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The 7 Best Dog Crate Water Bottles

With the proper dog crate water bottle, you can keep your dog hydrated with no effort.

These water bottles can be attached to the side of your dog's cage and have no-drip tips, allowing your pet to drink whenever it pleases. But how can you select which bottle is most compatible with your dog's crate?

For your shopping convenience, we evaluated all the main manufacturers and compiled this list of the best dog crate water bottles.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled in-depth evaluations for each model, comparing pricing, capacity, connectors, materials, and durability, so that you can select the ideal product.

And if you are curious about the exact features, continue reading for our concise buyer's guide.


Poodle Pet Water Feeder Bottle – Best Overall

The Poodle Pet Water Feeder Bottle is our top selection since it is reasonably priced and well-made.

This relatively lightweight, 7.8-ounce dog crate water bottle is constructed of eco-friendly, pet-safe plastic and has a maximum capacity of 12 ounces. It attaches to a purple connection with a revolving fixer wheel. To refill this bottle, you must invert it and unscrew it from its base. The silver nozzle is controlled by gravity and a steel ball to regulate water flow.

The limited volume of this PET bottle necessitates frequent refilling, despite its attractive appearance. It is compatible with various bottles, so if you want, you can swap a bigger one. Leaking was a concern, and the metal nozzle may detach and release the ball, creating a choking danger.


  • Well-designed and reasonably priced
  • Very little weight
  • Similar to other plastic bottles
  • Plastic that is eco-friendly and safe for pets
  • Nozzle made of metal with a steel ball
  • Rotating wheel that screws to your dog’s crate


  • Must be returned before refilling
  • Lower capacity
  • May leak
  • The silver nozzle may detach

Pika Dog Crate Water Bottle – Best Value

Are you shopping with limited funds? With its high capacity, easy connection, and well-designed spout, we judged the Pika Dog Kennel Water Dispenser to be the finest dog crate water bottle for the money.

This lightweight 4.8-ounce bottle holds up to 15 ounces of liquid. It connects to your dog crate through two easy-to-use mounting holders. The stainless steel spigot for small dogs features three stainless steel balls that may be removed to control the water flow. The bottle is manufactured from eco-friendly, non-toxic, BPA-free ABS plastic.

We found this crate water dispenser to be reasonably priced, user-friendly, and well-designed throughout testing. We observed that washing it in hot water may cause it to leak and distort.


  • Lightweight and inexpensive
  • Larger capacity
  • Spigot made of stainless steel with three stainless steel balls
  • Simple double attachment
  • ABS plastic without BPA and toxins
  • Designed for tiny pets


  • May leak
  • Not washable with hot water

Choco Nose No-Drip Water Bottle for Dog Crates

The Choco Nose H528 Patented No Drip Crate Water Bottle is another respectable alternative, with a straightforward connection mechanism and a strong build. In addition, its capacity is restricted and its nozzle is suited for smaller animals.

This little four-ounce bottle is constructed of BPA-free plastic and is affordably priced. It can carry up to 11.2 fluid ounces of water and features a 13-millimeter nozzle that is ideal for little dogs. This water bottle for crates connects with a simple screw-in bracket, but it may also be nailed to a wooden dog crate or wall. Compatible with a variety of plastic bottles.

When we tested this bottle, we discovered that the ball may easily leak or get trapped. Frequent replacement of the O-rings is necessary, and the limited capacity may be problematic.


  • Lightweight and inexpensive
  • BPA-free vinyl
  • Nozzle intended for tiny dogs
  • Attaches using a simple bracket
  • Compatible with several plastic bottle types


  • Ball might potentially leak or get lodged
  • O-rings must be constantly changed.
  • Uncomfortably limited capacity
  • Not large enough for larger dogs

fatdaa Pet Feeder Crate Water Dispenser

The fatdaa Standing Pet Feeder Water Dispenser, a lightweight bottle with a greater capacity and three adjustable balls, is a low-cost alternative.

