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The 10 Best Dog Car Seat Covers

Our four-legged companions are essential to our families and daily lives.

We like to take them on several trips so they feel like family members. However, carrying a dog in your immaculate vehicle might be a hassle that demands extensive cleaning.

In addition, these claws may do significant damage to the delicate fabric of your rear seat. And what happens if an accident occurs?

The best dog car seat covers can guard against all of these issues. The majority of them are waterproof, but which ones will truly keep your dog from sliding about in the back seat?

Do any of these seem appealing? And will you have access to the seat belts if someone has to sit in the rear seat? Don't worry, we had the same inquiries and set out to provide answers.

After testing as many covers as BestForPets (bestforpets.org) could locate, we've gathered a wealth of information that we'd like to share with you in the %product_count% evaluations that follow.


Active Pets Dog Car Seat Cover – Best Overall

This seat cover from Active Pets is a fashionable and easy method to prevent damage to your vehicle while carrying your dog. It has a universal fit and is simple to install in the backseat of any car or SUV. It is robust and sturdy with a 600D Oxford waterproof cotton outer layer.

This protects your car from punctures and scratches produced by your pet’s claws or teeth, and also ensures that if your pet has an accident, your vehicle will not be damaged. Additionally, the intermediate layer is waterproof, so there is minimal danger of a leak.

This seat cover was incredibly simple to clean and required just one minute. Any wet spills may be simply cleaned up, and any hair or dirt can be vacuumed away. One of the things that most amazed us about this cover was how little it moved.

The Active Pets seat cover remained in place while other items we tried moved all over the backseat. We believe it is aesthetically pleasing and has no detrimental effect on the inside of your car.

Additionally, it comes with a three-year money-back guarantee, so you can be confident that it will safeguard your chairs.


  • Waterproof materials for seat protection
  • 600D Oxford cotton
  • 3-year refund guarantee
  • Doesn’t slip around
  • Appears attractive


  • Not as sturdy as competing models

Pet Union Dog Car Seat Cover – Best Value

With four unique layers of protection, this luxury car seat cover from frosam Pet Union is a cost-effective method to safeguard your rear seat from any harm a pet may do.

The outermost layer is made of 600D Oxford cotton. It’s tough enough to prevent your dog’s claws from penetrating it, and it’s waterproof in case he has an accident.

A layer of soft cotton gives comfort for your canine friend, who will likely spend a considerable amount of time on this cover. Next is a coating of waterproof PVC.

This layer is the last barrier that prevents moisture from penetrating the pad and reaching the seat underneath. The bottom layer is a non-slip rubber backing that prevents this seat cover from slipping while driving.

The only issue we have with the Pet Union car seat cover is that it’s not really stylish. But we’re acquiring this to secure the safety of our rear seats, not to enhance the cabin.

When you consider the lifetime replacement warranty, it’s simple to understand why we believe this to be the greatest dog car seat cover for the money.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Waterproof material protects your chairs.
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Dense substance is resistant to punctures


  • Not a very appealing alternative

4Knines Dog Seat Cover – Premium Choice

Heavy-duty protection for your back seat and plush comfort for your pet. The 4Knines dog seat cover is an exceptional product with distinct advantages that distinguish it from the competition.

For example, whereas many comparable goods are constructed from 600D Oxford cotton, the 4Knines cover goes one step further by using 600D polyester.

Polyester is more durable and robust than cotton, yet it is also far less absorbent.

The better materials utilized to construct this cover are, however, more costly, which is why this cover costs more than many others on this list. However, it is covered by a lifetime guarantee, making it a wise purchase.

In addition to the waterproof polyester on the outside, this cover has a second strong waterproof layer to ensure that no spills may penetrate and harm your seats.

The polyester top makes it much easy to clean this cover. Any mess may be eliminated with little effort. Compared to other models, this one remains in place really well and was not moving under our furry companions.


  • Made from sturdy 600D polyester
  • Lifetime assurance
  • A waterproof coating protects your seats.
  • Non-slip does not shift position.
  • Simple to clean


  • Far more costly than comparable items

Pet Car Seat Cover by Epica

You want to safeguard your seat, but your pet’s comfort is equally essential. In this regard, the Epica pet car seat cover includes a quilted covering that is thick enough to defend against claws and teeth while being comfortable for your dog.

Unfortunately, this one does not hold its position properly. There are no front headrest anchors, therefore it is not as secure as previous designs.

