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The 8 Best Dog Clippers For Thick And Matted Hair In 2024

When your pet's coat is thick or knotted, some clippers just refuse to cut it! So, how do you go about finding a superb set of dog clippers for thick and matted hair that will cut through anything?

Knowing what to look for in a clipper is a good place to start, which is why we've put up a shopping guide with everything you need to know below. Another excellent technique to learn everything you need to know about a clipper is to read product reviews.

But there are a lot of clippers out there, and you don't have time to read all of their evaluations. That's why BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the best dog clippers for thick and matted hair. Hopefully, you'll find exactly what you're looking for on the list!

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Image Product View on Amazon
1 The Wahl Arco Cordless Pet Clipper The Wahl Arco Cordless Pet Clipper View on Amazon
2 The Wahl Pro Ion Lithium Cordless Pet Clipper The Wahl Pro Ion Lithium Cordless Pet Clipper View on Amazon
3 The Oster A5 Golden Pet Clipper The Oster A5 Golden Pet Clipper View on Amazon
4 The Andis AGC2 Clipper The Andis AGC2 Clipper View on Amazon
5 The Wahl Bravura Clipper The Wahl Bravura Clipper View on Amazon
6 The Wahl KM10 Clipper The Wahl KM10 Clipper View on Amazon
7 The Sminiker Professional clipper The Sminiker Professional clipper View on Amazon
8 HANSPROU Shaver High-Performance HANSPROU Shaver High-Performance View on Amazon


1. Arco Cordless Pet Clipper Kit by Wahl

 WAHL Professional Animal Arco Pet

View on Amazon

The Wahl Arco Cordless Pet Clipper  is an excellent option for pets with matted or dense hair.

This lightweight, cordless clipper is extremely user-friendly, and its 5-in-1 blade offers a variety of cut lengths, making it ideal for trimming the faces and feet of dogs of all sizes.

Although the manufacturer recommends full-body clipping on small and medium-sized breeds, many pet owners have used this clipper successfully on large breeds without any issues.

This clipper has become a favorite among poodle owners who have struggled to find one capable of cutting their pets’ dense hair.

The set includes a storage box, charger, charging stand, cordless clipper with an adjustable blade, rechargeable battery packs, combs, blade lubricant, cleaning brush, and instructions.

The Wahl Arco Cordless Pet Clipper’s batteries have received some criticism for their short lifespan, but this has not diminished the clipper’s overall effectiveness.

The Wahl Arco, the original 5-in-1 clipper, is a reliable cordless option for precise trimming in hard-to-reach areas such as ears, temples, and limbs.

This clipper offers a versatile range of cutting lengths, adjusting between sizes #9, 10, 15, 30, and 40, and a rechargeable battery with a cordless run time of 80 minutes and a charge time of 75 minutes.

The Arco can be used on Bichons, Shih Tzus, Terriers, and Spaniels, among other small and medium-sized dogs, as well as cats. It can also be used to trim and fix up the muzzle, forehead, ears, legs, fetlocks, and bridle paths of horses.

The set includes all the necessary accessories, including a soft storage case, charging stand and charger, four plastic attachment guide combs, cleaning brush, blade oil, and instruction book.

The manufacturer performs quality assurance on all their products, and some synthetic hair fragments may appear on the blade or clipper. However, pet owners can rest assured that their clipper and blade are brand new and ready to use.


It was effective on dogs with thick hair, such as poodles.

5-in-1 knife

Lightweight and cordless


To learn how to operate a clipper, many pet owners had to turn to YouTube.

Some people complained about the short lifespan of batteries.

2. Pet Clipper Wahl Pro Ion Lithium Cordless

 WAHL Professional Animal Pro Ion Pet

View on Amazon

The Wahl Pro Ion Lithium Cordless Pet Clipper is an excellent option for pet owners who desire a professional-looking trim without breaking the bank.

With a speed of up to 6000 SPM and a 3-in-1 adjustable blade, this clipper provides considerable force and speed while remaining relatively quiet and cool.

The lithium-ion batteries allow for up to two hours of use after a complete charge. Additionally, the clipper has a rapid charge feature that adds 10 minutes of clipping time for every 15 minutes charged.

