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The 11 Best Corner Scratching Posts

Cat scratching posts are a common household item among cat owners.

However, many of them are bulky, cumbersome, and too large for certain areas of your home.

Some corner scratchers are designed to divert cats' scratching habit, preventing them from clawing precious furniture.

You've come to the perfect location whether you want to put a scratching post out to protect your belongings or set in an unused part of your property.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) decided to tackle seven reviews of the best corner scratching posts we could locate.

Our evaluations should provide you with all of the information you require to make an informed purchase. Let us investigate.


Premium Sofa-Scratcher Corner Cat Scratcher Post



In the Sofa-Scratcher Corner Cat Scratcher Post, we discovered a winner. It’s specifically designed to go around sofa corners, so it’s not bulky or unpleasant to wear.

It is available in three neutral colors: moss, charcoal, and ivory. It can be tailored to your individual décor style.

It’s constructed of shredded sisal fabric and has a tiny base that fits neatly under your sofa leg. Because sisal rope is non-toxic, it contains no potentially dangerous substances for your dogs.

There is no need to be concerned about any hardware or difficult-to-follow instructions. However, if a correct fit is not ensured, the design may gap, leaving your furniture exposed.

The only reason this didn’t make our top three is the price.


  • It is not big or cumbersome.
  • Colors that are neutral
  • Ideal shredding material


  • Could leave room for some couches


Cat Scratcher Post Amazon Basics Corner



The Amazon Basics Corner Cat Scratcher Post is an activity station that is more than just a cat scratcher.

It has many appealing cat scratching surfaces, such as sisal rope and carpet. There’s even a great snoozing space up top for your cats to unwind.

This item is available in medium and big sizes. The medium has two layers, while the big has three for extra spoilt fuzzy pals.

It depends depend on whether you have a multi-cat home or just a cat who enjoys climbing. This cat scratcher is readily placed in the corner of a room that you are not using.

It comes with easy instructions, and assembly is fairly simple—all tools are supplied.


  • Simple to assemble
  • Various sizes
  • Multi-fabric


  • It takes up a lot of room.


Corner Cat Scratcher Post SmartCat Pioneer



The SmartCat Pioneer Corner Cat Scratcher Post has great looks and is a great corner item for décor stylings.

It is constructed of long-lasting sisal woven cloth for maximum shredding quality. You can use the top to store small items or, if you’re feeling particularly inventive, you can place a cat bed platform on top.

The shape is really tall, allowing your cat to totally stretch—this will truly entice them. The sisal fabric completely surrounds the column, with wooden platforms at the top and bottom.

It can be placed in a corner or almost anywhere in a room that looks appropriate. It has a strong frame that does not topple or jiggle with every movement.

The assembly was simple—just screw in two parts and you’re done. However, due to the wide base, it may not fit in a smaller space. Always measure before you buy.


  • Beautiful in appearance
  • Strong construction
  • Sisal woven cloth for maximum abrasion resistance


  • It is possible that it will not fit in every available place.


Corner Cat Scratcher & Furniture Protector



Check out the Sofa-Scratcher Corner Cat Post & Furniture Protector if you want to safeguard your couch.

This one-of-a-kind design fits snuggly under the foot of your couch, protecting the fabric from any unexpected attacks.

This strategy encourages positive scratching activity while while safeguarding your furniture. This scratcher comes in four colors: brown, charcoal, ivory, and moss.

The idea is to sit beneath a piece of furniture to protect a surface. This design will not function as a stand-alone scratching post. For stability, it must fit beneath something substantial.

This article will not work with recliners or certain sofas. Check the measurements before ordering to ensure that it will fit you.


  • Protects fabrics
  • Designed for couch legs
  • There are numerous color options.


  • It will not work as a stand-alone cat scratcher.
  • It will not work for all types of furniture.

How to Choose the Finest Corner Cat Scratchers

Even if your cat is not a big scratcher, it still needs a place to sharpen its claws on occasion. Your cats’ dewclaws are wonderfully healthy and necessary to their well-being, but they may ruin your sofa. Let’s explore why cats claw, how to suppress the need, and how to choose the most effective corner cat scratcher.

Why are cat scratching posts so vital?

Feline declawing is an old fundamental instinct. Similar to how humans use language, cats communicate via body language and scent markers.

Why Do Cats Scratch?

It sharpens their nails.

Similar to how snakes shed their skin, cats must naturally remove their claws. To accomplish this, they must shred the old portions of their claws to get brand-new, gleaming daggers.

