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The 9 Best Dog Cameras And Monitors

If you suffer from separation anxiety when you are forced to spend eight hours away from your favorite pet during the workday, a dog video camera might be the answer. (Note that it also helps if your dog is the nervous one!)

What precisely is this brilliant device? Well, dog cameras range from home security cameras that let you see and hear your dog to interactive pet webcams that let you watch, talk to, play with, and reward your dog from your phone or computer screen.

Imagine how much more exciting your lunch break would be if you were able to check on your favorite furry friend, watch him cock his head as you told him he was a good boy, and give him a treat.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) is aware that you have been convinced. This article provides comprehensive purchasing advice for the best dog cameras and monitors now on the market, so you can make an informed decision on the best method to be there for your dog even while you're thousands of miles away.


Furbo Dog Camera



The Furbo Dog Camera is an intelligent dog camera; its 1080p camera with night vision and 160° field of view guarantees you can always see your dog, day or night, whenever you need to check on them.

The barking alert function detects when your dog is speaking to you and sends an alarm to your phone, while the 2-way audio allows your dog to hear your voice even while they cannot see you, enabling you to soothe them.

Plugging the camera in with the USB cable, installing the app, and connecting to Wi-Fi are the three simple steps required for setup.

This cutting-edge pet camera can store up to 100 goodies (round treats of 0.4 inches in diameter are recommended). You can then use the app to toss the goodies into the air for your pet to catch, which is ideal if you can’t wait till you get home to reward your pooch.

It’s little wonder that this interactive pet camera was featured on The Ellen Show with Ellen DeGeneres, with all of these capabilities and a rather affordable price tag!


  • 160° field of view 1080p camera with night vision
  • Two-way communication, activity, and barking alerts
  • The treat throwing option enables you to play catch and distribute goodies from your smartphone
  • The Doggie Diary provides a 60-second highlight clip of your dog’s day


YI 4pc Home Camera for Dogs



Our next home security camera contains four cameras for the price of one, allowing you to see Fido from all angles.

You can even see the feeds from all four cameras on a single screen on your computer, eliminating the possibility of your darling angel sneaking away to scavenge the trash.

The Wi-Fi-enabled, mains-powered YI 4pc Home Camera has motion detection and two-way audio, allowing you to receive notifications when your dog is very active and use your voice to calm them down.

The 720p camera offers a 111° field of view, night vision, and a 4x magnification, enabling you to monitor your dog more efficiently.

There is also the option to subscribe (for an extra fee) to the YI Cloud, which provides limitless storage capacity for your security footage and eliminates the need for Micro SD cards.


  • 720p camera with night vision and 111° field of view
  • Contains four cameras for complete coverage
  • 2-way audio and up to four times zoom
  • Integrated motion detection and quick alert


Petcube Bites with Treat Dispenser Dog Camera



The Petcube Bites Pet Camera is a high-tech, interactive pet camera that enables you to remotely distribute treats to your dog.

Premium dog treats are included, but it is also compatible with a number of brands, and you can adjust the distance at which goodies are tossed, providing extra cerebral stimulation for your furry companion while you’re away.

This Petcube pet monitor offers a 1080p camera with a 138° field of view, night vision, and 3x magnification so that you can keep a close check on your pet and communicate with them via two-way communication.

It is compatible with Amazon Alexa (you can ask Alexa to distribute and re-order goodies for your dog), and it includes four hours of free cloud storage to save the most recent four hours of video activity (more available for an additional cost).


  • 1080p camera with night vision and 138° field of view
  • 2-way audio, motion sensor, and sound
  • Customizable sweets dispenser
  • Compatible with Alexa and Dash


Petzi Treat Cam



This Petzi Treat Cam is another dog camera that allows you to view, speak to, and treat your pet from your mobile device.

Compatible with dry snacks up to 1 inch in diameter, this interactive pet camera lets you to launch treats into your house via an app compatible with iOS or Android.

A high-quality video stream with night vision allows you to check up on your furry buddy, and if they do anything really lovely, the photo snap function allows you to record the moment and post it on social media (because who doesn’t love an adorable animal photo, right?).


