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The 9 Best Dog Bowls For Labradors

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, and they are frequently regarded as America's favorite family pet. Originally developed for hunting and retrieving, Labrador Retrievers are noted for their balanced temperaments and commitment to their families.

They are more placid than other hunting dogs and typically simpler to train than other working breeds, making them a good breed for first-time dog owners. Coupled with the fact that they're remarkably kind around youngsters and seem to be eternally patient, it's no wonder that these devoted canines have grown so popular.

While it is well known that Labradors are food driven, the fact that they may be sloppy eaters is typically discovered the hard way. Finding the appropriate way to keep your Lab's food within the dish and off your flooring might be difficult.

Some Labs may eat so fast that they knock everything over, but others may love knocking water dishes over to get attention. Whatever the cause, your dog's present bowls might not be the best option.

Fortunately, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has located seven different bowls and tested them to find which ones are ideal for your dog. Here are the best dog bowls for Labradors


Snap’y Fit MidWest Stainless Steel Dog Kennel Bowl

The MidWest Stainless Steel Snap’y Fit Dog Kennel Bowl is a high-quality crate bowl solution for your eager Labrador.

The snap-on bowl holder prevents water and food spills while your dog is in the crate, which is especially useful for enthusiastic eaters who tend to flip over their bowls.

The bowl holder is straightforward to attach onto the crate with no tools needed to put it up, and it’s adaptable to any style of wire folding box.

The bowl is constructed of rust-resistant stainless-steel metal that is easy to clean and dishwasher safe, ensuring that your dog always has a clean bowl to eat from.

There are several sizes to pick from, and if you have a Labrador, we recommend purchasing a larger one.

The main issue with this dog dish is that it’s especially intended for wire folding cages, so it’s not a great alternative for people who don’t crate train or have a different kind crate.

Apart from that, the MidWest Snap’y Fit Dog Kennel Bowl is the greatest overall Labrador dog bowl.


  • Snap-on holder to prevent spillage
  • Simple to fit onto the container
  • Adaptable to any size container
  • Made of rust-proof stainless steel
  • There are several sizes available.


  • Designed for wire folding crates


JW Pet Basic Skid Stop Bowl

The JW Pet Skid Stop Basic Bowl is a wonderful tip-proof dog bowl for Labradors that isn’t too expensive. It’s made to keep your floors clear of kibbles and water by preventing sliding and tipping.

The bowl is composed of high-quality stain-resistant hard plastic, making it difficult to ruin by bowl chewers and scratchers.

The JW Pet Bowl has a thick rubber trim on the bottom of the bowl to prevent skidding and spilling as your dog eats, making it an excellent choice for messy eaters. It comes in three distinct colors, making it easy to fit your dog’s personality and home decor.

It’s also dishwasher safe and simple to clean by hand, which is vital to prevent bacteria from building up.

One issue we discovered was the adhesive from the label on the inside, which is difficult to remove and can be difficult to clean the first time. It’s also built with plastic, which might trigger allergic responses in some dogs.

Aside from the plastic and label adhesive, the JW Pet Skid Stop Basic Dish is the greatest Labrador bowl for the money.


  • Stain-resistant hard plastic is used.
  • The bottom rubber trim prevents spillage.
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • There are three distinct hues to choose from.


  • An allergic response to plastic is possible.
  • Inside label adhesive is difficult to remove.


Pet Stoneware Crock Pet Dish Ethical

Stoneware for Ethical Pets Crock Pet Dish is a high-end alternative to metal and plastic dishes, each of which have advantages and disadvantages. It’s composed of ceramic with a glossy glaze finish, providing your dog with a more opulent meal experience.

Because it might be too heavy to tilt for certain dogs, the heavyweight design helps avoid tipping and spilling with the weighted bottom. The bowl is dishwasher safe and simple to clean by hand, keeping germs and bacteria at bay.

The Ethical Pet Crock Pet Dish is also available in a variety of sizes and is ideal for Labs at all stages of development. Stoneware and ceramic bowls are delicate and easily shattered, thus they are not suitable for energetic or boisterous Labs.

We kept this dish out of our Top 2 because of its fragility. The only other problem we saw was that the colors may differ from the image, which might be disappointing.

The Ethical Pet Stoneware Crock Pet Dish is a terrific quality choice if your dog is calm and you don’t mind the little color variance.


  • Made out of ceramic
  • The heavyweight construction resists tipping.
  • Dishwasher safe and simple to maintain
  • There are several sizes available.


  • Stoneware is delicate and easily cracked
  • Colors may differ from those shown in the image.


Dolce Double Diner Pet Dish for Loving Pets

The Loving Pets Dolce Double Diner Pet Dish is a water and food dish set with a plastic stand. This is an excellent bowl and stand set for dogs who want their dishes to be elevated for easy access, making mealtime more pleasant.

