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The 12 Best Dog Combs

The maintenance of your dog's coat between grooming appointments involves the usage of a few helpful equipments. As part of your grooming arsenal, you'll need a high-quality comb to battle matting and maintain your dog's finest appearance.

While a dog comb may appear to be a simple tool, choosing one that can handle the problems of your dog's coat may be more difficult than it looks.

You will need one that is durable and comfortable for both your dog and your hand.

Fortunately, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has combed through a variety of alternatives to bring you the best dog combs. We've included convenient pros and drawbacks list below each review for your convenience.

In addition, be sure to review our buyer's guide before making a purchase.


Andis Pet Steel Comb

We suggest the Andis Pet steel comb as the best overall owing to its excellent performance, which is comparable to that of more expensive combs. A lightweight comb that helps you stay ahead of your dog’s shedding and is comfortable to use is available at a lower cost.

The Andis comb, made of robust, non-rusting steel, easily detangles knots while eliminating stray hair and grime. It is also powerful enough to penetrate matting. This comb has the extra benefit of stimulating skin and hair follicles while you comb your dog’s coat.

This comb is effective for grooming and fluffing coats. It features both coarse and fine teeth on each side of its design. Remember that this comb is not especially intended for flea and tick removal.


  • Cost-effective, high-quality outcomes
  • Lightweight for convenience
  • Durable steel structure
  • No corrosion
  • Effective for eliminating hair, grime, and mats.
  • Dual-sided teeth for coat finishing and fluffing


  • Lacking the design of a flea comb


Safari 770071 Dog Flea Comb

The Safari dog flea comb is our pick for the most cost-effective dog comb. A flea comb that efficiently eliminates fleas from a dog’s coat is available for a modest price. Additionally, it features a pleasant ergonomic grip and is effective on all dog breeds.

Although not suited for other grooming activities such as eliminating mats or fluffing coats, this flea comb is a valuable addition to your grooming arsenal. The Safari comb is effective for removing pests, including fleas and ticks.

The twin rows of teeth on this comb ensure that any fleas in its path are eradicated. It also aids in the early detection of dry skin on your dog.

However, we discovered that the closely spaced teeth made it harder to remove insects and detritus from the comb. Working alongside a bowl of soapy water for frequent washing appears to aid in addressing this issue.


  • Best value
  • Effectively kills fleas
  • Durable
  • Comfortable handle
  • Effective for all types of dogs
  • Early detection of dry skin on your dog
  • Double-row tooth arrangement


  • Inconvenient to clean after usage
  • Not intended for eliminating matting or fluffing dog coats


Poodle Detangling Pet Comb

The flexibility of the Poodle Pet detangling pet comb to be utilized on both long- and short-haired dog breeds led us to select it as our top pick. This comb includes a two-in-one detangling mechanism with both long and short teeth to make mat removal, detangling, and combing faster and simpler.

The Poodle Pet Comb is constructed for durability as well as your dog’s and your own comfort. The rounded tips of the solid stainless steel teeth protect your dog’s skin from scrapes and discomfort. The grip on the soft plastic handle prevents slipping. This comb is simple to clean once the dog has been groomed.

While we discovered that the majority of owners of various dog breeds are really pleased with this comb, there were a few challenges with eliminating mats and tangles. In addition, the total breadth of the comb area may be insufficient when combing a dog of a big breed.


  • Dual-function detangling system
  • Durable construction
  • Solid stainless-steel teeth
  • The tips of your dog’s teeth are rounded for his comfort.
  • Slip-resistant soft plastic grip
  • Simple to clean


  • Not as efficient for dense mats and detangling.
  • The comb width may be insufficient for big-breed dogs.


LilPals W6200 Dog Comb with Two Sides

The LilPals double-sided dog comb provides two options for combing through your dog’s coat, allowing you to detangle with one side and finish with the other. This comb is designed for use with all tiny and toy dog breeds. However, its extra-small size is ideal for toy breeds or for use around the face of your dog.

LilPals recommends beginning with the longer-toothed, wider-spaced comb to penetrate your dog’s undercoat. After removing all knots, use the opposite side of the comb with more closely spaced teeth to remove loose hair and remove fleas, and dirt from your dog’s coat.

The robust stainless steel teeth on this comb have been rounded to protect your dog’s sensitive skin. Large-handed individuals may find the smooth plastic handle too narrow.