  • HD camera with wide angle and night vision
  • 2-way audio and picture capture function
  • Compatible with goodies less than 1 inch in diameter
  • Includes mounting hardware for wall installation


Interactive Petcube Play Wi-Fi Dog Camera



This Petcube Play Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera is the second Petcube product on our list.

This amusing dog camera has all the same wonderful features as the Petcube Bites Pet Camera, including a high-definition 1080p camera with night vision, 2-way audio, and a motion sensor, but instead of a treat dispenser, it includes an integrated laser toy!

The laser can be operated remotely from your phone, providing you and your furry buddy with hours of entertainment – or you can put it to auto-mode so your dog can continue to play and exercise even when you’re not around.

This Petcube pet monitor is compatible with Amazon Alexa and comes highly recommended, having been featured on The Ellen Show and receiving several favorable reviews.


  • 1080p camera with night vision and 138° field of view
  • 2-way audio
  • Laser-controlled plaything
  • Compatible with Alexa from Amazon


Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Camera for Dogs



Your dog camera features both a reward dispenser and a laser toy. (After all, your pet deserves the best!) Consider the Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera, which offers both complete engagement with your dog and hours of entertainment for both of you.

Seen Fido Do something on video that is so charming that you must share it with the world. Not an issue with the Pawbo Life’s instantaneous social sharing feature.

Want to capture a charming yawn to show your significant other later? Utilize the recording feature. Want to share the thrill of witnessing your dog’s antics in real time with your loved ones?

No issue – you can link up to eight users, so that everyone may giggle at your dog’s eleventh sneeze of the day. The marvels of contemporary technology, huh?


  • 720p camera with 130° field of view
  • Integrated microphone, laser, and candy dispenser
  • Connect up to eight people concurrently
  • Instantaneous social sharing function

How to Choose the Best Dog Cameras and Monitors

Considerations Regarding a Dog Camera

Visual specification

This is the most significant factor; after all, the primary goal of a dog camera is to watch your dog’s happy face, therefore pick a high-definition (HD) camera with zoom capabilities if the camera will be placed in a large room.

If you intend to use the camera to check on your dog at night (presuming you don’t want to keep all your house lights on), you’ll need one with adequate night vision. Another crucial factor to consider is if you want your dog to be able to see you as well.

This is a rather advanced function, and most of the more basic dog cams on the market do not currently have it, but for those willing to spend more, it’s a beautiful addition – try the PetChatz HD Digital Daycare if you want your dog to see what you’re doing as well.

Audio specification

As mentioned previously, the audio specifications of your dog camera are crucial. You’ll want to buy a camera with two-way audio (most do), so you can hear your dog barking and calm them with your voice. Check customer reviews to determine how each camera’s sound quality is rated by existing customers.

What amusement does it provide your dog?

Consider whether Fido will receive more mental and physical stimulation from the dog camera. Does it deliver dog goodies / emit odors / play laser games?

May these features be automated so that your dog can enjoy them even when you’re unable to watch? Keep in mind that these features are exclusive to interactive pet cameras and not home security cameras.

What further features are available?

There are more ways in which your dog camera might be beneficial. For instance, our top option, the Furbo Dog Camera, offers a barking warning feature that sends you a message when your dog is being loud – this may be a lifesaver if you’re attempting to improve your relationship with your neighbors!

In addition, it features a Dog Selfie and a Doggy Diary, which are wonderful extras for the delighted dog parent.

What photographing, sharing, and recording capabilities does it have?

It goes without saying that your dog camera will capture some fairly charming behavior from your dog; after all, your dog is gorgeous even when he’s doing nothing, so it’s only natural that you’d want to record, preserve, and share this beauty.

Consider whether your camera requires a memory card to record or whether cloud storage is available. If so, is this cloud storage free or does it incur a fee?

Some cameras also have the capacity to snap images and instantaneously upload them to social media, while others permit multiple users, allowing the whole family to watch the puppy show live.

Power, networking, and mounting

Most dog cams must be plugged into an electrical outlet and linked to your Wi-Fi network. Consider these factors and choose a dog camera that is compatible with your existing home technology.

Depending on where you intend to set your pet surveillance camera, you may pick between a freestanding or wall-mounted model.

Why You Should Use a Pet Tracking System

Reduced separation nervousness

If your animal companion becomes concerned while you’re not around, checking on them frequently throughout the day might be a terrific way to reassure them and alleviate their anxiety.

