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The 15 Best Dog Clippers For Yorkies

Yorkies are naturally attractive, but they need regular grooming to bring out their inherent charm. If you take your Yorkie to the groomer every time it needs a haircut, your pet may become as costly to nurture as a kid!

Many individuals choose to purchase pet-specific clippers and do the task themselves. This may be advantageous for your pet, since they are already familiar with you and may not like a stranger holding them down and putting an unfamiliar gadget on them.

Consider a gadget that is long-lasting, powerful enough to cut through your dog's hair, yet quiet enough not to frighten them.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put quite a number of them to the test on our Yorkies, and the following six comparisons of the best dog clippers for Yorkies are based on our findings. However, just the first three are recommended, and we will explain why.

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Wahl U-Clip Dog Clipper – Best Overall

WAHL Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet

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With a total of 16 attachments, the Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-clip clippers offered the greatest variety in terms of trimming your dog. This pair of clippers, with speeds of up to 7,200 strokes per minute, should make quick work of any Yorkie’s fur.

Nevertheless, we observed that the thickest jackets were a problem. On every other puppy, these clippers produced very precise and clean cuts of varying lengths. Moreover, they functioned quite quietly and did not frighten any of the dogs we tried them on.

With proper care and maintenance, we anticipate that these clippers will last a very long time and provide you with many excellent cuts. In conclusion, the Wahl Professional Animal clippers are our top suggestion for the finest clippers for Yorkies due to its great quality, various attachments, and silent operation.


  • 16-piece set at an inexpensive price
  • Very silent operation
  • Cuts effectively
  • 7,200 strokes per minute


  • Not as effective with thick coatings

Oster Pocket Cordless Dog Clipper – Best Value

Oster Cordless Pocket Trimmer

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The Oster Pocket Cordless Dog Clipper is much less expensive than many other clippers. However, they are battery-powered, which means you will go through quite a few AA batteries.

The manufacturer’s claim that they would operate for three hours on a single battery has not been verified. However, you should still be able to use them for a few hours before they begin to degrade.

They are cordless and work at a pace of 5,800 SPM, making them quicker than many more costly versions. They are also incredibly lightweight and simple to carry.

They are ideal for breeds like as Yorkies that need frequent, but not excessive, grooming. In fact, full-body clipping is not suggested with these clippers.

The whole clipper set contains cutters, a cleaning brush, cleaning oil, and a comb attachment, and offers the most cost-effective dog clippers for Yorkies. However, you will need extra comb attachments for the majority of trimming tasks.


  • Cheap
  • 5,800 SPM cutting velocity
  • Lightweight


  • Batteries do not last long
  • Just one comb is provided.

Andis AGC Blade Clipper – Premium Choice

Andis 22340 ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Clipper Blade

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Andis is one of the most trusted brands among professional dog groomers, and after using this clipper, we can see why. Let’s begin with these clippers’ 14-foot power cable. This is quite useful, since we seldom have an outlet exactly where we want it.

Unfortunately, the majority of the clippers we tested will likely not survive more than a few drops, which is terrible given how probable it is that you may lose your clippers when grooming your dog. These Andis clippers are protected from drops by their sturdy, shatter-resistant chassis.

We never want to burn our dogs, therefore a gadget that runs cool is essential. However, the majority of clippers feature air vents that are quickly blocked. The Andis 225454 includes a design that allows it to operate at a low temperature without any vents that may get blocked.

The nicest characteristic of this machine is its quiet, but robust functioning. In our tests, it had no trouble cutting even the thickest coats, and it did so at a volume that did not frighten the dog. We believe it is the finest premium option for Yorkie cutters, but it is just too pricey to rank higher.


  • 14′ cord
  • Fracture-resistant construction
  • Cool-running design has no vents that may get clogged.
  • Sufficiently potent for thick coatings


  • Expensive

Ruri’s Yorkie Dog Clippers

Dog Clippers, Cordless Cat and Small Dogs Clipper

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If you wish to trim your Yorkie’s face and paws with precision, you may want to select one of Ruri's clippers with much smaller blades. They are more economical than the majority of standard clippers we evaluated.

