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The 10 Best Dog Brushes For Undercoats

What are the Pomeranian, Husky, and German Shepherd all about? These breeds all have thick undercoats. Your dog's undercoat keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but it may also be a source of irritation for you as their owner.

The undercoat is what you discover all over your clothing, carpets, and furniture when the seasons change. Not all dog breeds have undercoats, but those that do offer their owners with a unique grooming problem. Without the proper brush, you'll discover clumps of Fido's loose fur all over your house, yard, and wherever else you might think of.

You're in luck if you're sick of vacuuming up dog hair every spring and autumn. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has reviewed some of the best dog brushes for undercoats that are currently available. With these suggestions, you'll be one step closer to having a fur-free house.


881314705702 Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

The Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is our overall favorite undercoat brush. This Hertzko brush is excellent for removing loose fur and unpleasant mats from your dog’s coat, regardless of length or kind of fur.

The bristles are meant to penetrate deep into your dog’s hair and lift as much undercoat as possible with each stroke.

To remove the fur that has accumulated on this brush, simply press the button on the handle. The bristles will retract into the plastic handle, making it simple to remove the accumulated hair. Furthermore, the handle has a comfortable, non-slip grip.

The bristles of this brush may be too sharp for your dog’s skin. With repeated usage, the retraction button may cease to function entirely.


  • Bristles pierce the undercoat.
  • The retractable design makes it simple to remove fur.
  • The handle is easy to grasp.
  • It is effective on all sorts of fur.


  • Some dogs find bristles too harsh.
  • The retractable function is not particularly long-lasting.


Palm-Petting Grip Dog Brush ConairPRO PGRDPIBB

If you want to improve your dog’s grooming routine while saving money, the ConairPRO Palm-Petting Grip Dog Brush is the finest dog brush for undercoats for the money.

This brush has a blend of synthetic and natural boar bristles to help you handle all sorts of dog hair. The boar bristles are naturally hydrating as well.

This brush is not only soft on your dog’s skin, but it is also comfortable to grip. It fits nicely in your hand for easy grooming and is an excellent option for dogs that are afraid of standard brushes.

If your dog has really sensitive skin, the bristles of this brush may be too abrasive. The design was also difficult for some owners to grip.


  • Bristles are gentle on all types of fur.
  • Holding it is a pleasure.
  • Ideal for dogs that reject traditional brushes.
  • Boar bristles offer luster and moisture to the hair.


  • Sensitive skin may be irritated.
  • Does not fit in the hands of all users


Premium Dog Brush by Horicon

The Horicon Pet Premium Dog Brush Set offers everything you need to brush and care for your dog’s undercoat.

This kit comes with one interchangeable handle and five different brush heads that may be used for a range of grooming tasks. Each brush head fits snugly into the handle.

The brush heads and handle are packaged together in a handy bag to keep everything together.

This kit includes many heads that are ideal for getting into the undercoat and removing loose fur before it ends up all over your house. It’s also a great buy for families with several dog breeds.

Unfortunately, several dog owners noted that the brush heads became entangled in their dog’s lengthy fur. While the idea of the replaceable handles is ingenious, the actual locking mechanism appears to be hit-or-miss.


  • There are five different brush heads included.
  • Excellent for all coat and fur kinds.
  • Ideal for multi-dog households


  • Some brush heads become entangled in lengthy hair.
  • The design of the locking handle does not always operate.


Slicker Brush HappyDogz Pro

The HappyDogz Pro Slicker Brush, which is simple yet excellent in working loose fur out of your dog’s undercoat, is next on our list of the best undercoat brushes for dogs.

This brush is available in two sizes and is particularly intended to prevent and eliminate mats that begin deep inside your dog’s coat. Despite this, the bristles are soft enough during usage to avoid discomfort or pain.

This brush is ideal for dogs with thick or thin coats. In addition, the handle is padded and ergonomically constructed for additional comfort.

While the basic style of this brush is simple, there appear to be some quality concerns. The brush snapped at the handle after only a few usage, according to several owners. The bristles are also too sharp for the skin of certain dogs.


  • There are two sizes available.
  • Longer bristles provide for easier access to the undercoat.
  • Aids in the removal and prevention of matting


  • It is prone to breaking at the handle.
  • Some dogs are allergic to bristles.
  • Extra-fine hair is not picked up.


Soft Pet Brush Hertzko HPP-47

The Hertzko Soft Pet Brush may be the ideal undercoat brush for dogs with severely sensitive skin. This brush has long bristles that penetrate deep into even the thickest undercoats, yet the rounded tips prevent them from scratching, cutting, or irritating your dog’s skin.

Because of this, you may use this brush on your dog’s face, paws, and other sensitive regions.

This soft brush may add luster and hydration to your dog’s hair while removing loose dirt and fuzz. The anti-slip grip is padded for added comfort. With a little patience, this brush is great for eliminating mats and knots.

This brush may not penetrate all the way into your dog’s undercoat depending on the type of fur they have. The rounded bristles can also make picking up stray hair and particles difficult. Because of the modest size, brushing medium or large dogs will take even longer.


  • On delicate skin, rounded bristles are soft.
  • Use with caution in sensitive regions.
  • The handle has a pleasant grip.


  • Not as successful as other brushes in capturing stray hair.
  • Large dogs will find it too tiny.
  • Does not penetrate exceptionally thick coatings.


Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush Ruff ‘n Ruffus

Another dog brush with retractable bristles is the Ruff ‘n Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush. The bristles easily remove loose fur from the undercoat. For all of your dog grooming requirements, this brush comes with a grooming comb and nail clippers.

This brush, too, has a retraction button for simple cleaning. The padded handle provides comfort and frees up your other hand for holding goodies or consoling your dog during grooming.

