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The 7 Best Dog Car Hammocks

Do you like going on outdoor excursions with your dog? You may travel often with your dog, or you may just have a soft place for their favorite treat: a car journey.

Seeing the happiness on their cheeks as they dangle their heads out the window, however, only lasts until carpool day, when you must inform your coworker of the fur coat on their behind.

Driving with your ankle-biter will result in fur-covered seats, muddy paw prints, and "accidents." A seat cover is a simple solution.

A car seat cover is a no-brainer, but did you realize there is a difference between laying a towel on the seat and utilizing a car hammock?

There are other advantages to purchasing a dog car seat cover, which we shall describe in further detail later. In the meanwhile, we would like to discuss the available choices with you.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has reduced our search to the best dog car hammocks, and we'll share our assessments of each model's fit, durability, water resistance, and adaptability. In addition, we will provide some more purchasing advice.


PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Car Hammock – Best Overall

The PetSafe Happy Ride Hammock is a waterproof seat cover that will protect your seats from rain, mud, dog hair, and other dirt and debris that your dog may track in after a walk. The hammock shape also spans between the front seats, preventing your dog from climbing into the front while you are driving.

It contains compartments that are ideal for storing your dog’s travel bowls, leash, and toys, and the whole bag can be washed after each use to maintain its cleanliness.

The hammock’s shape allows it to fit in most vehicles, from tiny automobiles to SUVs. Despite its quality and compatibility with the most of vehicles, it is one of the most affordable car hammocks on the market, making it the best model overall on our list.

The only significant flaw in the design is the absence of air vents that would enable fresh air to circulate between the front and rear cabins. In conclusion, we believe this to be the greatest dog car hammock on the market.


  • The hammock design prevents your dog from entering the front.
  • Machine washable
  • Storage pockets
  • Fits most automobiles


  • Not optimal for tiny vehicles
  • Could benefit with air vents

Best Value BarksBar Original Waterproof Dog Car Hammock

The BarksBar Original Waterproof Car Hammock is constructed of waterproof polyester that not only keeps water and mud from accumulating on seats, but also works in automobiles, trucks, and SUVs.

The successful attachment of the handles over the front and rear seats envelops the rear compartment in this comfortable hammock. There are places for safety belts that allow passengers to sit in the back compartment and buckle up securely.

When no passengers are present, the cover may be transformed into a hammock that fits between the front and rear seats and protects the whole back compartment.

The polyester cover is machine-washable and may be cleaned in preparation for your next journey with your four-legged pal. Cheap is the BarksBar Original Waterproof Car Hammock.

In reality, it is the finest dog car hammock for the money, since it provides excellent protection for your vehicle and is simple to clean.

However, there are quality concerns with the straps, so it may not last long if you have a big dog that loves to roam about the seats during travel. All things considered, we consider this to be the finest dog car hammock for the money this year.


  • Cheap
  • Machine washable
  • Slots for human passengers to fasten seatbelts


  • Not as sturdy as competing models

Plush Paws Merchandise Quilted Canine Hammock

The Plush Paws Items The Quilted Hammock is an opulent alternative to traditional hammocks.

It is quilted so that it gives extra thick support, is available in three colors so that you can match the hammock to your vehicle (or even your dog), and is meant to be simple to clean.

It may also be removed and placed in the washing machine if the stain is very tough to remove. It may even be hosed off after a particularly arduous encounter with a muddy dog.

This hammock’s design allows it to be thrown over the front of the back seat for casual usage or fastened to the headrest of the front seat for a more secure fit.

There are holes for seat belts so that human passengers may continue to utilize the seats, and you also get a pair of adjustable harnesses for your dog, ensuring their safety as well.

You will need to manually tighten the fastening straps every so often while the hammock is in use. This is only an issue if you keep it in place permanently or are on a lengthy travel.


  • Padded for enhanced convenience
  • Brushable, machine-washable, and hoseable.
  • Includes adjustable safety harnesses for canines


  • Straps must be regularly tightened.

Cover for URPOWER SC-015 Dog Seat

The following hammock is a 100 percent waterproof mat with a non-slip bottom and surface to keep your dog seated securely.

The oxford cloth is resilient and scratch-resistant, while not having double stitching. After a long day, you will have side flaps with tight zippers and a PP cotton pad to keep your dog comfortable.

This hammock has a quilted back and comes in a standard 54″ x 58″ size that fits regular automobiles, trucks, and SUVs. In addition to the standard seat anchors and headrest straps, it turns into a seat cover when required.

You can conveniently remove and replace the mat, and you get an extra dog seat belt. You may use the Velcro holes, but bear in mind that this mat has no extra storage.


  • Dual purpose
  • Waterproof
  • Secure and enduring
  • Slip-resistant top and bottom
  • Padded and scratch-resistant


  • No storage
  • It lacks double stitching

Car Dog Hammock for Active Pets

If you are searching for a dog hammock for your vehicle or SUV, this may be the best option. This type is available in plain black or black with orange accents, and in regular or large sizes.

Along with the nonslip bottom, the strong seat anchors and headrest straps will hold the mat in place. This choice provides additional protection since it is waterproof and scratch-resistant.

It is constructed of oxford and PP cotton fabric and has four layers that protect your vehicle seats and keep your dog in place.

Importantly, this type is more structured than others and features a narrower mat for your companion to rest on. In addition to the conventional side flaps and Velcro seat belt holes, this hammock may also be used as a car seat cover.

The 2,7-pound mat is machine-washable; nevertheless, it lacks storage sections. As indicated before, this type is solely suitable for vehicles and SUVs.


