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The 7 Best Christmas Dog Treats

Your dog is probably just as enthusiastic as a gathering of young children on Christmas morning. They will awaken with bright eyes and a feisty disposition. What do they find beneath the tree? That is entirely up to you! However, we will provide you with some clever suggestions to ponder.

We are aware that the best path to a dog's heart is through its stomach. So as to make Christmas more memorable for your dog, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the best Christmas dog treats. We hope that our evaluations will assist you in finding the ideal Christmas treat for your dog.


Exclusively Dog Cookies

Try Exclusively Dog Cookies if you’re seeking for the greatest Christmas dog treats for the money this holiday season. These delectably scented vanilla bites are the most affordable dog treats we could locate.

These winter-themed treats will offer your dog something to look forward to during snack time. They may not be the healthiest treat on our list, so if your dog has food allergies or sensitivities, be careful to examine the contents.

These sweets are produced using substances that are suitable for human consumption. So that you may rest easy knowing that you gave your dog only the finest.

These treats are delicious, but they are highly heavy in calories and fat, so you should serve them to your dog in moderation.


  • Human grade
  • Affordable
  • Vanilla-flavored


  • Less nourishing than some


Blue Buffalo Christmas Snacks for Dogs

Blue Buffalo Santa Snacks may be enjoyed by any dog, but we believe your puppy will be especially pleased. These tasty tiny biscuits are nutrient-rich and come in appealing forms and flavors.

These crunchy snacks clean your puppy’s teeth and provide them with a few minutes of entertainment. The size and substance of these nibbles are very appealing.

They are highly nutritious and incredibly healthful, so you can forgo all the unhealthy treats for your dog this year. These characteristics do not include any byproducts, artificial additions, or harsh substances.

Instead, they utilize oatmeal and pumpkin to facilitate digestion and reduce caloric intake. This may be placed in your dog’s stocking or wrapped and placed beneath the Christmas tree. Your dog will enjoy everything equally. Due to the tiny size of these treats, larger dogs may devour them rapidly.


  • Ideal for puppies
  • Wholesome and simple to absorb
  • Brushes teeth


  • Not necessarily ideal for large dogs


Good’n’Fun Holiday Variety Dog Treat Pack

The Good’n’Fun Holiday Variety Pack provides a wide variety of textures and flavors, making the holidays more exciting. These goodies are shaped like stockings, making it enjoyable to tie a ribbon and call it a day.

These goodies may be enjoyed by your dog without being devoured in two seconds. These are the clients that require the most effort. With a combination of protein and rawhide, your dog may enjoy the savory flavors and chewable textures while sitting by the Christmas tree.

This assortment of goodies is ideal if you’re seeking something long-lasting. However, these characteristics contain potentially unpleasant colors and artificial tastes, rendering them ineffective for dogs with sensitivity.

Moreover, they are not intended as a daily snack option; they are intended for short usage only. But even your dog should occasionally deviate from their diet.


  • Simple to chew
  • Diverse textures and tastes


  • Potentially irritant substances
  • Not for tooth sensitivity


Box of Christmas Cookie Treats for Dogs

Box Dog Christmas Cookies give something that none of our other goodies do. They are entirely handcrafted. Therefore, if you want to offer your dog a special and personalized gift this holiday season, they will like these simple baked treats on Christmas morning.

The sole ingredients in these sweets are wheat flour, vanilla, honey, yogurt icing, and vegetable oil. Even if this is ineffective for dogs with gluten allergies, any other meal can benefit considerably from the inclusion of these nutrients.

The presentation is very wonderful. These cookies are available in an assortment of traditional Christmas forms. They are packed in an adorable small gift box that is guaranteed to make your dog’s tail wag.


  • Homemade
  • Christmassy shapes
  • A simple list of components


  • Not gluten-free


Gift Pack of Puppy Scoops Holiday Dog Ice Cream Mix

The Puppy Scoops Holiday Dog Ice Cream Mix Gift Pack will be a hit with your canine companions. The only disadvantage you will learn about is that planning is required. Therefore, it will not be one of those treats that you can have on hand and serve your dog immediately.

This genuine ice cream mix features four distinct tastes. For each flavor, follow the instructions on the packet and refrigerate the Fries combination for five hours before serving. Remember that your dog will not be able to enjoy them immediately, but we believe the wait will be well worth it.

Each of these tastes is entirely human-grade and grain-free, making them suitable for dogs with dietary requirements. During the Christmas season, your dog will love his chilled snack while everyone else enjoys their treats.

It also has a lengthy lifespan! After being combined and stored in the freezer for at least six months, its shelf life is extended. Therefore, you have the option to space out the portions to make them last longer.

The main drawback is that it may not be the ideal choice for dogs with extremely sensitive teeth. Because nerve discomfort might be triggered by anything chilly, they may not appreciate it.


  • Dog-appropriate ice cream
  • Until six months after preparation.
  • Four tastes


  • Not pre-prepared

Buyer's Guide

During the Christmas season, there are several areas to consider when purchasing treats for your dog. Here we go!

Types of Candies

This season offers a variety of goodies, both store-bought and homemade. Here is a brief list of possible sorts of treats:

  • Crispy baked treats
  • Soft candies
  • Soft serve frozen dessert
  • Cookies
  • Rawhides
  • Biscuits

You may select the one that you are confident your dog cannot reject.

Think About Dietary Restrictions

We know, we know. You check the labels on your dog’s collar religiously. But occasionally, goodies can be neglected. Ultimately, they are merely quick, tasty nibbles. But your dog’s everyday dietary guidelines still apply to the occasional treats in the cupboard, even over the holidays.

Ensure that any treats you purchase, even those in packages, are compatible with your dog’s sensitivities or allergies. You are free to do as you like if your dog does not appear to be bothered by any of the above.

Fortunately, if your dog has any dietary restrictions, you may certainly find something tasty for them to like. Read labels constantly, always, always.

Think About Dental Health

Sometimes, as your dog ages, its teeth become more sensitive. Chewing tough treats, like rawhides or crunchy baked nibbles, might be quite difficult for them. Additionally, icy treats such as dog-friendly ice cream might be too delicate or unpleasant for a dog.

Consider the treat’s potential drawbacks to ensure that it is worth the cost!

Value Matters

Companies can sometimes target pet owners with a variety of marketing strategies. But quality matters much in terms of what your dog ingests. You desire something that is both nutritious and delicious. Always ensure that the price is justified by the value.

Be aware that handmade goods are typically more expensive than others. Therefore, quality is as vital as saving a few dollars!

Packaging, Ribbons, and Bows

You must examine the significance of the presentation. If you want to wrap or stuff the sweets into a stocking, the packaging may not be essential. However, if you’re shopping for anything that appears to be a gift, you should examine the package before making a purchase.

Many of the Christmas delights on our shopping list are prepared and ready to consume. This saves you time while wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve.


If your dog has a sweet craving, he or she may like Exclusively Dog Cookies. These vanilla-flavored sweets are made with all-natural ingredients and are sure to be a favorite. What a bargain at this pricing! Regardless of the goodies that piqued your interest, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you’ve already added the best Christmas dog treats to your shopping basket.

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