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The 8 Best Cooling Dog Beds

Many cooling dog beds, rather than cushions, employ a frame to support a flexible platform—similar to a trampoline—allowing for air circulation beneath your dog while yet providing a softer spot to lie down than the floor. Other models employ gel-like filler to keep your dog cool, comparable to an ice pack.

In our quest for the finest cooling dog beds, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) looked for the ideal combination of durability and support, as well as beds that are resistant to gnawing and simple to clean.

The following are the best cooling dog beds.

What Should You Look for in a Cooling Mat or Mattress?

Cooling dog beds, like any other pet product, come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, including orthopedic models and elevated cots. Before you click the buy button, you should carefully consider the characteristics your dog will require. This short guide should assist you in selecting the finest overall cooling dog bed for your money and your dog.

  • Size

It makes no difference how nice the bed is or how much you paid for it if your dog can’t fit his complete body on the mat or bed. It’s critical that the majority of his body is in direct touch with the cooling pad in order to maximize the rate at which his internal temperature drops. Some sections of his body will not benefit from the bed if it is too little. When selecting a cooling mat, choose the largest one that will fit in your room. He’ll be able to move around the bed once parts of it have warmed up this way.

  • Portability

You should acquire a cooling bed that you can take with you wherever you go. Most gel-filled pads can be folded or rolled, making them easy to transport or store during the cold seasons. If you choose a water-filled mat, keep in mind that you will need to empty it before transporting it and then refill it before using it.

  • Durability

While manufacturers may claim that their cooling beds are comprised of non-toxic materials, there is no guarantee that your dog will not become ill if he consumes any of them. Choose a model that is extremely durable — sturdy enough to endure being scraped or chewed on. To be safe, we also urge that you never leave your dog alone while he’s on the mat.

  • Cooling Capacity

This is arguably the most crucial consideration you should make before making your purchase. Water-filled mattresses, pressure-activated cooling pads, and memory foam beds are the three types of cooling beds available on the market.

It literally means a water-filled bed. Water is naturally cooling; it can absorb heat and release it into the air or the floor, keeping the bed’s surface cool. A water-filled dog bed’s cooling power can often last up to 7 hours. This form of cooling bed, however, must be kept out of direct sunshine. We’ve all seen what happens when water is left out in the sun – it heats up and evaporates, defeating the purpose of this bed.

Pressure-activated cooling pads include a gel that may absorb and redistribute heat. When your dog lies down on the bed, it “activates.” The greatest cooling beds can keep their temperature 15 to 20 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. The bed can usually keep this temperature for up to 4 hours. Some mattresses may need to be recharged by power or a battery before they can be used again. Others automatically cool down after your pet leaves the bed after 20 minutes.

Memory foam is notorious for retaining body heat. Obviously, this will not help your dog because he needs to chill down. However, manufacturers of cooling dog beds have discovered a solution: either adding a top layer of cooling gel or utilizing a particular type of memory foam with cooling qualities. So it’s not just a cooling bed, but also an orthopedic one, alleviating pressure points and reducing tension on your pet’s aching joints.

Cooling beds can be replaced with elevated cots. These are beds that are raised off the ground by a plastic or metal frame, allowing air to circulate through the breathable fabric and keeping your dog cool. The benefit of such a bed is that it does not require “recharging.” Your dog can use it throughout the day and into the night. They are simple to build and clean. Furthermore, there is no stuffing to be concerned about. It does not, however, cool your dog as quickly as other forms of cooling beds. This is due to the fact that air cooling is less efficient than water cooling.


Best Budget: Cooling Elevated Pet Bed by AmazonBasics

This AmazonBasics cot-style bed raises your pooch seven inches off the ground on PVC mesh fabric for additional airflow, allowing them to cool off quickly. The frame is composed of iron and features rounded corners and stable feet. It’s very simple to assemble; all you need is the provided hex tool.

This bed is available in two colors and five sizes. When deciding on the right size to order, consider your dog’s weight as well as their length. Amazon provides a one-year warranty on each bed.

Best Orthopedic: Cooling Gel Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dog Bed

Older dogs, too, deserve the extra comfort of an orthopedic cooling dog bed. This one from Sealy features a layer of cooling gel memory foam on top of a base foam laced with charcoal to absorb odors. To preserve the bed in good condition, a waterproof covering is applied on top of everything.

The layers work together to create a comfortable bed. Furthermore, unlike many other types of cooling beds, it is not raised off the floor, thus no jumping or balancing is required to enter it. The bed is machine washable and attractively designed. It is available in four different colors and sizes.

Best for Small Dogs: Furhaven Deluxe Chaise Cooling Gel Dog & Cat Bed in Two Tone Faux Fur & Suede

Heatstroke is not limited to giant dogs; small dogs, particularly brachycephalic types, can overheat quickly. This bed may be customized with a cooling gel layer that wicks away body heat to keep your dog cool.

The L-shaped lounger resembles the end of your sofa, which is a popular sleeping area for many dogs, because it provides them with a nook to burrow into for security as well as a support to lay their heads on. The bed’s cover is machine washable. The small size bed is suitable for pets weighing up to 20 pounds.

Best Cooling Pad: Hugs Pet Supplies Chillz Dog Cooling Mat

Consider a cooling dog pad for further chill power. These foldable, portable mats may go everywhere your pooch goes: in their crate, bed, car, outdoors, or just on the floor. Hugs Pet Products’ version has a pressure actuated gel that cools on contact and absorbs body heat. When one side becomes too hot, flip it over.

The pad automatically cools down between uses, eliminating the need to place it in the freezer and eliminating the need for electricity or battery power. The outside material is puncture resistant to withstand powerful dog nails and chewing pups.

The Advantages of a Cooling Dog Mat/Bed

  • Improved Sleep

The main advantage of a cooling bed is that it keeps your pet cool and prevents heatstroke. Another advantage is that it will make your dog feel more at ease. Dogs, like people, find it difficult to sleep in hot temperatures. Cooling bedding can make midday and nighttime napping much more enjoyable.

  • Additional Assistance

Older dogs are less mobile and nimble than younger canines. They can’t cool off anymore by lying on the chilly kitchen floor without inflicting discomfort or even pain to their bodies. A cooling bed can make patients feel more at ease while also giving relief for their painful joints.

  • Portability

A cooling mat is not just more effective than your kitchen floor in decreasing your dog’s internal temperature. It is also portable. It can be used everywhere – in the park, on the beach, or on the open road.


In the end, we appreciate the fact that, out of the hundreds of websites available, you continue to visit BestForPets (bestforpets.org) to read evaluations of the best cooling dog beds.

With any luck, you’ll be able to locate the ideal product for your pet by reading this post.

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