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The 10 Best Chinchilla Cages

Many children think chinchillas are cute and want one as a pet, but it can be difficult to find a good cage for them. There are many types of cages for you to choose from.

Even though chinchillas have unique qualities, they are sometimes overlooked because they are considered "small animals," which also includes mice, rats, ferrets, squirrels, and rabbits, among other animals.

To help you make an informed decision, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has selected the best chinchilla cages for small animals and thoroughly analyzed their many features and benefits.

As an added bonus, we've included a brief buyer's guide in which we discuss the specific requirements of the chinchilla cage, so you can choose the model that works best for you.

Come join us as we examine these chinchilla cages in detail, discussing their size, platform, durability, safety features, and more. so you can get complete information.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Shopping Experience

When looking for a new home for your chinchilla, keep these tips in mind.

Size of the Cage

Most of us prioritize cage size when shopping for a chinchilla. Because of their high activity levels and penchant for running, leaping, and general merriment, chinchillas require ample space to live a long and happy life.

The minimum size of cage we propose is 16 inches by 18 inches by 16 inches, however we advise getting the biggest cage you can afford.


After locating a suitable enclosure, the flooring is the next factor to consider. Pododermatitis, often known as sore hocks, is a painful ailment that can develop if your chinchilla lives in a cage with wire floors.

Cables made of metal

It’s important to know that zinc is toxic to chinchillas and other tiny animals, so steer clear of any metal cages made with it.

Powder coating is commonly used to protect metal bars against rust and corrosion, however some powder coatings can be dangerous to pets, especially those who prefer to chew like chinchillas.

To eliminate any ambiguity or concern, you should opt for a brand that specifies that the powder coating is non-toxic.


Your chinchilla will be happier in a cage with many levels, as they will be able to exercise their natural urge to climb and jump.

A pet play structure with several levels is preferable, but only if each level is safe and won’t cause your pet any harm if it falls.

It is important to secure the platforms since chinchillas may jump up to six feet in the air. Young chinchillas, being more easily hurt than adult chinchillas, should be housed in a single-level cage.


Chinchillas are delicate creatures that should be kept out of the cold and the draft. Place the cage in a draft-free room where the temperature stays between 50 and 80 degrees all the time; any higher or lower temperature might be fatal.


As an added bonus, many cages come with supplemental equipment. A food and water dish are always welcome additions. While running wheels and other exercise toys might contribute to your pet’s well-being, it’s important to leave enough of room for your pet to run around and play.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends purchasing the largest viable cage for your chinchilla so it has plenty of room to run and play.

Given your chinchilla’s tendency to jump high, it’s important to provide it with a safe jumping area. We find that the MidWest Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home has the most favorable balance between price, quality, and other criteria, so we recommend it. It can be expanded to meet growing demand.

The Kaytee Multi-Layer Mink Cage is our best value pick because it shares many of the same features as our top pick without the hefty price tag. This plastic bottom is both deep and simple to clean.

We’re confident you’ve found our reviews and buyer’s guides helpful and that you now have a better understanding of chinchillas and the care they need. If you found our guide to the best chinchilla cages helpful, please share it on social media.


Best Rabbit Cage All Around: The MidWest Wabbitat Deluxe

We believe that the MidWest Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home is the best chinchilla cage on the market today. You can prevent cross-contamination of your pet’s food and water by using this brand’s raised feeding space.

The cage has everything you need to make it a home right away, including a hay feeder, water bottle, and food dish. This cage requires no tools for assembly and may be expanded by two more panels should you ever want more room.

There is an above door in addition to the side door. It’ll be considerably less of a hassle to keep your pet under control and clean its cage if it has two doors instead of one.

In all of our time with the MidWest Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home, the only issue we had was with the assembly. It was difficult to align the parts so that they would snap together.


  • Room for dining that’s conveniently high up
  • Comes with a hay feeder, a water bottle, and a bowl for food.
  • Extendable
  • Having two entrances
  • Easy, no-tool set-up


  • Confronting Gathering


Best Price on the Kaytee Multi-Level “My First Home” Ferret Cage

We believe the Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Ferret Cage to be the most functional and cost-effective option for your chinchilla.