The stand itself is plastic and has rubber feet at the bottom to prevent slipping and shifting while your dog eats. The bowls on the interior are constructed of stainless steel and are dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean.

The issue is that the plastic stand is difficult to clean and is not dishwasher safe, which can lead to bacteria growth. Another drawback is that the bowls are on the tiny side, therefore they are not suitable for bigger Labs.

One last problem we had is that the plastic material of the stand feels flimsy and weak, which may break from rough and aggressive diners.

The Loving Pets Dolce Double Diner Pet Dish is an excellent solution for older, calmer Labradors that require an elevated dog dish configuration.


  • Elevated to facilitate access
  • Rubber feet keep you from slipping.
  • Stainless steel bowls are used.


  • The plastic stand is difficult to clean.
  • The bowls are on the tiny side.
  • Plastic appears to be brittle.


Silicone Round Collapsible Travel Pet Bowl by Petmate

The Petmate Silicone Round Collapsible Travel Pet Bowl is a dog food or water bowl that is ideal for dog owners who go camping or trekking with their pets. The bowl has a foldable shape that makes it ideal for travel, fitting into almost any bag or purse.

It’s constructed of BPA-free silicone that’s dishwasher safe and simple to wipe clean in a pinch, so you can throw it in after a long day hiking with your Lab. It is also available in two sizes and colors for a more customized touch.

Although it is available in Large, it is on the tiny side and may not be suitable for larger Labs. Because the silicone is thin and readily tips over, it may not be suitable for pups or clumsier dogs.

It also has some flaws at the seams and will rip eventually, so it’s not the most long-lasting solution. While it’s a good travel bowl and works in a hurry, we recommend trying one of our top three recommendations first for better overall results.


  • Design is collapsible for simple transportation.
  • Made with BPA-free silicone
  • There are two sizes and colors available.


  • Seams deteriorate and rip with time.
  • Flimsy silicone readily collapses.
  • The big size is on the smaller side


Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl

The Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl is a fresh take on the standard feeder. It’s created with grooves to help slow down dogs that eat too quickly, providing them a challenge to slow down.

It also aids in the development of natural foraging instincts, which may be a great confidence booster for your dog. Aside from slowing your dog down, the Outward Hound Fun Feeder offers few other advantages.

It’s especially difficult to clean in between the grooves, and it can acquire a coating over time, even after being rinsed in the dishwasher.

Another issue is that the plastic grooves are a little unpleasant for some dogs to eat from. Some dogs, particularly wide-muzzled Labs that require larger bowls, may struggle to eat from this dish.

It’s also too light for some dogs, and it’s easily picked up or tipped over, which defeats the point of a slow feeder.

We recommend trying our other options first for better quality and results, unless your dog eats too quickly and needs to be slowed down.


  • Helps slow down fast eaters
  • Natural foraging instincts are encouraged.


  • Cleaning in between grooves is difficult.
  • Plastic grooves are unpleasant
  • Some dogs may have difficulty eating.
  • Can be lifted up and flipped over


After carefully testing and researching each product to discover the best dog bowls for Labradors, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) selected the MidWest Stainless Steel Snap’y Fit Dog Kennel Dish to be the finest overall dog bowl for Labradors. The adjustable bowl clip may be used on any wire folding creation and aids with tipping prevention. The bowl is likewise constructed of high-quality stainless steel and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Overall, it’s an excellent dog bowl for Labs that are sloppy eaters. The JW Pet Skid Stop Basic Bowl came out on top as the greatest value. It’s a dishwasher-safe hard plastic bowl with a rubber base to keep it from shifting. This dish is ideal for Labs that push their bowls while they eat.

Buyer's Guide

Height and Bowl Dimensions

Feeders come in a variety of sizes, with the lowest measuring 3 to 4 inches and the biggest soaring as high as 12 inches or more. Choose the appropriate height for your pet based on their size and any medical conditions they may have.

Because many feeders come with a bowl, bowl size is another consideration. You’ll want to choose an option with a slightly bigger capacity than what you regularly feed your dog each meal so that kibble isn’t leaking out while they eat.


Many feeders contain anti-skid rubber pads on the bottom to protect them from sliding as your dog eats energetically.

Others have a more sturdy foundation to keep the entire feeder in place. If your dog is a picky eater, search for a sturdy feeder that can’t be easily turned over or pushed.

Easy to Clean

Spilled water and food can cause bacteria to grow, so clean your bowls and feeder on a regular basis. Look for dishwasher-safe dishes and easy-to-clean feeders.

Check to see whether food or water may accumulate anywhere in the feeder, and make sure spills are easy to clean up. To absorb water spills, place a paper towel in the well beneath the bowls. If you do this, make careful to replace it periodically.

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