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The 12 Best Christmas Sweaters For Dogs

You can get a wide variety of dog holiday sweaters these days, which can come as a pleasant surprise.

Although December only comes once a year, you can get a variety of holiday-themed sweaters for your canine companion.

Despite their holiday cheer, many of these sweaters tend to look the same after a while.

One must keep in mind that not all sweaters are created equal. Some of them are unfortunately poorly built and won't last with heavy use.

To help you choose the best Christmas sweater for your dog, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has analyzed many of the best christmas sweaters for dogs below.

How to Choose the Best Holiday Sweater for Your Dog

It may seem like a simple task to get your dog a Christmas sweater; you could just pick one out that you like. However, the reality is often more nuanced. Keep reading to learn more about the features to search for when selecting a sweater for your dog.

Cast Iron Dog Leash Mounting Plate

A Christmas sweater with a leash hole is a great option. Sometimes you can just slip your hand over the sweater’s neck and grab your dog’s collar that way. It can be a stretch, though, and it’s not always achievable. So, a leash hole is a useful feature to have.

The leash hole is especially useful if you intend on bringing your dog for walks while wearing the sweater. Even if you don’t intend to walk your dog anytime soon, this function is still important to consider.

Being able to swiftly and easily leash your pet is important for their safety, and you never know when you might need to do so.

To be washed in a washing machine

In addition, a sweater that can be washed in a machine is something we highly suggest. Because of how easily a dog’s sweater may become soiled, having an easy way to clean it fast is essential.

Depending on the severity of the stains and the amount of grime, hand cleaning a dog sweater might be a hassle or even impossible. So, the ability to swiftly toss the sweater into the washing machine may be a real lifesaver.

Keep in mind that not all sweaters can be washed in a machine.


If your dog doesn’t fit in the sweater, it’s useless. Use the included size guide to determine the size sweater you need to avoid returning a sweater that is too large. On the other hand, sizing a sweater can be really challenging at times.

Reviewers frequently comment that a sweater either runs too large or too tiny. These problems can sometimes fixed by buying a larger or smaller size than usual. If a business has major size issues, though, it’s usually preferable to avoid it.


Your dog can wear one of the many festive sweaters available this holiday season. But not all of them are created equal. The Best Boyfriend Sweater for Your Chilly Dog is a fan favorite.

This cute sweater is great for the holidays because it has a sophisticated and unique texture.

If you’re looking for a more adaptive option, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) also recommends the warmest option: the Kyeese Fashionable Dog Sweater.

Not as exciting as some of the other possibilities, but cheap and useful during the cold season. A holiday knit sweater, especially one with a special message, is always a good idea.

We recommend the Small Dog Sweater from BINGPET. These listings are our best christmas sweaters for dogs.


The Best Boyfriend Sweater for Your Chilly Dog

Leave the lovely puppy sweaters alone. The Chilly Dog 200746 Boyfriend Dog Sweater is our top option because it provides a stylish and respectable look for your canine companion.

This sweater comes in eight sizes, so it may be worn by dogs weighing anything from 2 to 120 pounds.

This timeless style combines red and white stripes at the neck and hem with heathered gray throughout the body. Authentic Chilly Dog sweaters are knitted by hand in Peru by the Quechuan people.

All natural plant-based colours are used, and fair trade principles are observed in the production of these all-wool sweaters.

This cozy sweater might need a leash attachment slit, but it lacks one. Putting the harness on top of the sweater will keep your dog warm and secure while walking. Moreover, the wool construction of this sweater may cause discomfort for both dog and owner.


  • Formal elegance
  • Offering eight distinct sizes
  • Totally organic construction
  • Fair trade item knit by hand in South America
  • Intolerably hot


  • There is no method to attach leash to sweater.
  • The skin of certain dogs might be sensitive to wool.
  • Itchy responses to wool are possible.


Warmest Option: The kyeese Fashion Dog Sweater

We’re well aware that there are times when lavishing money on a dog isn’t the best idea. After all, it only takes a few minutes for items to get chewed up, soiled, and damaged.

The super-warm kyeese Fashion Dog Sweater should be your first pick if you’re looking for the greatest dog sweaters for the money.

This cute winter jumper comes in six sizes to accommodate canines with back lengths ranging from eight to twenty inches.

You have a choice of two colors, and both have a turtleneck and an attached skirt. Each sweater is constructed from stretchy, long-lasting acrylic and features a leash connection hole. This sweater is machine-washable; for the best results, wash it in cold water and tumble dry on low.

The ruffle hem is adorable, however it often gathers in on itself. If your dog’s back isn’t supported properly, the harness might be too short. Long-term use also causes the fabric to stretch out of shape.


