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How To Buy The Best Christmas Trees For Cats

Christmas and cats do not always get along – or perhaps they do. It all depends on how you look at it!

If you've ever attempted to set up a Christmas tree with a cat in the house, you know it's not always easy. Cats enjoy climbing trees, even if they are Christmas trees.

As a result, you may need to choose a tree that is specifically made for cat-friendly houses. Otherwise, your lights and ornaments may be broken!

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has done the research for you and compiled reviews of the nine best Christmas trees for cats in this article.


BOLUO Tall Cat Scratching Post — Overall Winner

If your cat constantly seems to want to scratch up your Christmas tree, why not give them this BOLUO Tall Cat Scratching Post?

This is an actual scratching post for your cat that looks like a Christmas tree, as the name says. This scratching post is both attractive and functional.

It is wrapped with sisal, which is a popular and long-lasting material among cats. The sisal is green to resemble a tree.

To avoid it from swaying and tipping over, the base is composed of strong cardboard.

As a result, this tree scratching post is a good choice for energetic cats. It can also accommodate huge cats weighing up to 18 pounds.

If you want a tree that your cat can play with at their leisure, this scratching post is the greatest Christmas tree for cats overall.


Best Value NIBESSER Cat Bed Christmas Tree

This NIBESSER Cat Bed Christmas Tree might appeal to your cat. This bed may be a perfect sleeping choice for cats who prefer to sleep in your Christmas tree rather than running up and down it.

It’s covered, which makes the cat feel safer, just as when they’re sheltering in a tree. On the inside, there is a detachable cushion that may be removed as needed.

Hopefully, it is soft enough to tempt your cat to sleep in this bed rather than under your Christmas tree. Because the cushion is pressure-resistant, it will not flatten out as your cat utilizes it.

This device can accommodate a cat weighing up to 16.5 pounds, which should be plenty for most felines. This bed is less expensive than many others.

As a result, it is the most affordable Christmas tree for cats.


PAWISE Cat Cave Bed with Christmas Tree

The PAWISE Christmas Tree Cat Cave Bed is an excellent choice for cats who simply need a place to hide.

If your cat likes to hide and sleep in your Christmas tree, this festive, enclosed cat bed might be a better option.

This bed provides a safe haven for your cat to hide and rest. It is entirely handcrafted, making it one of the higher-quality products available.

It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it ideal for cat owners who aren’t sure if their cat will appreciate it.

However, some owners have reported that this bed has a difficult time staying upright.


Products of High Quality Wrought Iron Ornament Display 6ft The Christmas Tree

If you can’t get your cat to keep out of your tree, this iron tree might be your best chance.

While the Best Selection Products Wrought Iron Ornament Display 6ft , it is not a genuine Christmas tree, it can nevertheless display all of your ornaments.

Furthermore, your cat is unable to scale it. It is composed of wrought iron, which your cat will not be able to grasp. This iron tree is both festive and fashionable.

It has several tiers of branches so you may display your ornaments like a real tree. It is simple to assemble thanks to the interlocking tiles, and it has a complex bottom that allows it to be fairly stable.

However, this metal tree is brittle. It could be knocked over by a hyperactive cat.


Large Cat Tunnel Bed by Kitty City

The Kitty City Large Cat Tunnel Bed offers numerous levels for climbing. This climbing structure is a good alternative for cats who prefer to climb your Christmas tree.

Each tier comes with a polyester nap pad, allowing your cat to sleep and play on the structure. There are also numerous toys scattered around to encourage your kitten to exercise.

There are a total of nine toy “ornaments” in total. To serve as a scratching post, the huge central post is coated in sisal. It is strong and should last for a long time.

However, the customer service for this product is subpar. Getting no response when you have a concern appears to be rather common.

In addition, hardware is frequently missing, making assembly impossible.

Choosing the Best Christmas Tree for Cats: A Buyer's Guide

There are numerous factors to consider while attempting to put up the ideal Christmas tree for cats in a home.

Alternative vs. Distraction

You can usually win a conflict with your cat over the Christmas tree in one of two ways. First, provide a distraction to keep your cat away from the tree.

To make this work, you must first determine why your cat is using the tree in the first place. Some cats use the tree as a plaything and a climbing structure.

Instead, you’ll most likely need to get a climbing structure with toys for kids to use. If your cat prefers to scratch on the tree, they may require another scratching post.

Providing a suitable alternative and encouraging them to utilize it may divert their attention away from the tree over the holiday season.

You can still have your traditional Christmas tree if you choose one of these options.

Second, you can try using an alternate Christmas tree entirely. If your cat is simply too preoccupied with the Christmas tree to leave it alone, this may be your only option.

Fortunately, there are numerous alternative trees available that most cats will ignore. A wire tree, for example, does not have the same allure to a cat as a genuine tree.

As a result, it rarely catches their interest. Another good alternative is a felt tree. This way, you can still have a Christmas tree, just not the typical kind.


Many of these items are available at various pricing points. Most are less expensive than a real Christmas tree, so using one as an alternative may actually save you money.

They are also frequently easier to store than a fake tree.

However, there are more expensive options available. As a result, before making a purchase, you should evaluate your budget.

Typically, the price is proportional to the size of the structure. You might expect to pay extra if you buy something substantial.

The rise in materials leads to an increase in overall pricing.


Navigating Christmas trees for cats can be challenging, but we hope that this post has assisted you in determining which one is the best alternative for your household, whether you need to replace your tree entirely or set up a diversion.

The BOLUO Tall Cat Scratching Post is the greatest cat Christmas tree solution for many folks.

This scratching post is ideal for cats who enjoy scratching and require a distraction from your genuine tree. It contains sisal, which is a popular scratching substance among cats.

Consider our best Christmas tree for cats for the if you’re on a tight budget.

NIBESSER Cat Bed Christmas Tree, money This bed is ideal for cats who want to hide in trees since it provides them with an enclosed space to do so.

Whatever you decide, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that your Christmas is less hectic this year!

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