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The 10 Best Coconut Oil For Dogs

Have you noticed that the luster of your dog's coat has diminished? Perhaps they experience dry skin, allergies, or even aging-related problems.

Coconut oil is a natural and efficient way to hydrate the skin, alleviate inflammation, and repel fleas and ticks. Internally and externally, coconut oil is beneficial to the body's health.

You may still be unsure of which dog-specific products are most beneficial. Have no fear. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has sifted through a multitude of goods in order to identify the best coconut oil for dogs. We created reviews based on our observations so that you could get what you need.


Zesty Paws Coconut Oil – Overall Winner

The Zesty Paws Coconut Oil was our top selection for the best coconut oil for dogs among all the items we evaluated. It includes only certified organic coconuts, so there are no potentially dangerous ingredients to worry about. This may be used for both internal and external reasons.

If your dog suffers from food allergies, flea allergies, or itchy skin, this medication will provide relief. Depending on ambient temperature, the consistency of coconut oil will vary. Colder temperatures may cause the coconut oil to harden, while warmer temperatures may make it more fluid.

When applied on the dog’s skin, this specific oil performed admirably, without being overly oily. You may let your dog to lick it directly off a spoon or add it to food. They do not dislike the flavor, and it is not overpowering. Some finickier dogs may not enjoy it. However, it performs admirably.


  • 100 percent organic
  • External and topical usage
  • Not too oily
  • Subtle flavor


  • Not every dog may appreciate the flavor


Shaka Buds Coconut Oil for Dogs – Best Value

Shaka Buds Coconut Oil for Dogs is the most cost-effective coconut oil for dogs if you’re on a budget and want to save money. If your dog suffers from a dry nose or dry paws, this item is ideal. You can use a small amount gently to maintain the suppleness and softness of regions prone to dryness.

Because the Shaka Bud brand is certified organic by the USDA, you need not worry about harmful additions. You may use this on your dog and, if you own one, your cat. This is especially important for maintaining a healthy coat in elderly dogs.

If you like a more solidified oil, you may keep this in a cold location or even the refrigerator if it is rather liquid. It is a touch runnier than our original choice, but it appears to be as beneficial.


  • Affordable
  • USDA-approved organic
  • Excellent for dry pads or noses


  • A little leaner


CocoTherapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – First-Class Option

CocoTherapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is our top pick if money is no object and you desire the greatest product available.

This is just virgin, cold-pressed, USDA-certified organic coconut oil. There is no change in use results. You may apply it both externally and internally to your pet, as its consistency varies with temperature.

It is also safe for cats and rodents and other domestic pets. You may choose this if you feel more secure purchasing a product from a well-known brand. However, it has the same elements as our number one and has no additional components that make it superior.


  • USDA-approved organic
  • Safe for domestic pets


  • Expensive
  • Identical components to less expensive options


Stuart Pet Products Coconut Oil

Stuart Pet Supply’s Coconut Oil is an additional excellent product for your pet. USDA-certified organic, it is completely safe to use on all of your household pets. Add this to your pet’s diet for maximum immunity and coat health. Also applicable straight on the skin and coat.

It is ideal for hot spots, itchiness, and other forms of skin irritation. It does not clump on the skin, resulting in a covering that is incredibly smooth and of excellent consistency. Avoid slapping it on, since this will leave a residue on the fur. When applied properly, it leaves the coat glossy and supple.

It works great on dry noses and paw pads. It is oil, therefore be sure to secure the cap securely, as else it may spill.


  • USDA-approved organic
  • Superior consistency


  • Can create residue on fur


Petpost Coconut Oil

In contrast to some of our other products, Petpost Coconut Oil has a distinct aroma. Aromatic and dense with coconut, this may either attract or dissuade you from making a purchase. Additionally, due to its intense odor, your dog may be inclined to consume it.

This product, according to Petpost, promotes the regeneration of hair. Therefore, if your pet is having hair loss due to allergies or other irritants, this might be advantageous. They also recommend it for toothpaste, so that it can impart a tropical aroma.

100% organic raw coconut oil. Although it repairs and promotes healthy skin, the fragrance may not be effective for all dogs. This is particularly true if you want to give it to them, since they may reject it.


  • 100% raw organic oil
  • Excellent for hair growth


  • Strong smell


Organic Raw Paws Virgin Coconut Oil

Raw Paws Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is unrefined and completely safe for use on all of your dogs. The company’s coconuts are sourced from the Philippines, and they are open about this fact, so you will never have to question where the product originates from.

This may be used both in liquid and solid form. It can be used topically or ingested. It stimulates the metabolism and enhances general thyroid function, which is particularly advantageous for specific breeds. It is 100% USDA-approved.

This specific oil is rather greasier than others on the coat, therefore if you want to apply it on the skin or hair, it may produce a mess.