The set includes stainless steel scissors, a storage container, a pet comb, seven attachment combs, a blade protector, blade lubricant, a cleaning brush, instructions, and a style and grooming DVD.

It’s worth noting that some users have expressed concerns about the powerful vibrations emitted by the Wahl Pro Ion Lithium Cordless Pet Clipper, which may not be suitable for dogs that are easily frightened or anxious.

The potent and user-friendly Wahl Pro Ion rechargeable cordless clipper is designed for trimming faces, ears, and feet on all dog breeds and occasional body clipping on small and medium-sized dogs.

Its standard #30-15-10 adjustable blade allows for simple adjustments, and its 6,000 strokes-per-minute speed makes trimming quick and efficient.

With dimensions of 7.25 by 2 by 1.25 inches and a weight of 10.3 ounces, it’s a lightweight and convenient option for both pet owners and professional groomers.



Pet owners said that the clipper works well on thick hair and matting.

Includes a grooming DVD.


Strong clipper vibration complaints

It’s a rare complaint that clippers don’t function well on fine hair.

3. A5 Oster Golden Pet Clipper

 Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed Animal Grooming Clippers with Detachable CryogenX Size 10 Blade

View on Amazon

The Oster A5 Golden Pet Clipper is an excellent choice for pet owners seeking a durable and high-quality product.

This heavy-duty clipper promises to be virtually indestructible and can be used on almost any type of dog coat for everything from touch-ups to full-body clipping.

It is available in one or two settings. It comes with a detachable Size 10 CryogenX blade, a guard, blade oil, lubricant, a carbon brush, spring assembly, a cleaning brush, and maintenance instructions, as well as a two-speed switch for precision and general grooming.

The Oster A5 operates quietly with minimal vibration and does not overheat, making it an efficient and comfortable option for both canines and groomers.

Its nearly impregnable, chew-resistant housing guarantees that it will withstand intensive use and last for years. In addition, it is compatible with all Oster A5 detachable blades, making it a versatile and practical option for pet owners and professional groomers.

While the Oster A5 Golden Pet Clipper is a highly recommended option for pet grooming, some users have experienced overheating during prolonged use, and it may be necessary to purchase additional combs for more effective grooming.

Overall, the Oster A5 Golden Pet Clipper continues to be a dependable and highly recommended option for pet grooming.


Extra strong

Promises to be practically impenetrable

There are two speeds.


Some customers complained that the goods overheated.

Combs are not included.

4. Pet Clipper Andis AGC2 2-Speed Detachable Blade

 Andis – 23290, Professional Ultra Edge AGC2 Detachable Blade Clipper

View on Amazon

The Andis AGC2 clipper  is a heavy-duty option designed to effortlessly manage all types of fur. Its two-speed rotary motor prevents overheating and assists in preventing stalling and trailing during operation.

This dog clippers for thick and matted hair is compatible with CeramicEdge, ShowEdge, and Oster A5 blades, in addition to the included #10 UltraEdge blade, providing a wide variety of length options.

The detachable blade makes cleaning simple, while the 14-foot power cord allows for ample mobility during grooming.

The Andis AGC2 clipper is ideal for professional or domestic use, as its quiet and efficient operation ensures a stress-free grooming experience for both pet and owner.

It’s worth noting that some users have reported that the Andis AGC2 clipper may not be as effective on dogs with fine fur, despite its heavy-duty design and versatility. Overall, the Andis AGC2 remains a dependable and versatile grooming option.


Works with a variety of blades

14-foot cord for easy grooming movement

Extra strong


Only one blade is included.

It may not work as well on fine hair.

There have been a few reports of the product tugging hair.

5. Wahl Bravura Cordless Dog and Cat Clipper Kit

 Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Lithium Powerful Motor Cord

View on Amazon

The Wahl Bravura clipper is an excellent option for pet owners seeking professional-quality results at a reasonable price.

The lithium-ion battery and 5-in-1 blade of this cordless clipper make it powerful and long-lasting. It operates efficiently and quietly, making it a comfortable choice for both pet owners and their dogs.

With a run time of up to an hour and a half and a rapid charge time of less than an hour, this clipper enables efficient grooming in a single session, unless dealing with particularly large breeds. Additionally, users can switch to a corded clipper if the battery expires during a grooming session.

