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The 10 Best Dog Brushes For Maltese

Unique to the Maltese is the absence of an undercoat. The hair of these small dogs quickly mats and tangles, thus many owners opt for a professional groomer.

However, you can limit the frequency of trips to the groomer by purchasing a safe, high-quality brush for your Maltese. Additionally, brushing your Maltese will strengthen the link between you two.

The best brushes for these small canines are pin brushes. Avoid using raking combs, as they are made for double-coated coats and are not suitable for your Maltese's soft, fine hair and single coat.

In this article, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has selected the best dog brushes for Maltese based on reviews to assist you in making the best choice.


Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

The Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush includes safety-tipped stainless steel bristles for effectively detangling matted hair. The soft bristles on the opposite side disperse oils and smooth the coat to provide a healthy sheen. Its ergonomic grip makes brushing relaxing, and it does not pull or tug the hair. This brush is inexpensive and effective.

It is less effective on short-haired dogs, but it should remove the hair from your Maltese. However, it is fairly priced and effective at detangling mats, therefore we believe it is the ideal brush for a Maltese.


  • Dual-sided
  • Safety tips on pins’ ends
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Affordable


  • Not effective on short-haired dogs.


Safari Combo Brush

The Safari Combo Brush is perfect for medium to long coats and features two sides. The needles are smooth and soft on the skin. It effectively removes mats and knots, and it also removes dirt and debris from the hair.

The bristle side aids in the distribution of your Maltese’s natural oils and is suitable for daily usage. This brush has a durable wooden handle, and dogs appear to like being groomed with it.

It is more expensive than its competitors, and the bristles may not penetrate the hair sufficiently. Using the pin side, however, will result in better hair removal.


  • Bidirectional brush
  • Bristle side delivers natural oils
  • Durable wooden handle


  • Expensive
  • The Bristle side does not effectively remove hair.


Burt’s Bees Puppy Pin & Bristle Brush, Double-Sided

For the Maltese puppy, the Burt’s Bees Puppy Double-Sided Pin & Bristle Brush is ideal. The rounded pin bristles detangle and remove mats, while the soft bristles on the opposite side smooth out the hair, leaving it soft and manageable.

The soft bristles are manufactured from hemp, while the body is constructed from wood and recycled materials for increased longevity. This brush is specifically intended for puppies, so it is soft on their fur and skin. However, the brush is quite small, and your Maltese puppy will rapidly outgrow it.


  • Dual-sided
  • rounded hair removal pins
  • Produced from hemp, timber, and recycled materials
  • The comb’s soft bristles smooth the hair.


  • Brush is small
  • Not suitable as a dog ages


Chris Christensen Dog Brush

Chris Christensen Dog Brush may be a fantastic solution for people in search of a professional-grade brush. This brush is used by professional groomers due to its great quality and lack of static. It will not pull or yank on your Maltese’s hair, and the real wood pins massage the hair as you brush, spreading natural oils and detangling the hair carefully.

This brush is robust, pleasant, and simple to clean. It is expensive but does an excellent job of grooming. It is safe to use as necessary and easy to grip. The bristle may fall apart, which is a significant drawback given the price. However, it should serve your Maltese well.


  • Brush for professional grooming
  • 100% antistatic
  • Distributes and massages natural oils
  • Simple to clean


  • Expensive
  • Bristles may disintegrate.


Dog Mat Remover by Hertzko

The Dog Mat Remover by Hertzko might be a lifeline for Maltese owners who are all too familiar with the frustrations of tangled hair. The 10-toothed, razor-sharp blades are meant to remove mats and tangles from your dog’s coat without causing him pain.

The rust-resistant stainless steel teeth detangle hair, and the ergonomic, slip-resistant grip makes grooming simple. The curled outside edges protect both your hand and your dog’s skin.

It may not be effective on all matted hair, and it may still pull the hair a little, and it’s costly.


  • Rust-resistant stainless steel blades for detangling
  • Not pulling hairs
  • Non-slip ergonomic rubber handle
  • Won’t hurt the skin


  • Cannot untangle every tangled hair
  • May pull hair
  • Expensive


Green Dog & Cat Oval Brush from Bass

The bamboo pins on the Bass Brushes Green Dog & Cat Oval Brush glide softly through a Maltese’s hair. It can be used as frequently as necessary to eliminate matting and remove dander and other pollutants. As your brush, it is lightweight and massages the skin.

This brush is soft and will not irritate the skin. Its oval shape facilitates access to smaller spaces, making it ideal for the Maltese’s compact physique. The only disadvantage is that it is more difficult to clear out the hair than with other brushes.


  • Reduces moss cover
  • Outstanding for everyday use
  • Massaging while brushing
  • Lightweight
  • Oval-shaped for restricted spaces


  • Difficult to remove hair loss from the brush


The Hybrid Pet Groomer Paddle Brush by Bass Brushes

These are the Bass Brushes. The Hybrid Pet Groomer Paddle Brush features alloy pins for comfort when detangling the hair of your Maltese. It is suited for medium to long-haired animals, including cats and horses. The bamboo handle has a polished surface.

This brush is unique in that it is not dual-sided, but it operates similarly to dual-sided brushes. The outer metal pins of the 2-in-1 system divide the hair, while the soft bristles in the middle smooth the hair and distribute natural oils.

This brush is somewhat expensive, but it performs an excellent job.


  • 2-n-1 system
  • Metal pins for separating the hair
  • Soft bristles in the center smooth hair.
  • Smooth, bamboo handle


  • Expensive


Tough Pup Ergonomic Dog Shedding Brush for Dogs.

Round plastic bristles on the Tuff Pupper Ergonomic Dog Shed Brush For Dogs are soft and friendly. The bristles will not irritate the skin, and it is appropriate for all sizes and breeds of dogs.

It detangles well and has a comfortable anti-slip runner handle with a thumb rest. The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied, and the comb is effective at detangling tangles and matting.

Depending on the type of fur, the brush may break easily or even break in half.


  • 100% cash-back assurance
  • Rounded plastic bristles for skin protection and comfort
  • Slip-resistant grip with a thumb rest
  • Suitable for all breeds and coat types


  • May not be robust

Buyer's Guide

Now that you understand how brushes function, let’s analyze further which brushes work best for the single, soft coat of the Maltese.

Slicker Brushes and Rake Combs

Due to the Maltese’s fragile coat and skin, it is essential to choose the proper brush. The Maltese has a delicate single coat, but slicker brushes and raking combs are intended for larger dogs with thick double coats. These types of brushes may irritate your Maltese’s skin and tug his hair, causing him discomfort.

Pin Bristles

For the Maltese, pin bristle brushes work best. These brushes are soft, do not drag or pull, and effectively remove dead hair. In addition to separating the hair, hairpins help remove dirt and debris. Find a pin brush with safety tips to ensure that it won’t injure your Maltese’s skin for the best results.

Bristle Combs

After using a pin brush, bristle brushes are effective for combing the coat. Some of our selections are two-sided, with pins on one side and bristles on the other. After removing tangles and mats, the smooth bristles help disperse your Maltese’s natural oils, restoring the coat’s softness and luster.


The Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush is the best dog brushes for Maltese due to its price, durability, dual-sided safety pins, and ergonomic handle. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope you have enjoyed reading the reviews of the top Maltese brushes. We wish you the best of luck in your quest and hope that we were able to assist you with your purchase decision.

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