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11 Best Couch & Furniture Protectors For Cats

We all adore our cats, but nothing tears through furniture like sharpened cat claws. That doesn't even take into account kneading wear or fur buildup.

When all is considered, our cats can cause significant damage to our furnishings! Fortunately, there are a variety of couch and furniture protectors available to prevent harm from our furry friends.

Naturally, not all defenders are created equal. Some of them don't even protect couches and furnishings.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) tested the best couch & furniture protectors for cats coverings so you can pick one that works.


Best Value HappyCare Textiles Cat & Dog Sofa Protector

The HappyCare Textiles Cat & Dog Sofa Protector is a blanket-style protector that fits over the top of your couch. It protects the top of your cat’s bed from damage caused by excessive shedding, kneading, and other similar habits.

However, it just protects the top of your couch and not the sides or front. It comes with a bolster, which many cats enjoy snuggling onto.

It essentially converts your couch into a massive cat bed. The large size will fit on most couches, however we recommend measuring before you buy.

This protection is appropriate for a wide range of home designs. It has a simple style that should well with most decor. The blanket can be machine washed.

As a result, you may toss the entire item into the washing machine when necessary. Despite performing admirably, this protection is also reasonably priced.

As a result, it is unquestionably the greatest couch and furniture protector for cats for the money.


  • Washable by machine
  • Inexpensive
  • Included is a bolster.
  • It guards the top of your couch.


  • It does not protect the sides or the front.


Premium Sofa-Scratcher Cat Furniture Protector Post

The Sofa-Scratcher Furniture Protector Squared Cat Scratching Post is an excellent choice for people who need to safeguard their couch’s legs.

It is, however, more expensive than some of the other solutions on the market. What you pick is mostly determined by your couch.

This square protection appears to remain in place pretty effectively, and many cats seemed to prefer it than curved alternatives.

They can reach their paws around the edge for easier scratching. This post’s base is exceedingly thin. Simply slide it beneath the sofa legs to keep it fixed and secure.

Installation is really simple and quick. Those who don’t have much space for a scratching post may appreciate this cover. It allows your cat to scratch as much as they want while also safeguarding your furniture.

If you don’t have room for a scratching post, this could be the solution.


  • Installation is simple.
  • The foundation is really flimsy.
  • Scratching pad made of sisal
  • In place of a scratching post


  • Expensive


Waterproof Cat & Dog Blanket Protector by FurHaven

The FurHaven Waterproof Cat & Dog Blanket Protector is made to fit larger beds. This quilt lays on top of your bed, shielding your blankets from your cat.

It is suitable for most large beds. It might also be used for a smaller bed, albeit it may be too large. The middle is waterproof.

The quilt’s polyester top allows liquids to pass through, but the waterproof core prevents liquids from soaking into your blankets underneath.

If your cat is elderly and prone to accidents, this can be a life-saving feature. The polyester is fairly soft and has the appearance of a real blanket.

It features a non-slip backing on the bottom to keep it from sliding around on the bed, even if your cat leaps up and down.

The entire ensemble is machine washable. Simply toss it in the laundry and you’re done! However, this huge blanket may be a bit much for a cat. It is plainly intended for dogs, who can cause far more damage to a bed.


  • Waterproof
  • Washable by machine
  • Polyester that is soft
  • Non-slip surface


  • For cats, this is frequently unnecessary.


Cat Scratcher Furniture Protector Sofa Scratcher

The Sofa-Scratcher Furniture Protector Cat Scratching Post comes highly recommended by us. The most of the damage done by your cat will most likely be to the arm of your couch.

Cats enjoy climbing up the sides of couches to sharpen their nails. To be honest, most couch arms are the ideal size and form for honing claws.

This protection was created precisely to fit over this sensitive spot. It is composed of very thin wood and easily slips over your couch.

Simply slide it up below the leg of your couch to keep it secure and fixed. The outside is made of sisal cloth, which many cats enjoy using to sharpen their claws.