  • Two-sided combing device with two combing choices
  • Most suitable for toy dog breeds and facial areas.
  • Effectively unravels
  • Removes dirt, loose hair, and fleas.
  • Using resilient stainless steel
  • Rounded teeth to protect the skin of your dog


  • Not appropriate for medium to giant dog breeds
  • The handle may be too small



With a focus on assuring your dog’s comfort, the Shiny Pet dog comb has extra-rounded stainless steel teeth. Unlike combs with teeth that have sharp points, this comb gives your dog a relaxing experience while yet being strong enough to remove extra hair and harmful bugs and dirt.

Shiny Pet also considers your comfort by incorporating an ergonomic soft rubber grip. The grip is meant to be comfortable and nonslippery. Also included is an e-book to assist you to learn the finest grooming techniques.

This comb’s dimensions and design are suitable for all sizes of dog breeds. Half of the teeth are closely spaced, while the other half are widely spaced. This provides you with additional possibilities while you groom your dog’s coat. However, keep in mind that this comb is not intended for extensive matting or comprehensive flea removal.


  • There are teeth made from stainless steel.
  • The tooth apex is rounded.
  • Effective for hair and tangle removal, dirt and insect control
  • The ergonomic handle is soft and nonslip.
  • Includes a digital book with grooming advice
  • Two tooth spacing alternatives


  • Not intended for thick carpeting
  • Not designed for complete flea elimination


The PAWABOO Pet De-Shedding Comb

Consider the Pawaboo pet de-matting comb if you are searching for a comb that will endure for years. This comb, constructed from chrome-plated stainless steel and designed to keep its excellent quality, should not fade, corrode, or lose its silky texture.

This comb has two different types of tooth spacing, with the upper half having more closely spaced teeth and the lower half having more widely spread teeth. These two alternatives enable efficient detangling, loose hair removal, dirt and dander elimination, and finishing and fluffing. The rounded tips of the teeth assure your dog’s comfort during grooming.

The design and form of this comb make it an excellent option for dogs of all sizes. However, the handle is simplistic and lacks a sufficient grip, making it difficult to remove tight knots and strong mats. Additionally, this comb is not meant for flea management.


  • Produced with premium chrome-plated stainless steel
  • Designed to resist fading, corrosion, and loss of smoothness
  • Two tooth spacing alternatives
  • Effective for eliminating loose hair, dirt, and dander.
  • Highly effective for finishing and fluffing
  • For use on all dog breed sizes


  • The handle does not permit a proper grasp.
  • May have trouble removing dense tangles and dense matting.
  • Unsuitable for flea removal


Pettom Pet Steel Grooming Butter Comb

The Pettom pet steel grooming butter comb is engineered to glide through your dog’s mats as easily as a knife through butter.

This stainless steel comb has two different spacing options, with one half having a wider spacing and the other half having a closer spacing. The rounded teeth can efficiently penetrate canine coats of all sizes.

This lightweight comb detangles hair, eliminates mats, combs away stray hair, and removes grime. It also finishes and fluffs well. This comb may eliminate certain insects, but it is not meant for flea and tick management.

This comb lacks a gripping region due of its simplistic design. It also lacks durability. This comb lacks a strong metal finish, and the teeth are susceptible to bending or breaking.


  • Two tooth spacing alternatives
  • Comfortable, rounded teeth for your dog.
  • Effective and lightweight for all dog breeds
  • Removes matting, tangles, and loose soil
  • Outstanding for finishing and fluffing


  • Not for use in flea and tick control
  • Without a solid handle
  • Metal finish lacks durability
  • Teeth can fracture or fall out.


FURminator 104015 Dog Comb for Final Grooming

The innovative spinning element of the FURminator finishing dog comb reduces the unpleasant pulling sensation your dog has while you work through tangles. If your dog has anxiety when combed, the FURminator may be worth a try.

For your pet’s comfort, each tooth has a rounded tip. The soft plastic handle is created with a pleasant and solid grip for your convenience. This comb has a flexible point where the handle and comb meet, allowing for easier maneuverability around your dog’s body contours. Unfortunately, this point may weaken and cause the comb to break in two.

The spinning aspect of this comb may hinder your ability to efficiently work through your dog’s hair, especially if your dog has a dense double coat or badly matted fur. This comb is not designed for finishing, fluffing, or flea removal.


  • The rotating function reduces pulling discomfort
  • The teeth have rounded tips.
  • Ergonomic soft plastic handle with a solid grip


  • Ineffective on highly matted or knotted fur
  • The handle may split in half.
  • The rotating functionality may not be as advantageous as anticipated.
  • Not suitable for finishing, fluffing, or flea removal.