This cover is waterproof in the event that your dog urinates. It is also simple to clean and does not retain moisture.

Additionally, layers of polyester were added for increased durability, guaranteeing that no nails would penetrate the softer quilted top and into the seat cushions.

This is one of the more affordable covers, however we felt it performed less well than the three we placed above it. If the cover hadn’t changed so dramatically, the tale may have been different.


  • Polyester layers for toughness
  • Waterproof coating to save your seats
  • The quilted top is cozy for your dog.


  • Does not have front headrest anchors.
  • Moves around and does not remain in place.

Cover for VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat

The VIEWPETS Bench car seat cover offered certain perks that we were pleased to see, but it also had a number of drawbacks that prevented it from rising to the top of our list.

We appreciated the Velcro-covered openings that enable the seatbelts and buckles to be pulled through for usage. This eliminates the need to remove the car seat cover each time a passenger has to sit in the rear seat.

However, there is no cutaway in the centre, so just the side buckles will be accessible. If you need all three rear seats, you must still remove the cover.

This cover is substantial and thick, providing enough protection for your chairs. This cover is unlikely to be pierced by nails or teeth, preventing damage to your chairs.

The top material is water-resistant and extremely simple to clean. A simple cleaning with a damp cloth is sufficient. Surprisingly, the non-slip mesh on the bottom of this cover prevented it from moving while driving.

Without front headrest anchors, the majority of other coverings transformed into a slip-and-slide, but the VIEWPETS cover wraps below the front edge of the seat to secure it.


  • Velcro pockets enable side seatbelts to protrude
  • The cover’s thickness and durability defend against nails and teeth.


  • Covers the center seatbelt.
  • Pricey compared to rivals

iBuddy Car Seat Covers for Dogs

When a product is more costly than its most comparable rivals, we always examine its unique qualities to see whether they justify the higher price.

The iBuddy dog car seat cover is one of the more costly covers we evaluated, and we were pleased to see a few features.

For example, lengthy side flaps may be attached to the door handle above to prevent your dog’s claws from scratching your door panels.

Additionally, a mesh window at the front enables you to view your dog and offers them with optimum ventilation. This cover was eventually hampered by its poor construction, which caused it to come apart after just a few usage.

The straps that wrap around the headrests to secure this cover are just too frail. When we utilized the iBuddy cover for the second time, one of the straps snapped.

This initiated a series of events, and we experienced numerous more soon afterwards. Next, we saw that the seams were unwinding, causing the layers to begin to separate.

Worse, it soiled and destroyed our light-colored upholstery with a dark stain.


  • Mesh viewing window
  • Side flaps protect door panels.


  • Destruction of light-colored upholstery
  • Weak straps are readily broken.
  • The seams began to unravel.

BarksBar Car Seat Protector

Despite the fact that the BarksBar Pet car seat cover has a number of positive qualities, it also has a number of unpleasant flaws. It is priced pretty inexpensively, which is the first advantage.

By tying the straps over the headrests of the front seats, it may be quickly converted into bench seats or used as a hammock.

Here we identified the first disadvantage. The straps that secure this cover are fragile and frail. When we attempted to adjust them, one of them immediately shattered.

We had various problems with the straps that did not involve their breaking. They’re adjustable so you may tighten them to keep the cover in place, but we discovered that during a vehicle journey, they would go entirely loose, allowing the whole cover to begin slipping and sliding.

The non-slide backing did not seem to minimize the problem either. The XL model is available for bigger cars, but we anticipate the same issues with both sizes.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Available in a size XL


  • Straps on headrests are fragile and break.
  • Was moving all over the rear seat.
  • Straps that can be adjusted loosen throughout a vehicle journey.

Waterproof URPOWER Pet Seat Cover

The URPOWER waterproof pet seat cover is inexpensive and waterproof, and it is efficient at safeguarding your seats, but it is not the most pleasant for your dog. However, it does offer a few redeeming elements, like snap-closed carrying pockets.

We were particularly thrilled to find the Velcro holes that enable the seatbelt buckles to pass through, eliminating the need to remove the cover in order for a passenger to sit in the rear seat. Despite these excellent qualities, however, this cover was a letdown altogether.

The nylon straps that secure this cover seem to have the same flaw as numerous other goods of a similar kind. When attempting to tighten the straps, they snapped off way too readily due to their fragility.

