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The 9 Best Chinchilla Wheels

In addition to a full and nutrient-rich food, frequent exercise is essential for maintaining the health and happiness of your chinchilla. Chinchillas are highly active animals; thus, if they are kept in a cage, they must have access to an exercise wheel and plenty of areas to run. In addition to entertaining them, a wheel provides necessary exercise.

Chinchillas like playing and climbing rocks with their small front legs and powerful, muscular hind legs. A wheel and a well-designed cage can assist to simulate the animal's natural habitat.

As chinchillas are predominantly nocturnal, you can only offer it a limited amount of time to exercise and play, making the wheel an excellent nighttime exercise accessory.

Finding the ideal wheel for your favorite chinchilla might be difficult, so BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has done the legwork and compiled this list of in-depth evaluations about the best chinchilla wheels. Hopefully, these evaluations will assist you in narrowing down the vast selection of chinchilla wheels and selecting the best one for your furry companion.


Kaytee Silent Spinner Small Animal Exercise Wheel

The Silent Spinner training wheel by Kaytee is our top pick for chinchillas. It will provide your chinchilla with the necessary activity without excessive noise in the cage. Since chinchillas are nocturnal, this is a nice feature that will prevent them from keeping you awake at night!

The running surface is constructed of high-quality plastic that is safe for your chinchilla’s feet, and it features a ball-bearing construction to keep it quiet and smooth. It may be used as a freestanding wheel and is simple to attach to your pet’s cage. There are no holes or protruding pieces on the wheel that might harm your chinchilla.

The included stand is prone to tipping, therefore it functions most effectively when mounted to the cage. Some consumers have reported that the screw is easily stripped and the wheel detaches from the platform, which might damage your chinchilla.


  • Silent whirling
  • Stand-alone and simply attachable to cages
  • Excellent running surface


  • Stand topples easy
  • Screws strip with ease


Small Animal Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel

According to our tests, the Kaytee Comfort Small Animal Wheel is the greatest chinchilla wheel for the money. It will offer your chinchilla a quiet and entertaining workout without breaking the wallet.

It includes a secure running surface with ridges for grip and a special “tail-safe” design to prevent your chinchilla’s tail from getting caught in the machinery. It comes with a sturdy wire support that allows it to be used as a freestanding wheel, or it can be attached to the interior of the cage with ease.

According to users, while it is initially silent, it begins to squeak after a few days and is difficult to connect to the cage. Its boisterous operation disqualifies it from the first place.


  • Unique “tail-safe” design
  • Inexpensive
  • A surface for safe running with ridges


  • Not as quiet as promised
  • Not easily attached to the cage


Quality Cage Crafters Chin Spin Chinchilla Wheel

If you’re searching for a durable and high-quality wheel for your furry buddy, this chinchilla wheel from Quality Cage Crafters may be the one for you. It is ultra-durable and constructed to last a lifetime out of metal and wood. It features an open-wheel design without a middle bar, which might irritate your chinchilla’s back.

The wheel includes a large and smooth rolling surface, a high-quality wood backing, and ball bearings for quiet operation. The running surface is covered with a specific silver powder that provides your chinchilla’s feet with a secure grip.

It has a 15-inch diameter, so check the size of your cage before purchase. The wheel does not come with a stand, but it can be mounted to the side of most cages with the given hardware.


  • Durable construction
  • Superior materials
  • Safe and smooth surface for running
  • Inaudible operation


  • Expensive
  • Large diameter


Silent Runner by Exotic Nutrition

The axle-free design of the Silent Runner wheel from Exotic Nutrition preserves your chinchilla’s spine and avoids the chance of tail and foot entanglement. Unlike wheels with an axle design, which frequently squeak and wobble, this wheel features twin ball bearings for smooth and quiet operation.

The wheel is also detachable for effortless cleaning, with no crevices for droppings or bedding to become lodged. The running surface is textured to ensure your chinchilla’s feet have a secure grip, and the front plate is detachable for confinement and privacy. In addition, it includes a metal stand that allows for some mobility and works as a shock absorber for user comfort.

Despite claims to the contrary, this wheel is everything from quiet. It will begin squeaking after only a few days of usage due to the design of its shock absorber, which is prone to movement. Several customers have also reported the wheel screws stripping and the wheel detaching from the platform, which might cause harm to your chinchilla.


  • Axle-free design
  • Disassembles for simple maintenance
  • The front panel that can be removed


  • Noisemaking operation
  • Screws strip with ease


Ware Manufacturing Pet Tread Wheel Exerciser

This wheel by Ware Manufacturing is made of powder-coated metal and features durable construction. This makes it hygienic, simple to clean, resilient, and long-lasting.

A metal wheel is also an excellent option if your chinchilla enjoys chewing, as it is entirely chew-resistant. It operates rather quietly, is safe for the chinchilla’s paws and tail, and won’t put any strain on its back.