Obviously, their use is restricted, which is one reason why they do not get the highest rating. You will not be able to clip your dog’s whole coat using these trimmers. However, for detail work, they are very useful to have on hand.

We like the quiet, cordless operation of these clippers, but we did not appreciate how fast they heated up. After completing the paws, we had to take a break to let them to calm off before tackling the face.

This is bothersome, but we observed it with the majority of smaller cutters. The second issue is that they struggle with thicker hair. If your dog has thick hair, you may want to continue with the larger clippers.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Cordless design
  • Inaudible operation


  • Only for fine trimming
  • Gets heated rapidly
  • Does not cut dense hair

Wahl 41885-0435 Dog Clipper

WAHL Professional Animal Motion Pet

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On the basis of its appearance and pricing, we anticipated the Wahl Professional Animal motion pet cordless clipper set to be our top performer.

We were quite unhappy when it was not the case. It is promoted as being appropriate for trimming horses, cattle, and even animals. We were astonished to see it struggling with a thick Yorkie coat after reading this!

The fact that it was the most costly model we evaluated made matters worse. Consequently, it is incredibly light and easy to use.

In addition, we like the simplicity of a cordless tool and a rechargeable battery, both of which are included with this product. However, given the price, we anticipated exceptional cutting performance, which was not the case.

We believe you would be better off saving money and purchasing a model with superior performance, such as the Andis 22545, for a significantly lower price.


  • Very portable and comfy
  • Battery-free and rechargeable


  • The most costly set we examined
  • Insufficient power for thick coatings

VISSON Yorkie Dog Clippers

VISSON Dog Clippers Grooming Kit for Small Dogs Cats

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The VISSON dog clippers were the least expensive ones we evaluated, so we hoped they would function well but did not have high expectations.

This was a second pair of little clippers for your dog’s face, paws, and other delicate regions. They are unsuitable for a complete haircut, which is the first strike against them.

This type has a ceramic blade that never gets hot, so your furry companion will never be burnt. We would enjoy this feature if it did not seem to hinder overall functionality.

The greatest problem with this equipment is that it does not cut hair well. It seems to chew and pull hair rather than cut it, which is really irritating for the dog!

Although we appreciate the low-temperature functioning, the ceramic blade’s lack of cutting capacity is not sufficient compensation. Rather to risk injuring your furry family member, we recommend sticking to one of the higher-ranked gadgets.


  • Most economical pair tests
  • The ceramic blade doesn’t get heated


  • Very little blade intended for precise trimming
  • Doesn’t cut hair well

Buyer's Guide

After reading about the clippers we’d chose for our Yorkies, you may be curious about the characteristics we compared them on. For a more in-depth examination, we’ve produced a concise buyer’s guide.

Since we’ve been putting so many of these clippers to the test on our dogs, we believe we have a decent notion of what to look for, and we’d like to share this knowledge with you.

Neat Procedure

It is possible to burn your pet if you use clippers that are too hot when grooming them. This has often occurred with smaller units. We’re constantly on the lookout for clippers with a low-temperature operation, however, depending on how it’s accomplished, this may sometimes be problematic.

Vents are often seen on lower-end versions, although they may quickly get clogged, resulting in overheating. Ventless systems may be found in high-end versions, although they are frequently substantially more expensive. However, in our experience, blades made of materials other than metal do not perform as well.

Effective Method for Cutting Thick Coats

Not all animal coats are made equal. Your pet’s coat may be quite thin, making most clippers unnecessary. However, if your Yorkie has a very dense coat, weaker clippers may struggle to cut through it.

This is not only annoying for you, but also uncomfortable for your dog. Ensure that the clippers you choose have sufficient power to cut your dog’s fur.

Cordless is Practical

While moving all about your dog to acquire a good coat from above, below, and all around, it is easy for cables to get tangled. Excited puppies that move around and tangle themselves in the cable compound the problem. Although cordless gadgets may remedy this issue, they do so at a cost.

