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The 12 Best Christmas Dog Bandanas

During the holiday season, spread the Christmas spirit with your pet dog by dressing them appropriately. Bandanas are a terrific accessory that is both comfy and adorable, and there are a variety of Christmas-themed variations available.

The diversity of patterns, colors, and themes to pick from will create a Christmas environment to fit your theme and style this holiday season.

These BestForPets (bestforpets.org)'s evaluations will assist you in selecting the best Christmas dog bandanas so that your dog may celebrate Christmas while being warm and looking adorable.


Christmas Dog Bandana in Buffalo Plaid with Santa Appliques

Your dog will look adorable in this plaid bandana, which features a Santa Claus accent. It is constructed of cotton, which is airy and comfortable. It fits most large canines and is appropriate for both boys and girls. It can be rolled up and tied around your dog’s neck with ease.

The Santa Claus appliqué is a cute and festive detail, but it is readily removable.


  • Cute plaid design
  • Cotton which is breathable
  • Simple to use


  • Applique may pull off


Three-Pack Christmas Dog Bandanas Featuring a Snowman, a Snowflake, and a Stocking

During the holiday season, these three packs of Christmas Dog bandanas can help you save money. The diversity is perfect if you have many dogs or wish to alter your dog’s outfit over the course of several days.

Each design is festive and in the Christmas spirit, and two assortment packs are available. They are lightweight, long-lasting, simple to clean, and simple to use.

Some consumers have noted that the designs seem cheap, which may be due to the use of polyester.


  • Set of three
  • Two packs are available.
  • Lightweight


  • May appear inexpensive


Three-Pack of Plaid Bandanas with a Merry Christmas Message for Dogs

This fashionable plaid bandana is available in a bundle of three, providing diversity for the holiday season. The plaid pattern is traditional, but the hilarious Christmas words provide a comical and festive touch. They are produced using a hot stamping technique from 100 percent cotton and are breathable, sturdy, and comfy.

The size is appropriate for large or medium-sized dogs, but may be folded to accommodate smaller breeds. The text on the bandanas is big, making them simple to see; nevertheless, the message may get distorted when the bandana is altered to fit your dog.


  • Classic plaid design
  • Pack of three
  • 100% Cotton


  • Writing may distort


Two-Pack Reversible Holiday Dog Bandana

This two-pack of Christmas dog bandanas is ideal for households with many dogs or as replacements. They are constructed from 100 percent breathable cotton and are printed on both sides to allow for reversibility.

The craftsmanship and stitching are of superior quality, contributing to the product’s superior quality. The bandanas are constructed with string ties, which do not give them a genuine appearance and may not hold their shape.


  • Packing two
  • 100% Cotton
  • Reversible


  • Occasionally, ties may not remain taut


Plaid Christmas Bandanas for Dogs with Santa and Snowman Designs

These Christmas bandanas include a classic plaid design, a print of Santa and a snowman, and a Merry Christmas inscription. It comes in a set of two, allowing you to switch up your dog’s Christmas attire or for siblings to wear the same outfit.

They are constructed from 100 percent breathable cotton and are double-layered for strength. They may be modified to fit any dog and are straightforward to use.

While the size is designed to accommodate all canines, the ties may be too short for bigger necks, causing them to come off.


  • Packing two
  • 100% Cotton
  • Multiple layers


  • Possibly inadequate for a big dog.


Happy Holidays Plaid Dog Bandanas

The timeless plaid pattern and Christmas colors create a powerful, timeless festive mood. This two-pack of bandanas features a “Merry Christmas” design on each bandana to get you in the holiday mood. Handmade from 100 percent cotton, they are double-sided and reversible.

