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The 10 Best Dog Brushes For Labs

Labradors have short outer coats, but their undercoats shed regularly; without regular brushing, their hair will wind up on your furniture, carpet, and clothing.

There are many companies that make brushes for long-haired dogs, but it is harder to find a brush for short-haired dogs that won't irritate their skin.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has identified the best dog brushes for labs. We have provided in-depth evaluations and a buyer's guide to assist you in locating the appropriate pet brush.


FURminator Short Hair Dog Deshedding Instrument – Overall Best



  • Type of brush: Shedding tool
  • Color: Orange/green/blue
  • Price range: Expenses

There are hundreds of dog brushes on the market, but the FURminator Short Hair Deshedding Dog Tool is the finest overall brush for Labrador retrievers.

Labrador Retriever grooming might be a messy process, but the FURminator removes stray hair and contains it until you press the quick-release button to dispose of it. If you use the equipment at least twice each week, your dog’s shedding can be reduced by 90%.

We appreciate the FURminator’s pleasant grip and sturdy design. Although it is more expensive than some of its rivals, it outlasts less expensive versions, and you may expect to use it for several years.

The tool’s teeth remove loose undercoat hair without upsetting the topcoat, and the curved shape conforms to your pet’s body curves to minimize discomfort.

It is difficult to identify issues with the FURminator, as dog owners like it. However, according to a few customers, the hair ejection button is not as effective as on the bigger FURminator.


  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Reduces hair loss with continued usage
  • Comfortable handle
  • A rounded edge avoids discomfort


  • Fur ejector is less tight than competing models


Gripsoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin by JW Pet – Best Value



  • Type of brush: Slicker
  • Color: Black/yellow
  • Price range: Extremely low

The JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush is the best dog brush for the money in our opinion. Although it is less costly than other models, the Gripsoft is more durable and better at removing stray hair.

The rubber-coated handle gives good grooming control and a comfortable grip. The bristles of the slicker are slanted at a 90-degree angle to prevent skin scrapes and irritation.

If you’re on a tight budget, the Gripsoft is the ideal brush for you. Customers were pleased with the performance of the brush, however some short-haired dog owners complained that the bristles were too firm.

The bristles are gentler than those of other JW Pet brushes, yet they may be too stiff for dogs with delicate skin.


  • Comfortable non-slip handle
  • Angled bristles protect against scratching
  • Affordable


  • Some dogs find pins excessively rigid


Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog & Cat Slicker Brush – The Best Available Option



  • Type of brush: Slicker
  • Color: Purple/black
  • Price range: moderate to high

The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog and Cat Slicker Brush is one of the most popular brushes on the market, and it performs better than the majority of its competitors in removing dander, loose hair, and tangles.

The brush is ideal for Lab owners, but is suitable for all coat types. The non-slip grip and thumb support on the Hertzko’s handle prevent hand fatigue during lengthy grooming sessions.

Although many brushes include hair removal buttons, Hertzko’s button has a harder feel and ejects all hair. We chose the brush as the best option for premium models, yet it is less expensive than in prior years and less expensive than competitors.

Most customers are satisfied with the Hertzko brush, however you must avoid brushing too vigorously. The slicker brush’s bristles are quite abrasive and may not be suitable for pets with skin issues.


  • The bristle retract button removes more fur
  • Eliminates matting and tangles
  • More efficient than the more expensive competition


  • Slicker pins are abrasive


FURminator Curry Comb for Dogs – Most Effective for Puppies



  • Type of brush: rubber brush
  • Color: Yellow/black
  • Low price range

Labrador pups are inexperienced with grooming, and bristles that scrape across their sensitive skin may bother some of them. The FURminator Curry Comb is the greatest brush for Labrador Retriever puppies.

The majority of combs are not built for little puppies with light coats, but the FURminator Curry Comb is ideal for Labrador Retrievers. Instead of slicker pins or lengthy bristles, the Curry Comb features blunt rubber knobs that remove hair and massage the skin of your dog.

The comb is designed for both wet and dry use and excels at removing dirt and debris during bath time. The rounded handle is simpler to use than models with clunky plastic handles, and the brush’s quality is superior to that of other inexpensive brushes.

