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The 6 Best Chicken Nesting Boxes

Nesting boxes are essential for hens and their guardians. They provide hens with clean, secluded, and calm environments that keep them happy and encourage them to produce eggs.

While nesting boxes are not essential for chickens to produce eggs, they do make hens feel secure enough to continue producing them.

Without these boxes, eggs may be discovered in unexpected locations and accidentally damaged before being gathered. Nesting boxes retain the eggs in place and make egg harvesting simpler.

Choosing the correct nesting box is essential if you want to continue enjoying one of the biggest perks of having hens. However, deciding which one is best might be difficult. There are several models available on the market now.

To assist you, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has selected our best chicken nesting boxes so you can compare reviews and choose which one is best for your hens.

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My Cozy Poultry Nest Box Olba

 My Cozy Nest™ Single Hanging Chicken Hen Nesting Laying Box

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The finest overall choice for a chicken nesting box is the Olba My Cozy Poultry Nest Box . This enclosed box let in little light and provides hens with a nice, secure location to lay eggs.

The box contains draft-free vents that adjust the temperature by allowing air to flow freely, keeping the hens happy.

The inner edges prevent the nesting material from being scratched or kicked out by a chicken. This nesting box is designed to be wall-mounted. It may be easily removed and replaced for cleaning.

The box’s modern style and color make it an appealing addition to your coop. The box is intended to satisfy your hen’s natural need to lay eggs. This item is composed of long-lasting polypropylene that is both sturdy and simple to clean.

A non-skid step on the front of the box allows chickens to easily enter and depart. The best part is that the box can hold up to five chickens.


  • Simple to clean
  • It keeps the chickens secure and comfortable.
  • Temperature control


  • A big flock may need numerous boxes.
  • Cannot be fully closed

Chick-N-Nesting Box by Ware

 Ware Manufacturing 01492 Ware Chicken Nesting Box

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The Ware Chick-N-Nesting Box provides a safe haven for your chickens to roost and lay eggs. It is suitable for use in the majority of poultry coops and hutches.

These pressed wood boxes are the greatest chicken nesting boxes for the money. While the box isn’t covered, it’s an excellent choice for a hen that enjoys open boxes without sacrificing her sense of safety.

This box’s rear panel is open for convenient egg gathering. The boxes are delivered completely built and are simple to empty and clean. In addition to laying eggs, chickens may use the box as a place to relax.

The boxes have been reported to be damaged during shipment due to their construction of pressed wood. They are not as strong as other types of boxes and may arrive cracked or damaged.


  • Completely assembled
  • Simple to clean
  • A comfortable resting place for hens


  • It is possible that the item may be damaged during shipment.
  • There is no covering.

Essentials for the Homestead

 Homestead Essentials 3 Compartment Roll Out Nesting Box for Up to 15 Hens

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The Homestead Essentials Classic 3 Compartment Nesting Box is constructed in such a manner that eggs may move forward beneath the cover. This shields them from harm until you can gather them.

To better protect the eggs, bedding may be placed underneath the lid. Steel panels and roofing provide your hens with a separate nesting space.

The exterior panels are lined with ventilation holes. The trays are composed of plastic, making them simple to clean and resistant to rust and corrosion.

The tray includes a filtered bottom that allows trash to fall through while keeping the cartons and eggs clean. Each box may house up to 15 chickens.


  • Eggs move forward to defend themselves.
  • Durable construction
  • Trays will never rust or corrode.


  • Steel panels may readily bend.
  • Convoluted assembly instructions



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The Rite Farm 6 Pack Chicken Nests are lightweight and may be put anywhere your hens want. They are affixed to the wall immediately. The open egg-shaped rear allows you to conveniently collect the eggs.

Each nesting box may be filled with your own bedding or pad. Cleanup is simple and may be completed while the boxes are still mounted to the wall.

The polyethylene substance will not retain heat or cold like metal. Your chickens will not be bothered when the seasons change.

The handy multipack of nesting boxes allows you to place them at different heights in your chicken coop. To promote usage, put them in your chickens’ favorite areas. This pack can hold up to 30 chickens.


  • Appropriate for a big flock
  • Simple to clean
  • Material that is long-lasting


  • No mounting supplies are supplied.