We like the waterproof surface of the URPOWER cover, but this one seems to be more slippery than the others we examined.

The fact that our dogs were sliding around on this cover did not seem to make for a pleasant vehicle journey for our fuzzy companions. Our last criticism is that the side flaps do not extend high enough to cover the door panels.


  • Integrated carrying pockets
  • Velcro apertures for buckles


  • Nylon straps separated
  • The ground is too slippery for a dog.
  • The side flaps are insufficiently tall to cover the door panels.

Slip-Resistant Gorilla Dog Car Seat Cover

The Gorilla Grip was one of the cheapest dog car seat coverings we’d seen, so we weren’t sure what to expect. The first thing we noticed was how tiny it is.

This cover has fewer layers than the other covers we examined. Nevertheless, it seemed to perform a fantastic job of covering the seat, as we did not suffer any rips or punctures through this cover.

However, rear headrests are required for a correct fit. Without these, this seat cover cannot be secured properly.

To maintain the use of your vehicle, the Gorilla Grip seat cover incorporates a zipper that allows you to zip up half of it to free up half of the rear seat.

We enjoy the concept of this function, however the first time we attempted to use it, the zipper broke. After this occurred, the cover was no longer suitable.

In addition to functioning, it remained stationary in the rear seat, which is more than we can say for other items. However, the durability is too low to suggest, and there are too many cars for which this cover will not be suitable.


  • Dirt cheap
  • Slip-resistant


  • Very delicate fabric
  • A single layer only
  • Rear headrests are required for good fit
  • The zipper immediately broke.

BABYLTRLL Car Seat Protector

The BABYLTRLL dog car seat cover is an appealing cover that provides less protection than comparable items. Additionally, it is compatible with middle seatbelts, a feature that few other covers has.

However, this cover makes it very difficult to utilize the seatbelts. To the point that it virtually nullifies the advantage of having seatbelt holes.

With its lovely red stitching on a black cover, this is, in our view, one of the most appealing alternatives. However, the perks stop there. Once we put this cover, the design problems were readily apparent.

First, this cover does not extend to the seat’s base. In addition, it is not convertible, thus you cannot use it as a hammock by wrapping the front straps over the front seat headrests.

As a consequence, this cover may easily slide around the seat and flap in the wind. The back straps wrap over the rear headrests, however they are incompatible with headrests that are molded.

These straps will only work with regular pop-up headrests, therefore many cars will be incompatible.


  • Appealing looks
  • Middle belt compatibility


  • Does not wrap around the seat bottom.
  • Straps are incompatible with molded headrests.
  • Extremely hard to buckle through the supplied holes

Buyer's Guide

You now have sufficient knowledge to make an educated purchase choice. You might accept our suggestions at face value and base your decision on them.

Alternately, you might read our brief buyer’s guide to see which characteristics we emphasized that contributed to these covers’ favorable rankings.

Once you are aware of the qualities to consider, making a selection should be considerably simpler.


It’s no secret that dogs destroy stuff. If you’ve ever given your dog a new chew toy, it was likely destroyed within a short period of time.

Even when they are not eating, their strong claws may readily pierce delicate textiles. Your car seat cover must be sufficiently thick and sturdy to prevent their claws from penetrating to the seat underneath.

Some of the higher-quality covers we examined were constructed of 600D Oxford cotton, which is waterproof and durable. Some even went a step further by using 600D polyester, which is even more durable and less absorbent.

However, the primary area of the cover where your dog rests is not the only element that must be sturdy. Each seat cover is held in place by a number of straps, and if these break, the seat cover loses its purpose.

This occurred with a number of these album covers, so it’s something to keep a look out for.

Provision for Seatbelts

The rear seat accommodates people. When a dog car seat cover is placed, the dog is likely to be a passenger.

But when someone else has to sit there, it might be a hassle to remove the seat cover entirely.

Fortunately, many of these devices have Velcro apertures through which the seatbelt buckles may protrude, allowing your passengers to fasten their seatbelts.

Other versions featured a zipper that allowed half of the cover to be zipped up, so freeing up half of the rear seat for passengers.

Conformity of Vehicles

The majority of these covers claim to be universally sized, however our testing revealed that this was seldom the case. Certain kinds of coverings need rear headrests.

If you do not have them, the straps will have nothing to grip onto. For others, front seat headrests are required.

