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The 10 Best Dog Brushes For Golden Retrievers

We like Golden Retrievers for their long, smooth, lustrous, and wavy coats, in addition to their intellect and endearing demeanor.

To maintain their coat looking that way, they must be groomed on a regular basis to prevent tangles and matting. That being stated, any dog brush will not suffice for grooming a Golden Retriever.

You need one that can easily travel through the thick coat while also effectively eliminating tangles and matting. You also want it to be crafted of high-quality materials so that it will last.

To assist you in finding the finest dog brush for your Golden Retriever, we've compiled a list of the best dog brushes for golden retrievers.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has also included evaluations and pros and disadvantages for each one so you can make an informed selection.

How to Choose the Best Brush for Your Golden Retriever

You may have extra questions about how to pick the best brush for your Golden Retriever after reading our evaluations. In our Buyer’s Guide, we’ll try to address these questions.

What Exactly Is a Slicker Brush?

You may have noticed that the word “slicker” appears in the name of each of these brushes. What is a slicker brush, and why is it the ideal option for a Golden Retriever? Slicker brushes are those with thin wire bristles rather than the plastic bristles seen in other dog brushes. The bristles on the brush head are also closer together.

These bristles are intended to effortlessly go through your dog’s coat to eliminate mats and knots. We recommend a slicker brush for each of these products since they are meant to be used on dogs with medium to long coats, particularly those with wavy or curly fur like a Golden Retriever.

While brushing your dog, slicker brushes are supposed to be soft and painless. They can assist remove dirt and debris from your dog’s fur in addition to reducing knots. That’s just one more reason they’re a fantastic match for Golden Retrievers that spend a lot of time outside.

Other Factors to Consider

There are additional factors to consider while selecting a brush for your Golden Retriever. If you own a Golden Retriever, you are probably aware of their grooming requirements. Brushing their fur completely might take a long time because they are huge dogs!

The size of the brush is ultimately up to you, although brushes with larger heads cover more hair at once and can reduce the amount of time you spend brushing your dog. All of the brushes we’ve looked at are enormous in size, however some may be larger than others. That’s why we’ve included the measurements of each brush so you can compare them.

Furthermore, some of the brushes are available in medium and small sizes, so be sure to choose the big size for your Golden Retriever. All of the links we’ve supplied should be set to the big size by default, but it’s always a good idea to double-check.

You should also consider whether you want a self-cleaning brush. The difference between a self-cleaning brush and a standard brush is that self-cleaning brushes include a mechanism that makes removing hair on them simpler. Simply click a button, and the bristles “retract,” leaving only the hair behind for you to pluck off.

If you don’t use a self-cleaning brush, you’ll have to manually remove all of the hair from the bristles. It’s not a tough process; it’s simply more difficult to get all of the hair out of the bristles. However, it is likely that the mechanism on self-cleaning brushes will break with time, leaving you to pluck the hair out yourself.


A brush intended for long, wavy fur is required for Golden Retrievers.

The brush should assist in detangling and removing matting from your dog’s fur, but any further features are entirely up to you.

We believe that the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is the finest overall dog brush for Golden Retrievers, while the Safari Soft Slicker Brush is the greatest value.

Whichever best dog brushes for golden retrievers product you choose, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes it is beneficial in maintaining your Golden’s coat in the finest possible condition.


Best Overall: Large Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

  • Size: 10 x 5.8 x 3 inches

The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is our pick for the best overall dog brush for Golden Retrievers. It is suitable for Golden Retrievers of all sizes, including pups. And because it’s a self-cleaning brush, it’s simple to remove the hair from the brush once you’ve finished brushing your dog. This brush’s head is also about six inches long, allowing you to cover a lot of ground with each pass.

This brush is gentle on both you and your canine companion. The bristles slide softly through your dog’s fur, and the handle is cushioned and non-slip so you can groom your dog without straining your hand. The disadvantage of this brush is that the button for the self-cleaning mechanism can be fussy at times, as in you may have to push it pretty hard to get the bristles to retract, especially after extended usage.


  • Self-cleaning
  • Handle is comfortable and non-slip.
  • Excellent for both pups and mature dogs.
  • A large brush head covers a large area of hair.


  • The self-cleaning technology can be temperamental.

Best Value: Safari Large Soft Slicker Brush

  • Size: 6.5 x 1.5 x 9 inches

The Safari Soft Slicker Brush is the best dog brush for Golden Retrievers for the money. This brush’s head and bristles are composed completely of stainless steel, making it long-lasting and capable of brushing even the heaviest coats. Users love this brush, especially those who have Golden Retrievers or other dogs with comparable coat textures.

The brush head is pretty substantial. The handle features a softer grip as well, which makes brushing more comfortable for you. The only disadvantage is that the brush does not self-clean. However, it is extremely reasonably priced and of great quality, and it should last you a very long time.


