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The 9 Best Cockatoo Toys

If you have a cockatoo, you're probably always looking for new and interesting toys to keep your bird busy and stimulated.

There is no way to predict if your bird will even play with a certain new item. If they do, there is a strong possibility that it will be completely shredded within the first few hours.

This issue is all too familiar to us, so we resolved to solve it once and for all. To do this, we ordered as many cockatoo toys as possible. Then, we evaluated their performance.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) presented each toy to many birds in order to obtain their feedback. Obviously, cockatoos are not shy about expressing their ideas, so we received a great deal of feedback!

Only three of these best cockatoo toys were generally adored enough for us to suggest them.


Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Bird Toy – Overall Winner



The Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Bird Toy, available in four sizes to accommodate all types of Cockatoos, was our top pick. Several of the toys we evaluated were either too little or too large for some of our birds, so we appreciated that this item came in multiple sizes.

It can be beneficial for their beaks for birds to shred virtually anything, since they like doing so. Therefore, this toy is comprised of shreddable materials that will assist reduce your bird’s tension while providing essential beak conditioning.

Thankfully, this product is constructed with all-natural components, so you won’t have to worry about your bird’s health while it rips it to shreds!

This toy also stimulates foraging, providing mental and physical stimulation for your bird. It does this with an abundance of little hiding places where you can store treats for your Cockatoo to discover.

They will love searching for the next reward, and you will enjoy watching them! The only criticism we have is that the colors cannot be selected; they are shipped at random. Aside from that, all of our birds agree that this is a fantastic toy.


  • Made entirely of natural materials
  • Helps condition the beak of your bird
  • There are hiding places that promote foraging
  • The material can be shredded to reduce stress
  • Available in four distinct sizes


  • Sends hues at random


Prevue Pet Products Naturals Rope Ladder Bird Toy – Highest Quality



The Prevue Pet Products Naturals Rope Ladder Bird Toy is one of our favorite toys for cockatoos since they require a great deal of physical and mental activity.

It offers many play options to keep your bird entertained. In addition, it is quite reasonably priced; this is one of the reasons why we believe it is the greatest Cockatoo toy for the money.

Initially, we attempted to hang this as a ladder, but the ladder component is just around 10 inches long, making it too tiny for that function.

Then, we hung it as a bridge, and the birds went wild! Every Cockatoo we introduced it to spent countless hours balancing as they crossed. Additionally, they loved biting on it and flinging it with their beaks.

The wooden linkages deteriorated with time, as anticipated. Thankfully, this entire toy is manufactured from all-natural, eco-friendly materials, so there is nothing in it that may be detrimental to your bird.

It is also quite simple to install. The quick-links readily attach to a cage or any other mounting point, allowing you to put up the device in within seconds.


  • Provides physical activity and mental stimulation
  • Made from natural, environmentally friendly materials
  • Quick-link is readily attached to the cage
  • Effective as a bridge


  • Too little to be effective as a ladder


Super Bird Creations Four-Way Play Bird Toy – Exceptional Option



Cockatoos may be temperamental and selective, as can any birds. Colors and textures are two things that nearly all of them enjoy.

Because of this, the Super Bird Creations 4 Way Play Bird Toy features a wide variety of colors and textures. It will engage and occupy your Cockatoo for as long as feasible.

This toy is made from a variety of materials, providing your bird with varied play surfaces. It consists of wooden blocks, rope, beads, and a durable PVC center to give cerebral activity for any Cockatoo.

All materials are durable, allowing for excellent beak conditioning. However, they are entirely safe for birds to consume.

Despite the use of durable materials, especially powerful chewers may nevertheless quickly destroy this toy. However, for the ordinary Cockatoo, it should give weeks of excitement and amusement.

This is especially advantageous because this item is significantly more expensive than others. Despite the greater price, we believe it offers a great deal of value, which is why it is our top selection.


