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The 5 Best Dog Collars For Huskies

Whether you're searching for a new collar for your husky or this is your first one, the selection is bewildering. There are hundreds of versions available in various sizes and quality levels. Navigating the jungle of husky dog collars may need some guidance, which is where we come in.

We have a lot of dogs in our home, so we get to try out a lot of different dog collars. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) picked the best dog collars for huskies manufacturers to evaluate so you can have a better sense of what you need and desire.

More than simply a compilation of reviews, we've included a husky collar buyer's guide that explains what to look for in a collar and what to avoid.

Please keep reading for our in-depth assessments of each type of husky collar, in which we evaluate comfort, efficacy, and durability to help you make an educated decision.


Starmark Pro-Training Plastic Dog Collar

The Starmark Pro-Training Plastic Dog Collar is a polymer training collar that is gentle on dogs. It works in the same way as prong collars, however the prongs are made of softer foam.

The collar has a link construction, similar to a timepiece, which allows you to easily alter the size and fit of the collar to match your dog. This collar is not intended for daily usage and should be fitted and worn only during training sessions.

However, it may help you emphasize your pack leader status by keeping your Husky from pushing ahead and charging at other dogs and humans.

When they lunge, the polymer cones compress softly on the neck, forcing them to come to a halt. When rewarded with positive behavior training, your Husky will ultimately become a well-behaved walker.

The humane cones work for most dogs, and this may be a very successful walking training tool for your Husky, which is why we rated it as the best overall collar for Husky walking.

However, it will not work on all canines. Some people will ignore the pressure and continue to pull. It will be more successful when combined with other training methods.


  • A better option than prong and choke collars.
  • Use to improve your walking technique.
  • Price competition


  • It will not work for all dogs.


Nylon Military Dog Collar from OneTigris

The OneTigris Nylon Military Dog Collar is pricier than most of the other collars on our list, but it is still a good deal. The flat collar, on the other hand, is well-designed and quite sturdy. The nylon is robust and durable, and the inside of the collar is cushioned for enhanced comfort.

There are five adjustable fittings, and the collar’s hardware is made of metal, making it strong enough to resist even the most forceful pullers. The leash ring is a sturdy D ring that provides additional strength and stiffness while in use.

You may choose from a range of colors and sizes, but keep in mind that the collar tends to run little smaller than intended, so it may be worth purchasing a size larger.

For those who want to personalize their collars, there is a Velcro panel that allows you to add patches and other decorations, however you must be careful not to get your dog’s hair trapped in this.


  • Durable nylon finish
  • Padded for your comfort
  • Hardware made of metal
  • The color palette


  • The fur of the dog may get entangled in the Velcro.
  • Smaller than anticipated



The EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER DG115 is a military-style dog collar with two nylon layers for strength and a cushioned inside for your pet’s comfort.

It includes five adjustable points for a secure fit. A strong metal D-ring makes attaching a leash simple, and it will not bend from straining or tugging.

We appreciated the professional aspect of this collar, and our dogs couldn’t back out of it like they could with previous collars. We couldn’t get the collar’s end to remain in the elastic loop that’s meant to hold it in place.

It kept slipping out, causing it to hang and perhaps allowing our pet to escape. Also, we saw some wear in the collar after just a few walks, indicating that these collars are not particularly robust.


  • Military-style
  • Lining with padding
  • Two nylon layers
  • Five movable points
  • A D-ring made of metal


  • The collar’s end will not remain in the elastic loop.
  • Not particularly long-lasting


Neoprene Rhino Black

Another collar on our list that has luminous stitching for safer walking is the Black Rhino Neoprene Padded Dog Collar. It’s also lightweight and includes ample neoprene cushioning for your pet’s comfort.

We didn’t like how difficult it was to unhook the buckle while removing the collar and how the metal grommets bent and rusted. The collar was also too tight for one of our dogs and too loose for the other, with no means to modify it.


  • Neoprene cushioning is soft and comfortable.
  • Lightweight
  • Stitching that is reflective


  • The buckle is difficult to undo.
  • Grommets sag and rust.
  • Insufficient adjustability


Max and Neo Nylon are two types of nylon.

The final model on our list is the Max and Neo Nylon Buckle Reflective Dog Collar. This type husky dog collar is available in a range of colors, and for every collar bought, the firm provides one dog collar to an animal shelter. It also has luminous stitching and a quick-release safety clasp made of polycarbonate.

What we didn’t like about this brand was the low quality construction, which left some rough edges on the collar after a few days, which bothered our dogs. We were able to remove the sharp edges, but only after our dogs complained.

There are two pins to hold the collars in place, and our dogs were able to work the collars free. Finally, the loop that holds the dog tags is made of a fabric that might tear and cause your tags to fall out.


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Stitching that is reflective
  • The safety latch


  • Sharp edges result from poor building quality.
  • Tag ring tears through flimsy fabric
  • Slips of various sizes


Finally, perhaps our reviews and buyer’s guide have helped you choose the best dog collars for huskies. The Starmark Pro-Training is our favorite husky collar overall. This collar is incredibly long-lasting, available in a variety of sizes, and waterproof.

The OneTigris Military is BestForPets (bestforpets.org) finest value husky collar, and it’s also a fantastic pick for a sturdy husky collar that’s reflective, so you can feel safer around traffic.

Buyer's Guide

Let’s go through some of the most crucial factors to consider while selecting the finest husky collar.


Huskies are powerful canines that like playing and pulling. If your collar isn’t strong enough, your husky may crack and break free. Inadequately built dog collars may also rip apart, weakening them over time.


A collar with luminous embroidery is always a good idea. Reflective stitching allows you and others to always know where your pet is in low-light settings. These collars are crucial for your pet’s safety in high-traffic locations.

Applying It

The fast clip and buckle styles are the two most frequent methods to attach a collar to your dog.

Quick Video

A fast clip collar, also known as a snap collar, features a clip on either end that snaps together to secure the collar in place. These are the most often used collars. They are simple to use and appropriate for most scenarios.

The disadvantage of this collar is that it is more lightweight and may not stand up to energetic or aggressive dogs that pull.

The clip is normally made of plastic, but if you search around, you may find ones made of aluminum or other metals. The collar is usually made of nylon or another lightweight and durable fabric.

We suggest evaluating this sort of collar properly before purchase to guarantee a long-lasting, high-quality collar that will not fail when you need it.

Buckle Design

Buckle collars are often significantly heavier than quick snaps. This style of collar looks like a belt and fastens around your pet’s neck in the same manner. Most collars are held in place by two metal pins that pass through a metal grommet.

These collars can withstand the tremendous straining and tugging that huskies are capable of. These are often made of leather or another exceptionally tough material.

The disadvantage of these collars is that they are often too large and hefty for your pet, particularly if it is smaller than a husky. This collar is often less flexible and might be painful for your pet, particularly at first.

It’s also customary to employ harsh chemicals to preserve the leather, which may occasionally be detrimental to your pet. Although the use of leather is prohibited, there are appropriate synthetic leathers.

For aggressive and powerful dogs, we prefer buckle type collars, however we always recommend properly scrutinizing a new collar for evidence of chemical usage before placing it on your dog, and always try to purchase a leather alternative when available.


Your pet will most likely wear their collar for a long time, therefore comfort is just as important as durability. If the collar is rigid, tugs at their hair, irritates their skin, or jabs them with sharp edges, your dogs will not appreciate wearing it.

If your pet is unhappy, they will always let you know, so pay attention. When your dog is uncomfortable, he or she will struggle to get rid of the collar, and the more your pet fiddles with it, the more probable it is to find out how to remove it

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