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The 12 Best Dog Carriers For Yorkies

It is simple to understand why the Yorkie (or Yorkshire Terrier) is the tenth most popular dog breed in the United States. Yorkies are beautiful and full of personality, and for decades they have been linked with luxury. The breed may have had a surge in popularity during the Victorian era, but many would say that our infatuation with these dogs has never really subsided!

Since the Yorkie is a toy breed, it is generally impractical to walk it on a leash, especially over long distances. Investing in a high-quality carrier is essentially required if you intend to travel with your canine companion.

Obviously, not just any carrier will suffice. To assist you in locating the best dog carriers for Yorkies on the market, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled evaluations of the most popular products.


Outward Hound Dog Front Carrier

The Outward Hound PoochPouch Dog Front Carrier, our recommendation for the finest Yorkie carrier for the money, distributes the weight across your entire body and provides a hands-free manner of transporting your canine companion when you’re on the go.

Also allows your dog to maintain his head above the bag while being walked, allowing him to keep an eye on his surroundings, plus it contains a storage pocket for his leash and toys. The mesh sides let air circulate through, keeping your dog from overheating and perspiring even in extreme heat.

The carrier might be slightly larger, not only for the advantage of the dog being transported but also for the comfort of the person carrying it. The nylon and mesh container must be washed by hand, however, most stains may be removed with a moist cloth.


  • The design distributes weight throughout the body
  • Your dog can see out of the carrier’s top.
  • Mesh sides permit airflow


  • Could be a better fit for a larger individual.


K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier Backpack

The K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier Backpack is an excellent choice for Yorkie owners who are willing to spend a bit extra on their canine friends. This safe backpack is available in six sizes, however, the extra-small size will accommodate the majority of Yorkies. There are 18 distinct color variations available.

This American-made dog carrier is ideal for owners who want to bring their Yorkie to the park, on public transportation, or simply about the town without worrying about a dangerous leash.

The carrying pouch’s sides are ventilated, and five distinct safety measures ensure that your dog stays in place. There are cushioned shoulder straps and a separate storage bag for transporting your things.

Keep in mind that this carrier is not waterproof and might become extremely warm if you want to walk or trek with it. Some users stated that the backpack’s color transferred to their clothing.


  • Numerous color choices
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Abundant storage
  • Five distinct security aspects


  • Not weather- or water-resistant
  • Colors may transfer to garments.


PetAmi Dog Purse Carrier

If you often travel with your Yorkie, you should invest in an airline-approved dog carrier. The PetAmi Dog Purse Carrier complies with most airline luggage limits and provides a fashionable alternative to bulky plastic carriers. It accommodates dogs up to 12 pounds and is available in five colors.

This dog carrier is ventilated at many spots to keep your pet cool and comfy. The integrated leash attachment prevents them from jumping or falling out, and the opening buckles shut for further security. This carrier has many strap choices, allowing you to carry your dog either by hand or on your shoulder.

Depending on the weight of your dog, this carrier may not be suitable for lengthy journeys. Additionally, the material is too soft for dogs who prefer to chew.


  • Airline approved
  • Abundant ventilation
  • Multiple strap alternatives
  • The opening buckles firmly.


  • Not robust enough for many situations
  • Non-chewable


MG Collection Soft Sided Dog Carrier for Travel

If you dislike transporting dog carriers that look like dog carriers, the MG Collection Soft Side Travel Dog Carrier is an elegant alternative. This purse-inspired tote is available in three colors: turquoise, violet, and black.

This soft-sided bag has a quilted fabric and two sturdy carrying handles. The carrier’s top offers both a quilted and a mesh cover, allowing you to provide your dog with additional privacy or ventilation as needed. There are eight ventilation holes distributed throughout the bag. There are two Velcro pockets for vital storage.

If your Yorkie likes chewing on or escaping from its carrier, this may not be the best option. The cloth is fragile and readily destructible, and Velcro is the only thing holding the top flap in place.


  • The most current style
  • Abundant ventilation
  • Two more storage compartments


  • Simple for dogs to flee
  • Easy to disassemble


TOMKAS Dog Carrier

The TOMKAS Dog Carrier is another excellent alternative for owners who like a sling-style dog carrier. This travel bag is available in ten reversible color combinations for maximum fashion possibilities. This carrier is suitable for dogs between 3 and 10 pounds in weight, including Yorkies.

This carrier is constructed from a plush, thick fabric for your dog’s comfort. The hole may be adjusted to accommodate your dog, and the safety lock attaches to the dog’s collar or harness to keep them secure within the bag. This carrier also features a front pocket for storing keys, poop bags, and other essentials.

Some owners claim that this vehicle is smaller than stated. Due to the material’s poor breathability, your dog may overheat if left in the bag for too long. The length of the shoulder strap is not adjustable.


