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The 15 Best Dog Clippers For Thick Coats

While it's easy to admire a thick coat on a furry companion, sometimes it's necessary to do what's best and shave that coat.

This may not be as straightforward as it seems. You need a clipper that can remove even the hardest hair without pinching your closest friend!

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) had little trouble narrowing down the available alternatives to identify the best dog clippers for thick coats. The reviews now!


Best Overall: Hansprou Dog Clipper for Thick Coats

This clipper has the two characteristics you should look for in a clipper: it is strong and powerful, and it won’t catch hair or pinch! That’s a victory for both you and your dog!

The blades on these clippers, made from a premium titanium alloy with a ceramic moving blade, are completely detachable, making them simple to clean after use on even the furriest of companions. As evidence of their strength, Hansprou uses rabbits as an illustration.

The majority of rabbit hair cannot be cut with a dog hair trimmer, but this model can do so effortlessly. This is because it is created using a cutter with 35 teeth. The greater the number of teeth, the sharper they are and the thicker the coat they can shave!

These clippers are never louder than 50 decibels (dB) to ensure your pet’s comfort during grooming. This trimmer features four guard combs and five levels of shifting capability, allowing you to trim or shave your dog as desired.

These are, after all, professional-grade clippers, so the body is durable. This 12V clipper is accompanied by a two-year quality assurance plan. The sole drawback of this product is that the power button sometimes malfunctions, although only in the “off” position.

Therefore, you may just need to disconnect these clippers to turn them off. Nonetheless, we believe this is one of the finest dog cutters for thick fur on the market.


  • 12V motor
  • Strong enough to resist grabbing or pulling.
  • Robust construction


  • The power button may crack

Wahl Thick Coat Dog Clipper – Highest Quality

This Wahl product, designed for pets with thick hair, focuses more on grooming than styling. These clippers have two speeds to cut through the densest coats. Even though they are heavy duty, both speeds are quiet to ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible throughout the grooming process.

Additionally, these clippers feature minimal amounts of vibration, making the operation even more comfortable. This convenience is also convenient for the pet owner! Ergonomically built and weighing just 12.9 ounces, you will not tire when shaving your pet.

The blade is a #7F blade from Wahl’s ultimate competition line, allowing for a fast and smooth procedure. This corded clipper includes an additional blade, blade oil, and a cleaning brush.

According to Wahl, this product is ideal for Pomeranians, Pekingese, Poodles, Labradoodles, Australian Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and other dogs with thick coats. This item is covered by a two-year warranty.

As our top choice, this item performs admirably, albeit with a few flaws that we should mention. The blade is rather difficult to clean.

The second drawback is that guards are not compatible with these clippers, so if you purchase this item, you must enjoy closely shaved dogs.


  • Heavy-duty clippers with two speeds
  • #7F ultimate competition series blade
  • Low vibration and sound levels


  • Not suitable for guards

Clippers for Dog Grooming by Bousnic

These USB-powered clippers from Bousnic bring dog grooming into the twenty-first century. With a streamlined UI and traditional clipper style, you can determine when your clippers are fully charged and ready to use.

Impressively for a cordless trimmer, Bousnic’s two-speed trimmer hardly vibrates or produces any noise, making it excellent for pets with anxiety. Using the stainless steel and ceramic blades, you will be able to clip inaccessible spots because to the ergonomic design.

Not only are the clippers excellent, but the whole grooming kit is included! This set includes four different combs, blade oil, a USB charger, scissors made of stainless steel, and a cleaning brush. Also included is a lifetime warranty.

Unfortunately, this offer just includes the wire and not the actual charger. Additionally, if the blades are removed to clean or replace them, they are difficult to reinstall. Durability is not this product’s strong point, but given the price and lifetime guarantee, you may not care.


  • Quiet
  • USB powered
  • Lifetime assurance


  • Durability issues
  • Blades are difficult to reconnect.

Andis AGC 2-speed Dog Blade Clipper

The housing of these clippers from Andis is shatterproof. This is another two-speed motor unit that provides professional-grade shaving performance on even the densest hair.

The blades are removable, facilitating the cleaning process. The cable is 14 feet in length, making it ideal for individuals with larger dogs.

Sadly, this device quickly overheats. In addition, hair tends to get entangled and pulled. These are likewise not very sturdy. Thankfully, if you must call customer support, their personnel has an excellent reputation.


  • Fragment-resistant housing
  • Quiet
  • Excellent customer service group


  • Captures and draws
  • Durability issues

Highdas Dog Grooming Kit Clippers

Highdas has provided us with an adorable-looking device, but can it effectively trim your dog? While other clippers on this list can immediately tackle thick coats, some clippers need the use of scissors first, thereby doubling your job. However, if you get over it, they are not terrible.

On the clippers themselves, the blade spacing is totally adjustable, and the set includes four different guards for a truly personalized fur experience.

Although they are intended to be wireless, they may be used while plugged in and charging. They are also pretty quiet at 50dB, so even for easily startled puppies, they shouldn’t be too annoying.

The appearance and shape of these clippers may make you to assume that they are fragile, yet many customers report being pleasantly surprised by the clippers’ weight. Considering the price, that is definitely a bargain!

Once the blades have been removed, they are difficult to reinstall. In addition, these clippers have a charging problem, which is slightly alleviated by the fact that they may be used while plugged in.