You could find them to be weaker than their corded relatives. Similarly, you must contend with battery life being a problem. This is less significant in smaller dogs such as Yorkies, but it is still something to consider. We appreciate the convenience of cordless clippers, but prefer the strength of corded models.

Loud Clippers Can Frighten Your Dog!

It is no secret that dogs dislike devices that make strange noises, especially those that must touch them all over! Thankfully, modern clippers do not need to be very loud to perform their function.

Not all decent clippers are now silent, but the vast majority are. Look for the quietest clippers you can find so that your pet’s experience is as pleasant as possible. Thus, when it comes time to groom them again, they won’t be fearful!


1. How can I guarantee that this dog clipper is safe for my pet?

This is an excellent issue, and as dog owners, we all want a gadget that is both effective and affordable. The noise level of the motor is the first thing to think about when deciding if the clipper is good for your dog.

A silent clipper is less frightening. Next is the vibration it produces, which may also be unsettling. Then there is the heat from the blades, which poses a health danger to the dog’s skin since certain blades heat up very quickly.

2. What measures may be taken to prevent the clipper from overheating?

If your clipper is overheating, there are many methods to prevent this from occurring. To alleviate the strain on the motor, you may switch to a slower speed or turn it off for a short time, although this may not be convenient. You may also use blade oil. The optimal method, though, is to get a dog clipper that does not heat up in the first place.

3. Can I clip my dog with a wired or cordless clipper?

This depends on the dog’s breed, degree of activity, and intended grooming location. Due to the limited reach of corded clippers, it may not be ideal to use a corded clipper on large dogs who are prone to movement and prefer to be groomed outdoors.

Cordless devices are simpler to use on the dog’s fur, but bigger animals need a longer battery life. Check if the clipper includes an additional battery pack. The problem with cordless clippers is the downtime while the gadget recharges; a second detachable battery would help remove this problem.

4. How often should I trim my dog’s hair?

To maintain a healthy and manageable coat on non-shedding breeds, you should trim your dog’s hair every four to six weeks. Moreover, if maintained for a very short time, they may last 8 to 10 weeks. Typically, dogs with short, shedding coats may go 8 to 12 weeks between grooming sessions if they are combed thoroughly at home.

5. Can I cut my dog’s hair short if it’s tangled?

If you let the dog’s hair get tangled or matted, it is unhealthy for the skin. If it is feasible to do so without causing discomfort to the dog, it may be possible to remove mats from the dog’s coat. Unfortunately, the procedure often causes discomfort or skin irritation in dogs.

Your dog may have a range of skin and health issues if its coat is matted. When your dog’s hair is severely tangled, matted, or heavily covered, stress, trauma, and damage are likely. If the coat is severely matted and you decide to de-mat him, you will need to use clippers to remove the coat.

6. How can I take off the blades from my clipper?

All brands of clippers with detachable blades will have a button to disconnect the blade. This is frequently found directly beneath the blade on the back of the clipper. You do not need to detach the blade itself; just click the button to release the blade. Pulling the blade towards the back of the clipper releases it from the blade lock.


It is difficult to pick which dog clippers are ideal for your Yorkie since there are so many to select from. We’ve tried to help by testing as many as we could find and narrowing the list down to a few that we think are good enough to recommend.

Our six assessments of the best dog clippers for Yorkies compared the models we deemed notable, but only the first three merited our recommendation.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) believes that the Deluxe U-clip clippers from Wahl Professional Animal are the best overall. With an astonishing 7,200 strokes per minute and a quiet operation that won’t frighten your dog, these were the ones we would recommend to the majority of consumers.

We suggest the Oster Pocket Cordless Dog Clipper for the greatest value. They are rechargeable and cordless, which makes them incredibly handy. Despite this, they are quite inexpensive and come with a number of attachments and extras.

The Andis AGC Blade detachable blade clipper was our top selection for a quality product. This was our favorite overall, but it’s too pricey to be our top recommendation. The most effective and silent operation we have ever encountered It is drop-resistant, and the 14-foot power cord is really handy.

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