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The 9 Best Dehydrated Dog Foods

As more dog owners become aware of its benefits, the demand for dehydrated dog food continues to increase. This cuisine is made by gently removing moisture from whole ingredients over low heat. This method allows food to retain more minerals and natural tastes.

Finding a trustworthy and trusted brand of dehydrated dog food can be challenging, as more and more dog food manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon. So, we're here to help you decide if you should switch to dehydrated dog food or not.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) provides evaluations of some of the best dehydrated dog foods as well as a comparison of the many types of dog food. After reading this article, you'll be able to decide whether or not to feed your dog dehydrated dog food.


The Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient Diet Chicken Recipe Dehydrated Dog Food – Superior in General



  • The initial five ingredients are dehydrated chicken, organic quinoa, dehydrated sweet potatoes, dehydrated spinach, and dry parsley
  • Caloric Content: 516 kcal/cup
  • Crude Protein: 26%
  • Crude Fat: 16%

When entering the world of dehydrated dog food, The Honest Kitchen’s Limited Ingredient Diet Chicken Recipe Dehydrated Dog Food is an excellent choice.

The Honest Kitchen was established in 2002 and is the first human-grade pet food company in the world. In 2013, there was only one recall for this dependable brand.

This specific formula is excellent for dogs with sensitive stomachs and food allergies since it comprises a very small list of nutritious, human-grade ingredients.

It cites dried chicken as its first component and delivers a moderate amount of protein for dogs of all life stages, including pregnant and lactating dogs.

In addition, the formulation contains no preservatives, animal byproducts, fillers, maize, wheat, or soy. This dog meal is more costly than kibble and other dehydrated dog food products due to the excellent quality of its components.

However, you can be certain that your dog is consuming a very nutritious and balanced meal, therefore we still consider this to be the finest dehydrated dog food overall.


  • Limited ingredient diet
  • No maize, wheat, or soy
  • Human-grade components
  • Suitable for every stage of life


  • Not the least expensive alternative


I and You Stir & Boom Raw Raw Turk Boom Ba Dinner Grain-Free Dehydrated Dog Food – Best Price



  • The dish’s first five ingredients are turkey, sweet potatoes, yellow split peas, carrots, and cabbage
  • Caloric Content: 327 kcal/cup
  • Crude Protein: 32%
  • Crude Fat: 9%

Consider I and Love and You Stir & Boom Raw Raw Turk Boom Ba Dinner Grain-Free Dehydrated Dog Food if you’re seeking for a more cost-effective alternative.

One 5.2-pound bag yields 36 pounds of food, whereas The Honest Kitchen’s 10-pound package yields 40 pounds. Based only on this yield comparison, it is the most economical dehydrated dog food.

This dish is ideal for dogs with food allergies because it is quite easy. It also contains all the wonderful and nourishing things that dogs generally enjoy, including turkey, eggs, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

The composition incorporates low-glycemic components to aid with weight control, and it is grain-free and gluten-free as well.

When rehydrated, the dried food does not stay together effectively and can quickly disintegrate into powder, resulting in a mushy texture.


  • A dish using few ingredients
  • Low glycemic index additives
  • Free of grains and gluten


  • Simple to disintegrate


The Honest Kitchen Turkey Grain-Free Dehydrated Dog Food – Recommended for Puppies



  • Dehydrated turkey, organic flaxseed, dehydrated potatoes, dehydrated spinach, and dehydrated carrots are the first five ingredients
  • Caloric Content: 488 kcal/cup
  • Crude Protein: 29%
  • Crude Fat: 18%

The Honest Kitchen Turkey Grain-Free Dehydrated Dog Food is an excellent dish for pups due to its adequate levels of protein, calories, and minerals for promoting growth. It is good for pups of all kinds, even those of huge breeds.

This dish is an excellent way to introduce your dog to nutritious meals. It includes nutrient-dense superfoods such as spinach and flaxseeds. All components are human-grade, and there are no meat by-products, preservatives, or carbohydrate fillers present.

You should anticipate that dehydrated dog food will be more expensive than standard kibble. This recipe is no different. It is relatively pricey, even in comparison to other dried dog foods.

However, the formula is exceptionally pure and easily digested for a puppy’s delicate tummy. It is also incredibly savory and tasty, so even finicky canines will like their meals.


  • Suitable for big dog breeds
  • Includes superfoods
  • No by-products of meat, additives, or carbohydrate fillers


  • Considerably pricey


Raw dehydrated Addiction Homestyle Venison & Cranberry Dinner dog food



  • The first five ingredients are venison, oats, potatoes, and carrots
  • Caloric Content: 455 kcal/cup
  • Crude Protein: 22%
  • Crude Fat: 12%

Addiction Homestyle Venison & Cranberry Dinner Raw Dehydrated Dog Food is an excellent solution for dogs with beef or poultry allergies. In addition to employing lean animal protein, the recipe comprises a combination of nutritional foods.

It is abundant in antioxidants and prebiotics, which strengthen the immune and digestive systems. Additionally, the recipe includes coconut oil, which supports healthy skin and coat.

This recipe has a variety of fruits, so if your dog does not often appreciate fruit-based treats, it may not enjoy this specific dish.

This dog food’s dried version is likewise on the powdered side, thus it has a tendency to get mushy when rehydrated. This can be beneficial for geriatric or dentally compromised dogs, but other dogs may not love the texture.


