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The 10 Best Dog Crates For Car Travel

You want your dog to be secure and comfortable when traveling by car, so you'll need a durable and portable cage. There are several boxes available, but not all of them will fit in your automobile.

How do you go through the possibilities and choose an outstanding model?

Don't worry, we're here to assist you with your shopping. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) evaluated the leading models and compiled this list of the best dog crates for car travel.

Each model includes a comprehensive assessment that compares price, weight, kind, mobility, accessories, and warranty, allowing you to select the best alternative.

And if you like to learn more about the features, please refer to our detailed buyer's guide.


K&H Dog Car Travel Crate

Our favorite selection is the K&H Pet Products 7680 Travel Safety Carrier, a well-designed, easy-to-disassemble soft box that hooks to your seats.

This container, available in three sizes and weighing 10 pounds, features mesh sides and folds flat for easy transport. The smallest model is made to fit in the front seat. It is simple to disassemble and seems rather sturdy. You may attach it to your car’s seat belts and headrests.

This crate is expensive and does not come with a carrying case or a mat. We observed that the top plastic pole was not very sturdy during testing, therefore you may need to replace it. Nevertheless, we believe this is the ideal dog crate for automobile travel.


  • Connects to the seat belts and headrests.
  • One of the three sizes is compatible with front seats.
  • Sides with ventilation mesh
  • Easy to disassemble and packs flat for transport
  • One year of coverage


  • Somewhat costly
  • Not included with carrying case or mat.
  • Less durable top plastic pole


Pet Gear Automobile Dog Crate

Do you shop on a tight budget? We recommend the Pet Gear PG1020BK Deluxe Travel Carrier as the most cost-effective dog carrier for automobile travel. It is inexpensive and lightweight, making it a terrific bargain.

This extremely tiny crate, which weighs just three pounds and has an attractive appearance, functions as both a carrier and a car seat. It includes zippered mesh doors on the front and top, as well as handy carry handles. The bundle consists of a leash and a fleece pad.

This box had a chemical odor, and the zippers were not particularly robust. With only a single loop to connect to a seat belt, it does not attach very firmly to your seats. Pet Gear has a standard 30-day warranty.


  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Compact with a respectable appearance
  • Carries a child and serves as a car seat.
  • Front and top zippered mesh doors
  • Carry handles, a tether, and a fleece pad are included.
  • Basic 30-day warranty


  • Some chemical scent
  • Not very firmly attached to the seat
  • Less durable zippers


Petmate Sky Car Travel Dog-Kennel

The Petmate 200 Sky Kennel is a plastic kennel available in several sizes. It is slightly costly, less durable, and more difficult to travel, but it can accommodate larger dogs.

This grey plastic container with side windows and a four-way vaulted wire door weighs 12.5 pounds. The wing-nuts are corrosion-resistant, and the wire is composed of robust steel. The kit contains two “Live Animal” stickers as well as food and water dishes with clips.

When we examined this container, we discovered that the carrying handle was poorly secured and readily detached. There are no seat belt connectors, and the entire box is bulky and cumbersome to move. Petmate provides an annual warranty.


  • Classic plastic design
  • Four-way vaulted steel wire door with wing-nuts that do not corrode
  • Various sizes
  • Includes “Living Animal” stickers and food and water dishes with clips.
  • One year of coverage


  • Less durable handle
  • No seat belt attachments
  • Heavy and quite costly


A4Pet Collapsible Travel Dog Crate

The A4Pet Soft Collapsible Dog Crate is a portable but less sturdy alternative.

Even though it weighs 9.3 pounds, this box is easy to fold and transport. There are top and side doors, as well as a changeable cloth cover and a steel frame. The rounded corners prevent damage to your chairs, and the locking zippers prevent your pet from escaping. The package includes a detachable and machine-washable waterproof bottom layer.

We discovered that the mesh was thin and the zippers were weak. Additionally, the cover cannot be machine-washed, and the box does not appear to be particularly robust. A4Pet provides no guarantee.


  • Simply foldable and portable
  • Steel structure with detachable fabric covering
  • Rounded edges and locking zippers
  • Contains a waterproof, machine-washable base layer


  • No guarantee
  • Fairly weighty
  • Thin mesh and inferior zippers
  • Not very sturdy overall
  • The cover is not machine-washable.


Port-A-Crate Petnation Dog Crate

The Petnation 614 Port-A-Crate is fairly priced, portable, and has a whimsical look, however, it is comprised of several less-lasting plastic components and mesh that is not particularly solid.

This 10.9-pound container is surprisingly portable since it folds and buckles together with ease. The amusing bone-shaped windows are made of mesh with a honeycomb design and have a steel frame. The crate includes front and top doors and rounded edges, and it can accommodate dogs up to 70 pounds.

This box lacks a cushion and cannot be secured to your vehicle seats. The plastic bits that keep the frame together are readily broken, and the mesh is not particularly sturdy. Petnation does not provide a guarantee.


  • Affordable and extremely portable
  • Fun mesh windows fashioned like bones
  • Compatible with dogs weighing up to 70 pounds
  • A steel frame covered with cloth with rounded sides.
  • Front and top doors
  • Foldable and buckled for portability


  • No guarantee
  • Not compatible with car seat
  • No pad included
  • Less durable plastic components
  • Not a very robust mesh


2PET Foldable Travel Dog Crates

The 2PET Foldable Dog Crate is a lightweight and affordably-priced soft crate with mesh and plastic zippers that are less durable.

