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The 7 Best Dog Car Seats & Booster Seats

Long car journeys with your dog may be enjoyable, but that all change in an instant. The worst-case scenario for both dog owners and drivers is that a single fluffy distraction causes a severe traffic accident.

If you want to take your dog with you on the road, a car seat or booster seat is an excellent method to keep your dog safe and secure. While it may be adorable to have your dog on your lap while driving, a booster seat will guarantee that your pet does not distract you.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) researched and reviewed the best dog car seats and booster seats so you don't have to. Here is our selection of the best dog car seats and booster seats:


Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat – Best Overall

The Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat is a premium front-facing booster seat that provides safety and comfort for your furry companion. Its tilted form rests equally on the front and rear automobile seats, preventing it from toppling over. Adjustable mounting strap that fits around the car seat for a secure fit.

The raised seat’s waterproof construction makes it ideal for dogs prone to motion sickness. The metal structure inside the seat prevents it from collapsing when traveling on the road.

It also has a free seatbelt tether that may be attached to any harness, but should never be used in conjunction with neck collars. The seatbelt clasp may be too large or heavy for smaller dog harnesses, but the Kurgo k01144 Vehicle Pet Booster is the finest car booster seat for dogs overall.


  • The angled shape rests evenly on the automobile seat.
  • Securely fits the car seat by wrapping around it.
  • Elevated seating position and watertight exterior
  • The metal frame supports the seat’s contour.
  • Seatbelt is compatible with any harness.


  • The seatbelt clasp may be overly large or heavy.

American Kennel Club Booster Seat – Best Value

The American Kennel Club Pet Booster Seat is an economical booster seat that gives a secure area for your dog to sit in the car. The bottom cushion of the booster seat is made of memory foam, which supports your dog’s body during extended vehicle rides.

There is a zippered pocket on the front of the seat for storing treats, bags, and other pet supplies. The adjustable strap system provides a personalized fit for your vehicle, ensuring your safety during the trip. It also features an integrated seatbelt tether in case of automobile accidents.

The issue is that the tether clip is made of plastic, which is far less secure than metal. In addition, it is not built for bucket-style seats, making it less adaptable than other chairs. Due to these factors, we did not place it in the top spot. We propose the American Kennel Club 913 Pet Booster Seat as the most cost-effective dog car seat and booster seat.


  • Bottom memory foam cushion
  • Zipper pocket for snacks and bags
  • Adjustable straps for a secure fit
  • Integrated seatbelt anchor within the seat


  • Clip is made of plastic
  • Not acceptable for bucket-style automobile seats

Snoozer Lookout Car Seat for Dogs – Premium Choice

The Snoozer Lookout Dog Automobile Seat is a deluxe dog seat designed to be compatible with the majority of car seatbelts. It does not require additional straps for installation, which is ideal for extra-wide car seats. This seat has a safety tether that attaches to any harness to secure your dog in the seat while traveling.

The seat is constructed with solid foam for added comfort and a faux-wool lining to keep your dog warm during the winter. Conveniently, it also has a storage tray for your valuables that stores in the bottom of the booster seat.

This premium dog car seat set is more costly than other dog car seats due to its creative design and high-quality materials. It is also tough to keep clean and cannot be machine washed, thus we did not include it in our top 2. For the ultimate car seat experience, we recommend the Snoozer Lookout Dog Seat if you’re searching for a luxury dog seat.


  • Does not require extra straps to attach
  • Use a safety leash to keep your dog inside.
  • Comfortable dense foam with fake wool lining
  • A tray for storing objects is concealed in the seat bottom.


  • Pricey compared to other chairs
  • Not simple to clean

PetSafe Solvit Pet Booster Seat

The PetSafe Solvit Pet Booster Seat is a front-facing seat that utilizes the headrest of your car’s seat to elevate the booster seat to window-level, giving your dog a view of the outside world. With the booster seat level with the window and elevated from the vehicle seat, it provides a gentler journey for motion-sick dogs.

The detachable, machine-washable and dryer-safe soft fleece lining is designed for simple maintenance. It has a robust polyester exterior to withstand the wear and tear of travel and a zippered pocket for additional storage.

This model’s revolutionary design is only suitable for canines weighing less than 15 pounds. In addition, the seat attachment straps are difficult to modify, which may threaten its safety. We recommend checking out the PetSafe Solvit Pet Booster Seat if you have a little dog that wants to remain at window level.


  • Height-adjustable booster seat
  • Detachable and machine-washable fleece lining
  • A more comfortable travel for pets with motion sickness
  • Durable polyester exterior with a zippered pocket


  • Only for dogs weighing less than 15 pounds.
  • It is tough to adjust the straps.