The set includes a 5-in-1 blade set, attachment guide combs, blade lubricant, a cleaning brush, a charger and stand, a storage container, and instructions. The Wahl Bravura is also available in five vibrant colors to accommodate any style preference.

It’s worth mentioning that while the Wahl Bravura clipper is a reliable and efficient option for pet grooming, pet owners should note that the 5-in-1 blade may not be suitable for all types of dog coats.

Depending on their pet’s individual needs, additional blades may be necessary to achieve optimal grooming results.


Can be used as a corded or cordless device.

Rapid charging

5-in-1 knife


There have been several reports of batteries failing to keep a charge.

There have been a few reports of defective blades.

Fine hairs have the potential to clog attachments.

6. Wahl KM10 Professional 2-Speed Brushless Dog & Cat Clipper

 WAHL Professional Animal KM Cordless 2-Speed Detachable Blade Pet and Dog Clipper Kit

View on Amazon

The Wahl KM10 clipper  is a brushless, two-speed device designed to effortlessly cut through even the densest coats and mats. It is a dependable choice for professional groomers and pet owners due to its continuous speed control, maximum force, and torque.

Additionally, its ergonomic design ensures that even after prolonged use, users will not experience hand and forearm fatigue.

This dog clippers for thick and matted hair features a #10 Ultimate Competition Series detachable blade and is suitable for use on dogs, cats, horses, and livestock.

It has two powerful speeds of 3,000 and 3,700 strokes per minute and Constant Speed Control, which automatically provides more power and torque in difficult areas. The Wahl KM10 can be used cordlessly for up to two hours or with a cord for all-day grooming.

Some users have reported that the Wahl KM10 clipper may overheat during use, despite its dependability and effectiveness for pet maintenance.

Overall, the Wahl KM10 remains a durable and high-quality option for pet grooming, particularly for those dealing with denser coats.


It claims to have an extremely extended motor life.

It readily sliced through matting, according to pet owners.

Design for ergonomics


It may easily overheat.

There have been a few reports of cord shorting out.

7. Professional Rechargeable Grooming Clipper Sminiker

 Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Cordless

View on Amazon

The Sminiker Professional clipper  is a heavy-duty option with consistent control to trim any type of pet coat.

Its ceramic and titanium blade ensures precise and smooth cuts, and its minimal vibration and silent operation keep pets calm during grooming.

With the included four limiting combs, even those who are new to at-home pet grooming can feel comfortable using this clipper, as trimming can be performed without risk of accidentally cutting the pet.

This dog clippers for thick and matted hair set also includes a pair of shears, a cleaning brush, a nail clipper, a nail file, an adapter, a rechargeable battery, four limiting combs, and a manual.

While the Sminiker Professional clipper is a reliable and efficient option for pet grooming, it’s important to note that some users have reported a shorter lifespan of the blades with extended use.

The precision motor and cordless design of the Sminiker Professional clipper make it easy to use and maneuver during grooming sessions.

Its mobile titanium blade is adjustable between 2mm and 0.9mm, allowing for minor hair length adjustments. With a five-hour charging time, this clipper can be used for up to seventy minutes.

It’s worth noting that this product is intended for use in the United States and may require an adapter or converter for use in other countries. The Sminiker Professional clipper is a trustworthy and user-friendly option for pet grooming.


It includes not just clipper extras but also nails.

It is safe to use for first-time at-home groomers.

Extra strong


There have been several reports of clippers not working after 3-4 uses.

There have been a few reports of batteries failing to keep a charge.

Blades wear out soon.

8. HANSPROU Dog Clipper Shaver High-Performance Dog Clipper

 Hansprou Dog Shaver Clippers High Power Dog Clipper Low Noise Plug-in Pet Trimmer Pet Professional Grooming Clippers

View on Amazon


The Hansprou  professional dog grooming clipper is designed to provide strong and consistent force for quick and effective pet hair trimming.

Its 12V high-speed motor and titanium alloy blade with ceramic moving blade guarantee smooth, precise cuts without harming your pet’s hair.

This dog clippers for thick and matted hair is also designed to operate with minimal vibration and noise, making pet grooming a pleasant experience.

This dog shaver clipper features six guard combs and five levels of adjustment, allowing for fast and easy length changes (ranging from 3 to 12 millimeters to 0.8 to 2 millimeters).

