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The 10 Best Dog Balls

If your dog enjoys playing with toys, they likely already have an amazing collection. Dogs have enjoyed playing with a ball since their domestication. Companies have gone a long way from tennis balls that are plain and uninteresting. They are currently available in a variety of colors, materials, noisemakers, and functionality options. The possibilities are endless.

To provide you a fast overview, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has created a list of reviews of the best dog balls. Your dog is well on their way to enhancing playtime, and you may be mentally ready to join them.


Kong UB1 Extreme Ball Dog Toy

The Kong UB1 Extreme Ball Dog Toy is the victor in this instance. It is composed of an extremely durable, impenetrable substance, allowing your dog to chew all day without causing any damage.

This durable rubber can compete with the best of them. Some dogs adore chewing, and they are quite skilled at it. This Kong is the monarch, maintaining its position with incredible dexterity.

This ball is available in small and medium/large sizes. This might aid with size, as you do not want to purchase a ball that is too large for your child to enjoy. It is also an extremely bouncy ball, making it ideal for dogs that enjoy playing fetch or chasing it as it bounces around.

The product we evaluated is intended for medium/large breeds and has dimensions of 3″ x 3″ x 3″. While it is “almost indestructible,” there are dogs who will not give up until they have won the battle. While extremely hardy and resilient, it will eventually meet its equal.

We believe this is the most durable, bounce-friendly, and reasonably priced ball on the list.


  • Almost indestructible
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Excellently buoyant
  • Offered in two sizes


  • Not 100% everlasting


Unique Fetch Squeaker Balls

The pack of Unique DFB-S-8 Dog Fetch Squeaker Balls is our third-best option. While it may be a more expensive addition, you certainly get what you pay for. It includes 18 balls in a mesh bag for storage. Each one features an animal print, such as a cheetah, tiger, and zebra.

They are tennis balls made of felt and rubber that have squeakers. Each one is extremely aerodynamic and lightweight. This will encourage your dog to chase and retrieve. Even if the substance is non-toxic and healthy for your pet, you do not want your pet to consume it.

If your dog has strong jaws or a strong will, it may be able to chew through things pretty rapidly. However, you have 18 more balls, allowing you to play for a considerable amount of time. It may be worthwhile for you to pay a somewhat greater fee upfront if you are willing to do so.


  • 18-pack
  • Elegant designs
  • Non-toxic
  • Squeaker within


  • More costly
  • Simple to demolish


Nerf Dog Checker Squeak Ball

Additionally, this Nerf Dog 8908 Checker Squeaker ball is a good choice. If your dog enjoys chasing balls, this toy is ideal for fetch. It is composed of extremely durable rubber and has a design that makes it simple for your pet to grasp.

It is extremely dog-friendly, as it is non-toxic, BHA-free, and authorized by the FDA. So, if your friend unintentionally consumes a few pieces, it will not hurt them. Additionally, it is water-resistant, so kids may play in the pool without the squeaker breaking.

They also come in several color and size options. You may read to determine which one would fit your dog’s mouth best for optimal play. The package’s small plastic ties linking the product to the packaging are a noticeable drawback, as their removal might leave behind sharp spikes.


  • Grooves for grip
  • Non-toxic
  • Water-resistant
  • Various hues


  • Abrasive plastic


Wobble Wag Dog Giggle Ball

This Wabble Wag WD0711014 Giggle Ball is a one-of-a-kind product that your pet will surely adore. When the ball is shaken, it begins to make “giggle” sounds. The noises will completely captivate any playful dog, promoting play. It features a design that makes it simple for your pet to grasp.

They also offer a glow-in-the-dark option for an additional few dollars. The best aspect is that it operates without batteries. The ball is constructed with tubular sections that function as a noisemaker as it moves.

The ball is comprised of softer rubber, which may not be appropriate for all dogs. If your pet is an aggressive chewer, this ball might be easily dismantled. Keep your eyes peeled. If they consumed certain internal organs, a veterinarian visit may be necessary.


  • No batteries essential
  • A noisemaker to promote play
  • In a variation that glows in the dark as well


  • Possibly hazardous if it breaks apart.


Pet Qwerks Blinky Babble Ball

The Pet Qwerks BLBB1 Blinky Babble Ball is certain to fascinate inquisitive dogs of all breeds. This ball requires batteries, but the first set is supplied. It will automatically switch off after periods of inactivity to preserve energy.

It emits over 18 distinct noises and illuminates an abundance of interactive play. The shell is composed of sturdy plastic and rubber, making it highly robust. It is perfect for dogs with impaired hearing or vision since the noises and lights assist them in detecting it.

