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The 9 Best Conure Cages

Whether or not you currently have a conure, if you are in the market for a new cage for the bird, you will want to get the best cage available. When searching for a solid cage for your pet bird, it is time-consuming to peruse dozens of available options.

When purchasing a cage for a conure, it is essential to acquire the proper one, since your conure should feel safe and secure in his new home. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has included evaluations of the best conure cages now available on the market to assist you in selecting the ideal cage for your feathered companion.

The following conure cage reviews will familiarize you with the available possibilities, allowing you to select a cage that meets the needs of both you and your cherished bird.


Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Iron Flight Cage

The Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage is, in our opinion, the greatest conure cage that money can buy. This large and spacious cage can easily accommodate many birds. This cage is easy to assemble and clean and is composed of wrought iron.

This cage features two wide front doors for easy access as well as a pull-out bottom grille and tray for simple cleaning. The supplied cage stand has a built-in storage shelf and easy-rolling wheels, allowing you to move the cage as required throughout your house. This large cage has four double feeding bowls made of plastic and three wooden perches.

As with many birdcages, the directions included with this cage are unclear and difficult to follow. Additionally, we believe that the metal bars on this cage might have been made a bit thicker. While the bars are sufficiently thick to prevent a conure from escaping, the cage may be damaged if it collides with an object during transport.


  • Large and durable
  • Base on wheels for portability
  • Large twin entrance doors to facilitate entry


  • Incomprehensible assembly instructions
  • The thinness of the bars may render them susceptible to denting.


A&E Cage Flight Bird Cage and Stand

This big and attractive cage provides ample area for your conure to flap his wings at will. The cage has a detachable stand to keep your pet bird off the ground.

The integrated slide-out tray and grate make cleanup simple, and the powder coating on the bars is devoid of toxic substances. This cage is available in a range of colors, allowing you to easily pick one that complements your interior design.

This A&E cage is extremely durable and well-constructed. There is plenty of space for your conure’s favorite toys. The cage entrance is somewhat on the narrow side, making it difficult to move items and clean the back of the cage.

Even though the cage’s directions are imprecise, this cage is simple to install, and all of its components fit together firmly. This A&E Cage Company Flight Cage is without a doubt the greatest conure cage for the money!


  • Extremely large and well-made
  • Two dishes and two perches
  • Strong and resilient
  • Simple to put together


  • Instructions for assembly are ambiguous.
  • Door is narrow


Prevue Travel Bird Cage for Pets

This Prevue Pet Product cage is an excellent bargain and ideal for when you must travel with your conure. This cage is constructed from coated metal and has a 9″ x 9″ door for convenient access.

The cage also includes a wooden perch for your bird to sit on and a pull-out garbage tray with a wire rail stopper to secure the tray for mess-free transport. There are two stainless steel dishes included.

Bird owners are aware that a travel cage is essential. We believe this portable cage is great for travel and for cleaning your conure’s primary cage when you need a safe location to put your bird.

There is sufficient space within the cage for your conure to freely wander about, as well as for his toys and hanging perches. The perch on this lovely metal cage is a tad bulky and better suited for a huge parrot.


  • Made from robust metal
  • Ideal for veterinary visits, relocation, and keeping your conure while his primary cage is being cleaned.
  • Large door facilitating access


  • The perch is quite thick


Prevue Pet Products Stainless Steel Playtop Bird Cage, Medium

Any conure, or pair of conures, would feel perfectly at home in this rust-resistant stainless steel enclosure. This cage provides a top play area for your bird’s enjoyment and includes a stainless steel perch, ladder, feeding cups, and one toy hook that is attached to the perch.

In addition, a detachable grille and tray facilitate cleanup. This cage includes a large front entrance with two bird-resistant locks to prevent your conure from escaping.

Although this Prevenue Pet Products cage is on the larger side and somewhat cumbersome, we like that it features lockable casters so it can be moved quickly and safely from room to room. We do not enjoy how noisy the wheels are and how they cause the cage to wobble when being moved.


  • Lockable casters that roll
  • Simple to clean
  • Playground atop
  • Two doorways with bird-resistant latches


  • Caster wheels are noisy and cause the cage to tremble when in motion.
  • Cage is hefty


Yaheetech Rolling Metal Detachable Stand Bird Cage

This spacious cage is ideal for a pair of conures since there is much room for them to play and expand their wings. This cage built from eco-friendly coated aluminum and polypropylene has several advantageous features. This Yaheetech cage includes a lot of doors, which we appreciate.

