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The 9 Best Cockatiel Books

Cockatiels are a wonderful pet for both novice and experienced bird keepers. If you are contemplating adopting one, you must do your research on appropriate care before bringing it home.

You shouldn't get a pet bird on a whim since they need special care and are susceptible to hidden home threats.

Do yourself a favor and study these gorgeous birds so you can offer them not just a joyful but also a healthy and stimulating environment.

There are many books about cockatiels, but some of them are out of date or have bad information. The reviews below will give you all the information you need to give your cockatiel the life it deserves.

The best cockatiel books listed below by BestForPets (bestforpets.org) should give you all the information you need, whether you want a simple introduction to owning birds or want to learn more about training and breeding your cockatiel.


Complete Care Made Easy – Cockatiels – Best Overall

The greatest overall cockatiel book is Complete Care Made Easy by Angela Davids. This book is a must-have for first-time bird owners wishing to add a cockatiel to their household.

The book provides guidance on selecting the ideal bird, caring for it, and maintaining its health. In addition, it may assist you in determining the appropriate cage for your new cockatiel, where to install it in your house, and which accessories and toys you should get for your new pet.

An whole section is dedicated to the ideal food for cockatiels. In the last two chapters of the book, the genetics, breeding, and color variants of this tropical bird are discussed.


  • Excellent for novice bird owners
  • Comprehensive and informative
  • Accurate diet advice
  • Easy to comprehend


  • No section on rectifying improper conduct

Cockatiels for Dummies – Best Value

Cockatiels for Dummies is an excellent introduction to bird ownership for aspiring cockatiel owners. It is the most cost-effective cockatiel book due to its very low price.

This comprehensive book was written by an authority on companion birds, so you can be certain that the material is correct and of good quality, despite the fact that Grindol wrote it over two decades ago.

This book discusses issues such as caring for your bird, building a bond with it, choosing the ideal bird, and training it. Even a section on night terrors, a typical problem among cockatiels, is included.

Her book is both helpful and entertaining to read due to Grindol’s easy-to-follow style and plenty of useful advice and facts.


  • Fun to read
  • Authored by an authority
  • Easy to absorb substance
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Not for those with birding expertise

The Cockatiel Handbook – Premium Choice

The Cockatiel Handbook by Mary Gorman is more expensive than other books in our recommendation, but its comprehensiveness makes it an absolute must-have for all bird enthusiasts.

This manual includes key subjects including food requirements, housing, and healthcare. There is a full section on how to locate a trustworthy breeder or vendor, as well as a part on the origin and common characteristics of cockatiels. It also has several high-quality images to complement its chapters.

The author offers guidance on how to spend quality time with a new pet and how to interpret its body language, a crucial ability for all bird owners.

This is the oldest book we’re discussing today, yet it still contains accurate and useful information.


  • Beautiful color photographs
  • Excellent for novice owners
  • Tips for selecting a breeder
  • Guidance on interpreting body language


  • 10 and older

Cockatiels as Pets

This concise, to-the-point book by Louis Vine is divided into four simple parts. The first chapter is devoted to essential information for new cockatiel owners.

The second section discusses the numerous supplies and accessories you’ll need to maintain your pet’s happiness and health.

The third chapter discusses grooming your cockatiel and the basic maintenance you should expect to do. The last chapter is devoted to cockatiel health issues and what you must do to maintain them as healthy as possible.

This book is a good beginning point for first-time bird owners, but it is not a good choice for those who have previously had birds.


  • Simple to read
  • Prompt delivery
  • Great starting place


  • Some of the material is elementary.

Cockatiels As Pets – Cockatiel book for Keeping

Cockatiels As Pets is an easy-to-read book with eight chapters covering themes such as finding a cockatiel, caring for and connecting with your new pet, the expense of bird care, and reproduction.

It is a fantastic resource for potential bird owners, and even those who have expertise with cockatiels will find it useful.

We loved that the author discusses not only the wonderful aspects of cockatiel ownership, but also their high maintenance and potential behavioral problems.

Although this book is easy to read, it has an unremarkable look. There are few photographs, but many large blocks of text.


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Great for bird beginners
  • Diverse variety of subjects
  • Easy to comprehend


  • Humdrum and missing images

Your Dream Pet Cockatiel

Your Dream Pet Cockatiel, published by Darla Birde, is a terrific, all-inclusive guide for cockatiel enthusiasts and first-time bird owners.

It includes sections on bird-proofing your house, selecting the ideal cage, what to anticipate when you bring your cockatiel home, and rearing older or rescued cockatiels.