Double-Sided Burt’s Bees Dog Comb

Burt’s Bees’ double-sided dog comb is constructed with eco-friendly bamboo and recycled-material handle and offers two alternatives for combing through your dog’s coat.

The teeth on one side are closely spaced to extract fleas and flea eggs. The other side contains wider-spaced teeth for eliminating knots, dirt, and loose hair. The rounded metal bristles on both sides restore the sheen to your dog’s coat effectively.

This cheap comb is part of a bigger assortment of Burt’s Bees dog items. We ranked this comb lower because to its ineffectiveness on thick mats and tenacious tangles. This comb is not perfect for finishing or fluffing, nor is it big enough to reach wider portions of your dog’s coat.


  • Two-sided comb with two possibilities for tooth spacing
  • Eliminates fleas and their eggs
  • Rounded tooth tips
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials


  • Unable to perform detangling and mat removal
  • Inadequate for finishing or fluffing
  • Too narrow a comb width


Ordermore Grooming Comb

With rounded tooth tips and a soft plastic handle, the Ordermore grooming comb effectively detangles and removes loose hair, dirt, and debris from the hair. It is meant to operate on dogs of all sizes, however, the tiny comb width may not be optimal for combing through bigger portions of your dog’s body.

You will like the ergonomic plastic handle with an anti-slip grip. Additionally, this comb is constructed of materials that are simple to clean.

We placed this comb at the bottom of our list due to the lack of options for tooth spacing. This comb comprises only pins that are closely spaced. While this comb appears to be good for eliminating mats and controlling shedding, it is not designed for flea removal and may not be suitable for finishing and fluffing.


  • Rounded tooth tips
  • Ergonomic plastic grip with anti-slip surface
  • Simple to clean


  • The narrow breadth of the combing area
  • Lack of spacing choices for teeth
  • Not for use in flea control
  • Not recommended for finishing or fluffing

Buyer's Guide

Before you purchase your next dog comb, there are a few important characteristics and components to consider, which we will discuss in our buyer’s guide. From the quality of the materials to the overall design, we will briefly discuss what to look for and avoid in a comb.

What Constitutes a Quality Dog Comb?

Despite their seeming simplicity, dog combs are available in variants that either make them highly effective or induce buyer’s remorse. Consider purchasing combs made of corrosion- and breakage-resistant materials, such as stainless steel.

Worth purchasing are dog combs with both narrow and broad tooth spacing. To get the most out of your dog comb, you’ll require the benefits offered by each choice. In addition, if you need a comb to remove pests like as fleas and ticks, be sure the one you’re purchasing is built for this purpose.

Lastly, while the shape of the handle is a matter of personal opinion, a comfortable, non-slip grip boosts your chances of getting through troublesome tangles and thick mats and reduces the likelihood of losing the comb, which can be an inconvenience or cause minor harm.

Avoid These Mistakes When Buying a Dog Comb

All of the dog combs on our list have rounded tooth tips. Although the advantage of sharper tips is that they penetrate your dog’s undercoat more readily, you risk harming his sensitive skin.

A dog comb’s design should be straightforward. Extra features, unusual designs, and gimmicks frequently result in poor outcomes. Typically, dog combs with unnecessary additions are more fragile. Save your money on a robust dog comb with a traditional style.


The Andis Pet Steel Comb is the best dog comb overall, according on our research. It is reasonably priced and produces high-quality outcomes. The strong steel design passes the durability test with no reports of corrosion while remaining lightweight for user comfort. This dog comb is quite excellent for detangling and removing hair, grime, and mats. This is the only comb on our list with teeth on both sides for superior finishing and fluffing.

The Safari 770071 Dog Flea Comb is our top pick due to its affordable pricing. It is the optimal solution if fleas must be eliminated. In addition, this dog comb is long-lasting and has a pleasant grip. The double-row teeth design effectively eliminates fleas from all dog breeds and also detects dry skin on your dog.

The Poodle Pet Detangling Pet Comb is our top pick due to its sturdy design and robust stainless steel teeth with rounded ends for your dog’s comfort. The two-in-one detangling technique is effective for both dogs with long and short hair. This high-quality dog comb is simple to clean and features a non-slip, soft plastic handle.

The proper dog comb helps keep your dog’s coat in pristine condition. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that our comprehensive reviews, pros and cons lists, and buyer’s guide have helped you select the best dog combs that will not only perform well for eliminating tangles, mats, filth, and perhaps fleas but will also be pleasant and fun for you and your dog to use.

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