  • Adorable and perfect for the cold season
  • Available in six sizes
  • With a leash hole already constructed
  • Machine-washable


  • Concealed hem ruffles
  • Some dogs’ back lengths are too short.
  • In time, acrylic fabric expands.


Small Dog Sweater from BINGPET – Top Pick

The BINGPET Tiny Dog Sweater is a great option if your toy or small breed dog shivers in the winter. Available in three sizes and a rainbow of hues, this sweater was designed with toy and puppy breeds in mind.

Black, navy blue, or pink options are available, and they should be able to accommodate a dog with a body length of up to 13 inches.

This sweater is both fashionable and comfortable for your dog. The exterior features a retro-inspired design while the inside is plush and fluffy.

These sweaters are great for keeping your dog warm and comfortable, regardless of the length or thickness of their coat. This sweater may be washed in a regular washing machine if necessary.

This sweater does not have a lot of give, so be careful to measure your dog correctly before placing an order. It won’t work for most dogs because it’s intended for smaller breeds.


  • Fleece is a warm and plush fabric.
  • Created specifically for toy and little dog breeds
  • Patterned retro reissue in three hues
  • Machine-washable


  • Not a lot of give in the material
  • It’s hard to tell what size to buy.
  • Not enough room for several canine companions.


Dog Sweater Knit by Idepet

Another great alternative for tiny dogs that have trouble staying warm in the fall and winter is the Idepet Dog Knitwear Sweater.

The variety of sizes and hues available for this sweater is remarkable: six of each. Regardless of your dog’s sense of style, you can always find something here that will complement their clothing.

The inside of this sweater is lined with cozy fleece, while the exterior is made from a heathered sweater material. Leg, neck, and torso openings are all cuffed for your dog’s comfort.

Some dogs may be hesitant to don this sweater in the first place due to its pullover style. In addition, the sweater is hand-wash only and lacks a leash hole. The largest of the available sizes for this sweater is still too small for a dog weighing more than 20 pounds.


  • Variegated palette
  • There are a variety of little dog breed sizes.
  • Inside is a plush fleece material.
  • Safe construction that lasts


  • Dogs exceeding 20 pounds are too big for this.
  • No pre-drilled hole for a leash
  • No machine washing allowed; wash by hand only
  • The pullover style might be cumbersome.


Dog Jumper with Blueberries That You Can Knit as a Pet

The Blueberry Pet Knit Interlock Dog Sweater is a classic piece of winterwear that will look great on your dog no matter the occasion.

There are seven different sizes available, so even the largest dogs may wear this sweater. The recommended back measurement for this sweater is 10-22 inches. It’s available in no less than 20 various hues, which is quite a spread.

The combination of wool (20%) and acrylic (80%) in this sweater makes it soft, warm, and stretchy. Plus, it has a built-in leash slot, so you can attach it to a collar or harness with ease. This sweater may be machine washed for convenience.

Even the most feisty dog will be able to keep this pullover style on once you’ve overcome the initial difficulty. However, there appears to be a discrepancy in size between various color options and purchases.

If your dog has sensitive skin, you may want to avoid this sweater because of the 20% wool content.


  • Available in six sizes
  • Many different hues to pick from
  • One-of-a-kind design with a leash-hole
  • Machine-washable


  • Unreliable sizing
  • Potentially irritating wool content
  • Extremely challenging pullover design
  • Over time, the material may stretch.


This Kuoser Sweater is a Cozy, Waterproof Classic

The Kuoser 92972 Cozy Waterproof Sweater is ideal for those times when a regular sweater won’t do. This sweater is ideal for the dog who spends a lot of time running around outside.

With seven sizes to choose from, it should be able to accommodate canines with a maximum length of 29.5 inches. This sweater is reversible, giving your dog even more clothing options.

Each sweater has a waterproof shell and a plush, toasty inner. The filler provides an additional cushion of softness and heat.

The hook-and-loop fastener at the neckline and cuffs make this sweater convenient to slip on and take off at any time. A leash hole is included in so that you may attach it to a collar or harness.

It might be challenging to locate a collar that is the perfect size for every dog, despite the wide range of sizes available. Over time, the hook-and-loop fasteners may become ineffective.

The dog’s front legs will still need to go through the openings because the harness does not disassemble.


  • Being both watertight and insulated
  • Color choices that can be reversed
  • Simple to don and doff
  • Designed with a ring for a leash


  • Sizing up is difficult.
  • Fasteners that use a hook and loop system don’t hold together for very long.
  • They don’t have gussets that separate at the knees



For dogs weighing less than 16.5 pounds, the CHBORLESS Pet Dog Sweater is a great option. This sweater is designed specifically for tiny and toy breeds, and it comes in six different sizes and a wide range of timeless colors to match your pup’s personality and sense of style. Your dog will be toasty and cozy thanks to the soft cotton fabric.

