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The 8 Best Dog Bows

When you pick up your dog from the groomer, is it your favorite part to see them wearing a bandana, ribbon, or bow? Does your dog like being pampered and dressed up, even for a stroll around the block? If this is the case, you should invest in your own dog bows.

Dogs with medium or long fur may be readily accessorized with bows or pom-poms; all you need are the necessary materials and the know-how. Even if you're uncertain about how your dog will react to a hair bow, brushing your dog yourself is a terrific way to enhance your relationship.

If you're interested in attempting to add bows to your dog's fur, you'll need the proper materials. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) have compiled evaluations of the best dog bows so that you may hone your grooming skills with the greatest selections!


The Thoughtful Brand Dog Bows

The Thoughtful Brand Dog Bows are recommended for dog owners who wish to improve their pet’s style. These 50 treats are ideal for tiny breeds such as Yorkies, Shih Tzus, etc. Each bow is 1.4 by 0.6 inches and is available in an assortment of colors, including some with polka dots.

Rubber bands, not clips, are used to securely attach the ribbon to these dog bows. The supplied grooming comb makes it simple to split and detangle your dog’s hair before applying the bow. Each bow is created with sturdy stitching, guaranteeing that it can withstand repeated use.

Unfortunately, some owners claimed that the rubber bands tied to these bows tore their dog’s fur. The bows are also fairly little, especially for toy breeds.


  • Large variety pack
  • Equipped with a grooming comb
  • No clips necessary
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Donated proceeds to charity


  • Fewer than anticipated
  • Rubber bands are too harsh for the fur of certain dogs.


QUMY Dog Bows

QUMY Dog Bows are, in our opinion, the greatest dog bows for the money if you and your dog are on a budget but yet want to appear fashionable. Each collection of QUMY Dog Bows includes ten distinct hair accessories, including an assortment of bows and clips. You may select from four distinct sets in pink, blue, grey, or red, with slightly varying accessories.

Each pair of bows for dogs is packaged in a gift box and includes 150 rubber bands for a range of hairstyles. Some of the hair accessories included in each set require these rubber bands, but many of the bigger bows and accessories contain sturdy clips for attaching to your dog’s fur.

Some owners stated that these bows did not remain in their dog’s fur, even when connected clips were used. Numerous accessories are too large for certain toys and tiny breeds.


  • Diverse 10-piece sets
  • Includes a gift package
  • Contains elastic bands and clips
  • Extensive variety of sizes in each set


  • Certain attachments will not stay on.
  • Insufficient size details


Dogs’ Aria Feather Bows

Dressing up your dog for a special event, photoshoot, or just a typical day is usually enjoyable, but if he or she is prone to lose items, it may be costly. A set of the Aria 99 Feather Bows comprises 100 bows of various hues, so you’ll never lose your dog’s favorite accessory.

These bows are great for little dogs, as their width is around 1.5 inches. Each bow is centered with a beautiful rhinestone and secured with a sturdy rubber band. Without the need for cumbersome harnesses or vests, these one-of-a-kind feather bows are a terrific way to recognize your dog in a crowd.

While each set includes 100 bows, many of these bows arrive with damaged feathers or missing rhinestones, according to several owners. Additionally, the rubber bands tend to break while connecting the bows, or there is no rubber band on the bows.


  • Feather and rhinestone embellishment.
  • Available in a pack of 100
  • Strong rubber bands are fastened
  • Numerous color options


  • Construction and durability flaws
  • Rubber bands easily break


JJ Couture Grooming Hair Bows for Dogs

The JJ Couture Dog Grooming Hair Bows allow your dog to be appropriately attired for the season. This collection has 20 matching bow pairs (40 individual bows) in a range of autumn-inspired hues and patterns. Each bow is between 1.5 and 2 inches in width, making them suitable for toy breeds.

This collection is ideal for groomers and dog owners who prefer to create a range of hairstyles due to the availability of matching pairs. Each bow has a double-looped rubber band already attached, making them immediately usable.

Although these dog bows appear to be of great quality, the description does not include all the bow styles contained in a set. Additionally, only dogs up to around 8 pounds will fit.


  • Coordination of colors and patterns
  • Includes connected rubber bands
  • Identical pairings
  • Two tail bows or two butterfly bows are included.


  • Exclusive to tiny breeds
  • Limited color selection


Pony Princess Doggy Coiffures

Pony Princess Dog Hair Bows are worth a look if you’re looking for bows for your dog that don’t rely on unpleasant, temperamental rubber bands. These hair bows have easy-to-use, stainless steel clips for rapid accessorizing.

The bows are available in a number of styles, such as lace, crown-shaped, and gauze. There are three distinct sets of 30 to 32 bows available.

This collection of dog bows is packaged in an elegant box, making it the ideal present for a loved one and their pet. The alligator clips affixed to these hair bows keep them in place when running and playing. These accessories are ideal for tiny dogs with a width between 1 and 2 inches.

While the majority of dogs had no difficulty holding these bows in their fur, a few still had difficulties with the clip falling out or slipping off. This is especially true for dogs who constantly shake their heads.


  • Includes a vast array of motifs
  • The tenacity of stainless steel hair clips
  • Includes a gift package


  • Not recommended for pets who tremble often
  • May escape from the fur of certain dogs.