This water dispenser with a 4.3-ounce capacity has a bigger 15-ounce capacity. The nozzle includes three stainless steel balls that allow the water flow to be adjusted. The bottle is constructed of quite durable plastic, although it cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher or with extremely hot water.

This bottle is less easy to refill since it requires removal and inversion. The nozzle may be noisy while your dog drinks, and the O-ring may need regular replacement or adjustment.


  • Affordable and light-weight
  • Larger capacity
  • Three stainless steel balls are contained inside the nozzle of this device.
  • Very sturdy plastic


  • Not dishwasher-safe and not washable with hot water.
  • Can be noisy
  • Requires removal and rotation to refill.
  • O-ring could need regular adjustment or replacement

Heydou Pet Dog Water Bottle

The Heydou Pet Round Patented Water Feeder Bottle is reasonably priced and easy to attach, however it seems less sturdy.

This bottle is produced from BPA-free, food-grade polycarbonate and weighs a modest 5.6 ounces. There are three color options, and the stainless steel tip is suited appropriately for small to medium-sized dogs. The provided bottle has a capacity of 11.2 ounces, however it may be replaced with almost any PET plastic bottle. This bottle is meant to be non-slip, with a ripple wall inside panel and a very straightforward screw-in holder. We like that this bottle can be totally disassembled for simple cleaning.

This bottle lacks a sense of durability, and the nozzle may not be suitable for bigger dogs. The little volume is bothersome, particularly considering how difficult it is to refill the bottle and how poor the hardware seems.


  • Affordable and reasonably lightweight
  • Food-grade, BPA-free plastic
  • Option of three hues
  • Compatible with the majority of PET bottles
  • The stainless steel nozzle is effective for small to medium-sized dogs.
  • Simple screw-in receptacle


  • Not suitable for huge dogs
  • Small capacity
  • More harder to refill
  • Less durable and feeling less expensive

Top-Fill Lixit 671036 Water Bottles

The 671036 Top Fill Water Bottles from Lixit offer a huge capacity and are simple to fill, but they are cumbersome and not very robust.

These bottles have an outstanding 44-ounce volume and are reasonably priced. They feature basic stainless steel nozzles and top-loading caps. The plastic brackets, which may be attached to the bottle in two separate locations, do not seem to be particularly sturdy and break quickly.

When we tested this bottle, we discovered that its design was unattractive and prone to leaking. Additionally, the stainless steel balls have a tendency to become trapped, stopping your dog from drinking, so you may need to inspect the bottle often.


  • Priced affordably with a huge capacity
  • A robust stainless steel nozzle
  • Simple lid for top-filling


  • Less durable plastic brackets
  • Typically leaks
  • Balls may get lodged in the nozzle.
  • Inelegant, clumsy design

COCOPET 122 Drinking Dog Water Bottle

The COCOPET 122 Dripless Pet Drinking Water Bottle is our least preferred dog crate water bottle. Despite being lightweight and affordable, this type is not particularly robust and is prone to leaking.

This bottle is the lightest one we evaluated at 3.84 ounces. It has a lower capacity of 13.5 ounces, is available in three colors, and is constructed of BPA-free plastic. There is a stainless steel tip with three stainless steel balls that are adjustable, as well as two clips to attach to your dog’s kennel.

The balls tend to become trapped, stopping your dog from drinking, and the plastic bits are not durable enough to survive gnawing, as determined by tests. Overall, this model lacks durability and is prone to leaking. COCOPET does have an excellent money-back guarantee.


  • Very inexpensive and lightweight
  • Nozzle made of stainless steel with three balls
  • Option of three hues
  • BPA-free vinyl
  • Simple crate attachment
  • 100% cash-back guarantee


  • Lower capacity
  • Balls tend to become trapped
  • Plastic components cannot endure chewing.
  • Not very sturdy
  • May leak

Buyer's Guide

Now that you’ve seen our selection of the finest water bottles for dog crates, it’s time to choose your preferred model. But which one offers all the necessary features? Continue reading for a convenient overview of the available features.

Why should I get a water dispenser for a dog crate?

