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The 12 Best Dog Beds For Pitbulls

If you own a pit bull, you know that this breed makes an excellent friend and enjoys being a member of the family. You also understand that there are a few factors to consider when it comes to creating a snug, comfy bed for your passionate, exuberant pit bull.

Your pit bull's bed should be spacious and durable enough to withstand their destructive chewing proclivity. Most essential, if your pit bull has any health difficulties, it must give the necessary assistance and relief.

It may be challenging to select the finest bed for your favorite pit bull because there are so many aspects to consider. Fortunately, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has listed the best dog beds for Pitbulls here.

From our top pick to the bottom, we've offered full assessments and exhaustive pros and drawbacks lists. Also, be sure you read the buyer's handbook. We'll help you understand which qualities create a high-quality bed before you make a purchase.



The Furhaven pet dog bed is our pick for the finest overall bed for your pitbull. It prioritizes your pit bull’s comfort by using high-quality materials, innovative features, and simple upkeep.

The entire bed is covered in a sumptuous micro velvet fabric that is extra-soft, smooth, and sensitive. The egg-crate foam foundation relieves pressure areas in your pit bull’s joints by appropriately dispersing body weight.

This 44-inch orthopedic foam bed is available in 11 different colors. The cover may be machine washed fully. Furhaven does caution, however, that this bed is not designed for dogs who chew excessively.

This dog bed has a soft hood cover that may be used as a tent for digging or as a blanket to sleep beneath.

Be advised that this bed may not be well-packaged for transportation and that quality control concerns may arise. The pole that holds up the cave feature may be crooked or broken.


  • Micro velvet fabric is plush.
  • Orthopedic foam egg-crate foundation
  • Size: large
  • Cover is machine washable.
  • Special feature of the hood blanket


  • Shipping packing is inadequate.
  • Concerns about quality
  • The tent pole may come crooked.



The Petmate self-warming bed was chosen as the finest dog bed for a pit bull on the market. With its Mylar inside layer, this bed has the unique characteristic of heat-reflecting technology.

Aside from the added warmth, your pit bull may enjoy cuddling into the imitation lambswool material that lines the interior and raised borders of this bed.

This lightweight bed has a non-skid bottom for use on smooth surfaces. We discovered that the red circle tread may easily slip off.

The treading may also come off in the washing since, given the absence of a detachable cover, you must wash the entire bed to keep it clean.

When your pit bull readjusts for comfort, the Mylar interior may make a crinkling sound. Also, if your pit bull stretches out too much, the elevated sides will flatten.


  • Heat-reflecting and self-warming technology
  • Material is a soft fake lambswool.
  • Raised bed sides for additional comfort
  • Non-slip base for smooth flooring


  • A crinkling sound is possible.
  • The bed’s sides may lose their form.
  • The bottom tread wears out.
  • Due to the lack of a detachable cover, cleaning is difficult.



We chose the Kuranda dog bed as our top recommendation for a pit bull dog bed because of its chew-proof robustness and sturdy design.

This elevated orthopedic bed is made of a lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum frame and stainless-steel fasteners that can withstand weights of up to 250 pounds.

The heavy-duty, 40-oz. solid vinyl fabric is available in five colors and has a proprietary pattern that conceals the fabric’s edges to deter chewing.

This smooth surface is easy to maintain and helps keep your pit bull dry and clean both indoors and outside.

The Kuranda dog bed is rather expensive. This bed, despite its increased price, is not unbreakable. Your pit bull, on the other hand, will have to work harder to harm it. A more crucial aspect is that your pit bull may dislike the vinyl fabric and refuse to use the bed.


  • Orthopedic support and comfort are provided by a raised bed.
  • Chew-proof toughness
  • Lightweight aluminum frame of aviation quality
  • Capable of supporting up to 250 pounds
  • There are five color options.
  • Vinyl fabric is simple to clean.


  • Expensive
  • The vinyl fabric may irritate your pit bull.
  • Not unbreakable


Long and prosperous

Consider the Long Rich pet bed’s reversible fabric pattern if you want your pit bull’s bed to change with the seasons. With a soft and cozy knitted corduroy fabric on one side, this bed is set for winter. Flip the bed inside out in the summer to expose a cool, silky imitation suede.