  • Offers a variety of ways to play
  • Numerous colors and textures to stimulate the mind
  • Durable materials are excellent for beak conditioning
  • All substances are safe for birds to consume


  • Multiple times the cost of other toys
  • Heavy chewers may consume it quickly


Hol-ee Roller Bird Toy by JW Pet



The design of the JW Pet Hol-ee Roller Bird Toy may appear basic, yet a wonderful toy need not be difficult. This ball on a chain may be attached to any cage with ease. The ball features several small holes that your bird’s beak may easily pass through, allowing it to attempt to reach the bell within.

However, the bell is not only a noisemaker. You may really conceal treats within the bell for your bird to discover, so keeping it engaged for extended durations. Not only is this an excellent mental exercise, but the birds really like it.

As soon as your Cockatoo successfully retrieves the treat from within, the bell will ring loudly, signalling that it’s time to add additional goodies.

Obviously, the bell isn’t completely silent the rest of the time, but you’ll be able to tell when it’s empty. Nonetheless, the persistent ringing of the bell might get rather bothersome!

Even with frequent Cockatoo attention, this durable rubber toy should survive for a considerable amount of time. Rubber is 100 percent natural and non-toxic, therefore even if it is destroyed, no harm will result.


  • Excellent for foraging
  • Made from 100% natural, durable, non-toxic rubber
  • It is gentle and will not harm your bird if it becomes boisterous
  • Durable for a considerable time


  • Colors are delivered at random
  • Constantly hearing the bell clang might get irritating


Super Bird Creations Party Bird Toy Made of Paper



Since Cockatoos enjoy colors and textures so much, any toy that offers a variety of interesting hues and sensations should prove popular. The Paper Party Bird Toy from Super Bird Creations fits these requirements. Our birds appreciated it, however it did not withstand the assault for too long.

This toy features a cylinder-shaped base from which a variety of multicolored sticks protrude. Different textures on the sticks and cylinder are designed to tempt your bird, and all of the colors are quite stimulating. The challenge is whether the toy will endure long enough for you to attach it to your bird’s cage!

The first one we opened actually came apart before reaching the cage, which was quite a letdown. We attempted again, and this one made it into the cage. Instantaneously, our cockatoo was drawn to it, and it was demolished just as soon!

This toy is composed completely of materials that are safe for birds, therefore it’s okay for them to damage it. However, it is more expensive than many of the other solutions we evaluated, and we expected a higher level of quality for the money.


  • Offers varied textures to keep your bird occupied
  • Numerous hues to thrill your Cockatoo
  • Made from 100 percent bird-safe materials


  • Costlier than some of the other toys
  • Does not withstand intense play
  • Could crumble in your hands


Bird Toy Kaytee Forage-N-Play Ladder



The Kaytee Forage-N-Play Ladder Bird Toy was not a favorite among our testers. Cockatoos are often attracted to toys with many colors and textures. The birds appeared to like it, but just for a few minutes before utterly trashing it.

Granted, we anticipate and even encourage our birds to destroy their toys, but we typically expect each one to last at least a few days!

However, this toy is not very robust, and the wooden components are quite thin. It might not be a problem for tiny birds. However, birds with powerful beaks, such as cockatoos, would rip this toy apart the soon they see it.

Nonetheless, Kaytee got some of the details correct. Multiple textures and brilliant hues visually attract our birds. And disassembling this toy did give exercise, but not for long.

However, we were concerned about the exposed glue on numerous components of this toy. We select bird-safe materials that are made of natural substances. Glue is not an element we often use in their diet!


  • Multiple textures and vivid hues to stimulate the senses
  • Encourages hunting and gathering
  • Provides physical activity and mental stimulation


  • Not a really sturdy design
  • The wooden sections are excessively thin and rapidly deteriorated
  • Uncovered adhesive on the toy is unsettling


Bird toy JW Pet Swing N’ Perch



When considering toys for your bird, it’s simple to only consider its beak, but what about its feet? Additionally, birds’ feet must be reinforced, and the JW Pet Swing N’ Perch Bird Toy is ideal for this reason. It is constructed of tightly folded cotton to help calm sore claws.