In addition, it offers guidance on interpreting your pet’s body language, wing cutting, and grooming. This book is simple to comprehend and packed with excellent information.

It includes recipes for homemade cockatiel muffins. The disadvantage is that it is quite plain and has no pictures.


  • Easy to comprehend
  • Beneficial information
  • Comprehensive for novices.


  • No images

Cockatiels: The Essential Owner’s Guide

Kate Pellham’s cockatiel handbook is the ideal companion for novice cockatiel owners or those contemplating acquiring one as a pet.

It instructs potential owners on how to choose a bird, care for it after they bring it home, and develop a lovely connection with it.

It addresses vital themes such as feeding your new pet and creating an environment conducive to its well-being. In addition, there is advice about training, breeding, and grooming.

We appreciated the segment on how to bird-proof your house so that your cockatiel may live safely. The handbook contains some duplicate and contradictory material, though.

Tomatoes, for instance, are included on both the Toxic Foods and Safe Foods lists. As a consequence, this book is most useful as a reference, but should not be treated as absolute truth.


  • Simple to read and navigate
  • Covers several subjects
  • Helpful for beginners
  • Essential information


  • Contradictory at times
  • A few grammatical and typographical mistakes

Getting Ready for My First Cockatiel

Preparing for My First Cockatiel is the ideal resource for parents and their children to learn all they need to know before bringing their cockatiel home.

This handbook, unlike others on our list that attempt to jam-pack the pages with information, concentrates on what you must do and purchase before your new bird arrives.

Included are cage recommendations, perches, food, toys, and play areas. There is also advice on how to communicate with new or timid cockatiels, allowing you to begin interacting with your bird as soon as it arrives at home.


  • Excellent as training for bird ownership.
  • Simple to read and comprehend
  • Counsel on connecting with timid birds


  • Not as comprehensive as competing choices

Cockatiels (Animal Planet Pet Care Library)

This cockatiel book is from the Animal Plant library, therefore you can be certain that its contents are accurate.

It discusses the ideal living setting for your cockatiel, how to feed and shelter it, and training techniques. We really adored the several gorgeous full-color photographs scattered throughout the book.

Each chapter has helpful tip boxes that may be used to include the whole family in caring for your new cockatiel. We suggest that families with children read this book together before and after bringing their new pet home.

Although interesting, this book does not dig too deeply into its subjects. It gives an excellent introduction to everything a first-time cockatiel owner must know.


  • Great for novices
  • Beautiful pics
  • Ideal for families with young children
  • The hardcover option is a plus


  • Not as comprehensive as it could be

Buyer's Guide

There are several cockatiel novels on the market, but many are, at best, subpar. Before purchasing a cockatiel book, you may like to consider some other considerations in addition to the 10 books mentioned above.

Author’s Reputability

Since self-publishing has become so prevalent and anybody may produce a book, there are a number of inaccurately written possibilities. You should not purchase a book on animal care from someone who has never owned the animal in question.

We advise investigating the aforementioned writers before deciding which book to purchase. We believe they are knowledgeable; otherwise, they would not have reached our top ten list. However, you may choose to learn more about the author of your book to see if you agree with their opinions.


If you are searching for a book on cockatiels, you are likely a potential or new bird owner. You do not want to purchase a book filled with jargon that you cannot comprehend. The perfect book for you will be written in language that is simple and straightforward.

You also need something that will retain your interest. A book that is badly written or written in boring language will not hold your attention for long.

Photographs and Layout

You should also evaluate the physical appearance of the book and its format.

Although this may seem insignificant, a visually attractive book with color photos and amusing text boxes is more likely to retain the reader’s interest than a simple book without graphics. Some of the books on our list will work better for you than others if you are a visual learner or enjoy reading books with illustrations. Some selections include only of text, while others also include graphics.

The books on our list are available in several formats. There are choices for paperback, hardback, audiobook, and e-books.

You’ll have a tangible copy of the book that you may place on your bookshelves among hardcovers and paperbacks.

For those who lack the time to sit down and read a book, audiobooks are an excellent alternative. Instead, you may listen to it while commuting or cooking.

E-books are ideal for those who prefer digital reading formats. It may be downloaded and read from anywhere, providing the appropriate software is installed on the mobile device.


As a prospective or new bird owner, only you can choose which kind of information will be most useful to you. Use the reviews on BestForPets (bestforpets.org) to help you find the best cockatiel books for your needs.

Complete Care Made Easy – Cockatiels is the greatest overall cockatiel book because to its precise facts and easy-to-understand material.

The best value book is Cockatiels for Dummies, not just because it is inexpensive but also because it contains clear and succinct information.

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