This may not be the greatest ball for dogs to catch in their mouths, as it is quite tough. It might easily shatter a tooth that is fragile. Additionally, it is a motion detector, which means that anything can trigger the ball. There is no volume control, and it is very loud. Therefore, it may not be the greatest alternative for owners who are easily agitated.


  • Makes over 18 sounds
  • Suitable for pets with visual or hearing impairments
  • Automatically turns off while not in use.


  • No means to lower the loudness
  • Easily engaged
  • Impossible to capture


Chew King Fetch Balls

These Chew King CM-2064-CS01 Fetch Balls are a ball launcher accessory. However, they can function as an excellent assortment of individual rubber balls for severe play. They come in multipacks with a range of sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your dog.

This particular bundle had eight balls stored in a mesh bag. The rubber is extremely durable and features a ventilation hole for intense fetching. When used in conjunction with the throwing device, it is effective.

They do not smell strongly of rubber chemicals and are safe for chewing. Although these balls are designed to withstand even intense chewing, certain dogs may still destroy them. Additionally, they have some weight to them. Therefore, without the thrower, it may not be the most practical for hand-throwing.


  • Multiple-package option
  • Mesh bag provided.
  • Durable rubber


  • Somewhat weighty
  • May not withstand strong chewing.


Snug SNRDB3P Rubber Dog Balls

These Snug SNRDB3P Rubber Dog Balls are extremely upfront about the fact that they are not ideal for big dog breeds. This size might easily become lodged in the throat, providing a risk of choking. Aside from that, smaller dogs might enjoy playing with this ball quite a bit. It is composed of natural rubber and has a surface that is very simple to clean.

They are touchably smooth, with no outside roughness, grips, or perforations. This is both a pro and a con. As stated previously, the ball is slick and can easily enter the throat. If you are attempting to remove the ball, you may not be able to obtain a firm grip, resulting in a blocked airway.

Although the price is reasonable and the balls are effective for tossing, extra caution is urged because bad conditions can be fatal.


  • Durable material
  • All-natural rubber


  • Extreme danger of choking for bigger breeds


Hyper Pet 0082EA Tennis Balls

These Hyper Pet 0082EA Tennis Balls are available in the colors green, orange, and pink. These tennis balls are the same size as typical tennis balls and represent the traditional technique of playing fetch. The vibrant colors aid in locating them if they disappear into a bush or elsewhere.

They are non-toxic and non-abrasive, allowing your dog to catch them without harming its teeth. Hyper Pet makes it quite clear that these balls should not be considered chew toys. Therefore, they can disassemble rapidly and provide a choking danger.

While the material is soft, it also sheds, so take care that the animal does not swallow it.


  • Multi-colors
  • 4-packs
  • Great for fishing


  • Materialization
  • Not to be chewed
  • Separates with modest effort


EXPAWLORER Unbreakable Dog Balls

Twelve EXPAWLORER Dog Rubber Indestructible Balls are available in this bargain pack. They are not as indestructible as they promise to be. These balls are ideal for little dogs who do not chew. Larger breeds might potentially choke on the balls because of their size.

If you have a vigorous chewer, it would appear that these balls are even less durable than tennis balls. They will separate. They would be ideal for playful dogs who enjoy playing fetch. Or dogs that like to hoard their toys and play with them seldom.

Since they are a discount pack, they may be worthwhile if you have a mild-mannered pet, but don’t be fooled by the name. It is not what it claims to be.


  • Value pack


  • Misleading name
  • Not for huge breeds
  • Fewer resilient than tennis balls
  • Not for average to strong players

Buyer's Guide

When deciding on a new ball to add to your dog’s collection, you must consider a number of factors. Not only will you want durability to ensure that it lasts, but you will also want to maintain your pet’s interest. A collection of nearly identical balls may get monotonous after a time. Adding a fresh and intriguing feature can make the expenditure worthwhile.

Destruction Level

Every dog has its own way of playing. Some of them are on a quest to destroy every toy they encounter. Others may hoard them in their bed or elsewhere, preferring that nobody else touch them. Before purchasing a ball, you should consider which of these categories your pet belongs to so that you know how long it will last and what is safe.

Destroyer Dog

This dog is bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm to destroy the newest toy. They will not cease until they possess the ball. They are the kind who rip the squeaker out of a soft plush toy or destroy a teddy animal within minutes of receiving it.

For this sort of excessively lively dog, you will need a ball that can withstand pressure. Due of the danger that might be caused by ingesting little bits, you will not want to give them one that breaks apart easily. This can result in a clogged digestive system. When this occurs, it might prompt a quick trip to the veterinarian.

If you own a dog that fits this description, I’m sure you’ve heard this song and dance before. Functional internal components like as squeakers, lights, and metal bits can be found in the center of some balls. It can be costly and even fatal if they consume these components.