Having many floors, this house has a lot of room to explore. It has three ramps and three shelves for convenient storage and organization. The supplied supper bowl fits on one of the shelves, and the deep dish basin keeps food within the cage.

The weak ramps on the Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Ferret Cage give way under the pet’s weight, which is a major drawback. One of the chinchillas may get hurt if it slipped off.


  • Pan with a deep dish
  • Multilevel
  • There are three ramps and three shelves.
  • Bowl used for eating dinner


  • The flimsy ramps


Cage for Small Animals, Deluxe Model, by MidWest Critter Nation, Top Quality

Our top pick for chinchilla enclosures is the MidWest Critter Nation Deluxe Small Animal Cage. The roominess of this cage means that your pet will have lots of capacious to move around and explore.

The two, full-width doors and secure locks will keep your chinchilla safely inside while you clean the cage.

The MidWest Critter Nation Deluxe Small Animal Cage was quite difficult to put together for us. There’s no need for tools, although you might need a hammer or mallet to set the pieces in place. After it was completed, we realized how cumbersome it was and had a hard time transporting it.


  • Spacious
  • A pair of twin doors that span the whole width of the opening
  • Locks that keep out pests
  • Ramped, height-adjustable platform


  • Heavy
  • Complicated to put together


Move On to the Previous 495 Chinchilla Cage

Multi-level and built to last, the Prevue 495 Chinchilla Cage has its own special metal ramps and platforms. Any stray particles are collected in a pull-out tray that can be quickly and easily cleaned.

A reliable wind-bell lock secures the tray in place. Your chinchilla cage has a big front entrance for simple access while cleaning or maintaining it. Caster wheels provide for easy mobility, and the powder-coated steel frame prevents rust and corrosion.

We found the Prevue 495 Chinchilla Cage to be rather noisy, and our chinchillas would frequently wake us up during the night while they played.

The steel wires were also incredibly fragile, so while our chinchillas were safe from escape, we couldn’t hang anything additional from the cage without risking warping and bending the wires.


  • Two tiers of ramps and platforms made of metal
  • Wheels that swivel and cast
  • In a wind-bell lock
  • Organizing rack
  • Easily accessible front door
  • Steel frames with powder coatings


  • The frailty of the wires
  • Noisy


The Ultimate Luxury Home for Humanity

Deluxe Habitat for the Animated World, Model 61859A1 is really large and advertises itself as a turnkey home for your pet. You may let your dog or cat run around and play in its almost four-foot-wide enclosure.

The cage features an elevated platform for feeding, as well as a bowl specifically designed for that purpose. You may enjoy some peace and quiet while feeding your pet on the balcony, and they can take refuge in the hidden compartment beneath the elevated dining platform.

The bottom of the cage may be removed and replaced with a deep plastic tray that is soft on your chinchilla’s feet and simple to clean and disinfect.

The rounded top of the Living World 61859A1 Deluxe Habitat cage is one of its most eye-catching features, but it also makes it tough to open all the way or to stay open when cleaning if you set the cage up against a wall.

About 1.5 feet of clearance is required between the cage and the wall. Added to the already substantial footprint of the cage, this new area may make a room feel even smaller.

The front door glides open laterally rather than lowering down to make a platform your dogs may use as a ramp, and the feeding tray is made of weak plastic and isn’t particularly solid.


  • Habitat that is wholly intact
  • Strong plastic base
  • Balcony
  • Elevated dining area


  • Bounding from a spherical peak
  • Not a stable shelf
  • Challenges getting pets in and out


Chinchilla Cage, Yaheetech Metal

You get three levels of ramps and platforms with the Yaheetech Metal Chinchilla Cage. Use the various levels of ramps and platforms to give your chinchilla access to a wide range of vertical environments.

Powder-coated steel wires and square pipes are used to create the cage, which is extremely corrosion- and rust-proof. With its double soaring doors, this cage is a breeze to maintain and move about as needed.

We didn’t like that it had a wire bottom floor, which can hurt a chinchilla’s foot. During the course of our evaluation, we filled ours with additional bedding, and we advise that, should you decide to purchase this cage, you do the same.

It was our opinion that this cage was too tiny for a chinchilla and that it would be best used as a secondary cage for transport or occasional use. It’s great for getting to a higher level, but you won’t find much opportunity to move laterally.