It reinforces their muscles.

In the wild, cats utilize their claws to develop the muscles of their front legs. This habit improves hunting agility and precision.

It aids your cat with territorial marking

When cats scratch, they leave their smell behind. This signifies to other cats that this area is their territory.

Cat scratching posts allow your cat to fulfill all of its demands simultaneously. You will not want them to resort to scratching up woodwork, furniture, or carpet.

The most effective cat scratching posts

Some varieties of cat scratching posts are superior to others. However, remember that providing several scratching surfaces encourages healthy scratching habit.


  • Sisal rope – Sisal rope is a taut, durable rope that is resistant to severe scratching.
  • Sisal fabric – Sisal fabric may be the most popular scratching material for cats due to its superior resilience.
  • Cardboard — Cardboard is an excellent cat attractant, but it is not as durable as other materials.
  • Carpet– Carpet is another appealing item since they can destroy it with their paws.


  • Attachment to furniture legs – Numerous styles fit around furniture legs to safeguard your items from claw attacks.
  • Furniture protector with base – To secure the material, furniture protectors with a base are designed to slip directly under a couch leg or similar design.
  • Corner scratcher — Some corner scratchers attach directly to the wall or are placed in an out-of-the-way corner of your home, but they are still extravagant for your cats.
  • Vertical versus Horizontal – Cats love both vertical and horizontal designs because it allows them to use all of their muscles. Having two types of cat scratchers will boost their effectiveness.

How are corner scratchers advantageous?

Corner cat scratchers provide owners with an out-of-the-way option. Some cat scratching poles are cumbersome and unsightly in the home. These scratchers provide space-saving benefits that are beneficial in houses. Additionally, it provides your cat with a territory to claim; they will not complain.

Corner scratchers help prevent your cat’s favorite shredding place from becoming your furniture. It encourages great scratching behavior, allowing them to focus their energy productively.

Why Is Declawing Cruel?

Declawing was once a frequent procedure performed on cats by their owners. However, research has demonstrated throughout time the harmful effects of this elective treatment.

Cats have a natural instinct to gnaw. When a cat’s claws are removed, the pain is akin to having a finger amputated at the knuckle.

Your cat may have discomfort for years after undergoing this procedure. The correct channeling of your cats’ clawing behavior is a far superior alternative to this procedure.

Guidelines for Promoting Healthful Scratching

  • Place scratching material on a surface your cat frequently uses.
  • Purchase textiles that are durable and appealing.
  • Ensure that the design is robust and secure.
  • Provide several scratching surfaces


The SmartCat Ultimate Scratch Card is our top selection overall. It is well-made and features a classic design in two neutral hues to complement the majority of interior design trends. Importantly, the majority of cats find sisal forms and mats appealing to their scratching tendencies.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our clients for choosing our website to read and refer to the best corner scratching posts. We hope you choose a scratching post that works for your cat and your budget.


Why Are Cat Scratchers Necessary?

Clawing is an ancient primordial feline maker. Cats, like people, use body language and scent markers to express their point.

Cat Scratching Behavior:

It helps to keep their nails sharp

Cats, like snakes, need to shed their claws on a regular basis. To accomplish so, they must shred the old pieces from their claws in order to obtain fresh new, gleaming daggers.

It helps to build their muscles

Cats in the wild utilize clawing to strengthen the muscles in their front legs. This behavior aids in hunting agility and precision.

It aids your cat in marking their territory

Cats leave their scent behind when they claw. It’s an important signal to other cats that this is their territory.

Best corner scratching posts assist your cat in meeting all of its demands in one fell swoop. Otherwise, you don’t want them clawing up trim, furniture, and carpet.

What Are the Benefits of Corner Scratchers?

Corner cat scratchers provide an out-of-the-way solution for owners. Some cat scratching posts are big and unsightly in your home.

These scratchers are useful for saving space in the home. Furthermore, it provides your cat with its own territory to claim—they won’t protest.

Corner scratchers also keep your cat’s favorite shredding place from becoming your furniture. It encourages good scratching behavior and helps them focus their energy positively.

Why Is Declawing Cruel?

Declawing was once a frequent procedure performed on cats by their owners. However, science has revealed the detrimental consequences of this elective procedure over time.

Clawing is a natural instinct in cats. It’s like having your finger cut off to the knuckle when you have your cat declawed—ouch.

This procedure may cause your cat agony for years to come. Proper claw channeling is a far better alternative for your cats than this operation.

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