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The 9 Best Dog Anxiety Vests

Whether it's due to thunderstorms, fireworks, or the prospect of being alone, some dogs suffer from severe anxiety attacks, and a thundershirt is really helpful. There is nothing more terrible than seeing your cherished dog quiver, tremble, and hide while knowing you can do nothing to assist.

This is not necessarily the case, though. A quality anxiety dog vest can help your dog remain calm and collected, regardless of what is occurring outside. Similar to swaddling a newborn, the concept is that by applying steady, soft pressure to your dog's chest, you will induce a relaxing effect.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will discuss the best dog anxiety vests in the following reviews.


Surgi Snuggly Original EC Dog Vest – Overall Winner



The Surgi~Snuggly Original wasn’t explicitly created to be an anti-anxiety dog vest, but it’s amazing for calming down tense dogs.

The vest was designed as an alternative to an E-collar, as it may be worn over a dog’s body after surgery to prevent licking, and it works well.

The material is very breathable and elastic, allowing it to adhere to your dog without causing them to overheat.

It comes in a number of sizes, allowing you to pick one that precisely suits your dog. There are also other color options available.

Caution is advised if your dog is a chewer, as the cloth is delicate. If you let your dog to chew on the vest, it might be destroyed in a matter of minutes.

This is not a common issue, though, so we saw no cause to penalize the SurgiSnuggly Original too severely. It is still a lock for the number one slot on our list.


  • The fabric is permeable
  • Numerous size choices
  • Available in different hues
  • Good for dogs recuperating from surgery


  • Not recommended for heavy chewers


WINBATE Adjustable Dog Anxiety Jacket – Best Value



You may attach a leash to the WINBATE Adjustable‘s robust D-ring on the rear if you’re attempting to maintain your dog’s composure throughout walks. There is also a nylon handle for when things go out of control.

The reflective piping along the sides and on the top guarantees that your dog will be visible even after the sun has set, allowing you to walk them at any time of day.

The Velcro straps on the neck and chest make putting it on pretty straightforward. This also makes it easy to tailor the pressure, ensuring your dog stays tight without becoming strangled.

The polyester fabric creates a superb windbreaker, guaranteeing that your dog won’t freeze once the mercury lowers. However, this may make the jacket quite warm in the summer. It also tends to run tiny, so larger breeds may need something bigger.

However, the WINBATE Adjustable has several positive attributes, including an affordable price. It’s not quite enough to take the top place, but it does earn our title of “Best Dog Anxiety Vest for the Money.”


  • Good for walks
  • Reflective stripes on the sides and top
  • Makes an excellent windbreaker
  • Easy to put on and adjust


  • Perhaps too hot for summer usage
  • Typically runs tiny


Thundershirt Sport Dog Anxiety Vest – Exceptional Selection



The Thundershirt Sport, manufactured by the most well-known producer of dog calming wraps, should perform a good job of relaxing your dog, but you’ll pay more for the brand name.

Our raincoat is one of the most comfortable vests on this list and can be worn all day. This is useful during all-day thunderstorms or on the Fourth of July, when the scary sounds never cease.

It may also be of great assistance with separation anxiety, as you can apply it to your dog before you leave for work to keep them quiet during the day, hence lowering the likelihood that you will return home to a house filled with ruined furniture.

The thunder jacket is well-made and long-lasting, so although it is pricey, it should last you for years, making it a worthy investment.

Our primary concern is that it is cut in such a way that it may interfere with male dogs’ urination. It will not prevent them from urinating, but it may absorb some of the stream, which is unpleasant to deal with.

If you can afford it (and don’t mind cleaning it), the Thundershirt Sport is among the finest anxiety vests available. This model is ranked third on this list because we believe there are comparable models available at a cheaper price.


  • Extremely relaxing
  • Suitable for continuous usage
  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Beneficial for reducing separation anxiety


  • Rather costly
  • May interfere with male dogs’ ability to urinate


American Kennel Club Anxiety-Relieving Dog Vest



This product from the American Kennel Club will likely require some trial and error to figure out, but once it’s properly attached, you should experience immediate relief from your dog’s nervousness.

It functions similarly to a baby’s swaddle in that it provides a substantial amount of steady, secure pressure, but it is difficult to apply. However, the fabric is soft and elastic, and it can be readily folded and packed for travel.

Additionally, it stays in place as your dog moves. It should not shift or bunch, so even if your dog attempts to squirm beneath the bed, he or she will remain comfy. We appreciate that it can be machine-washed.

This vest is not appropriate for longer-bodied dogs due to the restricted amount of fabric, which forces you to choose between exerting greater pressure or covering more of your dog’s torso. Additionally, it tends to stretch with time, so do not anticipate it to endure forever.

The American Kennel Club produces a high-quality anxiety vest, but the fact that it is difficult to put on led us to rank it lower.