This rectangle bed features raised borders for a safe, snug feel and is densely filled. However, if your pit bull has joint problems, it may not be sufficiently helpful.

Furthermore, cleaning this product necessitates washing the complete bed, despite the fact that it is machine washable.

Keep in mind that if your pit bull is a voracious chewer, he or she will devour this soft bed. We’ve also learnt about problems with quality control.


  • Fabric that can be reversed for different seasons
  • Rectangular design with elevated sides that is comfortable.
  • Washable by machine
  • Inexpensive


  • Not suitable for pit bulls with joint problems.
  • There is no detachable cover.
  • Not recommended for vigorous chewers.
  • Some concerns with quality control


Join the Pet Club!

The Go Pet Club orthopedic pet bed is constructed of 100% memory foam and is ideal for pit bulls suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and joint and muscle stiffness.

The 4-inch depth of support provided by this rectangular mattress-like bed will provide relief to your pit bull’s joints and muscles. Memory foam retains its form and does not flatten over time.

The Go Pet Club bed has a waterproof inside cover to safeguard the memory foam’s integrity and a plush suede outer cover in four relaxing color options.

Both protective coverings include non-slip rubber bottoms and a zipper for simple cleaning removal. The suede fabric and memory foam are hypoallergenic for your delicate pooch.

Keep in mind that your pit bull may not enjoy the distinctive feel of the memory foam or the warmth provided by the suede fabric.

We discovered that some pit bulls preferred to rip this bed to tears rather than sleep on it. We also discovered a few inconsistencies in the waterproof cover’s efficacy.


  • 100 percent memory foam
  • Ideal for dogs that have joint and muscular problems.
  • There are two protective coverings.
  • Zippers for quick cover removal
  • Rubberized non-slip bottom
  • Material that is hypoallergenic


  • Some dogs dislike memory foam.
  • Suede fabric might be too hot.
  • It is not chew-proof.
  • A waterproof cover may be ineffective.



This rectangle Laifug orthopedic memory foam dog bed has two pillow-like bolsters on either end.

This bed is ideal for pit bulls that suffer from joint and muscular pain, since two different-sized cushions — 4.5 inches and 2.5 inches high, respectively — provide your dog with head and neck support as they sleep.

Over time, the two layers of ultra soft foam and orthopedic memory foam preserve their form and size.

The Laifug bed has two covers: a waterproof liner and a 100% microfiber cover. Both covers have several zippers for easy removal. Unfortunately, we observed that the zippers on this product are prone to breaking.

Some canines, notably pit bulls, appear to detest the rigid construction of this memory foam dog bed, like with all memory foam dog mattresses. Furthermore, this style of bed is not advised for chewers.


  • Two pillow bolsters for extra comfort
  • Memory foam for orthopedics
  • Ideal for dogs that have joint and muscular problems.
  • Two coverings, one of which is waterproof.


  • Some dogs dislike memory foam.
  • It is not chew-proof.
  • The zipper on the cover may break.


Ballistics for K9s

If your pit bull prefers a secure sleeping environment, choose the nest-like K9 Ballistics circular dog bed. This bagel or donut-shaped bed’s 360-degree bolster surrounds a soft center where your pit bull may huddle up in warm relaxation.

Despite being built of materials that are resistant to gnawing and digging, this bed is not chew proof. If your pit bull is a voracious chewer, he or she may turn this bed into a feast.

Otherwise, K9’s patented combination of 1680-denier rip-stop ballistic-nylon material is sturdy, resistant to debris, and washable.

However, if the cover is not detachable, you will have to wash the entire bed. However, the center may be removed to make it fit better in your washing machine. Also, keep in mind that this bed is more expensive than comparable goods on our list.


  • The design promotes security.
  • Comfortable bedding
  • Material that is resistant to gnawing and digging
  • The center is removable for simpler washing.


  • The design may not fit your dog’s sleeping habits.
  • It is not chew-proof.
  • There is no detachable cover included.
  • More pricey than comparable items



The AIPERRO dog bed’s flat design is a low-cost option that works well as a pad in your pit bull’s cage, extra padding on top of an elevated dog bed, in cars when traveling, or as a standalone bed.

This bed includes an anti-skid bottom and a plush velour, comfy top fabric to hold it in place. The robust fleece is built to last, but it will not last if your pit bull is determined to chew on it.