There are two side-opening composite doors for bird ingress, as well as seven smaller doors for easy access to the provided feeders and any other accessories you may like to give your conure. Yahetech hoop

The cage’s arc-shaped wires prevent your bird from opening the doors, and the bottom tray is secured with buckles. The cage has a removable stand with four swiveling, 360-degree casters. There is a slide-out tray and a removable mesh grate for simple cleaning on the cage’s base. On the top of the cage is a handle for hanging and portability.

This cage is one of the lightest conure cages we tested, weighing only 17 pounds. A major drawback of this cage is that the joints between the parts seem quite fragile.


  • Eco-friendly items used
  • Multiple entrances facilitate access
  • Includes removable stand with swiveling 360-degree casters


  • Feels flimsy


Large Prevue Pet Products Park Plaza Bird Cage

This coco brown cage from Prevue Pet Products is affordably priced despite its sturdy construction. This cage is built of sturdy wrought iron and has plenty of space inside to keep your conure happy and chirping.

This cage does not have an abundance of bells and whistles, but it is a sturdy cage that will provide your cherished bird with a secure and pleasant environment in which to live and play.

This birdcage comes with a wooden perch, two feeding bowls made of stainless steel, and a compact movable platform with caster wheels. In addition, a pull-out grille and a debris tray facilitate cleanup. This cage also includes seed guards with rounded corners to prevent bird food from off the floor.

The hinges on the cage door have a tendency to stick, so when you try to fully open it, it might snap open, which can be annoying. In addition to being difficult to install, the components of this cage do not usually fit together precisely. Overall, this cage is a decent bargain, and it is sturdy long-lasting equipment.


  • Durable
  • Rolling stand equipped with caster wheels
  • Simple to clean
  • Roomy
  • Includes several accessories.


  • Door hinges can become loose.
  • Not the simplest cage to put together
  • Not all sections fit together completely.


72-Inch Vivohome Wrought Iron Large Bird Cage with Play Top

This Vivohome birdcage is composed of welded steel and has an attractive metallic black appearance.

This cage contains a perch, two removable food bowls, and a vertical hook for attaching a hanging toy on the top of the cage for your conure’s enjoyment. This cage provides adequate space inside for your bird’s comfort, as well as ample place for your bird to expand its wings.

The top and bottom of the cage contain removable trays constructed of PPC material that is resistant to corrosion and rust. This cage is a wonderful bargain and comes with four stainless steel food bowls, three wooden perches, and a detachable staircase so that your bird may reach the play area whenever he desires.

This cage comes with inadequate directions, therefore it may be difficult to carefully assemble the sides. Overall, the quality of this spacious and inexpensive birdcage is quite lacking. Additionally, the slide-out cleaning trays included with the cage are constructed of flimsy plastic, so they may not survive long.


  • Roomy
  • Additional play space atop
  • Multiple attachments are supplied.


  • Faulty directions
  • Overall inferior workmanship
  • Scratch-free trays made of thin plastic

Buyer's Guide

Finding a home for your conure that is both comfortable and easy to access and clean is essential when selecting a cage. Durability is an important consideration, as is the required size.

Consider your bird’s lifestyle when determining what size cage to purchase. If your bird is permitted to spend a great deal of time hanging out outside his cage, you can purchase a smaller, less expensive cage that he will use primarily for eating and sleeping.

Bigger May Be Better

If your conure does not spend much time outside of his cage, you should spend more money on a larger cage so he can move around freely, spread his wings, and play with his toys. Additionally, you will need a larger cage if you have more than one conure or if you plan to acquire a companion for the conure you already own.

A conure cage of superior quality is sturdy, simple to assemble, and made of a material that can withstand the test of time. A great cage will also be easy to clean, have at least one large door for easy access, and include a few essential accessories such as perches and food dishes.


When ranking the best conure cages for these reviews, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) paid close attention to factors such as durability, ease of access, materials used, and convenience. In addition, we considered what accessories or “extras” come with the conure cages. Because of this, we selected the Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage as our top pick. This cage, like our best value pick, the Prevue Pet Products Travel Bird Cage, is well-constructed, sturdy, simple to clean, and comes with some nice accessories.

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