  • Cozy and comforting
  • Packing ease for trip
  • Remains still when the dog moves
  • Machine washable


  • Impossible to put on
  • Unsuitable for canines with lon


Calming Shirt M-S Canine Anxiety Vest



The Mellow Shirt is one of the most user-friendly anxiety jackets we’ve discovered; you can put it on your dog in a matter of seconds, even if they’re wriggling the entire time.

The fabric is lightweight and breathable, so your dog may wear it throughout the year without overheating. It is an excellent solution for dogs in warm regions.

It is identical to the Thunder shirt for dogs described above, with the exception that there is no second flap over the belly. This enables for a quicker application, but restricts the amount of pressure that may be applied. Therefore, the Mellow Shirt is more suitable for dogs who do not suffer from acute anxiety.

The cloth is not particularly durable and attracts dog hair like a magnet. However, its thinness makes it simple to put in the glove box if your dog becomes anxious during vehicle journeys.

The Mellow Shirt is an okay substitute for a Thundershirt, but it cannot match the performance of that other brand.


  • Extremely simple to don
  • Suitable for warmer climates
  • Great for automobile storage


  • Can exert just a limited amount of force
  • Not suitable for very stressed dogs
  • Magnetically attracts dog hair


ZIFEIPET Anxiety Dog Vest Relief Jacket



If your dog carries around a large lot of stress, the ZIFEIPET Relief Jacket can help alleviate some of that anxiety.

As your dog moves, a series of little massage nodes are meant to calm and soothe it. We do not know if this reduces anxiety, but dogs certainly appear to like the sensation.

Simply fasten it using Velcro around your dog’s tummy and chest, and it’s on. The material is stretchy, so it should provide mild pressure without strangling your dog.

However, it is difficult to modify the fit, and no matter what you do, it sits uncomfortably. If your dog moves around a lot while wearing it, it will likely get completely crooked.

The size is also not particularly useful, as it divides all canines into four distinct categories. Expect a less-than-ideal fit straight out of the box, and if you have a really large dog, this item probably won’t fit at all.

The Velcro is strong, which may seem like a positive thing until you realize how much of your dog’s fur it removes. Constantly losing your hair cannot be helpful for your anxiety.

The ZIFEIPET Relief Jacket has a few positive qualities, but its drawbacks eventually outweigh its advantages.


  • Nodes of massage flowing down the back
  • Simple to wear
  • Provides mild pressure


  • Difficult to customize fit
  • Not useful is sizing
  • Won’t fit extremely huge dogs
  • Velcro tears out fur


Xdog Weight & Fitness Dog Anxiety Vest



The Xdog Weight & Fitness Vest is ideal for the ambitious dog who is always seeking new ways to achieve. Sadly, if the dog suffers from anxiety, this vest will not be of much assistance.

It is designed to be used with weight bags to challenge and improve the physical fitness of dogs. Many individuals also use it to cure anxiety since it fits so closely to the dog’s body and offers moderate weight.

It is difficult to suggest it for that reason alone. For starters, it’s pricey, and you could get a specialized anxiety jacket for a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, you must provide your own weights, which is annoying regardless of the reason for your purchase. Be cautious while adding weight, as the stitching is quite flimsy.

Your dog will feel like a million bucks while wearing it, and it looks absolutely fantastic. Regardless of whether it is sufficient to warrant the price, it is a great bonus.

The Xdog Weight & Fitness Vest is an outstanding piece of equipment that belongs in the armory of active dog owners; but, if you’re searching for an anxiety vest, you should seek elsewhere.


  • Can increase weight to boost the fitness of a dog
  • Looks amazing


  • Not ideal for anxiety relief
  • Unreasonably pricey
  • Must furnish their own weights
  • The stitching is poor


BINGPET Plaid Dog Calming Vest



The BINGPET Plaid is ideal if you want your pet to appear fashionable even when they’re anxious. However, the vests are too tiny and the Velcro isn’t strong enough to hold them in place, so they are likely to slip off before they can be effective. In seconds, escape artists will be able to circumvent it.

Due of the fabric’s great lightness, it cannot exert much pressure, therefore defeating its primary function. Thankfully, it will remain cool during the heat wave.

It is machine-washable, however the cover has a tendency to pull off after a few washes. It’s unfortunate that the plaid outside is the finest feature about this item.

The BINGPET Plaid is a gorgeous coat that will make your dog the envy of all the other canines in the area, but their envy will likely dissipate when they witness how ineffectual it is during a rainstorm.


  • Attractive exterior plaid
  • Excellent for warmer climates


  • Velcro is insufficient to hold it in place
  • Easy for dogs to escape from
  • After being cleaned, peels
  • Doesn’t offer much pressure


Dog Anxiety Fragralley Coat



If you live in a region with a lot of rain and snow, the Fragralley Dog Coat is an excellent method to keep your dog dry and toasty during walks. However, if the thunder becomes more intense, the thunder shirt for dogs will have little effect on your pet’s uneasiness.