You can wash this mat-like dog bed in your washing machine to keep it clean, and it’s well-stitched to preserve its size and form even after several items of washing. Furthermore, the color should not fade.

Keep in mind that this dog bed is too thin to provide adequate padding and support for your pit bull.


  • Inexpensive
  • Various application possibilities
  • Anti-skid bottom/velour top fabric
  • Washable by machine


  • Too thin to provide enough support and cushioning
  • Not to be used as a primary bed.
  • It is not chew-proof.



Because pit bulls appreciate being near you, their adoring owner, you may as well get them a bed that you like and that suits your house decor.

The MPI wood dog bed is a wooden frame bed that looks like a human bed, but it is merely the frame – you must provide your own bedding.

This wooden bed is made of natural Baltic birch and is ready to be personalized by staining or painting it. The frame features cute cut-out motifs of paws and bones.

The headboard is 23 inches tall, and it will work best with a 36-inch by 24-inch mattress. Keep in mind that your pit bull can suit better as a puppy than as an adult.


  • Lovely wooden design
  • Made from genuine Baltic birch.
  • Simple to construct


  • There is no mattress included.
  • A full-grown pit bull may find it too tiny.


For the best dog beds for Pitbulls, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) picks the Furhaven 95529291 pet dog bed. With silky micro velvet fabric and an egg-crate orthopedic foam foundation, this bed is designed for comfort. The bed can accommodate a full-grown pit bull, and the cover is machine washable. The hood blanket on this bed may be used as a tent or a burrowing blanket.

We chose the Petmate 80137 Self Warming Beds since they were the greatest value. These beds provide remarkable self-warming, heat-reflecting technology at an affordable price. They’re also made of plush fake lambswool material, feature elevated bed sides for extra comfort, and non-skid bottoms for smooth flooring.

The Kuranda Dog Bed came in third place as our premium pick and the most chew-proof product on our list. This elevated bed provides orthopedic support and comfort for your pitbull. It includes an aircraft-quality aluminum structure that can support up to 250 pounds. This bed is available in five different colors, and its vinyl fabric is simple to clean.

Buyer's Guide

We hope that our reviews and lists of advantages and drawbacks have assisted you in finding the coziest, most comfy bed for your pit bull.

If you’re still undecided about which features and styles to choose, we’ve included this buyer’s guide to help you make a more educated decision.

Continue reading to find out what defines a high-quality dog bed and what elements you should consider before making a purchase.

Beds Aren’t Made for Eating!

When selecting a dog bed for your pitbull, keep in mind the breed’s unique demands and potential concerns. Their chewing habits should be at the top of the list. A ripped-up bed will not provide a restful night’s sleep or even suffice for an afternoon nap.

Though no bed is indestructible, the more durable the cover materials and bed structure, the less likely your pitbull would utilize their new bed as a chew toy.

Pit Bull Special Considerations

Second, pit bulls, more than many other breeds, are prone to joint problems, skin diseases, obesity, and hypothyroidism. Make sure your faithful buddy has a nice, well-supported cushion to lay their exhausted body on.

Our top dog beds for pit bulls list includes a selection of cushion inserts and design types that provide numerous methods to support your pit bull’s head, neck, and spine.

The Sleeping Habits of Your Dog Are Important

Consider your pit bull’s sleeping pattern while picking between a mattress-type memory foam bed, a nest-like bed, or a simpler mat. Bolsters and pillow-like elements are ideal for dogs that want to have their heads lifted and supported.

Flatbeds fit dogs who want to stretch out, but circular, bagel-shaped mattresses provide the required stability for an anxious pit bull. Consider whether your pit bull gets hot or cold when sleeping and choose bedding that provides the optimum temperature regulation.

A Dog Bed You’ll Both Appreciate

Finally, pit bulls are prone to separation anxiety and prefer to sleep in close quarters.

Because your pit bull will most likely be resting nearby in your bedroom or living room, consider the appearance of your pit bull’s bed as well as the convenience with which you may wash the cover materials.

Removable covers make cleaning and refreshing your pit bull’s bed a breeze. Furthermore, clean bedding lowers allergens that can harm your pit bull’s skin and overall health.

Your pit bull will appreciate a correctly sized bed created in a manner that meets his or her wants and tastes.

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