As there is no permanent bolt or screw holding the wheel in place, it will most likely fall off frequently. The wheel fits loosely onto the bar, which is a terrible design decision. Users also say that the wheel bends quickly and that the support is fragile and regularly topples over.


  • Sturdy metal design
  • Simple to clean
  • Inedible proof


  • Flexes easily
  • Frequent falls often


Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Wheel

This Suncoast Sugar Gliders running wheel features an 11-inch diameter and a wall-to-wall tail shield that completely covers the axle to protect your pet’s tail. It features a metal stand and can be easily fastened to the cage’s side.

The stand is rather steady, and the wheel is quite quiet, although only after frequent lubrication. It boasts a smooth-running mechanism and a sturdy running surface, and the connected enclosure plate keeps your chinchilla running safely within.

The enclosed cover makes it difficult to clean this wheel since it must be totally disassembled. Bedding and debris will readily accumulate within, necessitating frequent cleaning.

Numerous minor components are readily lost during disassembly, and the running track is fragile. It is certainly insufficient for huge adult chinchillas because of its modest size, especially with the lid on.


  • Tail guard
  • Solid metal stand


  • Inconvenient to clean
  • Uneasy to reassemble
  • Flimsy jogging track
  • Perhaps insufficient for grownups


Chin-Sprint Exercise Wheel from Exotic Nutrition

This all-metal training wheel from Exotic Nutrition is durable and constructed for rigorous use. Metal structure makes it simple to clean, and your chinchillas won’t be able to chew it up.

It includes an extra-wide 6-inch running track with a powdered coating that is pet-safe. Its 15-inch, axle-free design protects your chinchilla’s tail and back, and its hemmed edges avoid cuts and scratches. It connects fast and simply to the side of most cages and operates quietly and smoothly.

According to several customers, this wheel wobbles owing to the design of its bearings and, despite being oiled, becomes excessively loud after a short period of time. It is also more pricey than the other wheels on this page.


  • All-metal design
  • Wide running track


  • Expensive
  • Noisy
  • Wobbles
  • No stand is provided

Buyer's Guide

Maintaining your chinchilla’s physical fitness is essential. Chinchillas are extremely active, nocturnal animals; thus, playing with them during the day may not be sufficient. A cage-mounted exercise wheel is an ideal way to keep them active and entertained.

However, this should be reinforced by allowing them to run freely outside or in a big cage; a wheel alone is insufficient. Prior to purchasing a wheel for your animal buddy, there are a few key factors to consider.


The materials used to manufacture your chinchilla’s wheel will impact not just its durability but also the safety of your pet. The majority of wheels on the market are constructed of metal or plastic, although occasionally wood is also used.

Metal wheels are extremely sturdy and resilient, as well as stronger and heavier. They will offer sufficient support for your chinchilla. Metal wheels are typically simpler to clean than plastic or wooden wheels, which can collect smells. Metal is also inedible to your chinchilla, so it will endure much longer than plastic alternatives.

Metal wheels are often more costly and heavier, which increases transportation costs. Additionally, they are often louder, and silent-design metal wheels cost significantly more.

Plastic wheels are inexpensive, lightweight, and simple to install. Additionally, they are often quieter, which is ideal for nocturnal pets! However, plastic wheels are simpler to break, and your chinchilla may easily consume one. Long-term usage can also absorb and keep scents in plastic and wood.


To keep your chinchilla safe, there are a few safety aspects to consider with a running wheel. The wheel should be as big as feasible, as a too-small wheel may cause spinal injury.

The running surface should be smooth but gripping, and a 5-inch-wide solid surface is ideal. A mesh surface might catch your chinchilla’s foot or tail and potentially pull it off, but a thin design could cause your chinchilla to fall out and possibly sustain injuries.

If your wheel has a stand, it must be as stable as possible to avoid the wheel from toppling and injuring your chinchilla. If feasible, it should be fastened to the cage’s side. A wheel without an axle will protect your chinchilla’s back and avoid harm to its tail, which might become entangled in a wheel with an axle.


According to our tests, the Kaytee Silent Spinner is the best option for a chinchilla wheel. It is well-constructed and will provide your chinchilla with the necessary exercise without causing excessive noise in its cage. This wheel is a staple among chinchilla owners; your chinchillas will like it, and it won’t keep you up at night!

The most cost-effective chinchilla wheel is the Kaytee Comfort Small Animal Wheel. It will offer your chinchilla a safe and silent workout without breaking the budget. It boasts a unique “tail-safe” design to prevent your chinchilla’s tail from being entangled in the mechanism.

It might be challenging to find a chinchilla wheel that is both safe and sturdy. Hopefully, BestForPets (bestforpets.org)’s in-depth evaluations have helped you find the best chinchilla wheels by narrowing down the possibilities.

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