The rubber teeth are effective at removing loose hair and spreading the coat’s natural oils, but they struggle with knots and matted fur. However, most pups are less susceptible to matting than adults.


  • Affordable
  • Robust construction
  • Less threatening to tiny dogs


  • Unable to eliminate stubborn knots


The Pet Portal Brush for Shedding Cats and Dogs



  • Type of brush: Slicker
  • Black, blue, black and green, and blue and white are colors
  • Price range: Medium

The Pet Portal Cat and Dog Brush is a superior slicker with a wide head that covers more surface area than many of its rivals. It eliminates loose hair, filth, mats, and tangles and features one of the most effective fur ejectors of any brush.

We adored Hertzko’s ejector, but the Pet Portal’s mechanism, which moves the bristles instead of the plastic case, is superior.

In the product’s comment area, however, the ejector is a matter of dispute. Several customers assumed they needed to depress the button with their thumb in order to keep the bristles extended, and they reported that their hands ached after grooming.

You simply need to press the button once to keep the bristles extended, and you tap the button to release them when you’re done. The sharp pins are the brush’s biggest downside. Although marketed as having soft bristles, some dogs find the pins excessively sharp.


  • The superior ejector removes more hair
  • A head with a larger surface area
  • Robust construction


  • When you move too rapidly, sharp pins become caught


HandsOn Complete Bathing and Grooming Gloves for Pets



  • Type of brush: grooming gloves
  • Color: Black
  • Price range: Expenses

You might try the HandsOn All-In-One Pet Bathing and Grooming Gloves if your Lab hates grooming brushes and attempts to flee when it’s time to groom. The gloves are constructed of surgical-grade nitrile, nylon, and PVC.

The materials are hypoallergenic and do not absorb liquids. The gloves are equipped with a number of non-abrasive rubber nodules that reach beneath the topcoat to remove stray hair and debris.

They assist in massaging your dog and spreading natural oils throughout its fur. The HandsOn brush is ideal for dogs with delicate skin, but it is useless for eliminating mats and tangles.

The gloves are more messy than a slicker because stray fur does not adhere to the rubber surface and ends up on your hands.


  • For both wet and dry grooming
  • These shoes are kinder on the skin than slickers
  • Ideal for dogs with short coats


  • Some individuals find it too constricting
  • Gloves do not cling to hair


Deshedding Tool for Dogs by Andis



  • Type of brush: Shedding tool
  • Color: Green/white
  • Price range: Expenses

The Andis Deshedding Dog Tool is intended to remove loose undercoat hair and decrease shedding. It features curved teeth made of stainless steel that slide through the topcoat to remove dead skin, debris, and loose hair.

Lab owners who struggle to keep their homes free of dog hair might benefit from deshedding appliances, however the Andis is not as dependable as the Furminator.

It is most effective on dogs with thinner coats, as it becomes entangled in thicker hair and pulls the fur. Although advertised as having an ergonomic handle, the grip is unpleasant for extended use. It is also more costly than inexpensive brushes that do not tug on topcoat hair.


  • Long-lasting stainless steel teeth
  • Effective on Labrador fur


  • Pulls at dense fur
  • Discomfortable grip


ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush for Dogs by KONG



  • Type of brush: rubber brush
  • Boysenberry and raspberry
  • Low price range

KONG is renowned for its long-lasting chew toys, and it also provides a non-abrasive rubber dog brush. The KONG Zoomgroom Multi-Use Brush is designed for both wet and dry brushing, and it massages your dog while removing loose fur and debris.

The brush is suited for all breeds and coat types, however it works best on animals with thinner fur. It cannot detangle thick fur, but many clients with short-haired dogs prefer it over a brush.

The bristles are firmer than conventional rubber brushes, therefore a gentler touch is required to prevent skin irritation. It is good for eliminating dirt from wet fur, but less effective on dry fur.


  • Affordable
  • Some like it over other grooming implements


  • Rubber bristles are too rigid
  • Efficacy inferior to brushing


Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush



  • Type of brush: Combo brush
  • Color: Multi-Colored
  • Low price range

The cheap Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush is a double-sided device with stainless steel pins for removing hair and nylon bristles for distributing oils and softening the fur.

