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The 5 Best Dog Bowls For German Shepherds

Choosing a dish for your dog may seem like a straightforward task at first glance. For bigger dogs, such as German Shepherds, it may be more problematic.

These canines need quite large bowls. Some dogs benefit from elevated bowls since they may be too tall to reach bowls placed on the ground. These unique obstacles make locating a dog dish quite challenging.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has reviews of the best dog bowls for German Shepherds all over this page to help you choose the best one for your dog.


Loving Pets Bella Bowls Pet Bowl – Best Overall

The Loving Pets Bella Bowls Pet Bowl is by far the greatest of all the other large bowls available. Choose the most apparent size choice for your German Shepherd from the available alternatives.

The inside is constructed of stainless steel, which is the material most veterinarians suggest. This substance prevents the growth of microorganisms in food and drink. Additionally, it is easy to clean when necessary.

The pattern is plain and uncomplicated. There is a rubber base to prevent the bowl from moving while the dog is eating. This eliminates spillage and secures the bowl, which may be problematic when dealing with a large dog such as a German Shepherd. The exterior is constructed from poly-resin. This material is resilient and resistant to dog slobber.

The whole bowl is dishwasher-safe after the rubber base has been removed. Overall, these bowls are visually beautiful, strong, and stable—everything that could be desired in a bowl. This is hence our recommendation for the finest German Shepherd dog bowl!


  • Interior stainless steel material
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Rubber base
  • Exterior of polyresin
  • Safe for use in a dishwasher


  • Smaller than anticipated; purchase one size larger

Premium Choice Ethical Pet Stoneware Crock Pet Dish

If you’re searching for a fashionable bowl, the Ethical Pet Stoneware Crock Pet Dish is a good option. This dish is ideal for German Shepherds since it comes in sizes that can hold up to nine cups of food.

The bowl is constructed of stoneware and is hefty, making it difficult for your dog to move it. The base is pretty substantial, so it will not tip over when your dog eats with excessive enthusiasm.

Because this bowl is so hefty, it is difficult to overturn. It remains in place without the need of a rubber bottom, unlike other pet bowls. It has a high-gloss finish for a trendy appearance and is hand-washable.

It is also dishwasher safe. It is available in five sizes, however the biggest size is recommended for German Shepherds. The only drawback to this dish is that it must be cleaned with particular care.

Because it is not comprised of stainless steel, it lacks inherent antibacterial properties. You will need to clean it often and frequently.


  • Heavy and hefty
  • 5 different sizes available
  • High-gloss sheen
  • Safe for use in a dishwasher


  • Other than stainless steel

The Amazon Fundamentals Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

The Amazon Essentials Stainless Steel Dog Bowl is simple. You have the option of ordering it with two bowls, which reduces the price somewhat.

The bowls are composed of stainless steel, which inhibits the growth of microorganisms. They are very sturdy and rustproof. Each dish has a 38-ounce capacity, which should be plenty for most big dogs.

The bowls do not retain scents due to the fact that they do not house microorganisms. They are a healthier option to plastic, which has a tendency to retain germs and smells.

The bigger rubber base prevents the bowl from overturning. It protects your flooring and keeps your German Shepherd from sliding about when he eats. Due to the soft rubber, the clanging is also lessened.

Everything is dishwasher-safe for quick and simple cleaning.


  • Stainless steel
  • Rubber base
  • Inexpensive


  • Very thin
  • Could be expanded

Elevated Petmate Easy Reach Pet Diner Dog Bowls

Typically, elevated bowls are advised for bigger dogs, reducing the amount of bending required. The elevated design of the Petmate Easy Reach Pet Diner Elevated Dog Bowls makes them ideal for bigger dogs. However, elevated bowls have been linked to an increased risk of bloat, a potentially fatal condition that affects bigger dogs.

A research indicated that 52% of dogs with elevated food bowls suffered from bloat. Due to this, we cannot prescribe elevated bowls unless your dog has a particular reason for needing them, such as movement concerns.