  • Modifiable access and security lock
  • Contains an additional storage pocket
  • Made of supple and resilient fabric


  • Fewer than anticipated
  • The fabric is warm and impermeable.
  • The strap is very lengthy for some owners


PetsHome Dog Carrier

The PetsHome Dog Carrier is one of the most stylish Yorkie carriers now on the market, surpassing the design of several regular purses. It is offered in two sizes, with the little version being recommended for Yorkie owners. Additionally, you may select from ten fashionable hues that complement any ensemble.

This bag is constructed from synthetic leather and boasts high-quality metal hardware throughout. Inside the carrier are three mesh panels for ventilation and two built-in cushions. The integrated leash prevents pets from escaping the carrier. You may allow your dog’s head to peak out or close the top flap for privacy.

According to several users, the PU leather used for this bag has a strong stench. In certain instances, the build quality is subpar, with some owners getting bags with misaligned zippers and other defects. A determined dog may be able to unzip the top flap and escape.


  • Exceptionally popular style
  • Integrated cushions and a safety leash
  • Three mesh ventilation panels


  • Produces a pungent odor
  • Poor quality control
  • Dogs are able to unzip the top flap


Fashion Pet Carrier by WOpet

At first appearance, the WOpet Fashion Pet Carrier’s ability to transport a tiny dog may not be obvious. In fact, this handbag-style carrier is so attractive that you may want to use it as a purse for regular usage. This black and gold carrier has a maximum weight capacity of 14 pounds.

This dog carrier is constructed from PU leather, which is meant to withstand fading and be readily cleaned. This bag has breathable mesh panels on each side, but onlookers will not be able to see your dog inside.

While this bag looks excellent, several users have noted quality difficulties with the zippers. The zippers on the bag, notably the one leading to the pet section, break quickly. Even with a lightweight pet inside, this carrier cannot maintain its form adequately.


  • Doesn’t look like a pet carrier
  • Washable and fade-resistant PU leather
  • Privacy mesh panels on each side


  • Poor quality zippers
  • Does not maintain its form
  • Having a foul odor
  • Rapidly shows wear and tear


SlowTon Pet Sling Carrier

A sling is frequently one of the most pleasant ways to transport little dogs for their owners. The SlowTon Pet Sling Carrier is an alternative solution for those who wish to carry their Yorkie at all times. This bag can accommodate dogs up to 9 pounds safely and comes in three colors.

The carrier’s drawstring opening and collar safety hook make it simple to secure your pet inside. The flat bottom is cushioned for comfort and removable as needed. The entire bag is robust and machine-washable if it becomes dirty. While the cushioned shoulder strap prevents strain, the front pocket may keep goodies for your dog or your keys.

This carrier may not provide sufficient space for even tiny dogs to sit comfortably and securely. Additionally, the bottom is not particularly supportive, which makes some dogs anxious. Although the strap is adjustable, at its longest point it is still rather short.


  • Fabrication washable by machine
  • The collar attachment hook keeps the dog inside
  • Front pocket for extra storage


  • Not very encouraging
  • Strap length is inadequate for certain owners
  • Not sufficient for many dogs
  • Bulky design


Soft-Sided BETOP HOUSE Pet Carrier

The BETOP HOUSE Soft-Sided Pet Carrier is a synthetic leather carrier with a handbag design that fits a range of small dogs, including Yorkies.

This dog carrier zips shut and has many mesh ventilation panels. The bottom of this bag is detachable and padded, and there is an integrated leash attachment for safety. The two little front pockets are ideal for storing keys and other small items.

Some owners stated that the synthetic leather material emitted a foul odor. The mesh panels are easily permeable, and the bag does not remain closed, allowing the dog to escape. Although this carrier is suitable for travel, it is too cumbersome to comfortably use for lengthy durations.


  • Looks like a typical handbag
  • Integrated leash for safety
  • Two front pockets and a padded base


  • Material generates an unpleasant odor
  • Not all flaps stay closed
  • Mesh is not sturdy
  • Too cumbersome to tote comfortably.


When it comes to owning and caring for a dog, there appears to be no end to the list of necessary purchases. But if you own a toy or petite breed, such as a Yorkie, a dependable, high-quality carrier should be one of your top priorities.

For budget-conscious dog owners, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommend the Outward Hound PoochPouch Dog Front Carrier. This inexpensive dog carrier may be worn on the back or the front, allowing you to keep your pet close while keeping your hands free. There are several attractive color options, and the shoulder straps are cushioned for your comfort.

If you’re an active individual who doesn’t enjoy leaving their Yorkie at home, the K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier Backpack is a superior carrier that you can take everywhere. There are numerous color options available, each of which is created in the United States. This backpack has several storage compartments and numerous safety measures to safeguard your dog.

For many Yorkie enthusiasts, the breed’s portability is one of its most endearing characteristics. With a secure, sturdy, and stylish carrier, you and your closest companion can conquer the globe together. With the aid of our evaluations of the best dog carriers for Yorkies, you should be one step closer to locating the ideal dog carrier for your Yorkshire Terrier.

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