With this protection, you can safeguard your furniture while also meeting your cat’s basic scratching demands. It doesn’t get much better than that, especially if you don’t have a lot of space for a full-size scratching post.


  • It easily fits over the couch leg.
  • Protects the couch’s often targeted regions
  • upholstered in sisal fabric
  • It meets your cat’s scratching needs.


  • It does not cover the entire couch.


Sure Fit Deluxe Cat Sofa Cover

The Sure Fit Deluxe Sofa Cover is intended for use on a couch. It shields your entire couch, including the arms and back. It easily guards against cat hair, stains, and other wear and tear on your couch.

It has a quilt stitch pattern that should complement most interior designs. There are several color options available, so you may select the one that best matches your décor.

Polyester is quite comfy. Many cats enjoy snuggling in it, and you won’t mind sitting on it either. Even when individuals get up and sit down, the microfiber backing prevents sliding.

This backing, however, does not work well on leather. Between washings, the protective finish guards against microorganisms and the odors that accompany them.


  • Fits along with the majority of home decors
  • Covers the entire couch
  • Finishing protection
  • Covers the entire couch


  • Large — not suitable for small sofas
  • Does not adhere to leather.

Buyer's Guide: Choosing The Best Cat Couch and Furniture Protectors

When you’re attempting to protect your furniture from a cat, choosing a couch cover can be tough. Cats, after all, have sharp claws and tend to get fur all over everything, especially if they have long hair.

As a result, we strongly advise you to take the time to select a cover for your furniture. You want something high-quality but not prohibitively pricey.

After all, it’s just a couch cover, not the couch itself. Here, we discuss all of the aspects to consider while selecting a couch cover.


Not all cats have mishaps. If your cat isn’t prone to accidents, a waterproof cover may not be necessary. However, incontinence problems are prevalent in senior cats.

In these instances, we strongly advise you to use a waterproof cover. There are various kinds of waterproof blankets. Some models include a waterproof inside liner.

This does not keep the upper fabric dry, but it does protect the couch underneath. This is sometimes all that is required.

There are additional covers that repel water on the outside. These are not totally waterproof, but they can keep water from soaking into the fabric, making cleanup easier.

Washable by machine

Cats will undoubtedly soil the cover. After all, you’re placing the cover on the couch to protect it from dirt. It is critical to be able to readily wash the protection.

Handwashing is usually sufficient. However, most people are unwilling to do so on a regular basis. Instead, consider purchasing a machine-washable cover.

We strongly advise selecting one that can be immediately placed into the laundry and dryer. Even if you have to pay more upfront for this option, it will make your life lot easier.


You don’t want to cover a nice couch with an uncomfortable cover. As a result, we strongly advise you to select a soft, quilted blanket.

You don’t have to worry about this as much when selecting a protection for the back of the couch – after all, you won’t be sitting there.

However, you must also consider what your cat enjoys. You don’t want to give your cat a cover that they don’t like, which could lead to further scratching.

If your cat enjoys bolsters, you should consider purchasing a cover with one. Suede and similar covers are also soft and comfy for the majority of cats. It does, however, depend on their choices.


Make sure you buy a cover that is the correct size for your couch. We strongly advise you to measure your couch before beginning your search for a cover.

After all, you don’t want to end up with an excessive or too tiny selection for your couch. If you want to protect the front of your couch, we highly recommend measuring it as well.

The fronts of several different couches vary greatly. As a result, we strongly advise you to make sure it fits on your couch before ordering it.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends using a cover or furniture protector to safeguard your furnishings from your cat. If your cat is extremely rough on furniture, you may want to buy several different types.

We recommend the Sure Fit Deluxe Sofa Cover for most cat-friendly homes. It wraps over the front of the couch to protect it from your cat’s claws.

If you’re looking for something less expensive, we propose the HappyCare Textiles Cat & Dog Sofa Protector.

It covers the majority of the front of the couch. It will not protect your cat’s claws on your back, but it will protect the seating area.

Hopefully, our evaluations have assisted you in locating the best couch & furniture protectors for cats. Before making any purchases, make sure you measure!

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