  • Metallic powder coating
  • This building has two sets of arched doorways.
  • Wheels that swivel and cast
  • The complex consists of three sets of ramps and three sets of platforms.


  • Steel wire base
  • Small


Warm and Cozy Chinchilla Cage Made of Wire

With its 360-degree swiveling casters, the Homey Pet Wire Chinchilla Cage may be moved to any convenient location. The inclusion of a strong handle that can be used to pull it makes it much simpler to move from place to place.

Two platforms and two ramps are stored in an easily removable plastic tray. There’s even a hammock included!

The Homey Pet Wire Chinchilla Cage has a number of serious issues, the most glaring of which are the cage’s flimsy wire ramps and platforms.

Your chinchilla’s feet may suffer damage, and in extreme cases, bones may be broken, from these. If you use a cage like this, we suggest covering the wires with fleece or felt.

The bars on this cage seem a bit too far apart, and we were constantly scared that our chinchilla might jump through them and get out.


  • With rolling wheels and a carry strap
  • Cassette made of plastic
  • Foldable
  • Hammock


  • A lot of space between the bars.
  • Cable stairs


Indoor Chinchilla Habitat by PawHut

The PawHut Indoor Chinchilla Cage is a multilevel housing that offers top and front entrances for convenient access to the interior.

Your chinchilla will have lots of freedom to run about and play on the three levels of platforms connected by three sets of ramps.

A plastic barrier in the cage’s base keeps bedding and other items from falling out, and the base’s detachable plastic tray makes cleanup a breeze.

A nice feature if you let your pet spend a lot of time outside the house is the front door, which opens to form a ramp that is steep enough to allow your pet to enter and exit the cage on its own.

There are certain drawbacks to the PawHut Indoor Chinchilla Cage. We saw how thin and weak the ramps and platforms were. Our pets’ weight would cause the ramps to crumble, and the platforms were awkward to secure to the cage walls with hooks.


  • Multilevel
  • Access points at the top and the front
  • Wheels that swivel and cast
  • The Three Main Sites
  • Cartridge that can be removed


  • Wasteful plastic
  • Insufficiently solid platforms


Dream House: The Heavy Hitter’s Edition Cage for a Chinchilla

The two arched front doors and take out plastic tray make cleaning the Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage a breeze. Powder-coated steel wires are long-lasting and safe, and caster wheels make mobility a breeze.

The Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage has a very steep ramp between the platforms, making it primarily a vertical cage, which we found to be less than ideal.

We were worried about being hurt on this precariously perilous incline. A metal grate floor is slightly better than a wire one, but we would still rather have a flat surface for our chinchillas.

Small access points make it more difficult to clean the entire cage. Also, it’s hard to clean the area between the urine guard and the wire because of the accumulation of dirt there.


  • Multilevel
  • Wheels that swivel and cast
  • It has two sets of arched doors in the main entrance.
  • Suspended tray that may be withdrawn


  • Small
  • Floor made of metal grates
  • Inconveniently complex directions
  • Limited access
  • The urine guard acts as a barrier between the wires and any dirt that may be present.


Chinchilla Cage by SONGMICS

Last but not least, we’ll be reviewing the SONGMICS Chinchilla Cage. The only assembly required is attaching the wheel, but other than that, this cage is ready to use out of the box.

The assembling process requires zero tool use. The urine and other impurities are contained in a slide-out tray on this type, making cleanup quick and simple. The cage’s three levels make it ideal for exploring, and its wheels make moving it a breeze.

The SONGMICS Chinchilla Cage’s main drawback is that the steps don’t lock into place, thus your pet chinchilla may be able to dislodge them. In order to keep them in place while we reviewed it, we resorted to using twist ties.

It might be difficult to clean the cage if urine accumulates around the edges. The urine is collected in the tray, but the bedding and other items fall through to the floor since the tray is so shallow. Last but not least, our chinchilla managed to gnaw a huge hole in it while we were using it.


  • Easy, no-tool set-up
  • With a plastic tray that slides out for convenience.
  • Having three levels of ramps and platforms
  • There are three wheels on the doors, and they roll.


  • Inadequately fastened stairs
  • A shallow dish
  • Around the edges, urine collects.
  • Weak against chewing.

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