Comsmart Dog Bows

Check out the Comsmart Dog Bows if standard dog bows fall short of your expectations. These bows are available in a package of sixty pieces, with numerous pairs included for double-bow hairstyles. The colors in each set are chosen at random, but with 60 bows, you are certain to receive ones that you adore.

Each pair of bows includes an assortment of hues, materials, and designs. Some bows are composed of lace and pearls, while others are made of patterned fabric with rhinestones. Each bow has a pre-attached rubber band for convenience.

The amount of matching pairs you receive varies, however, the majority of owners have gotten about 15 matching pairs. There are also differences in the number of bows included in each set, with several owners reporting receiving fewer than 60 bows. The structure of these bows might be improved overall.


  • A range of styles and hues
  • Contains several matched pairings
  • Strong rubber bands are fastened


  • Bows may come with missing bands or excess adhesive, among other defects.
  • Variable number of bows and matching pairings
  • Very tiny


Yagopet 50 Dog Hair Bows

The set of 50 Dog Hair Bows from Yagopet is an excellent choice if you’re trying to expand your collection of dog accessories. The bows in this collection range in width from 1.2 to 1.4 inches, feature a variety of materials and designs and are sold in pairs. Some of these “bows” even resemble little flower bouquets!

The size of these bows is ideal for tiny and medium dog breeds. Each bow includes a sturdy rubber band, allowing you to swiftly arrange your dog’s hair and get on with your day. This outfit includes a complimentary dog tag.

Similar to the Comsmart 2921 Dog Bows, the amount of bows and matching pairs varies among orders. While the majority of owners reported receiving 50 bows, several were mismatched. Additionally, several owners stated that their bow set did not include rhinestones or pearls, but rather, only ribbon bows.


  • The diverse assortment of fifty bows
  • Contains matching pairings
  • Rubber bands already affixed


  • Rubber bands are thin and compact.
  • Variable product quality and amount
  • The dog tag is not included with every order.


PET SHOW Designs for Dog Bows

While colorful colors and patterns are enjoyable, sometimes you and your dog need something a bit more subdued. The PET SHOW Mixed Styles Dog Hair Bows are an excellent assortment of accessories for any dog with a refined sense of fashion. Each set includes twenty unique bows, with nine color variations available (including one with assorted colors).

These hair bows are ideal for tiny dogs and have connected rubber bands. Each bow is distinct, offering you the most bang for your money when it comes to enhancing the wardrobe of your canine companion. Keep in mind that each set is selected at random.

After receiving this set of bows, a number of customers noticed missing rhinestones and elastic bands. Additionally, numerous owners received less than twenty bows per set. While the bows themselves are lovely and of high quality, the rubber bands linked to them are readily broken.


  • Multiple color choices
  • Comes with connected rubber bands
  • Elegant, superior bow designs


  • Rubber bands easily break
  • Sets often have less than 20 bows.
  • Rhinestones and elastic bands may get detached.

Buyer's Guide

In contrast to searching for a box or a new type of food, selecting the proper hair bows for dogs is very basic. However, there are a few things you should consider before purchasing one of the sets on our list:


While it might be adorable and humorous to see a large bow on a little breed or a small bow on a big breed, you should always select a size that is practical and comfortable for your dog. Ultimately, they are the ones who must wear it!

Some bow sets feature a range of sizes, which is ideal for creating a variety of hairstyles or for owners with many dogs.

Attachment style

Some dog bows include pre-attached rubber bands or clips, whilst others require supplementary bands, clips, or pins. Before acquiring a set of dog bows, you should determine your preferred attachment method.

If you don’t already have a collection of grooming accessories, it is also crucial to know precisely what you are purchasing. The last thing you want to learn when you receive your new bows is that you need to purchase more clips or bands!

How to apply dog bows safely

The rubber bands or clips provided with your new dog bow accessories are the easiest methods to utilize them.

It is easy to apply hair bows on dogs with medium or long fur. Simply comb your dog’s fur into a little bunch, similar to a ponytail, and use a clip or rubber band to secure the bow. This style is referred known as a “topknot” in the grooming profession.

Some groomers will also use a special adhesive to affix a dog bow, particularly if the dog has short fur. Although this technique is safe and painless when performed properly, we recommend leaving it to the experts!


Are you eager to obtain the finest dog bows so you may open your own at-home dog beauty salon? Here are BestForPets (bestforpets.org)’s recommendations:

The Thoughtful Brand Dog Bows are our best selection, particularly because each set includes 50 unique bows. Instead of clips or grooming bands, these bows utilize connected rubber bands to bind themselves to your dog’s fur. Each package contains an American-made grooming comb. Even more, a percentage of the company’s profits are donated to charity.

If you want to grow your bow collection without spending a lot of money, the QUMY Bows for Dogs are a smart purchase. Each set includes ten distinct bows and hair clips, with four color options available. The bows are packaged in a presentation box with individual rubber bands and clips, and some bigger accessories already have clips attached.

If you desire as many various bows as possible, regardless of cost, the Aria 99 Feather Bows bundle has the most number of bows. This set has one hundred feather bows with rhinestones, each with a sturdy rubber band.

Obviously, even the finest dog bows are useless if you dislike the color, design, or material. The best dog bows are ultimately determined by your and your dog’s fashion preferences!

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