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The 11 Best Dog Crate Fans

There is nothing wrong with the fact that most dogs spend several hours every day in their crates. However, putting your dog in its box during hot and humid weather is not only inconvenient but also dangerous.

A dog crate fan is one of the most straightforward solutions to this issue. These simple gadgets provide ventilation for your dog, preventing overheating and maximizing their comfort.

Nonetheless, if you're going to rely on a little fan to keep your dog cool, you'll want the finest. The last thing you want as the summer months approach is to settle for anything unreliable that won't withstand the heat.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled reviews of some of the best dog crate fans now available on the market. With this knowledge (and a little bit of study of your own), you will be well on your way to designing the ideal summer cave for your cherished dog.


SkyGenius Clip on Mini Desk Fan – Overall Winner



Think again if you believe that keeping your dog secure and cool in their cage needs an intricate setup. Our selection for the finest dog crate fan is the SkyGenius SKG-F130 Clip on Mini Desk Fan.

This fan allows full horizontal and vertical rotation and can be attached to practically any surface, allowing you to set up your dog’s home with a great deal of versatility.

This fan is powered by any USB port or wall outlet, allowing you to use it at home or on the move. Depending on the setting, the rechargeable battery provides between 2.5 and 6 hours of power.

While this fan performs admirably while operational, its lifetime is quite disappointing. Several owners claimed that this fan ceased functioning after only a few usage. When the battery is low, the fan will automatically switch on and off.


  • Highly portable and flexible
  • Directly attaches to your dog’s crate
  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery
  • Connects through USB port or wall outlet


  • Possibly will fail after a few usage
  • Switches on and off when the battery is low


USB Dog Crate Fan EXCOUP – Best Price



Our top recommendation for the best dog crate fan for the money is the EXCOUP PF-01XX USB Pet Fan. This fan conveniently attaches to any cage or travel carrier to keep your dog cool when traveling or at home.

The fan’s low-noise design assures that your dog will not be worried or frightened by its presence.

This pet fan has five settings to prevent your dog from being too chilly. Depending on the speed used, the rechargeable battery lasts between 4 and 6 hours. In addition, the sleek and small design will not tangle your dog’s fur.

The general quality of this dog crate fan is the greatest concern. Numerous owners have reported getting fans that either never worked or ceased working after a few period of time. Despite the fan’s low-noise construction, some dogs still loathe it.


  • Makes very minimal noise
  • Attaches to container or carrier
  • Five speed settings
  • The rechargeable battery has a six-hour lifespan


  • Quality assurance is quite unreliable
  • Still too boisterous for some dogs


GOODSOZ Solar Panel Fan – The Superior Option



If your dog has an outside dog home, kennel, or box, the GOODSOZ 10W Solar Panel Fan will keep them cool without increasing your electricity cost. This little fan is connected to a solar panel that can be put on top of your dog’s kennel for optimum exposure.

When used indoors, the fan may also be powered by a standard USB connector. This dog crate fan will keep your dog cool without the need for an electricity outlet.

Since this fan is powered by a solar panel, its speed is greatly affected by the weather. The fan will run more quicker on bright days than on gloomy days. In addition, if your dog’s cage is situated behind a tree or other structure, this fan and solar panel will not work as well.


  • Sustainable and transportable
  • Compatible with solar panel and USB
  • Excellent for camping and outdoor use
  • Solar panel is waterproof


  • Not effective in shade
  • The speed of the fan slows in overcast weather


Metro Vacuum Cooling Fan for Dog Crate



The Metro Vacuum CCF-1 Crate Cooling Fan is an outstanding addition to your dog’s crate or travel carrier. This fan can be attached to the side of any box and has two different speeds.

This straightforward fan can operate for up to 100 hours on just two batteries. Replace the batteries when they run out and continue to enjoy 100 hours of cooling and air circulation wherever your dog goes. It is also intended for silent operation for the comfort of your dog.

Due to its basic hanging form, this fan is not particularly sturdy once placed. There is a great likelihood that the fan may fall off if your dog’s crate is moved or banged. While this fan provides two speeds, neither is very powerful.


  • Extended battery life
  • Multiple velocity settings
  • Attaches to any carton or bag
  • Effortless operation


  • Falls effortlessly
  • Not very effective
  • Possible to emit a burning plastic odor


System for ProSelect Dog Crate Fan Cooling



The ProSelect ZW11038 Crate Fan Cooling System provides a novel perspective on the conventional design of pet fans. This device attaches to a ProSelect Fan in order to increase the output of cold air and keep your dog safe in even the warmest conditions.

This system is equipped with a freezer pack that connects to a separate ProSelect fan. This freezer pack may provide up to two hours of chilly, refreshing air for your dog. This device attaches effortlessly to any metal carton or carrier.

This fan system’s lifespan will likely be significantly less than 2 hours if it is used in extremely hot weather.

In other words, the more your dog relies on this system for comfort, the shorter its lifespan will be. Additionally, you must purchase the actual fan separately, which is inconvenient and costly.