This 6.8-pound crate, available in a variety of sizes and colors, features a steel tube frame and a detachable, machine-washable 600D fabric cover. There are built-in water bottle and snack container holders, as well as a top handle that serves as a seat belt attachment. Includes a waterproof mat and a reversible, machine-washable fleece pad.

We discovered that the mesh and zippers on this crate tore easily and broke rapidly. Overall, this product feels less durable and considerably less expensive. 2PET provides an annual warranty.


  • Lightweight and cost-effective
  • Variations in sizes and hues
  • Steel tubing frame with seat belt connection handle
  • 600D cloth cover that is removable, machine-washable, and water-resistant
  • Integrated holders for water bottles and food containers
  • Contains a waterproof mat and a reversible fleece pad.
  • One year of coverage


  • Thin mesh is readily torn.
  • Less durable plastic zippers
  • Not extremely sturdy in general


Noz2Noz Indoor & Outdoor Dog Crates

The Noz2Noz 667 Soft Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate is a heavier, more difficult-to-assemble variant with less durable zippers.

This light green, the 12.4-pound crate is available in five sizes and features a detachable, machine-washable canvas cover. Mastering the frame locking system, which consists of push-button tabs and couplers, may require additional time. The crate also features rounded sides and mesh windows with a tight weave.

We detected no chemical odor when we examined this container, although the plastic zippers seemed considerably cheaper and less robust. The mesh is not durable enough to endure paws, and Noz2Noz provides no warranty.


  • Available in five sizes
  • Steel frame with machine-washable, detachable cloth cover
  • Couplers and push-button tabs for frame locking
  • Asymmetrical corners and mesh windows
  • No chemical scent


  • The more complicated locking mechanism
  • worse quality plastic zippers and mesh
  • No guarantee
  • Fairly weighty


EliteField Folding Soft Dog Crate with Three Doors

The EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate is hefty, and expensive, and comes with several accessories and a solid guarantee.

This box weighs 17.6 pounds, making it extremely hefty. It is available in a variety of sizes and hues and is meant to be broader and higher, giving your dog more space. It folds quickly because of its steel tube structure, 600D cover, and hex mesh windows.

There are three doors on the top, front, and side to facilitate access, as well as two accessory compartments. The kit has a cushioned shoulder strap, a detachable fleece pad, and a carrying case. A frame locking mechanism and handy reinforced corners are also included.

We found this crate’s seams to be poorly stitched and readily rippable. The mesh and zippers are not sturdy enough to withstand dogs. EliteField provides an excellent two-year warranty.


  • Multiple sizes and colors are available
  • Extra-wide and taller for a roomy fit
  • The frame of steel tubes, 600D cover, and hex mesh windows
  • Three convenient entrances
  • Reinforced corners and locking mechanism for the frame
  • Contains a cushioned shoulder strap, a carrying bag, and a fleece pad.
  • Two-year assurance


  • Extremely hefty and relatively costly
  • Less resilient seams, zippers, and mesh.

Buyer's Guide

Now that you’ve seen our list of the 10 finest vehicle crates, it’s time to make a decision. But which will serve you and your dog best? Continue reading for a concise overview of your alternatives.

Hard or Gentle?

The first important decision is whether to get a hard or cloth crate. Fabric crates, which often feature robust steel or plastic frames with fabric covers, are more portable, foldable for easier transport, and typically less in weight. These cages function best with well-trained, non-chewing, or scratching dogs.

If you have a puppy or a dog with a lot of energy, you may choose a hard crate. These cages are often more robust since they can endure your dog’s clawing and bite more effectively. In return for their resilience, these bigger boxes may be more difficult to transport.

Car Attachments

If you are transporting your dog cage in the car, you may like to be able to secure it to the seat, as you would with a kid safety seat. Secure attachments will prevent your dog’s box from shifting as you stop or accelerate, so ensuring his or her stability. You may need to search for seat belts and headrest attachments, such as robust grips and loops.


Before purchasing a dog cage, you should consider your dog’s size. You may choose to measure your dog and compare the results to the dimensions of each model. Consider that your dog will feel more at ease with additional areas to move around.


Are you interested in the assortment of accompanying accessories, or do you only require the crate? There may be washable fleece cushions, waterproof liners, cushioned shoulder straps, and food and water bowls included with dog cages.


Would you like a warranty to safeguard your investment? Several of the examined products provide warranties ranging from 30 days to several years. You may also wish to examine the specifics of your model’s warranty, as it may not cover all components.


Our preferred dog crate is the K&H Pet Products 7680 Travel Safety Carrier, which is a well-designed, reasonably-priced product that folds flat and connects to your seat belts. You may choose the Pet Gear PG1020BK Deluxe Travel Carrier, which is tiny, simple to handle, and includes a beautiful fleece pad if you’re searching for a bargain. 

Taking your dog on a road vacation may be safe, economical, and pleasant with the appropriate crate. Don’t forget to put him in his crate if you need to go errands; chances are, he won’t make much noise about being in his crate! BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that our list of the best dog crates for car travel, along with detailed reviews and a concise buyer’s guide, will assist you in selecting the ideal product for your needs. In no time, you’ll have a car-friendly dog kennel!

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