  • Rechargeable
  • Exceptionally strong
  • Allows use while charging


  • Hard to reattach blade
  • Stop maintaining a charge (still can use when plugged in)
  • Must first give a dog a haircut

OETNAISAN PetExpert Dog Grooming Clippers

These clippers from PetExpert are another item from the discount bin that has advantages and disadvantages.

This bundle comes with a comprehensive grooming set that includes clippers, an AC adapter, scissors, comb and brush, four hair guards, nail clippers, and a nail file to keep your pet looking absolutely adorable (a first on this list).

The LCD display will intelligently indicate the remaining battery life, and when it is time to charge, the 360-degree charging base will allow you to do so.

This item cannot be used while charging since it is put in a cradle rather than plugged into an outlet. The engine is little, but what it lacks in power, it makes up for in quietness, which is advantageous in this situation.

This pair of clippers is not the most powerful on the list, which places them at number seven. Prior to using these clippers, you will need to give your dog a haircut, and even then, they may cause some pulling.

Additionally, these batteries lose their ability to keep a charge over time, which is troublesome since there is no electrical cable to utilize.


  • Full grooming kit include nail clippers.
  • LCD display indicates when the batteries are low


  • Not extremely potent; must first trim hair
  • Ceases to function eventually

AIBORS Dog Clippers

The AIBORS clippers have a strong appearance and boast of their durability, but how do they perform? Before discussing the disadvantages, there are some positive aspects of these clippers to consider.

This item is tethered and will never need charging. It comes with a grooming kit that is complete with the exception of nail clippers and a nail file.

The 12V motor is backed by 35 titanium nanotechnology teeth that are reportedly ten times sharper than steel. This device comes with a 12-month guarantee, and customer care representatives pledge to answer to claims and questions within 24 hours.

Unfortunately, these clippers get caught easily, and despite their promised strength, they are ineffective.


  • Full grooming kit
  • 12-month assurance


  • Not very effective
  • Best for huge dogs

Gimars Rechargeable Dog Clippers

These clippers are comparable to our selection at number seven, but they cost around three times as much, placing them at number nine. Gimars’s creation is neither nice nor awful. Designed for medium-thick hair, this product performs adequately when it functions.

The issue, however, is that they seldom function effectively or at all! In light of the price, it is pretty disappointing. Additionally, some consumers have experienced receiving this product damaged or broken.


  • Full grooming kit


  • Significant durability issues
  • Occasionally ship damage


We hope that you are now better equipped to buy for your best friend. You might feel good knowing that you are caring for a loved one properly.

So, what did you choose to purchase? Is your dog’s coat so dense that it demands our premium Wahl product? Or did you go for our overall leading recommendation from Hansprou? We are pleased to be a part of your life and that of your dog by assisting with these evaluations.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) really hopes that this advice assists you in locating the best dog clippers for thick coats. Good luck!

Buyer's Guide

The safety of your pet should be your first priority while you are grooming him. Once you have a safe product and understand how to apply it correctly, you may consider giving your dog a mohawk or pompadour. Therefore, let’s examine a few factors to consider when selecting clippers for a dog with long or thick hair.

The whole effort

Some firms recommend trimming your dog’s hair prior to utilizing clippers. The majority of individuals would prefer a pair of clippers capable of completing the whole task.

Energy source

Because they don’t lose power, corded clippers are the best option for ensuring you can get the job done with the thickest coats. Although battery-powered clippers are fantastic, they lose power as soon as they are turned on. This is OK for some dogs, but for those with thick hair, we need full force to prevent tugging.

Grooming in full

The majority of these clippers provide various grooming bundles. Some are basic, while others include everything necessary to make your pet feel as if they spent an entire day at the spa. How crucial is this for you?

Noise levels

The majority of dogs are generally fearful of loud sounds, thus it makes sense to seek for quieter clippers. Unfortunately, the issue is that the louder your clippers are, the more powerful they are. Any set of clippers below 50 decibels should be safe.


Things break, particularly those with tiny, fragile moving components. We strongly advise researching the clippers’ warranty and customer care teams.


1. Are the clippers for dogs and humans identical?

No, the two kinds of clippers are constructed extremely differently. Using a clipper designed for people on a dog may result in various complications.

Long-term use of human clippers on dogs may burn the animal’s body and delicate skin. In addition, excessive noise and vibration may cause anxiety and fear in dogs.

Manufacturers construct the clipper with two considerations in mind. The equipment should produce less heat and be silent or devoid of vibrations. However, human clippers fail in such situations.

2. What may be the cause of the clippers’ poor performance?

The most prevalent cause is hair buildup in the clipper. You may neglect to frequently clean the blade. There are further causes, such as dull cutting blades, a malfunctioning motor, or a dead battery.

You should thoroughly inspect the gadget to identify the cause of the machine’s failure. Regular maintenance is the most effective strategy to avoid such gadget malfunctions.

Before beginning to cut the fur, the coat must be washed and dried. It makes it simple to cut matted hair and keeps clippers in good condition.

3. Should I maintain my clipper?

Regardless of the type of pet food you use, you must keep grooming tools in good condition. The blades must stay sharp, the engine must function, and the battery must keep a proper charge.

Maintaining the clipper saves time while producing a superior outcome. Additionally, it extends the unit’s longevity. Every time you use it, you may sharpen the blades. After cutting the hair, clean the blade and comb thoroughly.

In addition to rinsing, drying, and applying oil after each session of cutting matted, thick hair coat, you should also rinse, dry, and apply oil after each session.

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