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The 12 Best Dog Belly Bands

We adore dogs, but sharing your house with one may sometimes be comparable to bringing a drunk frat boy home. They destroy objects, gobble all of your food, and defecate wherever they like.

We may not be able to assist with the first two issues, but one of the offered belly bands can assist with the third. Belly bands for male dogs act as diapers by wrapping around their waist, hiding their genitalia, and capturing pee before it can reach your carpet or furniture.

In any case, this is the intention, although some of them are essentially worthless. In the following evaluations, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will demonstrate the best dog belly bands and which will simply make the situation worse.

With our assistance, you can finally control the mess your dog leaves behind (getting rid of the drunken frat boy is still up to you, however).


Washable PlayaPup Dog Belly Bands

The PlayaPup Washable is constructed from a soft, stretchy material that applies soothing pressure without causing pain. The material is extremely flexible, so it will not hinder your dog’s freedom of movement. Additionally, the Velcro fastening allows you to tailor the fit.

There is space to add a liner if desired, but the band is machine washable, making it simple to clean if your dog has an accident. It dries fast (regardless of whether it got wet in the washing machine or in the line of fire), so it should be ready to be worn again shortly after being wet.

It’s also available in a range of vibrant designs, so your dog won’t feel self-conscious while wearing it.

If your dog is a “splooter” (meaning he rests flat on his stomach with his legs stretched behind him), the band will slip down his legs and will need to be readjusted. This does not affect all dogs and just takes a few seconds to remedy, therefore it is scarcely worth removing the PlayaPup Washable from the first place.


  • The stretchable fabric conforms to the shape of the dog.
  • Provides steady, mild pressure
  • Liner is elective
  • Machine-washable and quick-drying
  • Available in several hues


  • “Splooting” dogs can wiggle out of it.


Washable Paw Legend Dog Belly Bands

One inevitable consequence of utilizing a belly band is that it will be soiled with urine. Obviously, you’ll want to wash it when it does, but that means your dog will be free to run around while the bandana is in the washing machine.

Paw Legend addresses this issue by delivering you three bands for less than the price of a single band from other vendors.

However, this does not imply that they sacrifice quality; in fact, we believe this to be the greatest dog belly band for the money. Each band is simple to fasten and remains in place properly, and they are quite absorbent, so leaks should not be an issue.

Quite gentle and unlikely to bother your dog, the material is extremely comfortable. Instead, the major problem is the Velcro, which is overly strong. This makes it tough to remove each band for replacement, and the Velcro attracts all sorts of dust and hair.

In spite of this, the Paw Legends are an excellent bargain and genuine candidates for the top slot. However, the PlayaPup Washables are somewhat more convenient.


  • Excellent value for the cost
  • Three bands per package
  • Exceptionally silky fabric
  • Stay put securely
  • Extremely absorbing


  • Difficult to launch
  • Velcro traps a great deal of dirt and debris.


Premium Pet Parents Dog Belly Bands

If you believe that incontinence is more than a momentary issue, it may be worthwhile to invest in a higher-quality belly band, and the Pet Parents Premium is about as high-quality as it gets.

These bands have a pad sewed directly into the diaper, so you do not need to bother with disposable liners (or cleaning up leaks). The fabric is neither unpleasant nor crinkly, so your dog should have no trouble moving about in them.

The adjustable Velcro allows the bands to handle a few more pounds if you’ve been lavishing your dog with treats recently. It is also intended to neither pull nor trap fur, so there is less chance of harming your pet while you put it on.

Despite being machine-washable, they take an eternity to dry (which is one of the downsides to having a sewn-in pad). Additionally, the sizing runs somewhat small; thus, purchase one size larger than you believe you would need.

The Pet Parents Premiums are excellent belly bands, but it’s difficult to explain their price when the alternatives above are equally effective.


  • Insert sewed into the diaper.
  • The material doesn’t crumple
  • Simple to alter the size
  • Velcro will not pull out fur.


  • On the expensive side
  • Take a while to dry


Reusable Teamoy Belly Bands

The Teamoy Reusable includes a large Velcro strip on one side, letting you to put them on fast and effortlessly, even if you’re dealing with a wriggling dog. This also allows you to put them on securely, reducing the likelihood that they may fall off at an unsuitable time.

These bands were designed to prevent leaks since the central section has two layers of microfibre to absorb urine and prevent liquids from escaping. Additionally, the elastic borders prevent moisture from escaping from the sides.

Despite all of this focus on preventing leaks, the inside pad is shockingly thin. This restricts how much it can absorb, leaving the majority of the absorption to the microfibre. This is not ideal, since it will result in a highly drenched diaper when you remove it.

In addition, they may be hand- or machine-washed, however, we encourage hand-washing because they may shrink in the washer and dryer.

The Teamoy Reusable are competent bands that came close to becoming great. If they added a bit more thickness to the pee pads, they would likely rank higher on our list.


  • Two microfibre layers across the center
  • Elastic edges capture liquids
  • Large Velcro straps make these simple to don.
  • Washable by hand or machine


  • The pee pad is extremely thin.
  • Get moist after being used
  • Can shrink when washed in a machine.


Mkono Dog Belly Bands for Male Dogs

The Mkono is a very little band made for extremely small dogs, yet it may be tough to wrap it around their waists even for them. These belly bands for male dogs have very little give until they are washed, at which time the cloth sags.