  • Long-lasting
  • Very inexpensive
  • Brush head made of stainless steel


  • It is not self-cleaning.

Premium Choice: Slicker De-Matting Bass Brushes Large Bamboo Brush

  • 5 x 2.8 x 8.5 inches in size

Although the Bass Brushes De-Matting Slicker Style Bamboo Brush is a more expensive alternative, it is constructed with eco-friendly materials, which is crucial to you when selecting a product. The handle of the brush also incorporates rubber grips to make it simpler and more pleasant to hold when brushing your dog.

The bristles on the brush are constructed of a superior alloy material for longevity and to make gliding through your dog’s coat simpler. The brush head is also rather big. Aside from the price, the only disadvantage is that it is not a self-cleaning brush.


  • Eco-friendly
  • The bristles are constructed of high-quality alloy.
  • Rubber grips make it easy to handle the brush.


  • Pricey
  • It is not self-cleaning.

Best for Puppies: Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush by Pet Republique

  • 7 x 3.8 x 2.5 inch dimensions

The Pet Republique Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush’s tiny size makes it an excellent choice for your Golden Retriever puppy. The flexible stainless-steel brushes softly glide through your puppy’s coat, which is important for pups who may be more sensitive to brushing than older dogs. This brush also includes an ergonomic handle, making it easier to reach even the most difficult locations on your dog.

This brush’s self-cleaning mechanism makes it simple to remove your dog’s hair and keeps the brush clean. Pet Republique also provides 15% of its revenues to the American Animal Rescue Society, so by purchasing this brush, you’d be helping a company that genuinely cares about animals. It is, however, not as huge as the other brushes on this list. Remember that as your puppy develops, you may want a larger brush if you don’t want brushing your adult Golden Retriever to take as long.


  • Puppy-friendly
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Pet Republique provides assistance to animals in need.


  • Brush head is small.
  • You may need a larger brush as your puppy grows

Slicker Brush for Miracle Care

  • 5 x 6.38 x 2.25 inches in size

Another fantastic product that Golden Retriever owners love is the Miracle Care Slicker Brush. Because the brush is meant for dogs with an undercoat, we recommend it for Golden Retrievers as well. It not only detangles and prevents mats, but it also aids in the removal of stray hair. When used with a de-shedding brush, it should produce excellent results.

This brush’s handle is also padded, making it more comfortable to use stroke after stroke. However, it is not a self-cleaning brush, and some users complain that it is difficult to clean. The bristles are likewise flexible, however users report that they can quickly become twisted in dogs with extremely tangled fur, reducing the brush’s efficiency.


  • Handle padding
  • Excellent for dogs with undercoats.
  • Along with a de-shedding brush, it can help minimize shedding.


  • It is not self-cleaning.
  • The bristles are readily bendable.

Gripsoft Slicker Brush by JW Pet

  • Size: 10 x 5.5 x 2.75 inches

The rubber handle and non-slip grips of the JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush make it comfortable to grasp while brushing your dog. This brush’s bristles are also two distinct lengths, allowing it to reach both the top layer and the undercoat at the same time. This brush’s head is spherical rather than rectangular, allowing it to fit easier into hard-to-reach locations while yet being large enough to cover a vast area at once.

One disadvantage of this brush is that it does not self-clean, and many users report that it is more difficult to clean due to the different-sized bristles and how near the bristles are to one other. Others complain that the bristles are hard and not as flexible as those of other brushes. However, this brush is incredibly inexpensive, and it even features a Golden Retriever on the package.


  • Affordable
  • Handle made of rubber
  • The head is large yet rounded.


  • Cleaning is difficult.
  • The bristles are firm.

Furminator Slicker Brush Firm

  • 8 x 3.7 x 1.5 inch dimensions

The Furminator Firm Slicker Brush includes a two-sided brush head. Straight bristles on one side aid to untangle your pet’s top layer of fur. The bristles on the opposite side are curved at an angle to remove stray hair from your dog’s undercoat and minimize shedding. The brush is also intended to follow the natural contours of your dog’s body for a more natural and comfortable brushing experience, and it includes an ergonomic handle to make brushing more comfortable for you.

Some consumers claim that the bent bristles on one side of the brush do not operate effectively due to the angle at which they are bent. Other consumers have complained that the brush is difficult to clean, particularly when removing hair from the bent side of the brush owing to the way hair gets trapped on them. The head is also much smaller than those of other brushes. This brush is not the lowest on the list, but it is significantly less expensive than some of the others.


  • Head with two sides
  • Ergonomic grip
  • The curves of your pet’s body are followed in the design.


  • Cleaning is difficult.
  • The brush head is smaller than those of other brushes.
  • The angled bristles may not be as effective.

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