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The 15 Best Chinchilla Hammocks

Chinchillas have a full schedule between eating, sleeping, playing, and napping. In short, everyone needs a means to relax and unwind at the end of the day, and a hammock is the perfect solution.

Hammocks are an inexpensive and easy way to make more room for your chinchilla, and they provide comfortable parking so your pet can sleep or explore its surroundings.

Hammocks are a great addition to a barn because many rodents like to have safe, enclosed places to retreat to when they feel scared or overwhelmed.

Hammocks designed for chinchillas can be found in a variety of designs and materials, but not all of them are the same.

Here, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) checks out the best chinchilla hammocks on the market so your pet can relax in comfort whenever you need a break from your daily work.

Information for Consumers

Among the numerous things you could have anticipated purchasing, a hammock for a chinchilla might not have been one of them.

Therefore, you may be unsure of what to seek for throughout your investigation; nevertheless, you need not fret; we are here to guide you.

Questions concerning the procedure will be addressed in the following guide, and further considerations to undertake before making a purchase will be made clear.

For What Reason Should I Provide a Hammock for My Chinchilla?

Not that your chinchilla needs one, but a hammock is always a nice addition to a chinchilla’s home.

You probably already know this, but hammocks are a great way to relax. Having heard this, your chinchilla will probably prefer the hammock to any other sleeping arrangement you provide. At the very least, it’s a fun way to show your pet some extra love.

Off the ground is where many chinchillas would to spend the night. They’ll feel secure in there, knowing they’re protected from any potential predators (though ideally you don’t have any).

If you choose a hammock with numerous levels, your chinchilla will have plenty of freedom to roam and explore. This can serve as both physical and cerebral stimulus for your pet rodent, promoting optimal health and happiness.

So, Tell Me, What Should I Search for in a Chinchilla Hammock?

Size, stability, durability, and user friendliness are what you should prioritize while shopping for a hammock.

In terms of size, the explanation should be unnecessary. Make sure the openings are big enough for your chinchilla to fit through. Having them get trapped in their bed is the last thing you want to happen.

Equally crucial is reliability. Since your pal will be floating in the air, you need to take precautions to prevent them from falling. The best hooks are made of metal, although strong plastic hooks can also do the trick. Before letting your pet climb inside, make sure it is secure by testing it out on your own (and no, we don’t intend to imply that you should do the same).

Investigating how long things last is less important, but still worthwhile. Even if the cost of a chinchilla hammock is little, it’s not ideal to have to buy a new one every few months.

You wouldn’t want your chinchilla to be inside if it suddenly snapped. Make sure anything you choose is durable enough to withstand your rodent’s chewing and daily use.

Finally, usability is an important factor to think about. You should expect your chinchilla to poop in the hammock occasionally, and even if it doesn’t, it will likely leave food in there to spoil.

That’s why it’s important to get one that can be quickly removed for cleaning and replaced thereafter.

Is There Anything Specific I Should Search for?

Having straps that can be adjusted means you can position the hammock exactly where you want it, rather than having to settle for a single option or hanging it dangerously near to the roof of the cage.

A few of them may be turned inside out to reveal an entirely new design or fabric. Depending on the temperature outside, you may easily swap between the two to keep your chinchilla comfortable.

You may come upon a hammock that also has a tunnel to play in or several levels to investigate. These accoutrements aren’t required, but they may make your small pal happy, so they’re usually worth the additional cost.

Can Chinchillas Easily Use a Hammock?

That is hammock specific. It’s important to do your homework, since not every hammock advertised for rodents is suitable for chinchillas.

One must pay close attention to the cloth from which it is constructed. Because your rodent could try to eat it, it must be non-toxic. The majority of rodent hammocks are made out of fleece since it is such a good option.

Make sure it’s sturdy enough to support your pet’s body weight and is well-made. That’s why having metal hooks or chains that won’t rust is crucial. You don’t want the chinchilla to be inside and the cage to shatter.

After there, it’s mostly up to you and your pet to decide. If you don’t know what you’re doing while rigging a hammock, or if your chinchilla has a tendency to roll around in it without regard to its location, neither of you will be very comfortable.

A hammock should be a completely safe addition to your chinchilla’s cage as long as you select a high-quality alternative, hang it appropriately, and your chinchilla has a sense of self-preservation.

In Defense of My Chinchilla Disregarded the hammock entirely. Now What?

In the event that, despite your best efforts, your chinchilla still refuses to utilize the hammock you purchased and set up for it, you may wish to consider the following solutions.

Check first that they are at a reasonable height to access it. Your chinchilla may not be able to reach the interior of many hammocks since they must be hung from the ceiling.

