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17 Best Diabetic Cat Foods In Canada

Diabetes is not just a human disease; cats can have it as well. According to some estimates, up to 2%1 of the feline population has diabetes.

Since obesity is a risk factor for diabetes and 30–35% of cats2 are considered fat, it’s no wonder that diabetes is so prevalent.

If your cat has been diagnosed with this disease, know that it is not fatal. Your cat, on the other hand, can have a long and healthy life with therapy and a correct diet, and may even go into remission3.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) can assist you if you're looking for the best food to help your cat's condition.

Continue reading for our recommendations of the best diabetic cat foods in Canada, but remember to contact with your veterinarian before making any changes to your cat's diet.


Wellness Complete Beef & Chicken Pate – Best Overall

  • Beef, chicken liver, chicken, chicken broth, carrots are the main ingredients.
  • 10.0% protein content
  • 5.5% fat content
  • 384 calories per can

If you’re looking for the best diabetic cat food in Canada, Wellness Complete’s Beef & Chicken pate is a popular choice.

This wet meal contains fewer carbohydrates than the normal cat food, which is ideal for diabetic cats because high carbohydrate feeds can induce blood sugar rises.

Furthermore, the first ingredient is a high-quality protein, which is another requirement for diabetic diets. This pate’s ingredients include lean beef, healthy fats, and fruits, with no wheat, artificial flavoring, or preservatives.

Cranberries will help your cat’s urinary health, while the antioxidants in carrots may help enhance their immune system.


  • Carbohydrates are scarce.
  • There is no artificial flavoring.
  • There are no preservatives.
  • High-quality protein
  • Urinary tract assistance


  • High fat content


Tender Favorites Meow Mix Best Value Cat Food

  • Tuna, fish broth, ocean fish, shrimp, and soybean oil are the main ingredients.
  • 12.0% protein content
  • 1.8% fat content
  • 57 calories per 100g

Having a pet with a health issue like diabetes may be very expensive, therefore Meow Mix’s Tender Favorites should fit into your budget if you’re looking for the best diabetic cat food in Canada for the money.

This case of 24 2.75-ounce trays contains authentic tuna and shrimp tastes that many cats prefer. This meal has been carefully balanced to provide kittens and adults with 100% complete nourishment.

It contains high-quality protein and comes in a convenient serving tray. This mix contains critical vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12 to assist enhance your cat’s immune system and D3 to promote bone growth and maintenance.

Because it is strong in protein and low in fat, this low-carb wet food is ideal for diabetic cats.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • High protein content
  • Fat content is low.
  • Vitamin fortification


  • Trays are compact.


Premium Choice Wysong Epigen 90 Cat Food

  • Chicken meal, organic chicken, meat protein isolate, chicken fat, and gelatin are the main constituents.
  • 63.0% protein content
  • 16.0% fat content
  • 363 calories per 100 g

Wysong may not be a well-known cat food brand, but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss it.

This starch-free formula has a low carbohydrate content but a high protein content, which is great for diabetic cats because high protein meals can lower insulin levels.

It’s made with real organic chicken and is made with a patent-pending extrusion process that’s designed to provide your pet with the diet he or she was biologically designed to eat.

This mix is high in omega fatty acids and produced with just FDA-approved components to improve your cat’s coat and skin health.

The sole disadvantage of this food is that it is only available in kibble form. Canned food is recommended by PetMD for diabetic cats.


  • Protein content is extremely high.
  • Carbohydrates are scarce.
  • Real organic chicken was used in this recipe.
  • Similar to your cat’s ancestral diet


  • Very expensive
  • Only dry food is offered.


DM Dietetic Management for Cats by Purina Veterinary Diets – Vet’s Choice

  • Meat byproducts, water, chicken, salmon, and soy protein isolate are the main constituents.
  • 12% protein content
  • 4.5% fat content
  • 163 calories per can

Pro Plan Veterinary Diet by Purina Diabetic Management diet has been named the best diabetic cat chow in Canada by our veterinarians.

This high protein, low carbohydrate canned food was developed by veterinary experts to provide diabetic cats with the nourishment they require to flourish.

This formula can also help your cat’s urinary health, which is crucial because high blood sugar levels can lead to sugars in the urine, which can lead to serious urinary tract infections.

This food contains extra Vitamin E, which can help your cat develop strong and healthy muscles as well as a strong immune system.