K&H Pet Products Booster Pet Seat

The K&H Pet Product Bucket Booster Pet Seat is a luxurious booster seat that securely confines your dog while you’re driving. This seat features a detachable and machine-washable zipper cover, allowing you to maintain its pristine appearance.

The outside layer is constructed from sturdy fibers for added protection against inquisitive canines, while the inner is fleece-lined to keep your dog warm and snug. Additionally, the seat is raised for a window-level perspective, allowing your friend to appreciate the environment as well.

The issue with this booster seat is that it is not as strong as other types. A further problem is that the safety tethers are not adequately attached, making them unreliable in the event of an accident.

Compared to comparable versions, the K&H Pet Products 7622 Bucket Booster Pet Seat is likewise on the pricey side, although lacking premium brand quality. This type may work for you if you have a small dog and are searching for a booster seat with a raised back.


  • Washable and removable zipper cover
  • Elevated seat for level window view
  • Interior fleece-lined exterior layer that is durable


  • Not as robust as competing booster seats
  • Safety tethers lack dependability
  • On the pricey side

AmazonBasics Pet Car Booster Seat

The AmazonBasics Pet Car Booster Bucket Seat is a plush bucket seat with a replaceable cushion. The flannel lining is soft and pleasant for your dog, while the polyester outside provides additional durability. This dog booster seat can be machine washed and dried, making cleaning simple and convenient.

However, the AmazonBasics Pet Car Booster Bucket Seat has several faults that we could not overlook. The safety harness is by far the greatest reason for concern, since it is inadequately bonded to the fabric of the seat and provides little actual protection for your dog in the event of an accident.

The design of the foam shell is weak and readily collapses, allowing your dog to escape during abrupt turns and unexpected stops. This booster seat’s entire design is defective, and its low-quality materials diminish its appeal. For safer and more durable designs, we suggest testing out alternative booster seats first.


  • Bucket-style seat with detachable cushion
  • Interior soft flannel, outer polyester
  • Machine washable and safe for the dryer


  • The safety tether is improperly fastened
  • Fragile foam exterior that collapses readily.
  • Materials of inferior quality tear easily

A4Pet Pet Lookout Booster Dog Car Seat

The A4Pet Pet Lookout Booster Dog Car Seat is intended to accommodate many small dogs as well as a large dog. This high cushion provides your dog with a view of the road. This booster seat is also collapsible for storage and mobility purposes.

While the A4Pet Car Seat has the ability to accommodate dogs of all sizes, it falls short due to a number of shortcomings. The seat installation strap is inflexible and difficult to manipulate, jeopardizing your dog’s safety.

Due to the low-quality tether and clip, it is likely unreliable in the event of a car accident. This bed lacks the softness and support of other chairs, which might be annoying for your dog. We suggest attempting other high booster seats first for improved outcomes.


  • Fit both small and big dogs
  • Elevated cushion to improve the view
  • Foldable design for storage


  • Seat strap is difficult to manipulate
  • Low-grade metal and tether
  • Not as comfortable or supportive as competing seats

Buying Guide

Independent Testing

There are no industry regulations for automobile pet restraints, despite the fact that many harness and car seat manufacturers claim their devices have been crash-tested. It is therefore advisable to seek crash testing done by impartial third-party organizations.

Using a dog crash test dummy, for instance, the Center for Pet Safety was able to set safety criteria and procedures for evaluating pet travel equipment. Few goods have achieved the center’s crash test certification to date, although others are in the process of becoming certified.

According to Lindsey Wolko, founder of the Center for Pet Safety, who has seen the results of crash tests and heard countless accident tales, the safest devices are often more expensive than other vehicle restraints, but are well worth the cost.

“We advise them to view this as an investment. These will be more expensive because more due diligence has been performed on the items,” she added. “Anything is preferable than nothing to prevent distraction, which can prevent a collision from occurring in the first place. However, if your dogs are improperly restrained in the event of a collision, there can be severe repercussions.”


Always follow the size and weight recommendations to ensure that a seat or harness will fit your pet properly. If a restraint does not fit properly, your pet may be able to escape, which might be distracting or hazardous in the event of an accident.


After performing testing and reviewing evaluations, we determined that the Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat is the finest booster seat for dogs overall. It is made to fit any vehicle seat while lifting your dog safely to window level. We determined the American Kennel Club Pet Booster Seat to be the most cost-effective booster seat for dogs. It is a high-quality seat that does not sacrifice design.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes to have facilitated your search for the best dog car seats and booster seats. With your dog’s safety and comfort in mind, we searched for the greatest products. If you’re still undecided, a local pet store can assist guide your selection.

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