The coat is composed of water- and wind-resistant nylon, so it is impervious to the elements. There is also a removable hood that may be utilized to keep their head dry.

Obviously, very few dogs would allow you to place a hood over their heads, so this function is primarily aesthetic. Even for an anxiety vest, the garment is fairly snug, and bigger dogs may find it unpleasant.

However, it is not much better for smaller mutts. It makes it difficult for them to move about and tends to engulf them.

This is obviously clear just by looking at it, yet it cannot be worn year-round. Putting it on in the summer would cook your dog, which would be detrimental to his anxiety levels.

The Fragralley Dog Coat is ideal if you want something to keep your dog dry and warm. As an anxiety jacket, though, it is subpar.


  • Keeps dogs dry and toasty
  • Hood is removable


  • Minimal effect on reducing anxiety
  • Inconveniently snug
  • Many canines cannot tolerate hoods
  • Too warm for summer use

Guide to Purchasing: Anxiety Dog Vest

Many dog owners are unaware that dog anxiety vests exist, much alone how to choose one. If you’re on the market for anything to keep your dog’s anxiety under control, the questions you should ask regarding anxiety vests are outlined below.

How Do They Function?

Anxiety vests fit securely over the chest of your dog, applying consistent, mild pressure. According to study, this pressure induces the release of relaxing endorphins, which counterbalance the stress reaction. Some are even weighted to increase the force exerted.

Essentially, it is like to giving your dog a constant embrace. Who wouldn’t respond positively?

What Should I Look for in a Dog Vest for Anxiety?

In large part, the answer to this question will depend on what causes your dog’s stress reaction. If your dog is triggered by events occurring outside the home, you will need a vest that is suited to your climate. This may necessitate buying various alternatives and switching them out as the seasons change.

For an indoor vest, the material is significantly less crucial; all that counts is that it’s comfortable. Cotton wraps are typically the best option since they can be tailored to give adequate pressure while allowing your dog to breathe.

The style is an additional factor to consider, although this depends more on your own taste than on your dog’s. Some vests are rigid and secure with buckles, similar to life jackets. This makes them easy to put on, but may make it challenging to apply pressure where it is needed.

Others are more wrap-like and attached with Velcro; these might be difficult to work out but are frequently the most effective compression garments.

What are the indications that my dog has anxiety?

Anxiety signals can vary from dog to dog, and not all dogs will exhibit all conceivable behaviors. However, there are often a few points to consider:

  • Whimpering
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Cowering
  • Attempts to conceal/restlessness
  • Having wet themself
  • Unanticipated hostility
  • To tuck the tail
  • Too much barking
  • Drooling
  • Panting
  • destructive conduct
  • Repetitive or obsessive actions

Some of these behaviors are also indicators of a more serious issue, so it’s always better to visit your doctor before trying to cure your dog’s anxiety problem on your own.

What Circumstances Typically Cause Dog Anxiety?

Again, it depends depend on the dog, as some may manage seemingly stressful circumstances with ease only to fall utterly undone in a seemingly benign setting.

However, typical causes include:

  • Thunder
  • Fireworks/gunshots/loud sounds in general
  • Travel
  • Being left alone
  • encountering new individuals or species
  • New locales and conditions

Age can also cause anxiety in certain dogs. If this is the case, you should visit your veterinarian, since age-related anxiety may indicate cognitive dysfunction syndrome.

What more can I do to calm my dog?

That depends on the particular trigger. Some anxiety, such as those that occur from meeting new people or visiting unfamiliar areas, can be addressed by progressive exposure and socializing.

Others are more difficult to address, particularly those involving highly unpredictable phenomena such as thunder or fireworks, where even thunder shirts for dogs have limited effectiveness.

If you feel that your dog’s unique anxiety may be addressed, you can begin introducing them to the situation gradually. It is helpful if they wear their anxiety vest in advance to maintain emotional control.

Expose them gradually to the person or circumstance that causes their anxiety, and make sure to praise and reward them constantly. Increase their exposure gradually, taking care not to overload them.

This is a technique that will take a long time and a significant deal of effort to accomplish, so don’t expect miracles fast.

Consider consulting your veterinarian about administering anti-anxiety medicine to your dog. It is not always the best solution, but for dogs with serious difficulties, it may be an essential component of an all-encompassing therapy approach.


Our favorite vest is the SurgiSnuggly Original because the material is lightweight, breathable, and provides ideal pressure. Additionally, it can replace electronic collars for post-operative dogs.

Consider WinBate Tuning for a model at a lower cost. It has reflective piping on the sides and back, making it ideal for walks, and it provides ample weather protection.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our visitors for selecting our website to learn about and research the best dog anxiety vests.

It can be hard to find an anti-anxiety shirt that actually calms your dog, but we hope that our reviews have taken some of your worries away.

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