In addition, these bowls are rather pricey compared to others. They are roughly three times as expensive as our top selection.

The only reason they seem to be more costly is because of the elevated bowl. However, elevating your dog’s food dish has little advantage and may produce difficulties in the future.


  • Rims that are raised to avoid spills
  • 12-cup capacity
  • Food and drink dish are provided.


  • Expensive
  • Raised

PEGGY11 Non-Slip Lightweight Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

The PEGGY11 Light Non-Slip Stainless Steel Dog Bowl may seem to be a fantastic alternative at first sight. One bundle includes two distinct bowls, allowing you to save money overall.

The bowls are constructed of mostly stainless steel in a very basic manner. This keeps them from harboring smells and microorganisms. They are furthermore simple to clean.

The silicone bottom keeps the bowls from sliding and rattling as your pet eats. Additionally, the silicone protects the floor. These bowls are safe for the dishwasher.

These bowls are available in a variety of sizes, so be sure to choose the most functional alternative for bigger dogs. The 6-cup size should be sufficient for the majority of bigger dogs.

They are, nevertheless, smaller than other bowls on this list. Therefore, if you have a large German Shepherd, you may choose to search elsewhere.


  • Built with stainless steel
  • Safe for use in a dishwasher


  • Rather diminutive for German Shepherds
  • Rubber bottom is susceptible to mold growth.
  • Dents simply

Buyer's Guide

There are several factors to consider when selecting the ideal dog dish for your German Shepherd. The size will play a crucial role. You should avoid purchasing a dish that is too tiny.

However, you must also examine the bowl’s materials, shape, and base. These details are simple to ignore, yet they might be crucial when selecting a useful bowl.


The material of the bowl is quite important. The majority of affordable bowls are constructed from plastic. Nevertheless, plastic is not the optimal alternative. Plastic may hold substances that may be hazardous to the health of your dog.

Some, such as BPA, may mimic hormones, which can lead to several health issues. Plastic is also easily scratched and may house germs as a result.

This material is not at all simple to clean. Some canines have a bad response to plastic and develop inflammation around their muzzles.

Ceramic is somewhat superior than plastic, yet it still has its drawbacks. Ceramics are weighty. This may be both beneficial and detrimental.

It protects your dogs from knocking it over, but it also makes it heavier, which might cause damage to your dishwasher. Additionally, ceramic is not as durable as other alternatives. It may fracture or break more readily if dropped.

Some ceramics are glazed with hazardous substances such as lead and other heavy metals. Ensure that the bowl you choose has a glaze that is free of lead.

The coating is necessary to maintain a clean bowl. Otherwise, the ceramic’s microscopic holes will contain microorganisms. These bowls are ideally made from stainless steel. It is resilient and will not fracture or shatter if dropped.

Frequently, it is also dishwasher-safe and simple to clean. The stainless steel’s grade is significant. 304, often known as 18/8 stainless steel, is the most prevalent food-grade stainless steel.

However, some inexpensive bowls use lower-grade stainless steel. This is not always negative, although it may damage the bowl’s quality. Bowls that aren’t dishwasher-safe are typically constructed of inferior stainless steel.

Additionally, avoid dishes labeled “pet use only.” Typically, they are produced using inferior materials that do not qualify as “food grade.”


Since you have a huge dog, you must choose a larger dish. However, the actual size of the bowl may vary. German Shepherds may vary in size, therefore you may need to change the size of the dish to accommodate your dog.

How often you feed your dog is also important. If you only feed your dog once per day, you may require a bigger dish than if you fed him three times each day.

Typically, the water dish should be rather large. Always provide dogs with access to clean water. Occasionally, the only way to guarantee this is to purchase a bigger dog dish.

Elevated Bowls?