Nonetheless, there is a reason why this toy is at the bottom of our list. In fact, there are plenty. It is significantly more pricey than the other toys we evaluated.

This might be acceptable if the item were also more sturdy and long-lasting or offered additional ways to play, but neither of these qualities are present.

Given that it is only rope, there are few textures to stimulate your Cockatoo. It also offers little play options, only hanging on and swinging. This toy takes up a lot of room in the cage for its limited utility, therefore you won’t be able to store many other toys alongside it.

Unfortunately, this toy lacks durability. It tends to break where the hook is attached to the rope, an issue we encountered on several occasions. In the end, we would not recommend this toy.


  • Enhances the strength of your bird’s feet
  • Soothes delicate talons


  • Far more costly than other toys
  • Does not give many stimulating textures
  • Takes up a great deal of room in the cage
  • Provides little gameplay options
  • Typically fails where the hook is mounted

Buyer's Guide

This list contains quite a few toys, yet it barely scratches the surface of what is available. So, how do you pick which toys your Cockatoo should try? After seeing how our Cockatoos reacted to several sorts of toys, we have condensed down the decision-making process to the most crucial questions.

Are They Pleased?

If your bird does not enjoy the toy, nothing else about it is relevant! Obviously, there is no way to ensure that your bird will enjoy a certain item.

If kids have previously loved a certain toy, you may presume they will enjoy it again. Similarly, if they have previously appreciated a similar item, you can trust that they will at least be curious in what you put into their cage.


How long can the toy sustain regular use? Some of the toys we tried came apart even before they reached the cage! Others survived several weeks of regular gnawing and playing. The majority, though, fell somewhere in the center, surviving a few days to a couple of weeks of good play.

Mental Stimulation

Whatever toys you choose, they must provide cerebral stimulation for your bird. Constantly living in a little cage is difficult. To prevent harmful behavior, it is essential to keep your bird intellectually engaged with toys of your choosing.

Bird-Safe Materials

Birds must tear objects to survive. It’s really beneficial for their beak health. However, if they shred the incorrect materials, they may wind up consuming harmful substances. To avoid this, ensure that the bird toys you select are composed of safe, natural materials.

Colors and Surfaces

Instantaneously, birds are drawn to colors and textures. Toys with diverse colors and textures will hold their interest longer and give greater mental and visual stimulation. Choose toys with a variety of colors and textures wherever possible to keep your bird occupied and prevent boredom.


Foraging is a very beneficial action for birds. It helps maintain their mental acuity and engagement. Plus, it’s simply fun! Some of our favorite toys feature hiding places where you can hide food or objects for your bird to damage.

They will love foraging while receiving several health advantages. And you’ll even get to enjoy watching it!


After putting many of these toys to the test with our cockatoos, we have several garbage bags that require cleaning. In the end, though, it was well worth it, as we discovered the winners. Only three of the reviews on our list were excellent enough for us to suggest the product.

Overall, the Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy is the most efficient product. It comes in four sizes to accommodate any cockatoo and has several hiding spots to promote feeding. In addition, it is constructed from all-natural ingredients and cut to help securely protect the beak of your bird.

We recommend Prevue Pet Products Naturals Ropes for the greatest value. This toy’s easy attachment to the cage through quick links enables it to serve admirably as a bridge. It gives both a physical workout and cerebral stimulation and is created from natural, eco-friendly materials.

The Super Bird Creations 4-Way Bird Toy is our top selection. It is comprised of a tough substance that is excellent for beak care and absolutely safe to chew. In addition, it comes in a variety of colors and textures, making it a fun toy for any cockatoo.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our visitors for visiting our site to learn about and research the best cockatoo toys. We hope you were able to find a suitable toy for your cockatoo.

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