If that’s the case, you may either lower the hammock or build a ramp or other platform nearby so they can get on it. Confirm that they, too, can fit inside.

Since chinchillas are naturally timid, you should double-check that they aren’t utilizing it when you’re not there. Give them room and observe from afar before drawing any judgments; if they feel like you’re hanging over them, they could be reluctant to attempt anything new.

You can try to entice them indoors with goodies and toys if you have evidence that they aren’t actually using it. Present the bait and have them watch while it is hung from the hammock.

They could be intrigued enough to climb into the hammock in search of some shade or sustenance, at which point they’d get to enjoy its relaxing effects for themselves.

But some chinchillas just don’t like hammocks, so if nothing else has worked, it might be time to give up.


The Marshall Nap Sack is the best hammock available because it’s flexible, durable, and comfortable. It can be used in a variety of ways to give your chinchilla a comfortable resting place.

The Kaytee Plush Sleeper is an excellent value for money hammock.The faux lining is soft and pleasant to the touch without the drawback of retaining odors, making it the ideal combination of coziness and ease of care.

If you really want to show your interest in chinchillas, it’s a good idea to put a hammock on them, and BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our reviews have helped you make an informed decision.

The last thing you should buy for your chinchilla is a hammock from the best chinchilla hammocks. These nerves are not needed for them.


The Marshall Hanging Sack Hammock Is the Best of the Best

The Marshall Nap Sack is the ideal spot for your pet to nap when they need to catch some serious z’s.

The fact that it’s intended for ferrets only means that your chinchilla will have more area to roam (especially because it can hold two ferrets at once).

Because ferrets overheat easily, it’s important to use a breathable fabric, which also benefits your chinchillas by keeping them cool when they prefer to spend the day in bed.

It’s convenient because it’s machine washable and can be strung either inside or outside the cage. The fleece material should be attractive to your pet (and you may be tempted to crawl in there with them). Additionally, it will not pill or become stuck in your chinchilla’s fur.

There isn’t much wrong with this hammock, and the main drawback is that it’s only available in one color. If you’re trying to get your chinchilla out of the Marshall Nap Sack, good luck! It’s the greatest chinchilla hammock we’ve seen so far.


  • Spacious enough to spread out in
  • Breathable fabric
  • Useful both inside and outside the cage
  • In a washing machine
  • Avoids the formation of a pilling surface


  • Only available in black


Top Pick: The Ultra-Comfortable Kaytee Hammock

Even though the Kaytee Plush Sleeper won’t add any visual appeal to your chinchilla’s cage, that’s not why you’re getting it. It’s the most reasonably priced option for a luxurious, comfy hammock for your pet chinchilla.

The product is straightforward in that it’s just a soft hanging bed for your pet. The faux fur inside is quite cozy, and the open design makes it simple for your chinchilla to enter and exit.

Any wire cage will do, but the straps are fixed, leaving little room for maneuver. It doesn’t hold odors and is simple to wash in the washing machine if it ever starts to smell bad.

There’s only enough space for one chinchilla, but it seems rather cozy. The Kaytee Plush Sleeper is a cheap option if you just have one pet or if your chinchillas don’t mind sharing.


  • Incredibly reasonable cost considering the quality offered.
  • Ultra-soft fake fur lining
  • Fits any welded-wire enclosure
  • Fabrics won’t hold odors in.


  • The straps can’t be changed in length.
  • Just the one chinchilla, please.


Hammock for Two on a Bunk Bed (NiteAngel)

A Niteangel Double Bunkbed is the perfect solution for your chinchilla’s next sleepover party. You and your small pal may explore the many levels at your own pace, or you can put two mice inside.

Your pet will feel like at home as it stretches out for a snooze on any of the two levels, which are crafted from exceptionally velvety quilted cotton. On chilly days, they can sleep on the inner layer for extra warmth, or they can go to the top for some air circulation.

You should get your money’s worth out of it, since it should be sturdy enough to withstand some light gnawing from your chinchilla.

However, the straps are not detachable, and they are also a little too short. Because of this, it will probably have to be suspended from the top of the cage, which can be difficult to enter.

When you add arthritis to the mix, you may find it challenging to work with the clips.

The Niteangel Double Bunkbed is great if you want to provide your tiny friend with a lot of lounging space. Only a few small issues prevent it from being in the top three.


  • There are two levels to this.
  • Soft quilted cotton construction.
  • Enables the animal to control its own body temperature
  • Strong enough to endure being chewed on


  • Lacking in length and width adjustment, the straps are too short.
  • Using a clip might be a hassle.
  • Has to be hanging from the cage’s ceiling, most likely.