The additional undercoat comb for dogs is especially useful for removing hard-to-reach mats and tangles from your dog’s undercoat.

The bristles on this type, like many others, are simply too sharp for dogs with delicate skin. Even with minimal use, the handle is prone to breaking. This brush may be too large for your tiny dog.


  • Cleaning retractable bristles is simple.
  • A comfortable grip
  • Grooming comb and nail clippers are included.


  • Bristles are too harsh for people with delicate skin.
  • The handle may break.
  • Not suitable for little dogs.


PET66-0021 Pin Bristle Dog Brush by Friends Forever

Another grooming brush with replaceable handles and heads is the Friends Forever Pin Bristle Dog Brush. This set comes with two dual-sided brush heads as well as a cushioned handle.

You can effortlessly brush your dog’s undercoat and remove difficult mats and knots deep in their fur with this set.

The two-sided brush head is ideal for full-body brushing, whilst the comb head helps you to focus on particular areas of your dog’s coat. The teeth are stainless steel and will not corrode over time.

Unfortunately, the locking mechanism between the handle and brush heads appears to be brittle. According to several owners, just one or two of the brush head designs worked on their dog’s coat.


  • Brush heads with two sides and interchangeable handles
  • Comfortable cushioned handle
  • It will not corrode with usage.


  • The locking mechanism is ineffective.
  • Brush heads do not work on all types of fur.
  • Too big for little breeds


Dog Hair Brush Boshel

The Boshel Dog Hair Brush may be the solution if your dog’s coat becomes tangled in fine-toothed combs and brushes. This soft brush has long, rounded bristles that go deep into the undercoat without causing stress or suffering.

This brush is suitable for all types of fur and is ideal for dogs with sensitive skin. For your own comfort, the handle is also built with a nice, cushioned grip.

Furthermore, the brush head’s opposite side removes loose hair off clothing, furniture, and other surfaces. This second side can also be used to remove loose fur from the top of your dog’s coat.

Because the bristles on this brush are so broad, it may not take up as much loose fur as other brushes. Even with light use, the plastic handle is prone to cracking. This brush will not remove thick mats or particles from your dog’s undercoat.


  • Rounded bristles are gentler on the skin and hair.
  • The brush head’s back side removes hair off furniture and other surfaces.
  • It has a padded handle.


  • Wide bristles are less effective than other types of brushes.
  • prone to failure
  • It is ineffective on thick, matted undercoats.


Dog Brush Novelty Wares

The Novelty Wares Dog Brush completes our list with its self-cleaning design, which is ideal for dogs with thick, long fur. This brush easily glides through curly, knotted fur while giving minimum stress to your dog.

This brush’s metal bristles penetrate your dog’s undercoat to remove dirt, loose hair, mats, and other clogs.

Releasing the easy-to-reach button retracts the bristles into the handle, allowing you to wipe away the accumulated fur and continue grooming your dog. The ergonomic grip also keeps you comfy as you brush your dog.

While this brush is ideal for long-haired dogs, it is not ideal for animals with short or fine coats. The metal bristles may be too harsh on certain dogs’ skin and, if not used gently, can pull off their fur.

The connection point between the handle and brush head is likewise insecure and can spin during operation.


  • Excellent for thick coatings
  • Cleaning retractable bristles is simple.
  • Handle design that is ergonomic


  • Short-haired dogs are not advised.
  • Rough on sensitive skin
  • Handle attachment point failure
  • Fur may be ripped out.
  • While brushing, the button must be held down.


For the best dog brushes for undercoatsThe Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) top selection. This brush has bristles that reach the undercoat easily and work on all varieties of dog fur. Furthermore, the grip is comfy, and the retractable design makes your task a little simpler.

Our preferred brush for dog owners on a budget is the ConairPRO Palm-Petting Grip Dog Brush. This brush is an excellent solution for puppies who are afraid of regular brushes and is easy to use. The natural boar bristles polish and moisturize your dog’s fur while eliminating superfluous hair.

The Horicon Pet Premium Dog Brush is our top selection for an all-in-one dog brush. This kit comes with an interchangeable handle and five different brush heads to accommodate a variety of brushing needs and hair varieties. It’s ideal for dogs with difficult-to-manage coats or homes with many breeds.

Buyer's Guide

Brush technique

Dog brushes are available in a variety of forms for use on dogs with various coat types. Among the most frequent dog brushes are:

Brush slicker: These feature wire bristles that are incredibly thin and closely spaced. Choose a slicker brush with soft bristles that are neither harsh or irritating on your skin.

Brush with bristles: These have bristles composed of soft nylon.

Brush for pins: Metal pins are widely spaced and inserted into a rubber cushion in these. To guarantee that the brush is comfortable on your dog’s skin, look for pins with rounded edges.

Combination brush: A bristle brush on one side and a pin brush on the other are commonly found on a single handle.

Deshedding instrument: These rake-like tools are useful for removing stray hair from your dog’s coat.

Gloves for grooming: Wearing these rubber or silicone-coated gloves allows you to brush your dog by passing your hands over its body.

Brush for curry: These are composed of rubber or soft plastic and gently clean the coat of dirt and loose hair. They may also be used in the bath to massage shampoo into the coat and remove excess hair.

Coat design

The brush you use is determined on the type of hair your dog has. A soft bristle brush, rubber curry brush, or grooming glove is required for dogs with short, smooth coats. Slicker brushes and pin brushes can be used on dogs with medium-length coats.

A pin brush or slicker brush is required for dogs with lengthy coats. Double-coated dogs with shedding undercoats may benefit from a deshedding tool in addition to an ordinary brush, such as a slicker brush or pin brush.


Dog brushes receive a lot of wear, so seek for one that is built of high-quality materials and preferably comes with a manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee to assure it will last for years.

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