This is most likely owing to their cotton composition. The good news is that this makes for a really comfy collar, so your dog shouldn’t be too unhappy about wearing one. Additionally, they are affordable enough that changing them shouldn’t be too difficult.

However, use caution during the summer, since they get exceedingly hot. Additionally, they do not have an absorbent pad, so you will need to purchase one separately.

The Mkonos are a fine alternative if you have a toy breed and are having trouble finding a band that fits, but in all other cases, we would recommend starting with one of our higher-ranked selections.


  • Ideal for little dogs
  • Made with supple cotton
  • Dogs do not appear to object to wearing them.


  • The fabric sags after being washed.
  • Become scorching throughout the summertime.
  • No absorbent pads are supplied.


Cuddle Bands Belly Bands for Male Dogs

Cuddle Bands are exceptionally thick and soft, so it should come as no surprise that they make cuddling with your dog more enjoyable for both of you. However, they have some significant problems that make it difficult to endorse them enthusiastically.

There are two installation methods for the pee pad (which is not included). You can insert it below the liner, which protects it from being chewed and holds it in place better, or you can place it on top of the liner, which is easier and less messy for you, but less effective.

Although the fabric is nice to the touch, it tends to pill after only a few washings, reducing the reusability of the pads. Additionally, the thickness makes it difficult to seal them, especially if your dog has a bit of a pooch.

These belly bands for male dogs are sufficiently large that dedicated chewers may readily remove them while they are still connected, so keep a close check on your pet when he is wearing one. Overall, although Cuddle Bands make it more enjoyable to cuddle with your dog, they are not durable enough to get a better rating.


  • The fabric is dense and plush
  • Multiple possibilities for pee pad installation


  • Fabric becomes pilled after only a few washes.
  • It is difficult to adequately seal them
  • Targets of preference for determined chewers


Washable EZwhelp Belly Bands

The EZwhelp Washables are a very inexpensive alternative, but they lack any design or flair, so we hope you don’t mind your dog looking like he just came out of a war zone.

Each set has eight bands, providing you excellent value for your money. However, there is a reason they can provide you with so many at such a low cost: each one is exceedingly thin. Consequently, you will need to catch your dog in the act every time, or else you will have to clean up after him.

On the exterior, they are totally white, which is perhaps not the greatest color for a cloth meant to absorb urine. Additionally, they attract a great deal of hair and grime.

The edges are serged to prevent leakage, but they are neither raised nor ribbed, thus the additional stitching is ineffective in keeping liquids in.

The EZwhelps may be a suitable option if you just want to use them for a short length of time, such as on a trip. If you anticipate using them for more than a week or two, though, you should invest a bit more money in something more durable.


  • Eight bands per order
  • Extremely affordable
  • Effective for short-term usage


  • Material is extremely thin
  • Not at all fashionable
  • The color white reveals pee stains.
  • Draw a great deal of soil.
  • Liable to spill around the sides


Alfie Pet Gaki Stomach Band

The Alfie Pet Gaki Bands are bright and adorable, qualities that your dog will surely love. On the other side, his owner will certainly be irritated by how frequently things move (and how they never seem to be in the right place when you really need them to be).

There’s a rubber ribbon on the inside that’s supposed to assist hold them in place, but it’s about as effective as a racing stripe. These bands continually slip and slide, especially if your dog is even somewhat active.

Moreover, they are surprisingly thin given their cost. This is partially due to the fact that you must add your own liner (which, considering the price, is unexpected), but don’t expect them to withstand a heavy stream. Don’t expect them to remain in place after a few wears since they expand with time.

We cannot disagree that the Alfie Pet Gaki Bands are lovely, but believe us when we say that they are far less adorable when they are dripping with dog urine.


  • Cute and vibrant designs


  • Not very stable in position.
  • Material is extremely thin
  • Unsuitable for energetic dogs
  • Tend to expand over time.
  • Expensive for what is received


Band Lillypet Belly

Before purchasing these bands from Lillypet, you must determine how much cuteness is valuable to you, just like you did with the Alfies previously.

They each include lovely symbols, such as an anchor or a teddy bear, and we cannot deny how adorable they appear on a dog. However, the sizing is off, so you may have to purchase many batches until you find one that fits your dog.

They are hardly durable since they disintegrate after a few washes. They become extremely slack around the waistline, causing you to tighten them as much as possible, which then causes them to dig into your dog’s skin. It’s not enjoyable for the owner or the animal.

Also, don’t even consider getting them for anything larger than a toy breed, because they run tiny. Our proposal is that you place one of the Lillypets on your dog, snap a photo, and then return them.


  • Look wonderful on dogs


  • Measurements are incorrect.
  • Too tiny for all breeds except toy
  • Deteriorate with frequent washings
  • Loosen up around the waistband
  • Too much tension might irritate the skin of a dog.


Investing in the PlayaPup Washable is a wise decision if you want to eliminate messes as fast as possible. It is thick but flexible and sufficiently comfy for your dog to enjoy wearing it. While it includes a built-in pad, you may add an additional liner for more protection.

With a Paw Legend, you may save money without losing much in terms of effectiveness. They are quite thick and absorbent, and they stay in place even on a busy dog.

No matter if you have a puppy or an older dog, cleaning up animal mishaps is unpleasant. Fortunately, these belly bands help alleviate some of the messiness. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that our evaluations have helped you choose the best dog belly bands so that you can both enjoy a clean, dry time together.

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