In addition to enhancing your dog’s mental health, this might be good if he exhibits undesirable behaviors, such as chewing the furniture when upset.

Mental and physical exercise

Even if your dog isn’t particularly worried, he or she misses out on the mental and physical stimulation of your presence when you’re at work or away for extended periods of time.

Numerous dog cams contain games and treat dispensing capabilities that may interest your dog even when you cannot be present.

Recognize when they are barking

Some dog video cameras feature bark alarms that notify you when your dog is barking and allow you to tune in and calm them down, which may do wonders for your relationship with your neighbors.

Check that they’re okay

This one is a bit more serious, but it is a vital consideration — if anything horrible happened, such as a fire or if your dog ate a family-sized slab of toxic chocolate, you would be able to see it on the camera and take appropriate action.

Several reviewers of the mentioned dog cams say that the device saved their furry friend’s life. Additionally, you may be able to recognize an illness in your dog by observing their behavior during the day, such as excessive napping or a refusal to drink water.

Dispense treatments

A dog camera that can distribute goodies can make you and your dog happy, particularly if you’ve been away all day and breakfast was hours ago. Fido could love you even more after reading this!

Give your day a small boost

In addition to the obvious advantages to your dog of being able to virtually “drop in” to check on them, pet webcams are also quite advantageous to you as a dog owner.

You are a parent who adores their furry child and abhors separation from them. Being around your dog makes you joyful and provides you with comfort when you’re feeling anxious, and you can now access those feelings wherever you are.

Pet Camera versus Security Camera

When picking between a home security camera and a pet camera, you should keep in mind that security cameras are adequate for watching your dog, but lack the specific capabilities of a pet camera, such as treat dispensing, built-in laser toys, and barking alarms.

Security cameras are often installed on walls, whereas pet cameras are either freestanding or designed to be at your dog’s eye level.

A security camera is frequently the more affordable alternative, but an interactive pet camera provides far more opportunities for mental and physical activity for your dog, as well as often more beneficial functions for you, the owner.


The Furbo Dog Camera is our top-recommended dog camera. It is high-end, with all the essential capabilities like two-way audio and night vision, as well as a number of additional intelligent features such as barking alarms and floating video reels. Turn on your dog’s day for sixty seconds.

Moreover, it permits you to consume their preferred foods throughout the day, so they may adore you even more. And if Ellen approves, it’s good enough for us as well!

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our visitors for visiting our website to learn about the best dog cameras and monitors. We hope you have selected the proper camera for your dog.


Where should I place my dog camera in my home?

You should install your dog camera in the area where your dog spends the most time while you’re away, or in the room where they require the most attention, such as the living room with all its chewable soft furniture!

Depending on the dog camera you are using, it may be freestanding or require wall attachment. If your dog camera has dual vision, it must be placed in a location where your dog can view the screen.

Before making permanent alterations to your house, you should always test the placement of your dog camera (for visual, audible, and reward dispensing functions) before making any modifications.

How do I set up my pet camera?

This varies greatly on the dog camera you select. Many, like our top recommendation, the Furbo Dog Camera, are as easy to set up as plugging it in, installing the software, and connecting it to your Wi-Fi.

Others may require a bit more configuration, but for the most majority, the fundamentals of connecting to a power source and Wi-Fi still apply.

Incorrect setup might render your dog camera inoperable, which will be extremely irritating for you and Fido when he attempts to communicate.

Do canine cams require batteries?

Again, this depends on the specific dog camera you select, but the most majority are powered by the wall outlet and do not require batteries (none of those in our top 10 require batteries).

The majority of pet cams require a Wi-Fi connection to function, so keep this in mind if you live off the grid. Depending on your model, you may require a Micro SD card to capture video of your dog, or it may come with cloud storage that is included or expandable.

Can the camera be used outdoors?

In general, dog cameras are intended for use indoors; none of the included cameras are suited for outside usage. They must also be plugged into the wall outlet and linked to your Wi-Fi.

If you require an outdoor dog camera, you should be able to locate a home security camera that is meant for outside usage; nevertheless, you should always verify the manufacturer’s specifications before making a purchase.

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