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The 9 Best Couch Covers For Dog Hair

You had the best of intentions when you initially bought your pet. You'd establish firm limits and would never let him sit on the couch.

Then he gave you those puppy-dog eyes, and your couch was transformed into his couch. That also meant that every time he lay down, he left a lot of dog hair behind.

Investing in a pet sofa cover is a simple solution to this problem. These coverings shield your couch from hair, scratches, stains, and other hazards. Unfortunately, although some are excellent at protecting your furnishings, others are more unpleasant than useful.

In the evaluations below, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will show you which are the best couch covers for dog hair â€“ and which are a waste of money.


Super Stretch Chair by PureFit

When you open the PureFit Sofa Cover packaging, you’ll probably think there’s no way this thing will fit over your couch. It is, however, composed of extremely elastic fabric and can cover a three-seater sofa.

It has a non-skid elastic bottom and non-slip foam anchors, so once you’ve placed it, it should stay there; but, if you have exuberant dogs or rowdy youngsters, you may need to tuck it in from time to time. It’s also not prone to wrinkling, so it should look good even after a lot of wear.

It comes in ten various hues, so you may select one that best suits your existing décor. It’s also machine washable, so you can quickly clean it if your dog tracks mud all over it.

All of this adds up to the best couch cover we could find, which is why the PureFit is our top overall pick.


  • Stretchy enough to accommodate a three-seat couch
  • Bottom is non-slip elastic.
  • Anchors made of non-slip foam
  • Available in ten different hues.
  • Washable by machine


  • If the dogs become rambunctious, it still slides a little.


Original Patent for Sofa Shield

Because of the high thread count, the Sofa Shield may wind up being more comfy than your actual couch. Instead of an ugly-but-necessary addition to your furniture, this is a cover you’ll be glad to show off.

While the fabric is elastic, the covers come in four sizes, allowing you to start with one that suits your couch rather than trying to squeeze a one-size-fits-all model onto it.

The two-inch straps keep it in place on most surfaces, and you can tighten them to further modify the fit.

Each cover is designed with a sufficient amount of flap to protect the arms and back of the sofa, providing virtually entire covering.

Furthermore, each one comes with a lifetime warranty, which is remarkable given the cheap price point. All of this adds together to make the Sofa Shield the greatest sofa cover for dog hair money can buy.

Of course, they are not without flaws. They will need to be readjusted on a regular basis because they tend to slip and slide on leather couches. Apart from that, there’s not much to complain about, which is why the Sofa Shield is our runner-up.


  • Thread count is high.
  • There are four sizes available.
  • Large, adjustable straps keep it in place.
  • Low cost with a lifetime guarantee
  • Flaps protect the arms and back.


  • Move about on leather sofas.


Mambe is completely waterproof.

If your dog has a vindictive streak and rushes to the sofa after every wash, the Mambe Waterproof is exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s also fantastic for keeping spills and other “accidents” off your furniture.

It’s machine washable, but it’s also reversible, which is fantastic if you’re lazy. Both sides are equally appealing and created, thus they should be paired with the same color scheme.

On both sides, a waterproof membrane is sandwiched between the fleece. The fleece quickly absorbs moisture, while the membrane keeps the mess to one side of the cover and keeps it from soaking through to the sofa.

They’re individually cut for a certain piece of furniture, so getting a good fit should be simple. You can purchase one for your bed, loveseat, and even your chair in addition to the sofa.

It is rather pricey, but not prohibitively so when compared to some of the other possibilities provided here. Another issue we found was that it absorbs a lot of moisture; although this is beneficial when you drop a soda, it makes washing (or, more precisely, drying) it a work.

Still, the Mambe Waterproof is one of our favorite covers and deserves to be at the top of our list.


  • Excellent for absorbing wet messes.
  • Washable by machine
  • Reversible, featuring two equally appealing sides
  • Cut for certain furniture pieces


  • A little costly
  • It’s a hassle to dry


Anti-Slip Link Shades

The Link Shades, like the Mambe Waterproof, is impervious to spills and other moisture-based catastrophes. The Link Shades, on the other hand, actively repels fluids rather than absorbing it.

That’s excellent news for the cover, but the water needs to go someplace, and it might end up on the fabric or carpet of your couch. Even so, it allows you a few seconds to get a towel.

The microsuede fabric is exceptionally hefty, making it tough enough to withstand a lot of abuse (like big dogs with long claws jumping all over it). You may even connect many of them to cover a wide sectional.