The clipper’s aluminum alloy fuselage provides strength and durability, ensuring that it can withstand extended use. Additionally, the Hansprou clipper comes with a one-year warranty, giving pet owners added peace of mind.

It’s worth noting that some buyers have reported concerns regarding the overall quality of the Hansprou professional dog grooming clipper, with issues such as the power button breaking and the combs falling out being reported by some users.

Despite these concerns, with its powerful motor, sharp blades, and user-friendly design, the Hansprou professional dog grooming clipper remains a reliable and effective choice for pet grooming.

If you have any questions or concerns about this product, the manufacturer provides customer service to ensure your satisfaction.



Sharp blades that do not yank hair


There have been several reports of the on/off button breaking.

Combs falling off is a rare complaint.

Hair may become entangled in the guard.

Buying Guide

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the ideal dog clipper for dense or matted hair. Here are some essential considerations:

1. Blades

Consider clippers with blades that are appropriate for the type of fiber on your dog.

Consider the blade’s material: steel, titanium, or ceramic. Ceramic and titanium are less likely to overheat and cause damage to your companion.

Blade speed is also essential; the quicker the clipper, the less likely it is to become entangled in your pet’s fur.

2. Weight

Weighty-duty clippers are ideal for dense fur, but some users may find them too weighty.

Depending on the size of your dog, you may be holding the clippers for a considerable amount of time.

3. Volume of Noise

Look for clippers that operate discreetly to make the grooming process less intimidating for your dog.

4. Heat

Clippers will eventually overheat, but you can reduce the frequency and duration of this occurrence.

Ceramic blades remain cold for extended periods of time, whereas high-speed blades have greater clipping power but are more susceptible to overheating.

5. Corded versus wireless

Corded clippers enable full-body grooming without battery depletion, but the cord can restrict movement.

Cordless clippers offer a broader range of motion, but the battery may die in the middle of a task.

6. Usage Time

Look for cordless clippers with a long battery life to avoid having to halt grooming to recharge.

7. Casing Material

The majority of clippers are encased in plastic, but professional models may employ more durable materials.

8. Extras

Consider purchasing clippers that include attachment combs, shears, spare blades, blade oil, and a cleansing brush.

Some clippers may include additional hygiene instruments, such as manicure files or nail clippers.

9. Cost

Clippers can be expensive, so it is essential to establish a budget and locate a model that falls within it.

Be sure to choose a high-quality model, particularly if it is more expensive.

10. Reviews

Reading product evaluations can help you determine if a clipper will work for your pet’s hair type and provide useful feedback from other pet owners.

Trim your large dog’s nails with ease using our top-rated clippers. Check out our article now!


1. What kind of clippers are ideal for dense, tangled dog hair?

For dense, matted hair, clippers with powerful motors and strong, pointed blades are recommended.

2. What characteristics should I consider when selecting a clipper for my dog’s coat?

To manage dense and matted hair, you should search for a clipper with adjustable blades, a powerful motor, and a comfortable hold.

3. How frequently should I sanitize and lubricate my dog clippers?

It is recommended to clean and lubricate your dog clippers after each use in order to preserve their performance and longevity.

4. Should I choose a corded or cordless clipper for my dog’s snarled, dense coat?

Both corded and cordless clippers are effective for dense, matted hair, but corded clippers provide more consistent power and are recommended for extended grooming sessions.

5. How frequently should I groom my dog to prevent matted hair?

The frequency of grooming depends on the type and length of your dog’s hair, but in general, every four to six weeks will prevent matted hair.

6. Should I take any additional precautions when grooming a dog with dense or matted hair?

It is essential to use sharp, well-maintained clippers, to avoid yanking or dragging on the hair, and to take pauses as necessary to prevent the blades from overheating.


The Wahl Arco Cordless Pet Clipper is our pick for the best overall dog trimmer for thick or smooth hair due to its lightweight and positive reviews for how well it works for hair thick.

Because of its low price and excellent SPM, we recommend the Wahl Pro Ion Lithium Cordless Pet Trimmer as the best value for money.

Finally, because of its durable quality, we recommend using the Oster A5  as a premium trimmer.

After reading the article BestForPets (bestforpets.org), We hope you have found the best dog clippers for thick and matted hair for you.

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