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The 11 Best Corn Cat Litters

Natural corn litter is dust and chemical-free, and it comes in clumping and non-clumping varieties.

Some manufacturers advertise a bio-enzymatic formula, and special litters are available for multi-cat families or cats who prefer smaller pieces of litter.

However, as nice as maize cat litter might be, it can also be hard, does a poor job of hiding odors, and is more expensive than more typical clay and wood pellet choices.

As a result, it is critical that you select the best corn cat litter available.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) assembled assessments of the best corn cat litters we could discover to assist you sort through the various options, avoid bad quality, and choose effective litter.


The Best Clumping Cat Litter in the World for Multiple Cats

World’s Best Clumping Cat Litter is intended for use in households with several cats. Multi-cat litter serves the same purpose as ordinary cat litter but is more powerful.

It clumps faster and typically provides better odor control. Some cats may be put off by the additional odor control, which is usually chemical in nature.

The Best Clumping in the World Cat litter immediately produces thick clumps, preventing a mess and reducing odor. Even when skimming and cleaning the tray, the clumps keep their structure.

This litter, which uses a natural fragrance, may struggle with the odor management aspects of owning numerous cats.

The neutral smell should not deter sensitive cats from using the litter, but after a few uses, it will begin to smell like cat urine, necessitating regular cleaning.

The World’s Best Litter, like most corn litters, tracks, and its reliance on a natural scent means you’ll have to clean it on a frequent basis to avoid the harsh stench of cat litter.

However, it is fairly priced, generates excellent clumps, and is even flushable, making it our top option for the best corn cat litter.


  • Reasonable cost
  • Suitable for households with many cats
  • Controlling odors naturally
  • Clumps rapidly


  • Natural odor does not persist very long.
  • Treads quite a bit


Natural Scented Clumping Corn Cat Litter by Arm & Hammer

Natural Scented Clumping Corn Cat Litter by Arm & Hammer is made from natural components and is reasonably priced for corn cat litter. Despite having half the weight of clay litter, the manufacturer says that it can absorb twice as much liquid.

Lightweight cat litter tracks more easily, which is an issue with maize litter in general. It gets stuck between the cat’s paws and pads and then falls off when the cat wanders around the house.

It is, however, easier to carry, easier to tip, and easier to store. Lighter litter is also less unpleasant for cats when they stand on it.

A cat litter’s ability to absorb fluids is critical. This clumping litter clumps quickly thanks to a plant-based clumping ingredient.

However, the clump does not last forever, and if you do not skim the litter a couple of times per day, the clumps will break down too readily.

For odor control, Arm & Hammer has also used a natural ingredient: baking soda. There are also odor neutralizers in it. This combination masks scents well, at least until the clumps come apart, but it can be fairly overpowering at first.


  • Cheap
  • Clumps rapidly
  • Ingredients derived from nature


  • Clumps disintegrate
  • Initial strong odor


Corn Cob Litter from Nature

Nature’s Miracle Corn Cob Litter is described as clumping and bio-enzymatic. This indicates that the litter’s formula contains bio-enzymatic agents that attack and break down the odor-causing components in urine and feces.

The enzymatic component in Nature’s Miracle, on the other hand, has a distinct odor. This may initially discourage your cat from using the litter.

The litter clumps rapidly and lasts without you having to be on hand to remove clumps as soon as they appear. When compared to other litter options, they don’t have the strongest clumps and can come apart.

Furthermore, despite the manufacturer’s claim that this litter is dust-free, as is typical of corn husk litter, it forms more clouds than the other litters on this list.

Nature’s Miracle Maize Cob Litter is a low-cost corn litter that will last for a long time, but it smells strongly, throws up dust, and the clumps are fragile and prone to splitting apart before you can get to them.


  • Cheap
  • Long-lasting


  • Smells strongly
  • Brittle clusters
  • Produces dust


Pure Nature Tidy Cats Cat Litter

Tidy Cats Pure Nature Cat Litter is a clumping cat litter that claims to be 99.9% dust-free and to provide 10-day odor management.

Tidy Cats Pure Nature Cat Litter, which is more expensive than the other litters on this list, employs a blend of cedar and pine to fight the odor of urine and feces.

While this natural odor control smells nice, it stops people from flushing the litter. However, the corn naturally clusters and makes a strong bond, allowing it to be wiped up fast and simply.

This litter has a strong smell that helps with long-term odor management. The pine aroma may be too strong for certain cats, prompting them to avoid using the tray.

However, the strong scent makes it useful in multi-cat households where ammonia odours must be avoided.

Because of the additional ingredients, the Tidy Cats Pure Nature Cat Litter is not as dust-free as other corn litters, so expect some dust.

Overall, Tidy Cats litter is advantageous if you have numerous cats and none of them are particularly sensitive to strong odors or maize dust.