  • Cooling system exclusive to ProSelect Fan
  • Provides up to two hours of cool air
  • Attaches easily to carton or carrier


  • Fan sold individually
  • Does not endure in hot weather
  • Multiple items are required for continuous use


Fan of Pet Magazine for Dog Crates



The Pet Magazine Fan for Dog Crate is another deceptively straightforward option for dog owners seeking to keep their pet cool during the summer. This fan is ultra-compact and can be attached to nearly any type of crate for convenience and adaptability.

You have the option of connecting this portable fan to a USB port, wall outlet, or AA batteries. This fan has a 360-degree swivel and can be used with the included clip or a separate base.

While this fan will suffice in a pinch, it lacks significant power. It only provides sufficient airflow for extremely small crates and carriers. Additionally, some owners reported that their fan only worked when plugged in, not when powered by batteries.


  • Versatile and portable design
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Use with wired power or AA batteries


  • Fan is not very potent
  • Only provides sufficient airflow for small crates
  • Battery power might not function
  • Limited battery life


O2COOL Pet Cage Ventilation Fan



If you’re looking for a simple, low-profile fan to attach to your dog’s crate, the O2COOL PF05001 Pet Crate Fan is a great option. This fan has a non-intrusive design and two speeds to accommodate a variety of airflow requirements.

In addition to being able to hang on the side of your dog’s crate or carrier, this fan has a fold-out base for standalone use. It operates quietly and on regular D batteries.

Although this fan is powered by replaceable batteries, it has a short lifespan. Some owners stated that their fan’s batteries barely lasted one night. The fan also detaches easily, particularly when the dog’s crate is being moved.


  • Simple, non-intrusive design
  • Includes a foldable base or links to the crate’s side
  • Inaudible operation


  • Not very effective
  • Does not securely attach to crate
  • Reduced battery life
  • Not sufficient for most crates


Cool Dog Crate Ventilator



The Cool Pup PEZW11039 Dog Crate Cooling Fan is an additional straightforward fan that attaches simply to the majority of metal crates and carriers.

It has two settings that remove heated air to keep your dog cool and comfortable during warm weather. It also comes with a freezer pack that can be put into the fan to provide an even cooler breeze.

This tiny hanging fan is powered by common C batteries, so there is no need to bother about charging or carrying a cord. It also includes a thermometer so you can always monitor the temperature inside and around your dog’s kennel.

As with the majority of the other models on our list, this fan’s biggest flaw is its unreliable lifetime. Some consumers claimed that the fan ceased functioning shortly after purchase.

The AC/DC converter must be purchased separately if you wish to plug this fan into a conventional outlet instead of using batteries.


  • Simple attachment to container or carrier
  • Built-in freezer pack
  • Equipped with a thermometer


  • Possible short life span
  • Not powered by rechargeable batteries
  • Power supply cord supplied separately
  • Not sufficient for all crates

Purchasing Advice - The Finest Dog Crate Fan

While a dog crate fan is an excellent tool, it is not the be-all and end-all of canine safety and comfort. Always provide plenty shade and water to your dog during heated weather.

Consider the following if you’re going to rely on one of these fans to keep your dog cool:


Unless you have a small dog (and crate), most fans will not be able to totally manage the heat. A fan is an excellent technique to reduce some of your dog’s suffering during hot weather, but it does not remove the risks of heatstroke and dehydration.

Even though your dog’s box or carrier is relatively tiny, you should always keep a close eye on them in excessive heat.

Energy source

It is essential, for your dog’s safety and comfort, to purchase a fan with a dependable power supply. During a heat wave, the last thing you want to learn is that your dog’s crate fan has stopped working.

A USB or AC/DC adaptor is the most dependable power source. If clouds obscure the sun, batteries, particularly rechargeable ones, might expire unexpectedly and solar panels can stop functioning.


Occasionally, your dog may prefer more or less ventilation in their box. A fan with several speed settings is therefore an excellent purchase.

Consider that utilizing the maximum setting on your dog’s fan might cause their eyes to dry up or perhaps cause them to get too chilly. In addition, some dogs despise the sound of a fan, particularly when set to a high speed.


Purchasing a dog fan could be a great way to keep your dog cool and comfortable throughout the year, regardless of the weather.

If you’re in the market for a dog cage fan, the SkyGenius SKG-F130 Clip-on Mini Table Fan is our top recommendation. This fan is portable and easily attaches to your dog’s kennel or cage. This fan may be powered by a rechargeable battery, a USB connection, or an electrical outlet.

We propose the EXCOUP PF-01XX Pet USB Fan for dog owners who are on a budget. This inexpensive fan attaches straight to your dog’s kennel and is meant to operate quietly. There are five speed levels available, and the rechargeable battery will last for hours.

Lastly, we propose the GOODSOZ 10W Solar Panel Fan if you are willing to spend a bit more to assist the environment. This environmentally friendly fan may be used outside with a solar panel or indoors with a USB cable converter. It’s fantastic when you don’t have access to conventional energy sources, like when you’re camping.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank you for visiting our website to read and refer to the best dog crate fans while you are attempting to keep your dog cool during the warmer months.

We hope that our reviews of the finest crank fans for dogs will assist you in locating the ideal fan for your needs and those of your pet. This is the only sausage you should ever grill.

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