A superior water bottle for dog crates will help you to keep your dog hydrated and clean. The days of dirty, tipped-over water bowls are past.

Generally, dog crate water bottles operate utilizing gravity. Many provide brackets or clips that can be screwed into the wire bars of dog cages. If you have a wooden dog cage, you may wish to search for a nail-on holder. Typically, the plastic bottle screws into the holder, which features a drinking nozzle for your dog. Typically, these nozzles feature rubber O-rings to prevent leakage and tiny balls to regulate water flow.

Consider that you will likely have to educate your dog how to drink from the bottle. To drink, your dog must lick the nozzle, which will cause the balls to spin and release a stream of water. By putting peanut butter or another treat to the nozzle, you can educate your dog how to accomplish this.


If you want your new water bottle to endure, you should search for designs and materials that are durable. The strongest and healthiest bottles are composed of food-safe, BPA-free polycarbonate that will not shatter if they fall from their holders.

The most durable nozzles are constructed of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and can withstand your dog’s gnawing. If your dog is a voracious chewer, you may choose to suspend the bottle so that any plastic fragments are out of reach.


What is your dog’s size, and how much water does it consume? If you have a big dog, you should likely opt for a bottle with a nozzle that fits your dog’s mouth. If your dog drinks a lot of water, you may want to get a bottle with a minimum capacity of 15 ounces to prevent continuously refilling it.

Even if you purchase a model with a small capacity, you may be able to change the provided bottle with one with a bigger capacity if the dispenser is compatible with PET plastic bottles. Many commercial bottles, including those for soda and single-serving beverages, are produced from PET plastic.

Because you will often need to replenish the bottle, you should likely pay close attention to how it connects to the holder. Will you need to invert the bottle and unscrew the cap to refill it? Time-saving variants may be refilled from the top or have swivel holders that allow the bottle to be quickly flipped for convenient and efficient refilling.


Leakage and getting trapped were the major concerns we encountered while testing these bottles. These bottles hang upside down, relying on rubber O-rings and appropriately sized metal balls to keep the water in the bottle and off the bottom of your dog’s kennel. If your bottle starts to leak, you may need to adjust the O-ring or replace it.

The metal balls must be precisely the appropriate size to maintain water flow. If they are excessively big, your dog may find it difficult to spin them or they may get trapped, preventing him from drinking. If they are too tiny, it is possible that your bottle may leak.

To ensure that your dog has consistent access to water, you may want to verify that the balls are spinning and the nozzle is operational. For more control over the water flow, you may pick a model with three stainless steel balls of varying sizes. If the water flow is not optimal, one or two of the balls may be removed.


1. Should you provide your dog’s kennel with water?

The decision to not keep water in the crate overnight is a matter of personal taste for some owners. However, your dog should have access to fresh water at all other times.

2. Are water bottles harmful for canines?

Dogs may drink from water bottles constructed with high-quality materials. However, if your dog is prone to chewing and trashing items when left alone, the bottle might represent a choking or obstruction concern, so a bowl is a preferable option.

3. Where should the water bottle be placed inside the crate?

The bottle should be put outside of the cage, with the spout extending through the bars so your dog may get it. The tip of the bowl should be slightly higher than your dog’s head so they can easily reach up to drink. You may experiment to determine the optimal height for your dog.

4. How much water do canines require?

How much water a dog need depends on so many variables, including their age, breed, size, amount of activity, health, and the weather! Before purchasing a bottle of water, take the time to determine how much water your dog regularly consumes. When in doubt, more water is always preferable than your pet running out.


The results are in! Our favorite dog crate water bottle is the Poodle Pet Water Feeder Bottle, which is well-designed and simple to use.

If you’re on a tighter budget, you may be interested in the Pika Dog Kennel Water Dispenser, which provides an excellent value with its efficient nozzle and huge capacity. You shouldn’t spend too much time looking for the ideal water dispenser for your dog’s kennel.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our list of the best dog crate water bottles of the year, replete with in-depth evaluations and a concise buyer’s guide, facilitates your shopping experience. A fantastic dog crate-shaped water bottle awaits!

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