Miller Large Wall Mount Egg Nest 4 Pack

 Miller 4 Pack of Large Wall Mount Egg Nesting NEST Boxes with Perch for Chicken COOP Hen House Poultry

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Miller 4 Pack Wall Mount Nesting Boxes are built to endure for years. The wall-mounted self-contained boxes may be easily removed for cleaning. This box can accommodate practically all chicken breeds. This four-pack is ideal for a small flock.

The boxes do not come with nesting material or pads, so they will need to be purchased separately to make your hens happy.

Because the slanted top of the box makes roosting difficult, the outsides of the boxes will not get dirty. The perch on the exterior assists your hens in gaining their balance before entering through the entrance.

The well-ventilated polycarbonate keeps the inner temperature stable. The entire enclosure provides more darkness and solitude to your chickens than other boxes while remaining spacious enough to offer comfort.

Inside, chickens may move and turn around. Increased ventilation also aids in the drying of their bedding material.


  • Interior space is plentiful.
  • Plastic that is long-lasting


  • Single-use containers
  • Without bedding, the inside material may be slick.

Single Chicken Nesting Box by Rural365

 Rural365 Single Chicken Nesting Box, Metal

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The Rural365 Single Chicken Nesting Box is simple to construct and comes with all necessary hardware.

The nest pad’s downward slope allows the eggs to roll into the egg-collecting tray and protects them from injury. The hinged egg collecting tray may hold up to 15 eggs.

The box has a trendy style and comes with curtains that block off light and provide seclusion for your hens. Some hens may be hesitant to use them at first, so you may need to manually put them in the boxes.

Unfortunately, a determined egg-eating hen may be able to squeeze their heads through the egg slot and reach the eggs. If your hens don’t like eggs, this shouldn’t be an issue.


  • Eggs are rolled onto a tray and gathered.
  • Curtains provide seclusion.


  • Egg-eating chickens may still have access to the eggs.

Buyer's Guide

Different Types of Chicken Nesting Boxes


There are many different types of wooden nesting boxes available. They’re long-lasting, inexpensive, and simple to build yourself. Wooden nesting boxes should be used solely within the coop.

When exposed to the elements, such as the sun and rain, wood may decay over time. Wood is more harder to clean than plastic or metal, and birds may scratch it over time.


Plastic nesting boxes are often supplied singly and are less expensive than wood. They may be used outside and are simple to clean. Some polymers are resistant to germs. Softer plastics will scratch with time, making cleaning more difficult.


Metal nesting boxes are lightweight, simple to clean, and incredibly long-lasting. Metal boxes often have many sections for multiple hens to utilize at the same time. Make certain that no sharp edges are visible.


The floor of these boxes is tilted, allowing eggs to slide to the front or rear of the box, away from the hen. This prevents them from being shattered by mistake and allows them to remain clean until you collect them.

Several Chickens

You may be asking why a single nesting box can accommodate many hens.

Hens will share nests that have the finest circumstances. Because a hen will lay an egg and then go, other hens will have plenty of opportunity to visit the same nest and deposit their eggs later.

If you’re breeding your chickens, just one hen is accountable for hatching the eggs. This is engrained behavior that allows the remainder of the flock to go about their daily business. It reduces the work involved in hatching eggs.

Hens Do They Sleep in Nesting Boxes?

Some may, but this is not recommended. Chickens sleep on roosting bars and do not usually deposit eggs at night. Provide roosting bars and nesting boxes for your birds to get the appropriate concept. They’ll know instinctively what to do.

Nesting boxes may easily get filthy if the chickens use them as sleeping quarters. The dirtier the boxes grow, the less likely your chickens are to utilize them for egg production.

What if they don’t get it?

Sometimes chickens simply don’t get it. Placing fake eggs in the nesting boxes and then placing the chickens in the boxes with the eggs will demonstrate to them what the boxes are for.

Hens like dark, secluded areas where they may deposit their eggs safely. Make certain that the boxes you use are positioned in safe settings, such as areas where chickens have already deposited eggs.


For the best chicken nesting boxes, the Olba My Cozy Poultry Nest Box   is our top overall pick for a chicken nesting box. It is simple to clean and offers hens a cozy, quiet space to deposit their eggs.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommend the Ware Chick-N-Nesting Box   for the greatest value. Although it is not covered, it nevertheless offers a safe haven for hens and comes completely constructed.

The rollaway floor of the Homestead Essentials Classic 3 Compartment Nesting Box   ensures that the eggs remain clean and unbroken until you retrieve them. We hope that these evaluations have assisted you in selecting the best nesting box for your hens.

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