This sweater, with its convenient pullover design, is perfect for keeping your dog toasty on walks and at home. However, it lacks the hardware necessary to link a leash to a collar or harness.

This sweater is available for smaller dogs in a broad variety of sizes, but it might still be difficult to choose the perfect one. Remember that this sweater will not be a good choice for dogs with a large chest when you go sweater shopping.


  • Many options for little dogs’ sizes
  • Variegated palette
  • Embedded and externally supple softness
  • 100% cotton


  • There’s nothing to clip a leash on.
  • Dogs of any size are prohibited; only toy and tiny kinds are allowed.
  • Inaccurate sizing chart
  • Canines with broad chests should avoid this.


Custom-Made Dog Sweater with a Blueberry Heart Design

Another option for a custom dog sweater is the Blueberry Pet Heart Designer Personalized Dog Sweater. On the other hand, this sweater has a cute little heart on it.

It’s not really Christmassy, but you can purchase it in red if that’s what you’re going for. Consequently, it might be used in a wide variety of Christmas celebrations.

This sweater may be machine washed, but only on a delicate setting. High-quality and long-lasting, that’s the fabric. The fact that this sweater will be made just for you means that it will cost extra.


  • Weavable in a washing machine
  • Personalized
  • The crimson of Christmas


  • Increasingly costly


Holiday Sweater with Blueberries for Dogs

A further uncomplicated dog sweater is the Blueberry Pet 10 Patterns Holiday Sweater. This one, though, has a vintage charm that makes it feel a little more festive than the rest.

Many more items of clothing from the same manufacturer share the same design. If you wished, you could buy everyone in the family similar clothes.

That sweater is constructed of a comfy cotton and can be washed in the washing machine. There isn’t much ambiguity in the sizing chart, and the waistline is positioned very high.

This sweater, however, is somewhat pricey for what you receive. Furthermore, the fabric is acrylic, which isn’t the best option.


  • Typical of an older era
  • A variety of similar garments are stocked.
  • Weavable in a washing machine


  • Textile made of acrylic
  • Expensive


The Nacoco Dog Snowman Sweater

The Nacoco Dog Snowman Sweater is one of several sweaters on our list made to easily slip over your pet’s head and neck.

As a result, you won’t find any annoying buttons or zippers. However, this may provide a challenge for dogs who aren’t accustomed to clothing.

This sweater looks like it would be perfect for most dogs. In any case, it’s manufactured by a firm based in another nation. It isn’t as nicely crafted as the other choices here.

Trying the sweater on several different dogs made it clear that it presently did not fit any of them. The leg openings are too small, and the neck is far lower than the necks of most dogs.

The sweater, however, is adorable and reasonably priced.


  • There are no closures or buttons.
  • A cute snowman pattern
  • Inexpensive


  • Ineffective layout
  • Not produced in the USA


Sweater for Dogs: Kyeese Dog Turtleneck

The Kyeese Dog Turtleneck Dog Sweater stands out from the pack since it features a built-in leash hole. Those who want to come and show off their dog while wearing this sweater have a terrific option.

This sweater isn’t obviously holiday-themed. Still, the sweater’s adaptability much outweighs its seeming simplicity thanks to the fact that it may be worn for the most of the winter. It’s also convenient because it can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Unfortunately, we discovered that this sweater loses its shape really rapidly. Accordingly, it may look like it will suit your dog at first, but after a few wears and washes, you’ll find that it’s too big. Fortunately, the price tag isn’t too lofty.


  • D-ring for leash attachment
  • Multipurpose layout
  • Weavable in a washing machine


  • Very rapidly stretches out
  • Insufficiently joyous


Warm Kuoser Dog Sweater for the Holidays

When compared to similar sweaters, the Kuoser Dog Holiday Sweater stands out for its novel style. There are snowflakes on it, and the sweater itself is green, so it may pass for an authentic holiday garment.

A leash hole is included for your convenience so you may take your dog along wherever you go.

The knitted fabric is soft and stretchy, so it will easily conform to your dog’s body. We also like that it can be washed immediately after use.

But the size chart is a little unclear. It has been noted by several sources that you should get a larger size. The location of the rear leash hole has also been the source of considerable misunderstanding.

In spite of the sweater’s advertising that it includes a hoodie, numerous customers said that it did not. Therefore, there seems to be a quality control issue in this regard.


  • Soft, breathable material
  • Pretty snowflake pattern.
  • Wrap-around style sweater with a drawstring hood


  • Poor quality control has led to several issues
  • Trouble determining proper size

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