  • Excellent for canines with chicken and beef allergy
  • Antioxidant- and prebiotic-rich
  • Promotes skin and coat health


  • Numerous fruits
  • Unsolid consistency


Dr. Mercola’s Healthy Pet Essentials Grass-Fed Beef Recipe Grain-Free Dehydrated Raw Dog Food



  • Beef, beef heart, beef bone, beef liver, and beef kidney are the first five ingredients
  • Caloric Content: 386 kcal ME/cup
  • Crude Protein: 38%
  • Crude Fat: 39%

This meal will appeal to beef enthusiasts. The first component is beef, while the next four are beef organs. Also of exceptional grade is the meat. It comes from 100% grass-fed cows that were reared humanely without the use of hormones, antibiotics, or cereals.

The recipe is quite basic and contains just one type of animal protein; thus, dogs with several food allergies can consume it as long as they do not have a beef allergy. It has no synthetic colors, flavors, or preservatives.

The recipe is also extremely high in protein, making it an ideal choice for high-energy and athletic dogs.

Due to the recipe’s high fat content, dogs with low energy levels should avoid eating this meal. For the same reason, it is not the ideal solution for obese dogs and dogs who need to reduce weight.


  • 100 percent grass-fed beef
  • High protein content for active dogs
  • No synthetic flavors, colors, or preservatives


  • Not suitable for low-energy dogs
  • A high level of fat


Stir Mix-A-Little Beef & Bone Broth Dehydrated Dog Food with Love and You



  • Beef, sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans, pea flour, and chicken comprise the first five ingredients
  • Caloric Content: 312 kcal/can
  • Crude Protein: 30%
  • Crude Fat: 14%

I and Love and You Stir Mix-A-Little Beef & Bone Broth Dehydrated Dog Food is a simple method to feed your dog nourishing dehydrated food if you’re seeking for a healthy and handy solution.

It comes in a single-serving cup, and all you have to do is add a small amount of water and stir.

The first component is 100% actual beef, and the remaining ingredients are all of human-grade quality. In addition, the recipe excludes carbohydrate fillers, soy, grains, and artificial colors and flavors.

The dehydrated chunks tend to be on the smaller side, so when mixed with water, the meal has a consistency comparable to mashed potatoes.

Some dogs will enjoy it while others will not. If your dog dislikes the texture, you may simply use it as a meal topping rather than the main dish.


  • Convenient packing
  • Human-grade components
  • No filler carbohydrates
  • No artificial colors or flavors


  • Unsolid consistency


Only Natural Pet EasyRaw Formula for Dehydrated Human-Grade Raw Dog Food



  • The initial five ingredients are lamb, sweet potatoes, carrots, whole eggs, and broccoli
  • Caloric Content: 372 kcal/cup
  • Crude Protein: 22%
  • Crude Fat: 16%

Only Natural Pet EasyRaw Dehydrated Raw Dog Food Formula is ideal for dogs with beef or chicken allergies. It contains solely lamb as a source of protein and a short list of wholesome, whole ingredients.

The recipe has no artificial colors, preservatives, or animal byproducts, and all of the components are of human-grade quality. The meal is cooked gradually so that it is readily digested and retains a high nutritional value.

The dish does contain a substantial amount of celery, and some dogs may find the aroma offensive.

In addition to having a recipe of superior quality, the packaging is also eco-friendly. The small design is meant to reduce carbon emissions by optimizing transport efficiency.


  • Lamb is only a protein source
  • Simple ingredient list
  • There are no artificial colors or preservatives
  • Planet-friendly packaging


  • Pungent aroma of celery

How to Select the Finest Dehydrated Dog Food

Over time, dog food has gotten increasingly sophisticated. Consumers are not limited to choosing between dry and moist foods. You can now find dehydrated dog food, freeze-dried dog food, and air-dried dog food.

Occasionally, these names are used interchangeably, but they are distinct. Here is what you should know about each.

Air-Dried Dog Food

Raw ingredients are placed in drying facilities or chambers that evaporate moisture to create air-dried dog chow. In these chambers, fresh air is continuously pumped and circulated until the moisture content of the dog food reaches a certain level.

This procedure reduces the need for chemical preservatives, as it eliminates harmful germs. In addition, the meal retains a substantial quantity of minerals and flavor. It has an extended shelf life compared to dehydrated dog food.

Dehydrated Dog Food

Air-dried and dehydrated dog food are produced similarly. However, it requires further heat to eliminate moisture. Therefore, dehydrated dog food cannot be regarded completely raw, as it is partly cooked during the dehydration process.

However, it is not entirely cooked and retains a great deal of natural taste and nutrients.

Freeze-Dried Dog Food

This type of dog food eliminates moisture while maintaining the meal’s frozen state. The uncooked food is initially frozen. The food’s moisture is then extracted with a mixture of low temperatures and pressure.

This method allows freeze-dried foods to contain the same nutritional value as their frozen counterparts. The main distinction is the lack of wetness.


The Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient Diet Chicken Recipe Dehydrated Dog Food is the best dehydrated dog food, according to our research, because it has high-quality ingredients and is easy for most dogs to digest.

I and You Stir & Boom Raw Raw Turk Boom Three Dinner grain-free, dried dog food is an excellent value with tasty, nutrient-dense natural ingredients.

Overall, dehydrated dog food is ideal for dogs with food allergies and is a dependable method for ensuring that your dog gets the most out of its diet.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our visitors for visiting our site to learn about and research the best dehydrated dog foods.

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