Some of the coverings were convertible and could be used with or without front headrests, which improved compatibility but made installation less secure.


Your car seat cover will be exposed to many paws and claws, thus it is important to safeguard your investment. Even if it is adequately resilient, it will suffer significant wear and tear over time.

A good warranty demonstrates that the manufacturer is confident in their goods. Moreover, it safeguards your investment. Several of the evaluated coverings had either no guarantee at all or warranties of one year or less.

Nevertheless, a few of these goods had lifetime replacement warranties. If your cover is damaged in any way, they will replace it for free.

We believe this is a vital characteristic that makes one cover preferable to another on its own.


1. What is the finest seat cover for a dog?

The ideal cover suits both your vehicle and your dog. Measure the width and length of the bench or seat in your automobile, since this will instantly limit your selections.

Double-check the distance between the headrest straps and seatbelt buckle apertures for more precision. Consider your dog’s needs: does he or she get vehicle sick?

If so, you may choose to change out the fashionable colors and padding for a waterproof cover.

2. What distinguishes a standard seat cover from a dog seat cover?

Dog seat coverings include reinforcements in the shape of heavy-duty materials, waterproofing, and additional mounting and anchoring equipment to guarantee the covers remain in place.

Most are meant to cover the whole second row of chairs, with waterproofing and quilted designs enhancing longevity and facilitating cleaning. This hammock-style arrangement offers a cage for the dog in the backseat.

3. How effective are Weathertech seat covers?

Weathertech, a well-known manufacturer of automobile care and protection goods, does create a dog seat cover that offers enough protection and covering.

Even at Weathertech’s premium pricing point, we discovered other options that provide more features and better value for the money.

Its dog seat cover is water-repellent, machine-washable, and equipped with a non-slip base. However, several consumers noted that the product’s subpar quality did not warrant its expensive price.

4. Are seat coverings for dogs safe?

Dog seat covers are safe so long as they are properly installed and anchored. Those that can accommodate human passengers without removal should also include holes or slots for seatbelts.

Experts suggest that dogs wear a safety harness that attaches to the vehicle’s existing seatbelt buckles, securing them in the case of unexpected movements or an accident.

As long as all of the protective flaps are up and fastened, hammock-style seat coverings provide a minor increase in safety.

5. Dog seat coverings cause harm to seats?

The majority of seat coverings include an anti-slip and leather-friendly reverse. Thought it was still dependent purely on the seat cover.

Some seat coverings, depending on the materials used, may include dyes or polyurethane compounds that may bleed into light-colored textiles over time due to age and use.

Therefore, it is essential to do study to determine which car cover is optimal. These occurrences are unusual, however, since the purpose of seat coverings is to preserve the original surfaces from further wear and tear.

6. Is it safe to place a seat cover under an automobile seat?

The majority of safety experts discourage the use of seat covers underneath kid booster seats. However, this relies heavily on the seat cover itself, the kind of vehicle, and the presence and accessibility of child seat anchors.

Consequently, it is up to the parent’s choice and the given context and circumstances. In the worst-case situation, a seat cover may hinder the required seatbelt buckles and child seat anchors, necessitating its complete removal.

7. Which seat cover size do I need?

The vast majority of seat coverings are universal and available in various sizes with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Therefore, it is essential to investigate the rear or front seat measurements of your car in order to acquire the suitable size cover for your application.

There may be variations in overall length and breadth, whereas single seat coverings often have adjustable straps and elastic anchors for securing the cover to the seat.


The dog car seat cover you choose might be a source of aggravation or convenience and comfort for you and your furry companion. We want our dogs to be happy and secure, but we also want to safeguard our pricey furnishings.

Our reviews of the best dog car seat covers should have helped you narrow down your choices. However, we’ll go over our top picks again so you don’t forget them.

The Active Pets seat cover was our top selection. It is constructed of water-resistant and sturdy 600D Oxford cotton, won’t slide about your back seat, and comes with a three-year money-back guarantee.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends checking out the Pet Union Luxury car seat cover for the greatest deal.

The sturdy materials used in its construction protect your seats from damage and dampness, and it comes with a lifetime replacement warranty at a very reasonable price.

Lastly, for a premium product, the 4Knines dog seat cover is a costly but high-quality product. It is constructed from 600D polyester, is extremely easy to clean, and comes with a lifetime guarantee to safeguard your investment.

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