There is much dispute around elevated dog bowls. Some individuals insistently propose elevated bowls. They reduce the strain on your pet’s neck and are ideal for senior dogs with movement concerns.

Moreover, the posture dogs adopt while eating from elevated bowls seems more natural to humans, thus it is only logical that we choose elevated bowls for our dogs.

However, there is evidence that elevated bowls may promote bloat, a serious illness that is especially prevalent in larger dogs. Due to this, several specialists recommend avoiding their use.

The majority of the evidence for bloat and elevated bowls comes from a 2000 research involving 1,637 dogs. They discovered that elevated feeding bowls contributed to 20% of bloat cases in big dogs and 52% of cases in large and gigantic breed dogs.

Obviously, this is an individual research. Some medical organizations continue to assert that elevated bowls reduce bloat, despite the lack of data to support this claim.

It may be in your best advantage to avoid elevated bowls, at least until additional research is available. Obviously, the final choice is totally yours. A higher dish may be advantageous for dogs with mobility challenges, since it reduces the pressure on their neck. Without exception, there is minimal need to use a higher bowl.

Facilitated Cleaning

You should clean your dog’s food dishes often. This avoids the accumulation of microorganisms, which might make your dog ill. Certain bowls are simpler to clean than others.

Stainless steel and dishwasher-safe items are likely the simplest. They may be simply cleaned or placed in the dishwasher for a brief cycle. You should steer clear of plastic dishes.

Plastic bowls with scratches may store germs and are difficult to clean. If the glaze holds up, ceramic bowls are a reliable option.  Once the glaze has flaked off, the bowl must be replaced since it can no longer be cleaned effectively.

In general, we advise avoiding bowls that cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher. Obviously, they are more difficult to clean, thus they should be avoided.


1. Are raised dog dishes OK for German Shepherds?

Unless your German Shepherd has arthritis or movement issues, it is probably best to use a standard bowl. It has been shown that elevated bowls increase the chance of bloat, a serious concern for bigger dogs.

Bloat is characterized by the accumulation of gas in your dog’s stomach, which finally cuts off blood supply to the surrounding tissues. This results in tissue death. Bloat is fatal and severe. Dogs may perish within twelve hours.

Fortunately, it is also quite amenable to surgical treatment. If your dog exhibits symptoms of bloat, it is imperative that you seek immediate medical attention. It is an urgent matter.

2. Are elevated dog bowls beneficial for German Shepherds?

Absolutely! This is mostly due to the fact that raised dog bowls are designed specifically for bigger dogs, who often experience discomfort while consuming food from normal dog bowls.

With raised dog bowls, your German shepherd never needs to reach too far down to eat or drink, which makes the bowls particularly beneficial for German shepherds with arthritis or other movement concerns.

3. Is it preferable to have elevated bowls?

Due to its multiple benefits, elevated dog bowls are often selected by pet owners.

The stand they are sitting on makes it more difficult for kibble to fall on the floor; instead, it falls on the stand, which is simpler to clean up.

4. How tall should the bowl for your dog be?

If you pick an elevated dog bowl, the top of the stand should align with the dog’s shoulders for maximum comfort. Large dogs, such as German shepherds, should have a bowl that is 15 to 20 inches tall as a general guideline, and this is a pretty general figure indeed.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes this article has helped you find the best German Shepherd dog bowl. The Loving Pets Bella Bowls Pet Bowl was our favorite of the bowls that we evaluated.

The stainless steel construction of this dish prevents it from harboring smells or microorganisms. It is dishwasher-safe and crafted from high-quality components.

Additionally, it is almost hard to break, which is always a bonus. The rubber on the bottom stops it from slipping and sliding as your dog eats and reduces clanking sounds.

Numerous bowls are offered for German Shepherds. Despite the fact that they seem extremely similar at first sight, there are several distinctions between them.

Hopefully, this post on the best dog bowls for German Shepherds helped you pick the best bowl for your German Shepherd after wading through a sea of options.

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