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6 Best Coconut Cat Litters

Coconut cat litter may be a suitable choice if you want a litter with great absorbency, good odor control, organic components, or that is biodegradable.

Coconut-based cat litter is increasingly gaining popularity due to its environmentally friendly and long-lasting results.

Not only is coconut cat litter excellent for you and your cat, but it also helps to keep the environment safe.

This form of cat litter helps to lessen your carbon footprint while also delivering a 100% natural and useful litter for your cat.

Many cat owners will resort to natural litter options, especially if they want to provide their cat with natural goods that are safe for their health.

As a result, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the best coconut cat litters on the market so you can simply determine which litter is best for you and your cat.


Best Overall: Eco Absorb Coconut Cat Litter

Eco Absorb Coconut-based Cat Litter is the greatest overall product.

This cat litter offers all of the benefits that a natural cat litter should have while outperforming competitors in terms of quality and affordability.

This kitty litter is created from natural coconuts that have been sourced in a sustainable manner. It also provides excellent odor control and a high absorbency rate.

Coconut pith has been employed because of its great absorbency and odor-controlling qualities, while still giving your cat with a soft and sanitary litter that is kind on their paws.

This litter contains activated carbon for better odor control, making it long-lasting. It is flushable and will not block plumbing, which is an issue with competing products.

Eco Absorb has made certain that this product is hypoallergenic and suitable for cats with asthma or allergies.

It will not create a dust cloud when opened or used, which is good for both you and your cat.


CatSpot Coconut Non-Clumping Cat Litter – Best Value

CatSpot Non-Clumping Coconut Cat Litter comes in a three-pack, making it the best cat litter for the money.

If you prefer to buy cat litter in bulk, this is a fantastic opportunity to get high-quality cat litter at a lower retail price.

This litter is extremely absorbent, with one bag having the same absorbency rate as a twenty-pound bag of clay litter.

It is fully chemical-free and natural, making it safer for both you and your cat. It does not contain any of the dangerous additives found in most cat litters.

This product is lightweight and resilient, making it easier to handle and dispose of. CatSpot coconut litter is environmentally friendly and compostable.

It is readily disposed of in your garden and can be utilized as a natural fertilizer without affecting the environment.


CatSpot Premium Clumping Coconut Cat Litter

CatSpot Clumping Coconut Cat Litter is an all-natural, chemical-free clumping cat litter manufactured from natural coconut coir.

It contains no artificial chemicals or perfumes, making it excellent for cats with sensitive noses. The absorbency rate is outstanding and outperforms competitors.

This cat litter is light, easy to dispose of, and kind to your cat. Your cat can enjoy going to the potty without worrying about clouds of dust or chemicals injuring them.

This kitty litter is also healthy for the environment and may be used to support plant development in the garden or compost heap.

If you have allergies or asthma, the hypoallergenic feature of this cat litter makes it safer and easier to manage.


Fresh Active Plus Cat Litter Cat H20

For a deodorizing effect, combine the Cat H20 Fresh Active Plus Cat Litter with other coconut-based cat litters.

You can also use this as a primary cat litter; however, the product’s weight is little and costly in the long run.

The major active elements in this litter that give it an odorizing effect are activated carbon and coconut.

It is scent-free, chemical-free, non-toxic, and non-masking, with the added benefit of keeping the litter box fresh and odor-free for up to a week.

As a primary cat litter, it is not extremely absorbent, but the odor control is unrivaled and barely perceptible even when used frequently.

Unfortunately, when wet, this litter tracks and stains cats’ food, leaving stains on white surfaces or carpets.

If you use this cat litter, we strongly advise you to keep a tracking mat beside the litter box to keep your cat’s food clean.


Natural Coco Kitty Litter by GAPS

GAPs Natural Coconut-based Cat Litter is devoid of toxic ingredients like scents and chemicals. It is really reasonable for the price of ten pounds.

As a result, the litter is long-lasting, lightweight, and simple to use. This product is environmentally friendly and may be flushed down the toilet or composted in the garden.

It is also odorless and absorbs a large amount of moisture left by your cats’ urine. Because the odor management is poor, the litter box should be cleaned on a daily basis.

The soft and sandy texture is soothing for your cats’ paws, but it can adhere to them if wet. You can control any mess left behind by this product by utilizing a tracking litterbox or mat.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose The Best Coconut Cat Litter

Is it safe to use coconut cat litter?

Coconut-based cat litter is fully safe for both cats and their owners when compared to other varieties of cat litter.

The major factor in determining whether a brand of coconut-based cat litter is safe or not is the presence of additives and fragrances.

Cats may be harmed by artificial fragrances, chemicals, and difficult-to-read substances. Although coconut is harmless for cats, the chemicals and other harsh ingredients in cat litter are not.

The bag should state that it is:

  • Unscented
  • Chemical-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Natural

These labels verify that the product, even if consumed, is safe for cats. Coconut cat litter is natural, and large brands often do not contain any dangerous additives.

The Advantages of Using Coconut-Based Cat Litter

The advantages of switching your cat to a coconut-based litter are numerous, but the following are the most notable:

  • Organic or natural substance
  • Without chemicals
  • On your cats’ paws, it should be soft and mild.
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to get rid of
  • Compostable
  • Flushable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Reduced dust content
  • High absorption
  • Affordable

However, coconut cat litter is typically the tracking variety, which means that when wet, it will adhere to your cats’ paws and cause a tiny mess about the house.

However, the benefits of this litter type much exceed the drawbacks.

Coconut Cat Litter Varieties

There are two varieties of coconut cat litter: clumping coconut cat litter and non-clumping coconut cat litter.

Litters containing additions such as activated carbon or litter that can be used as a deodorizer are also available.

Coconut pith is frequently utilized to make clumping coconut-based cat litter, although coconut coir is not.

Coir de coco

This litter is stringy in appearance and less untidy than other coconut-based cat litters. It has good odor control and absorbency.

It is simple to clean and flush, making disposal simple. Overall, using coconut coir as a cat litter is effective, practical, and cost-effective in the long run.

Pith from Coconut 

In comparison to coconut coir, this litter has a grainier look and more absorbency. The odor control is adequate but not exceptional.

The absorbency rate, on the other hand, is excellent. The majority of coconut pith is sourced sustainably and is therefore better for the environment.

Utilizing Activated Carbon

Activated carbon will be included as an ingredient in this sort of coconut-based cat litter.

Activated carbon is a natural and harmless substance that is mostly used to improve the odor management of coconut cat litter.

Carbon dust is included in activated carbon, which can create a fine layer of particles to leave the litter box.

Because coconut does not have adequate odor control, buying a coconut-based litter with activated carbon may be advantageous.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) chose two products that stand out from the best coconut cat litters after thoroughly examining each coconut-based cat litter.

The Eco Absorb Coconut-based Cat Litter is our top recommendation because of its great quality, superior absorbency, and odor control.

Our second choice is the CatSpot Non-Clumping Coconut Cat Litter, which has a non-toxic recipe and good odor control.

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