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The 7 Best Dog Bandanas Available In Different Sizes

While a human bandana can be repurposed, selecting the correct dog bandana for your dog has more usefulness than you might think, with varying sizing that is exclusive to canines. Dog bandanas can assist keep the sun off your dog during your next long walk, or they can be used to indicate when there is a special event, such as your dog's birthday or a holiday.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) looked for dog bandanas with high-quality materials, practical sizes, lovely patterns, and even options with no-knot closures.

Here are the best dog bandanas available in different sizes that we think you should buy.

What Should You Look for in a Dog Bandana?


  • To begin, measure your dog’s neck so that you can acquire the best fit for their bandana. There is no fixed standard or range for bandana sizes, so what one brand considers a “medium” may be an entirely different size for another. If you know your dog’s specific measurements, you can choose the perfect bandana length regardless of the indicated size.


  • It’s critical to choose the correct material for your dog’s bandana. Is the material breathable? Is it easy to clean, and is it too heavy for your dog to wear every day? Because they are constructed of more delicate materials or include logos or print that can come out in the washing machine, many bandanas are “spot clean only.” You will undoubtedly need to wash your dog’s bandana at some point, so make sure you understand how to do so.

How Is It Safe?

  • Dogs are extremely active and lively creatures who are constantly getting themselves into mischief when out exploring. As a result, you should always think about how the bandana is attached. Is it manually tied, has carabiners that connect, or is it fastened with a snap button? The last thing you want is for your brand-new dog bandana to fall off anywhere.

Final Decision

There is no replacement for quality when it comes to selecting a dog bandana.

Fortunately, due to the tiny size of these bandanas, paying a few dollars more can significantly increase the overall worth of the bandana.

If your dog is primarily an inside dog that doesn’t go out much, our overall favorite, The Foggy Dog, is the one to go because it has various styles that really stand out.

However, if you plan to spend a lot of time hiking and exploring the great outdoors, the green and earth toned bandanas from Native Instinct Co. will look beautiful as you both go along the route.

In the end, we appreciate that you picked BestForPets (bestforpets.org) among hundreds of other websites in order to read reviews of the best dog bandanas available in different sizes.

This article should have aided you in selecting the best product for your pet.


Bandanas for Gofshy Dogs 

  • Cotton fabric
  • Small (16 x 16 inches) and medium (16 x 24 inches) (18.5 x 18.5 inches)

What We Enjoy

  • A wide range of hues
  • Affordable

What We Dislike

  • Too large for little dogs

This six-pack of bandanas with traditional plaid prints provides so many alternatives that you’ll be able to wear them all year. Plus, they’re so cheap that you might wind up purchasing more than one six pack. They come in two sizes and are composed of breathable cotton. The small size is ideal for dogs with neck circumferences of 16 inches or less, while the medium size is ideal for dogs with neck circumferences of 21 inches or less.

MLB Reversible Dog Bandana from Pet First

  • Polyester is the material.
  • Small/Medium (9.5 x 6.5 inches) and large/x-large sizes are available (14.5 x 9.5 inches)

What We Enjoy

  • Affordable
  • The brand also sells bandanas for other sports.

What We Dislike

  • Because the logos on the bandana are fragile, it is not advised that they be machine washed.

It’s game day: you’re dressed in your favorite jersey, the food and drinks are ready, and the TV is tuned to the appropriate channel. Everyone appears to be prepared to watch the game…except your dog. This bandana line is incredibly inexpensive and allows your dog to show their support for your favorite team as well. The bandanas are also reversible, with the team emblem and name printed on both sides, so no matter which team you support, there’s a dog bandana for you (I mean, your dog).

Personalized Dog Bandana Emelivor

  • Polyester is the material.
  • Bandanas are available in one size (8.27 x 5.12 inches). The collar can be adjusted from 13 to 21 inches.

What We Enjoy

  • The ability to personalize and see how it appears online

What We Dislike

  • The bandana is only available in one size.

If you want a bandana that is completely unique to your dog, this personalized bandana is ideal for letting the world know how much you adore your canine. Plus, you might never have to answer the question, “What’s the name of your dog?” again. This plaid bandana features adorable patterns and clearly displays your dog’s name. It also includes a clip for easy attachment and removal from your dog. It also comes with an attached metal ring for attaching tags or id badges.


How do you tie a bandana around a dog’s neck?

There are several ways to knot your dog’s bandana, but a lot of it will depend on the sort of bandana you purchased. Many are made into triangle shapes, but if your bandana arrives as a square, fold it in half diagonally to produce a triangle. If your triangle bandana already has a thicker collar across the long side of the triangle (essential for tying), roll the long side of the triangle over on itself a few times to produce a harder edge of the triangle.

Next, select whether you want the bandana to hang in front, under your dog’s mouth, or around their back like a cape. Then carefully wrap the bandana over their neck, cross the ends over each other, tighten to the desired size, and tie the ends around themselves again, pulling to tighten. This double knot will keep it from unraveling. Finally, ensure that you can place at least two fingers between the bandana and your dog’s neck to provide for breathing space.

How often should a dog bandana be washed?

The short answer is when it begins to stink, but the complete explanation is more nuanced. How much abrasion does it endure on a daily basis? Does your dog enjoy getting messy in the mud or do they prefer to spend their time on the couch? If your dog is particularly active and prone to getting messy, wash or replace the bandana every two weeks or anytime it appears soiled. If your dog isn’t as active and prefers to relax, you should only change it once a month. Another good rule of thumb: If you think it’s time for your dog to get a bath, it’s also a good time to switch out bandanas.

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