  • High protein content
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Promotes urinary health
  • Vitamin E supplementation


  • Extremely costly


Natural Cat Food Purely Fancy Feast

  • Skipjack tuna, fish broth, sunflower seed oil, calcium lactate, tricalcium phosphate are the main constituents.
  • 15.5% protein content
  • 2.0% fat content
  • Calories: 49 cal/tray

The 2-ounce pouches from Purely Fancy Feast contain real skipjack tuna and white meat chicken in a delectable broth to increase your diabetic cat’s hydration intake.

This formula has 0% carbs, which is much less than most other cat foods. This dish provides vital vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin B1, that help the brain and organs function properly.

It contains no animal byproducts or fillers and is designed to provide adult cats with 100% complete and balanced nutrition.

This food comes in compact trays, making it simple to provide the ideal portion amount for your diabetic cat. The flaking pieces are small and soft, making them easy to consume and digest.


  • Simple to eat
  • Broth is appealing.
  • High protein content
  • Contains real fish and chicken.


  • Extremely costly
  • Size of a little pouch


Cat Paw Lickin Chicken Cat Food Weruva

  • Chicken, chicken broth, potato starch, sunflower seed oil, calcium lactate are the main constituents.
  • 10.0% protein content
  • 1.4% fat content
  • 57 calories per can

Weruva is the best friend of a diabetic cat. This brand’s formulae were created with a carnivorous diet in mind and contain only 1-3% carbs, depending on the flavor.

Their Paw Lickin Chicken taste is one of the selections with the fewest carbohydrates. This dish has no preservatives or artificial flavors and is cooked with actual cage-free chicken.

It has a special combination of amino acids, omegas, and vitamins that will improve the general health of your diabetic cat.

Furthermore, the broth-based formula will appeal to many picky eaters while also providing the hydration your cat requires to keep healthy.


  • Boosts hydration
  • The first ingredient is real chicken.
  • Carbohydrates are scarce.
  • There are no preservatives or artificial flavors.


  • Expensive


Natural Harmony Tuna and Pumpkin Recipe

  • Tuna, tuna broth, pumpkin, canola oil, and guar gum are the main constituents.
  • 11.0% protein content
  • 2.0% fat content
  • Calories per tray: 64

Natural Balance offers a restricted ingredient diet packed with high-quality foods including flaked tuna.

This single-source protein source is ideal for cats with dietary sensitivities, and the inclusion of pumpkin in the ingredient list ensures your kitty gets enough fiber to bulk out their diet and feel fuller and more pleased after meals.

Fiber is beneficial to diabetic cats since it may aid in blood sugar regulation. This dish contains no artificial flavors, colors, or bleached ingredients.

Some cat owners complain that the uniformity between trays is poor. Some trays, for example, are mostly broth, while others are entirely tuna.


  • High protein content
  • Protein from a single source
  • Increases fiber intake
  • Contains no artificial colors or tastes.


  • Pricy
  • Texture is inconsistent.


Cat Food Tikicat Luau

  • Tilapia, tilapia broth, mackerel, sunflower seed oil, olive oil are the main ingredients.
  • Protein content: 17.0%
  • 3.0% fat content
  • Calories per can: 83

Tikicat’s Luau variety pack is an excellent choice for diabetic cats. The recipes are high in moisture and protein and contain no carbs.

The components are not only designed to keep your cat’s blood sugar in line, but they can also boost overall health.

This recipe contains vitamins and minerals such Vitamin B1 (niacin), which can aid in glucose metabolism and the treatment of skin disorders.

The above nutritional information only refers to the Tilapia taste.


  • Carbohydrates are completely absent.
  • High protein content
  • Abundant in moisture
  • Vitamin fortification


  • There have been several instances of bones in food.
  • Food can become watery.


Cat Food Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract

  • Meat by-products, water, chicken by-products, beef, and chicken are the main constituents.
  • 10.0% protein content
  • 7.0% fat content
  • 32.9 calories per ounce

Purina Pro Plan’s Urinary Tract Health formula is ideal for diabetic cats, who are prone to urinary tract infections. This recipe is intended to keep your cat’s urinary system healthy by lowering the pH of his urine.

It’s a high-protein meal that includes genuine chicken and beef, though not as the initial components. This mixture is simple to digest and provides excellent nutrient delivery.