Hammock Swinging Secret Spot in the Heartland

If your chinchilla enjoys surveying their enclosure from a lofty vantage point, the MidWest Nation Hanging Hideaway is the perfect addition to your cage’s decor. You’ll have to help them get to the top, but once they’re there, they’ll have no shortage of things to do.

The lack of side walls makes it more important to be cautious about letting anything hazardous fall out. Suspended, it rolls up to reveal a hollow in the center, but a nosy pet might spell tragedy.

You can wash and dry it with no worries, and the thick polyester lining should keep your chinchilla toasty and cozy. Your chinchilla can be rough on the cloth without damaging it too much.

However, the clips are not metal but rather plastic, thus they can break if handled roughly.

Chinchillas with a taste for adventure will love the MidWest Nation Hanging Hideaway, although their owners might get a little apprehensive.


  • Excellent perch for chinchillas who want to lounge in the sky
  • The inside is a sturdy polyester.
  • A sturdy textile


  • There are no side guardrails for safety.
  • Clips are made of a plastic.
  • Need to figure out how to get the chinchilla there.
  • Hammock


Hammock for Small Dog Cage by Oncpcare

The Oncpcare Small Pet Hammock is one of the most comfortable-looking hammocks available.

It’s made out of multiple layers of warm coral fleece, and the chinchilla can burrow all the way inside if it becomes chilly. And if they get the zoomies, they’ll have plenty of area to burn off some steam.

It comes in three different sizes, so you can pick the one that’s best for your pet. However, it often comes in a small size, so keep that in mind while shopping for it.

This is not the most long-lasting alternative. If your chinchilla likes to chew on its bedding, you should replace it regularly because it won’t hold up to much wear.

The straps are so short that it might be difficult to put it on. As a result, you may be forced to place the item in an unflattering position in relation to the ceiling, which reduces your flexibility.

If convenience is your top priority, go no farther than the Oncpcare Small Pet; but, if durability tops your list of priorities, you may want to keep shopping.


  • Crafted from luxurious coral fleece
  • Interior Space for Play
  • With three sizes to choose from.


  • Consistently shrinks to a smaller size than expected
  • Not the most long-lasting choice
  • Short shoulder straps.
  • Can be challenging to locate


Rope Hammocks from Homeya

If you’re looking for a simple solution to provide for your chinchilla, go no further than the Homeya Hanging. Straps hold up a single, thin sheet of cloth (waterproof on one side, fleece on the other).

You can switch things up depending on the season thanks to the reversible design of this hammock. The fleece interior will insulate against cold temperatures, while the waterproof outside will keep your pet comfortable year-round.

It comes in a wide range of colors, so you may accessorize your cage anyway you choose. You should fasten it firmly if your chinchilla is on the heavier side otherwise it may sag or possibly collapse.

It’s a massive item overall. You shouldn’t plan on having much room for other toys or furnishings in the cage because it will take over whatever section you put it in. Despite the fact that it may be machine washed, the chances of getting the majority of the fur out are low.

The Homeya Hanging has the benefit of being inexpensive, but its simplicity is also its downfall.


  • Multi-seasonal thanks to its reversibility
  • Color options are readily accessible.


  • Possibly sags if your pet is really heavy.
  • The size of this thing is enormous, and it will completely rule the tank.
  • Not easy to disinfect
  • Easy as pie.


Practical Banana Hammock for Fido by Alfie

The Alfie Pet Praxis Banana is the cutest hammock available. It has the appearance of a large banana, and by pulling down the skin, you can convert it into a cozy bed for your pal.

But if your chinchilla is on the larger side, it might be a bit of a squeeze. At least it won’t break easily because the straps are metal chain.

However, there are only two chains, so it will wobble quite a bit when your pet enters. They risk losing their footing and falling out if they don’t pay attention.

The cloth probably won’t hold up to rigorous wear either. You can enjoy its cuteness for a couple of months until you need to replace it or go elsewhere.

To keep it clean requires a lot of effort. Bananas are notoriously tough to open, even after a spin in the washer, so don’t be alarmed if you discover stale food (or worse) imprisoned within.

You’ll be grinning from ear to ear as you play with the Alfie Pet Praxis Banana, but if you have to keep buying new ones when they wear out, it might really hurt your bank account.


  • Strong metal chains used as a support structure


  • Squeezed to death by smaller rodents
  • Quite a deal of wiggle room is required for animals to climb in
  • Weakness in the fabric’s ability to withstand wear and tear
  • Not easy to disinfect

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