danger is that his jaw may get trapped between the bars. There is considerable risk that he may consume any coatings on the bars by chewing on them.

There are cages available for dogs of various ages and sizes. Typically, one designed for a smaller dog, such as a Chihuahua, would have narrower bars than one designed for a bigger dog, such as a German Shepherd.

We also recommend examining the locking mechanism. A clever dog, like as a Shepherd, may find a way to escape without an additional clip. We highly recommend you to remove your dog’s collar or harness prior to crate placement.


The next consideration is how to furnish your dog’s dwelling. On the floor of the container, he will require a mat, ideally one that is machine-washable.

We prefer items with a detachable cover since it makes washing simpler and faster without the need to wait for a thick pad to dry. Several versions exist on this topic. Depending on the temperature, you may have cooling mats or a heated pad.

Then there are the water and food dishes for your dog. We do not encourage free-feeding your pet, but he should always have access to clean water.

If your dog is active in his crate, you may want to consider purchasing a bottle or bowl that attaches to the kennel’s bars to keep the area dry. If he has difficulty falling asleep at night, you may purchase a cage cover.

It is a great approach to reduce the distractions that are keeping your dog awake. Additionally, it is a good approach for establishing a sleep routine. The best thing is that it will help him sleep comfortably and warmly.


1. How big should a German Shepherd’s crate be?

German Shepherds require a 48-inch container to accommodate their size.The crate should be at least 33 inches tall, so the dog can stand without hitting his head, and at least 30 inches wide, so he can move freely, lie on his side, and extend his paws.

2. What is the ideal crate size for a GSD puppy?

48 inches is the optimal crate size for a German Shepherd puppy. A wire cage with a divider is perfect since you can start your puppy out in a modest enough area by putting the partition a few inches away from the dog’s entire length and then continue to modify as the dog develops. This expedites toilet training.


The MidWest iCrate Fold & Carry Wire Dog Crate is an investment that will prove to be worthwhile. The cage is available in a variety of sizes, whether you need it for housebreaking or as a permanent bed.

The separator simplifies the decision in either direction. The best aspect is that it is reasonably priced. It is durable, but not too heavy. It is the optimal combination of weight and strength.

We are honored that you chose BestForPets (bestforpets.org) above many other websites to read our post. We hope this article on the best dog crates for German shepherds has provided you with helpful pet information.

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