However, if you only have one cat with low litter needs or a sensitive personality, you should search elsewhere.


  • Ideal for households with many cats.
  • Perfumed with pine and cedar


  • Expensive
  • Strong odor
  • Not completely dust-free


WeeKitty Natural Flushable Clumping Cat Litter Rufus & Coco

Rufus & Coco WeeKitty Natural Flushable Clumping Cat Litter is a flushable cat litter that clumps. This form of trash must strike a delicate balance.

It must contain a clumping ingredient such that the litter clumps into an unbreakable ball when exposed to urine or feces, but it must also totally dissolve when immersed in liquid after being flushed.

Natural corn, depending on what it is blended with, can suit both of these needs, and Rufus & Coco WeeKitty clumps nicely and can be flushed.

It does, however, produce more dust than most corn litter alternatives. It is also a costly litter solution. The litter is lightweight and tougher than other corn-based litters, making it easy to store and replace.

Although the company states that there is no ammonia smell after 5 minutes, the scent does linger in the litter for a longer period of time, which means that you will need to wipe out the litter tray periodically to avoid a smell in your home.


  • Litter that is lightweight
  • Clumps nicely
  • Flushes


  • Expensive
  • After a few minutes, smells
  • More dusty than alternatives

Buyer's Manual

The materials used to make cat litter range from the traditional sand and newspaper to the ultra-modern silica gel and the ubiquitous clumping clay cat litter. Corn is one of several naturally occurring materials.

It produces less dust than other materials, is considered a green option because it can be manufactured from corn husks, and can be flushed down the toilet in its pure form, making it a practical option.

It is also naturally clumping and anti-odor, however it might use some improvements in these areas. The following are the most significant considerations when purchasing this type of kitty litter.

Litter, Clumping or Non-Clumping

Most, but not all, cat owners prefer clumping litter. It gathers and forms a ball when damp or wet.

This can be scraped or skimmed from the litter, which eliminates the need to empty the tray. It is more handy and does a better job of capturing and concealing scents.

Non-clumping litter relies on your cat to cover their pee and excrement, which most will do, and it is less expensive, but clumping litter is the vast bulk of litter available today.

All of the litters on our list above clump, which is due in part to the fact that corn husks and recycled maize inherently clump when humid.

If you want non-clumping litter, you should look into alternate litter materials.

Is It Disposable?

Pure maize litter is said to be flushable. This means you can dump used litter into the toilet and flush it.

It is made of biodegradable material, so if it does not completely degrade in toilet water, as most of these litters do, it will degrade in the environment.

Keep in mind that some types of litter are blended with other materials, which may render them non-flushable, and some owners just do not believe that flushable litter is truly safe to flush down the toilet.

If you like the simplicity and cleanliness of flushing spent litter, double-check the bag to ensure that the product you buy can be disposed of securely in this manner.

Options for Odor Control

It’s no secret that cat urine and poop stink, therefore odor control is essential in cat litter.

Clumping litter performs a good job of absorbing some of the odor of cat pee. The odor is trapped within the cluster and is not permitted to leave.

Other litters contain other substances and materials, such as pine, that help to cover the odor of ammonia.

Some litters contain chemical-based additives to conceal the odor, although these can be as pungent as the scent of cat pee.

In the litter box, place Simply Pine Unscented All-Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter.

Preventing Dust Clouds

Another reason that corn-based litter is popular is because it is inherently dust-free. Other materials, particularly clay, can be affected by high levels of dust.

This enters the environment when placed into the tray and is agitated further when your cat scratches to cover up or when you scoop excrement.

Finer litter tends to emit more dust, and while maize is essentially dust-free, you should look for dust-free litter if you have a cat or a family member with respiratory issues, since dust can cause major difficulties.

Litter that is lightweight

Corn is a light material. It is unquestionably lighter than clay, as well as wood pellets and other regularly utilized materials.

There are benefits and drawbacks to lightweight litter. Corn weighs less and is easier to move and lift than clay for a bag of the same proportions. The litter tray will be lighter and easier to transport.

Lightweight litter, on the other hand, tends to track more. This happens when litter becomes entangled in your cat’s paws.

The litter is knocked off their feet when they step out of the tray and rub their paws against the carpet or furniture, causing a mess. To avoid this, look for low-tracking trash.


Corn cat litter is popular because it is lightweight and natural, with low dust and clumping. There are numerous alternatives, including those that are blended with other materials.

In our testing, we discovered that the appropriately called World’s Best Cat Litter has good odor control, excellent clumping capability, and can be flushed down the toilet.

Arm & Hammer Naturals Litter is a lightweight option that clumps fast, albeit the clumps tend to split apart rather quickly.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our evaluations of the best corn cat litters and our guide have assisted you in finding the best one for you and your cats.

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