They are comfy and breathable for dogs of most sizes. Additionally, these bandanas are machine- and hand-washable. Be cautious to measure your dog’s neck before making a purchase, since there have been cases of incorrect size.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Multiple layers
  • Handmade


  • Sizes have changed


Dog Bandanas with a Humorous Plaid Pattern

These Christmas dog bandanas are fashioned with a plaid pattern and incorporate a humorous saying to add to the holiday mood. They are reversible, so you will receive eight different styles so that you may alter your appearance throughout the holiday season. They are suitable for medium to big dogs and may be folded to reduce their size.

The material is of superior quality, breathable, soft, and double-layered for durability. This fabric has been colored; thus, it is advised that it be washed by hand in warm water.


  • A pack of four makes a total of eight styles
  • Superior materials
  • Durable
  • Reversible and reversible


  • Color may bleed


Snowflake and Dot Dog Bandanas-2 Pack

This two-pack of festive bandanas is suitable for both male and female dogs. They are constructed from a premium, breathable, double-layered fabric that is both comfortable and long-lasting. They are hand-sewn and adaptable to accommodate dogs of various sizes. There is a 100% money-back guarantee included.

The manufacturer has sewn a leather label onto the design, which may detach and flap or become a chew toy for your dog.


  • Premium quality material
  • Multiple layers
  • Money-back assurance


  • The dog may chew the label


Plaid Snowflake Dog Bandanas

These straightforward plaid bandanas are an elegantly festive option. The snowflake design with a Christmas motif adds a charming and whimsical festive touch that looks wonderful.

They are manufactured from 100 percent quality cotton and are double-layered and breathable. The size is appropriate for the majority of medium to big dogs and may be folded to accommodate smaller canines. Before placing an order for this item, you must account for a 1-3 centimeter margin of error owing to human measurement.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Multiple layers
  • Durable


  • You must allow 1/3 cm for the mistake


Traditional Plaid Red and Green Dog Bandana Pack

With these Christmas bandanas, your male or female dog will naturally appear festive and lovely. They are crafted with soft, quality cotton and have two layers for durability. They are user-friendly, adaptable, and simple to clean. Customers have reported that the sizes are inaccurate, so be careful to double-check the dimensions to allow for tying.


  • Premium cotton
  • Multiple layers
  • Simple to clean


  • Sizes may vary.

Buyer's Guide

In addition to setting the tone for a canine Christmas, dog bandanas can have a practical purpose. Some dogs wear them merely for fashion, while others use them for safety or protection.

Bandanas can benefit your dog by capturing stray hair and reducing allergies. Additionally, they help prevent sunburn and function as a barrier against drool and food. If your dog is prone to anxiety, the bandana can serve as a carrier for a relaxing spray, and a damp bandana can assist cool your dog on a hot day.

Bandana Sizing Guide

Finding the proper size bandana for your dog may be a pain at times. When selecting the suitable size, you will need to know the neck circumference and weight of your dog.

It is strongly advised that you measure your dog’s neck with a gentle measuring tape or rope. If you do not have a tape measure, you can measure a piece of thread against a ruler. Allow two fingers of stitching space between the bandana and the dog’s neck to guarantee a comfortable fit.

To weigh your dog, attempt to get it onto a scale while standing. If your pet is uncooperative, weigh yourself first, then step on the scale while holding your dog; the difference between your weights equals the dog’s weight.

Select the Best Fabric and Style

Size is not the only consideration while selecting a bandana. Additionally, the fabric should be sturdy and comfy, and the design should be useful.

Cotton and polyester are the most frequent textiles. Despite being breathable, sturdy, and lightweight, they are not very stretchable. Therefore, you must ensure that the size is accurate.

It should be possible to tie a loose knot around the dog’s neck so he can breathe comfortably. Some bandanas use Velcro, which may facilitate sizing but can also be irritating. Ensure that there are no loose pieces that your dog might gnaw or suffocate on and that there are no loose threads.

Since you will need to routinely wash your dog’s bandana, you should select a material that is simple to clean and be careful of potential stains when selecting a color.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our reviews of the best Christmas dog bandanas have assisted you in narrowing down your selections and identifying the ideal product for your needs.

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