The Furry Fetch

This breed of dog possesses boundless activity. You could toss the ball for them for hours and they would not tire. They would far prefer to be pursuing the ball than rest down for a short bite.

Unlike the other dog, it may take this one far longer to wear out a ball. They will derive far more pleasure from the activities and workouts. While it may be secure from utter annihilation, you will need one that meets your requirements. Some will be more accommodating than others.

They desire the bounce. They wish to evaluate their agility and quickness. A rubber ball that is too heavy to be aerodynamic will not captivate them as much. It will likely become another toy in the corner that is never played with.

Collecting Dog

This dog is significantly more slow-moving, sluggish, and even haughty. They desire their toys but have little interest in playing with them. If you throw or roll the ball, they may simply gaze at you blankly. Alternatively, they may collect it silently and return it to its proper location without acknowledging your enthusiasm.

If there are other animals around, they may prevent them from touching their ball. They may discover a hiding place or conceal it neatly in their sleeping room or kennel. They are the type of dog you can observe but not touch.

This is not to say that kids will not benefit from having toys. They may greatly like the broad options available. This dog is likely a collector, similar to children who stored their GI Joes, Barbies, or Beanie Babies in boxes or containers. The advantage of this is that you won’t need to replace anything frequently, if ever.

Material Employed

You may get balls made of almost any material imaginable. However, the fact that it is designed for a dog does not mean that your dog must play with it. Certain materials are more suitable for various dog sizes, ages, and dispositions.


Rubber may be the most popular material, particularly for larger or more destructive dogs. They are more durable than others and are not harmful to teeth. Air-filled rubber balls are available, which can burst if your dog has a strong bite. They can be made of firm rubber so that your dog can chew all day without difficulty. Alternatively, they can be stuffed with squeakers, lights, noisemakers, or other play aids.


These sorts of balls are ideal for toy and tiny breeds. Even if they did not aim to, medium- to large-sized breeds might readily destroy them. They may be stuffed with sewing filling or contain squeakers. They are also cat toys, so your purchase has a dual use.


This sort of material will not withstand intense chewing. These balls are often quite delicate and will shred if your dog attempts to chew them apart. A suitable candidate is therefore a smaller, calmer dog with less biting force. An older dog may also benefit from this. It will be soft enough for their rotting teeth, preventing them from losing any or experiencing agony.


These balls are comprised of interlaced rope, similar to a ball of yarn. They are often rather difficult. Numerous dog breeds would have little difficulty chewing them. However, if you have a “destroyer dog” as we said previously, they might perhaps unravel the rope and devour it. Having thread or rope in the digestive tract is a dangerous thing, so make sure your dog is responsible beforehand.

Internal Elements

Just as you may choose a ball for any purpose, the same holds true for the contents of the ball. There are several possibilities, however, some may be preferable for your dog. And, let’s face it, if you must continuously hear it, you will prefer one that is healthier for you.


This is destined to become an instant classic. What dog wouldn’t want to destroy a ball to get to the treats? Certain ones may be stuffed with delectable food to keep them entertained for hours. At least for a few minutes at a time!


This is perhaps the most often used internal component. Nothing excites canines more than the sound of an old-fashioned squeak when they bite. They may not last long before popping, but while they do, they are exciting.


While less common, bells may also be entertaining. They may not be ideal for a dog that may easily dismember them. Consuming a little, jingling noisemaker may need a trip to the veterinarian.


Different colored flashing lights are certain to get your dog in the mood to play. They may find strobe lights with a noisemaker much more amusing. Be mindful of this if your pet attempts to consume everything, as some of things require batteries.


You should select a size that is neither too large nor too little for your dog’s mouth. If a little dog cannot fit a large ball into its mouth, the ball is of little use. Especially when ordering online and unable to see or touch the ball, size suggestions are essential.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org)  sticks by our top pick, the Kong UB1 Extreme Ball Dog Toy, despite the fact that we have a number of enticing options. It has an exceptional bounce, is ideal for playing fetch, and stands up well against teeth. It will be well worth the money if your dog is a moderate to strong chewer, and it will quickly become a favorite toy.

Unique DFB-S-8 Dog Fetch Squeaker Balls are ideal if you are willing to pay the price. Even if they may not be as resistant to the gnawing, the 18 options make it worthwhile. They are fashionable and perfect for fetching. If the higher initial expense does not deter you, these balls can give your dog a spring in its stride.

Obviously, everything boils down to personal choice. You know your dog better than anybody else, and depending on their play style, you can make a decision. Hopefully, one of the best dog balls is already in your purchase basket.

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