  • Secure and nonslip
  • Waterproof
  • Side flaps
  • Dual purpose
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Not recommended for trucks
  • No storage pockets
  • Slim bench mat

Utilize Waterproof Car Seat Covers for Dogs

The Vailge is a 100 percent waterproof, scratch-resistant hammock that utilizes the conventional seat and headrest anchors for security. This brand offers normal and extra-large sizes to accommodate the majority of automobiles, SUVs, and trucks.

In addition to being convertible into a seat cover, it also has a zipper that enables you to utilize half of the backseat for human passengers.

This model’s non-slip bottom and surface are composed of netting, which is neither as stable nor as comfy for your pet as rubber backings.

The black quilted design has Velcro holes for seat belts and a cotton core. Additionally, you may use the two storage pockets and simple installation and removal.

There is no stitching on this hammock, which is a crucial detail to keep in mind. It is heat-pressed and not as scratch-resistant as other alternatives.

Additionally, the general construction is fragile, and it is more suitable for small to medium-sized dogs.


  • Waterproof
  • Secure
  • Dual convertibility
  • Two storage compartments


  • Not as nonslippery
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized dogs
  • Weak construction
  • Not as durable

Ideal Dog Hammock for Automobiles

Our next product to be evaluated is a canvas-like cloth mat with a more upscale look. Unfortunately, the material is not as comfy for your furry companion due to its rigidity.

This variant is machine-washable and may be used as a seat cover or hammock. This alternative is watertight and is held in place by the headrest and seat anchors, but it is difficult to install and remove.

It is available in black, gray, or tan in one universal size that fits automobiles, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, and vans. This mat, constructed from oxford fabric and a cotton-polyester mix, collects and retains scents.

The non-slip bottom and Velcro seat belt holes may also be noted for convenience. Also, keep in mind that this model lacks storage room and side flaps.


  • Confident and nonslip
  • Dual-purpose
  • A variety of hues
  • Machine washable


  • Difficult to install
  • Holds scents
  • No storage pockets
  • No side flaps
  • Uncomfortable content

Buyer's Guide

A car hammock is a terrific buy if you love bringing your dog on vehicle rides. It will protect your car’s interior from scratches, bite marks, and the odd outburst of enthusiasm.

However, there are a few things you should be aware of before to making your purchase.

Security First

A hammock is not a suitable safety harness for your pet. It may prevent them from falling to the ground if you need to use the brakes suddenly, but it will not give enough protection in the event of a collision.

If your car seat cover does not have one, you will need to buy a dog seatbelt for your pet’s safety. Moreover, it is dangerous for passengers to travel in the backseat while the hammock is in use.

Even with the seat belt holes (which are required by law in most locations), the cloth cradle offers little protection in the event of an accident.

Furthermore, you should never utilize a kid car seat or booster seat with a hammock, even if the hammock is being used as a car seat cover. Lastly, the hammock cannot be used on the front seat.

Now that we’ve covered the necessary but tedious safety elements, we can move on to some extra considerations.


Size is one of the most crucial characteristics to consider. Before choosing a dog hammock for your car’s back seat, you should measure the back seat in a few different ways.

First, measure door to door and the rear seat to the front seat. These are the standard dimensions provided by the manufacturer.

Nonetheless, you should also measure from the headrest in the rear seat to the bench, as well as from the headrest in the front seat to the border of the back bench.

This will assist you in determining the appropriate tire size for your car. You may also choose the window and seat proportions based on the size of your dog and whether or not he or she likes to poke their head out the window.


Examine features like as waterproof fabrics, nonslip bottoms, and pockets after you have determined the appropriate size and fit.

You may also choose an option with a mesh viewing glass or textiles with enhanced durability. Whatever you want for your dog’s comfort is available in one of the models we’ve selected above.


1. Are dog car hammocks safe?

Yes, vehicle hammocks for dogs are safe. However, you should search for one with safe, non-slip material to prevent your pet from slipping and becoming wounded. Before selecting if a dog car hammock is suited for you, it is wise to consider your pet’s chewing habits.

2. Where should a dog car hammock be installed in a vehicle?

Typically, dog car hammocks are fitted in the backseat. Straps are attached to the headrests of the front and rear seats, and some feature seat anchors (which go between the seat and backrest of the rear seat) for further stability.

Follow the directions for the product you’ve bought for optimal results. This will guarantee that you use it correctly and safely.

3. What if my dog dislikes using a hammock?

If your pet is frightened by a dog car hammock, never push them to use it. Instead, take it slowly and begin by associating the hammock with pleasant things.

This may include rewarding them for smelling the hammock or even simply being in its vicinity. When in doubt, it is prudent to seek assistance from a skilled dog trainer.

If introduced properly, your pet may come to like their vehicle hammock over time. “After a few usage, it will acquire their aroma and may serve as a type of security blanket,” adds Steffen.

4. Will a dog car hammock safeguard my dog in the event of an accident?

A dog vehicle hammock is less secure than a dog box or a dog seat belt. However, it does give protection for your pet. For instance, it might confine kids to the backseat during sudden stops. You may choose to combine the dog car hammock with a seat belt for the most secure journey.


With the best dog car hammocks, you will not have to sacrifice your vehicle so that your ankle biter may travel with you.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that the evaluations above have provided you with insight into what to look for and the knowledge to make the best decision.

If you are still undecided, choose the PetSafe Happy Ride Hammock as the finest vehicle hammock for your dog. The BarksBar Original Waterproof Car Hammock is a more budget-friendly alternative.

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