It features a soft, ergonomic handle that lessens hand strain during grooming, but it is not as sturdy as its competitors. Some consumers claimed that the weakening adhesive between the two sides caused the brush to break apart.

Other dog owners were upset because the Hartz brush did not effectively remove sufficient fur. However, the brush is affordable and more effective on short-haired breeds.


  • Affordable
  • Bristles of nylon and stainless steel


  • Not durable
  • Does not remove sufficient hair


Vetnique Labs Furbliss Pet Brush for Grooming Short Hair



  • Type of brush: rubber brush
  • Color: Blue
  • Low price range

The Furbliss Pet Brush from Vetnique Labs is composed of medical-grade silicone and is suitable for use in the bathtub and on dry fur.

Unlike the other tested brushes, the Furbliss promises to be able to groom cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, and hamsters. The Furbliss is designed for all breeds and coat types, however it is less effective on thick coats.

The majority of pet owners were more delighted with the Furbliss’ massage capabilities than its hair removal capabilities. The Furbliss does not handle loose hair effectively, and the silicone bristles are not as robust as those of other rubber brushes reviewed.


  • Wonderful for wet grooming
  • Ability to groom many animals


  • Not holding hair
  • Silicone bristles fall apart
  • Not for heavy jackets


Our evaluations have outlined the finest lab brushes available online, but the FURminator Shorthair Dog Shaver is our top pick overall. We were amazed with how much shell it removed, and it was also stronger and easier to grip than its competitors.

The JW Pet Gripsoft Ball Brush has earned our top rating. The soft bristles are great for double lab coats, and the pricing will certainly encourage you to purchase several brushes as a precaution. We trust that your dog will like any brush you select.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our consumers for selecting our website to learn about and research the best dog brushes for labs. We hope you choose the proper brush for your lab’s coat.

How to Choose the Ideal Brush for Your Laboratory

If you haven’t determined which brush is ideal for your dog, continue reading for further advice and statistics regarding lab grooming brushes.

Grooming Tips

Regular brushing maintains the health and luster of your pet’s coat, but how often should you brush a Labrador?

You should brush your pet a minimum of three times each week, but daily brushing will remove more loose hair and lessen the amount of hair that accumulates in your home.

Brushing Shy Canines

Before brushing a dog who dislikes grooming sessions, you might attempt familiarizing it with a fresh brush. Place the brush in close proximity to your pet during play sessions and enable it to sniff it thoroughly.

Obviously, you will have to remove it if your dog begins to bite it or puts the bristle side in its mouth.

Offering Sweets

Some canines require time to become accustomed to daily grooming, but they will learn to like it more quickly if you offer treats and positive reinforcement before and after the grooming.

In accordance with the Direction of Hair Growth

When used properly, grooming tools may remove a large quantity of loose fur in a few minutes, but they might hurt or damage your pet’s skin if you’re not cautious. Try to prevent brushing against the fur’s growth direction. This might cause harm to the hair and the topcoat.

Brush Forms

Despite the fact that manufacturers make a variety of dog grooming brushes, our reviews concentrated on the five finest options for Labrador Retrievers.

Shedding Equipment

Labs have short, shedding undercoats that require regular brushing to prevent knots and matting. A deshedding tool is superior than brushes with longer bristles for removing stray hair.

The premium de-shedders, such as the Furminator, do not irritate an animal’s skin when handled correctly.

Slicker Brushes

The versions with shorter bristles are preferable for Labs. Slicker brushes reduce knots and assist disperse natural oils on the fur. Lengthy-bristled brushes are ideal for dogs with dense, long coats.

Composite Brushes

Combination brushes are ideal for mild grooming and touch-ups, but most are not as effective as slickers or de-shedding brushes. The metal bristles on one side of the brush remove hair, while the nylon bristles massage the skin and spread oils.

Grooming Gloves

Grooming gloves are generally preferred by pets that cannot adjust to a brush. They are good for bathing and grooming a filthy dog, but cannot remove as many knots or loose hair as a slicker brush.

However, they are kinder than metal brushes and are unlikely to hurt your furry companion.

Rubber Brushes

Rubber brushes, like grooming gloves, are less abrasive than regular grooming brushes and gadgets. However, they are unsuccessful at eliminating matting and tangles.

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