  • 100% USDA-approved
  • Boosts metabolism


  • Greasy


Supplemental Wholistic Pet Organics Coconut Oil

The Wholistic Pet Organics Coconut Oil Supplement is an outstanding addition to our list. With your pet’s health in mind, this source contains only coconuts cultivated on plantations. They are not genetically modified in any manner, and this oil is 100 percent organically certified.

The oil contains lauric acid to support excellent health. Produced in the United States and regulated by the National Animal Supplement Council, quality is assured. This oil smells strongly like coconut, yet it is not overpowering. If your pet loves the flavor, it should be effective.

This was quite thin even when chilled. Therefore, if you’re searching for a tougher oil while it’s cold, you may choose to explore elsewhere.


  • 100 percent organic
  • NASC approved


  • Thin


Sun Beams Coconut Oil Brands

Sun Beams Brands Coconut Oil has a delicate coconut aroma and consistency. It leaves the coat without a heavy, oily residue, leaving it bright and silky. It also lacks a strong flavor, making it suitable for practically any dog or pet.

It is 100% natural. It helps hydrate skin, relieve hot areas, and treat damaged paws. The additional fat in the substance is also beneficial for the digestive tract.

The product’s tendency to spill from the container is a drawback. It does not screw on evenly, allowing water to drain slowly if the container is slightly tilted. Additionally, when solid, it is more difficult to thaw or warm than some of the others.


  • 100% organic
  • Healthy lipids


  • Leaks
  • Difficult to warm to liquid


Alpha Pet Zone Coconut Oil

Alpha Pet Zone Coconut Oil is another option that is safe for all types of pets. Adding a small amount of coconut oil to your pet’s food or hair can assist them whether they have dry skin or immune system problems.

The firm specializes on itchy dog products. If your dog is prone to fungal infections, yeast infections, or skin allergies, this can be an effective approach to treat them without resorting to harsher measures.

This oil is organic, raw, and vegan, so you can be certain that you are just receiving coconut oil. However, like with any oil, it will turn runny upon contact with heated skin. Additionally, excessive application might result in greasiness on the coat, which can transfer to your furniture and carpets.


  • Helps dry skin
  • Aids in allergic reactions, fungal and yeast infections


  • Will be runny
  • Can result in an oily coat
  • Transferable to furniture


Organic Goodpet Coconut Oil

Last on our list is Dr. Goodpet Organic Coconut Oil. It is a decent product, however it is inferior to the ones we listed. It possesses the same curative qualities. It is effective as an antiseptic and antifungal agent.

This may be consumed in meals and applied straight to the skin. The aroma of coconut is rather powerful, so your dog may either enjoy or dislike the flavor. Additionally, it solidifies rapidly, so you may need to heat it more regularly.


  • Shares the same characteristics as the others on the list


  • Dogs may not enjoy the flavor
  • Strong aroma
  • Hardens quickly

How to Choose the Finest Canine-Friendly Coconut Oil

You may have heard about the incredible health advantages of coconut oil for humans. Additionally, coconut oil provides various health advantages for our canine and feline companions.

If you decide to purchase coconut oil for them, make sure to get a USDA-certified organic, all-natural brand for optimal effects.

Remember that the state of coconut oil depends on the surrounding temperature. If the temperature falls below 76 degrees Fahrenheit, coconut oil will become solid. There is no reason to presume there is a problem if this occurs. A modest quantity of heat will cause it to melt.

Skin and Fur

Due to coconut oil’s hydrating properties, the skin and coat remain smooth and glossy. You may apply it to both wet and dry fur, but avoid oversaturating it. An excessive amount of coconut oil applied to the coat might result in residue, buildup, and greasiness. This can spread to flooring and furnishings.

Skin Issues

Due to its anti-inflammatory and antifungal characteristics, coconut oil is good for skin conditions. It moisturizes the skin, alleviating issues such as allergy-related inflammation, hot spots, dandruff, and dryness.

Immune Wellness

Coconut oil contains a significant amount of lauric acid. This functions as an antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory agent, promoting immunological health. Lauric acid supports the immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells.

Weight Management

Coconut oil is a triglyceride of medium chain length. This implies that it aids in weight loss by preventing the formation of fat cells in the body. Additionally, it reduces appetite. Therefore, if your dog is overweight, adding this to their diet might help them lose weight.


When it comes to maximizing a product’s effectiveness, we stand behind Zesty Paws Coconut Oil. It’s cheap, doesn’t leave a bad smell, and is certified organic to help your pet’s health in important ways.

Shaka Buds Coconut Oil for Dogs is the finest coconut oil for dogs if you want to save money while strengthening your dog’s immune system. It provides the same fantastic health advantages without breaking the bank.

If you are willing to pay a little more for a proven product, CocoTherapy Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the coconut oil for dogs we recommend. While it has nearly the same benefits as our number one benefit, it may help you feel more comfortable selecting a business that has a track record of producing excellent items.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our consumers for visiting our site to learn about and research the best coconut oil for dogs.

The health of your dog is vital to your petting experience. Hopefully, our evaluations have answered all of your doubts about coconut, allowing you to offer them this infamous superfood regularly.

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