The pocket on one side is one of our favorite details. It’s a fantastic location to keep a book or a remote, and it makes this cover more practical, even if it doesn’t protect your sofa.

This cover, however, is not all sunshine and daisies. The white stuff on the back of it falls off and gets everywhere, so you’ll be replacing pet hair with another annoyance.

Furthermore, the fabric’s “grippiness” fades over time, making the Link Shades a respectable but unspectacular option.


  • A water-repellent cloth repels liquid.
  • Heavy and long-lasting
  • Can connect multiple together
  • On one side, there is a pocket for storing the remote.


  • Can allow spills to reach the carpet
  • The material on the back is readily removed.
  • Time slips away from him.


Furniture Protector Bella Kline Reversible Sofa

The Bella Kline, like the Link Shades, includes side pockets for keeping all of your essentials. However, unlike the other cover, this one is incredibly lightweight, making it difficult to keep in place.

It’s simpler to put on than most other covers because it tucks into your cushions rather than forcing you to figure out straps or glue. This allows you to put it on in seconds, but as previously said, it doesn’t do anything to protect it from coming undone.

It’s also a veritable magnet for dog fur. That’s a wonderful thing — after all, that’s why you got it, right? — but you’ll have to wash it frequently, maybe once a week. As a result, you may wish to buy two so that your couch is covered while one is being washed.

The cloth is also quite slippery. If you’re not cautious, you (or your clumsy puppy) might easily slide straight off it, thus it might not be a smart choice for families with really young or old individuals (or pets).

The Bella Kline has promise, but it has to do a better job of delivering on that promise before moving up in the rankings.


  • Pockets for storing equipment
  • Simple to put on
  • It effectively captures dog hair.


  • Removes easily
  • It must be washed frequently.
  • Extremely slick
  • Not suited for homes with very young or very old children.


Original Slip Resistant Gorilla Grip

With a moniker like “Gorilla Grip,” you’d think this cover would remain in place nicely – and you’d be wrong.

It isn’t reversible, but it does have a slip-resistant backing that keeps it in place even if your pet squirms and squiggles. There is also a strap that may be wrapped around the back of the couch.

The issue is that the backing causes the cover to move around more, and it falls apart after washing. Expect to discover little bits of rubber in your washing machine, dryer, sofa, etc.

Finding a proper way to attach the strap is tough, and even if you do, it accomplishes little to keep the device in place. It’s a lot of labor for almost little payoff.

On the plus side, it is quite soft and comfy. It’s worth getting the Gorilla Grip only for that reason; don’t expect it to accomplish anything else for you or your sofa.


  • Exceptionally soft and comfy


  • There are slides all over the area.
  • After washing, the anti-slip backing comes away.
  • Rubber shards are left all over the area.
  • The strap is tough to adjust.


For the best couch covers for dog hair, the PureFit Couch Cover was our favorite. It’s elastic enough to fit huge couches while remaining firmly in place. It also comes in ten various colors, making it simple to select one that complements your current decor.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) especially loved the Sofa Shield since, despite its low price, it has a high thread count. It includes a strong, two-inch strap that allows you to snugly tie it to your couch, avoiding slippage and sliding.

Buyer's Guide


The majority of coverings are machine washable. This makes them simple to clean and maintain as your pet enjoys the furniture.


This is especially helpful for active dogs or families. In general, a waterproof chair cover is the best way to guard against stains and mildew.


Different pet owners may define durability differently. People with larger dogs or several dogs may require a greater duty product than those with smaller canines.

Experiment with several materials such as suede, sherpa, microfiber, or a quilted furniture protection to see which one works best for you and your needs.


Choose a cover with anti-slip characteristics, such as a slip-resistant fastening, or one made of spandex to stretch tightly over the cushions. You don’t want the cover to fall off, exposing the furniture to wear and tear while your pets are playing.

How to Protect Your Couch from Pets

Aside from utilizing a furniture cover, there are a few more ways to safeguard your furniture from pets. Some of them are listed below:

  • Teaching dogs not to use furniture
  • Regularly clean your furniture.
  • Regularly groom your dogs.
  • Purchase high-quality furnishings.
  • Keep food away from the furnishings.
  • Remove your shoes off the furniture.
  • Inspect your home for pests on a regular basis.

All of these methods work best when accompanied with a backup strategy, such as pet furniture coverings.

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