It contains 25 different vitamins and minerals that your diabetic cat requires to thrive, including potassium chloride for renal health and zinc for immunological function.


  • Improves urinary tract health
  • Easy to absorb
  • Contains vital vitamins
  • High protein content


  • Higher fat content
  • The first ingredient is not real beef.


Surfin’ & Turfin’ Pate Merrick Purrfect Bistro

  • Deboned Beef, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Deboned Salmon, Natural Flavoring
  • 10.0% protein content
  • 3.0% fat content
  • Calories per can: 151

Merrick’s Surfin’ & Turfin’ Pate‘s first ingredient is high-quality deboned beef. This is a wonderful source of animal protein, which your diabetic cat requires in order to grow.

The second ingredient is chicken broth, which helps your cat stay hydrated, which is important for diabetic cats to avoid urinary difficulties. This recipe also includes cranberries, which can help your cat’s urinary health even more.

The phrase “natural flavor” raises a warning flag for us because it might imply virtually anything. We prefer ingredient listings that are more transparent. This recipe also contains various allergies to be aware of, including beef, shellfish, and eggs.


  • The first component is real meat.
  • Increases hydration
  • Cranberries can help with urinary health.


  • Natural flavoring is ambiguous.
  • Three possible allergies

Choosing the Best Diabetic Cat Food in Canada: A Buyer's Guide

Before you can select the best diet to support your diabetic cat’s health, you should learn more about feline diabetes and what your pet requires from you to survive. This is best discussed with your cat’s veterinarian, but we can offer some insight.

Why Do Diabetic Cats Require Special Diet?

If your cat has diabetes, you will most likely need to switch them to a diet that is intended to keep their blood sugar levels in balance.

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they must consume animal protein to survive. Your diabetic cat requires a high protein, low carbohydrate diet.

PetMD suggests finding foods that provide around 50% of its calories from protein. Carbohydrate-rich diets can trigger blood sugar rises in your cat, increasing its requirement for insulin.

Carbohydrate-rich diets can contribute to major health issues such as obesity, thus even non-diabetic cats can benefit from a lower-carbohydrate diet.

Diabetes can weaken your cat’s immune system, making them more vulnerable to illness.

Food, wet or dry?

Wet food is the best option for diabetic cats because it is naturally lower in carbohydrates and higher in moisture. Diabetic cats should drink plenty of water or consume wet diet to improve their urinary tract health.

Dry foods may be a risk factor for lower urinary tract disease, according to research. Wet food diet cats had considerably greater hydration and less concentrated urine.

It’s vital to notice that you shouldn’t buy the first wet food you see at the supermarket. While canned food is always the best option for diabetic cats, not all canned food is the same.

For example, certain alternatives with a lot of gravy may be heavy in sugar and thus in carbohydrates.

Veterinary Intervention’s Importance

We are not veterinarians, but we do consult with them when writing our posts.

That being said, you must maintain contact with your cat’s veterinarian not only to monitor your diabetic cat’s health but also to receive advice and recommendations to keep your cat healthy.

Diabetes is a dangerous disorder that, if not handled effectively, can cause dehydration, depression, motor function issues, and even death.

Your vet will likely recommend insulin therapy to help manage your cat’s diabetes, while others sometimes prescribe oral drugs.

Your cat’s diabetes may go into remission with proper treatment, so maintaining in touch with your vet is critical. Some cat owners reported that their kitties no longer needed insulin while on a low-carb diet.

Although some cats may always require insulin, the amount required to maintain appropriate blood sugar levels is reduced. If you move your cat to a low-carb diet, it may require an immediate insulin reduction.

If you do not reduce your cat’s insulin, it may experience a hypoglycemic crisis, which can result in brain damage or even death.

This is why you should never treat your cat’s diabetes on your own and only make dietary adjustments under the supervision of your veterinarian.


Wellness’s low carbohydrate and high protein recipe makes it Canada’s best overall diabetic cat food. Meow Mix offers the best value because it is inexpensive and suitable for both kittens and adults.

Wysong’s premium diabetic food is distinguished by its exceptionally high protein content and FDA-approved ingredient list.

Finally, because of its urinary tract support and reduced carbohydrate formula, Purina’s Dietetic Management food is our Vet’s Pick.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our reviews of the best diabetic cat foods in Canada and our guide have shed some light on the need for a diabetic diet for your cat.

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