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The 9 Best Chicken Feed Brands For Laying Hens

You have been excitedly awaiting the first egg from your chickens. You are aware that fresh eggs are nutritious and delectable.

You are also aware that your chickens require high-quality food to be healthy and continue providing eggs for you. There are so many varieties of chicken feed on the market that it might be daunting to choose the finest one.

Many diets contain fillers that may not generate ideal benefits for you or your hens. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has assembled evaluations of the best chicken feed brands for laying hens to help you narrow down your selections.

Learn more about our preferred breeds and how they can help you produce a healthy, egg-laying flock by continuing to read.

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Scratch & Peck’s Natural Layer Feed

Scratch and Peck Feeds Organic Layer Pellets

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Scratch & Peck Organic Layer Pellets are a nutritious organic choice for your hens and the finest chicken feed for laying hens overall, in our opinion. These pellets are non-GMO and certified organic. Only organic components such as wheat, peas, barley, and flaxseed meal are included.

The inclusion of grubs enhances the protein content of these pellets. This feed contains no inexpensive fillers, such as soy, so your hens will receive the necessary nutrients without excess calories.

This item is also an excellent provider of calcium. Calcium is essential in your hens’ diet since it aids in the formation of stronger eggshells. As a bonus, if you keep both chickens and ducks, you may also feed them this food.


  • 100% natural and non-GMO ingredients
  • No fillers
  • High in protein, calcium, and vitamin content
  • Ecologically responsible packaging


  • A little more pricey
  • Only available in a single-size bag

Small Pet Select Layer Feed Free of Corn and Soy

Small Pet Select - Chicken Layer Feed

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This non-GMO feed contains only components obtained from the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, the food is grown there, so everything is local. Small Pet Select Layer Feed is free of maize and soy. The protein-rich whole grains and seeds comprise the combination.

Additionally, this feed is rich in calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. According to reports, this diet is also gentle on your hens’ digestive systems, so it may be a suitable choice if your flock has a sensitive stomach.

Although it is non-GMO, it is not organically certified. This may be advantageous if you care less about the feed being organic and requiring a longer shelf life.


  • Containing neither soy nor corn
  • Non-GMO products
  • Good shelf life if stored properly


  • Not all food is organic

All-Natural Kalmbach Feeds Layer Crumbles

Kalmbach Feeds All Natural Layer Crumble

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If you are searching for a feed that is neither organic nor non-GMO but yet has nutritious and natural ingredients, then the All Natural Layer Crumbles from Kalmbach Feeds are an excellent option. This item contains both corn and soy meal. Then, a variety of vitamins and minerals are added for a nutritious boost.

This feed has no animal byproducts, making it a better option than other diets that include animal products as inexpensive fillers. Calcium-rich Kalmbach Layer Crumbles enable your chickens to produce eggs with tougher shells. It is offered in both 25-pound and 50-pound sacks.


  • Calcium and protein-rich
  • Reduced cost
  • Contains added vitamins and minerals


  • Not organic nor non-GMO

Manna Pro Layer Chicken Pellets

Manna Pro Layer Pellets for Chickens

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Manna Pro Layer Pellets are a fantastic option if you are searching for a pellet feed that is USDA-certified organic and non-GMO for your laying hens. All of the components are organic, including maize, barley, oats, and soybeans.

These pellets are also nutritional powerhouses, including protein, fiber, good fats, calcium, and several other vitamins essential for the health of your hens.

There are no artificial colors or tastes in this meal. It also does not contain any pesticides. Due to the use of only organic ingredients, this cuisine is slightly more expensive than others on this list. Due to the absence of pesticides, it is also perishable; thus, just purchase what you can use quickly to minimize rotting and waste.


  • Certified organic and non-GMO by the USDA
  • Highly nourishing
  • No artificial colors or flavors


  • Costly compared to other alternatives
  • Perishable if not consumed promptly

Homestead Harvest Non-GMO Whole Grain

Homestead Harvest Non-GMO Whole Grain Layer Blend

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Check out Homestead Harvest Non-GMO Whole Grain Layer Blend if you are searching for a minimally processed and non-GMO food for your chickens. This feed is a nutritious combination of grains and seeds that your birds will like. It contains calcium and other minerals.

In addition, linseed oil, an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, and kelp are included. Kelp is an excellent source of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. All of them are necessary for a healthy chicken. The commodity is only accessible in 40-pound quantities and may perish if kept for too long. This may be an issue if you do not intend to utilize it immediately.


  • Non-genetically modified and lightly processed grains and seeds
  • Supplemented with vital vitamins
  • Contains linseed oil, which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids


  • Just one size bag
  • Perishable if not consumed promptly.

Non-GMO Prairie’s Choice Layer Formula

Prairie's Choice Non-GMO Backyard Chicken Feed

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If you are searching for a non-GMO layer feed, Prairie's Choice Non-GMO Backyard Layer feed is a good alternative. The product is rich in protein and fiber, providing your birds with the necessary nutrients for their health.

If your chickens have previously had difficulty digesting their chicken feed, the Prairie’s Choice crumble-style feed may be a suitable option for them because it is simpler to digest than other forms of feed.

The components are non-genetically modified, so they retain their vital elements. In addition to protein and fiber, this feed is rich in calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and other vitamins and minerals vital to the health of your hens.


  • Non-GMO rations
  • Easy to absorb
  • High in protein, fiber, and other vitamins and minerals


  • A little more pricey
  • Limited ingredients

Organic Layer Crumbles Chicken Feed from Purina

Purina Organic Layer Crumbles Chicken Feed

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The Purina Organic Layer Crumbles are an inexpensive organic poultry feed choice. They are rich in calcium and protein. They say that the oyster shells they employ decompose slowly over time, resulting in increased calcium absorption and stronger eggshells.

This feed is organic and non-GMO, as approved by the USDA. The crumbles are easily digestible by your hens, but their loose consistency might contribute to greater food waste than other varieties.


  • Non-GMO and organic ingredients
  • Containing a lot of calcium


  • Corn and soy are the primary components of this product.
  • The crumbly texture of meals might increase food waste.

Buyer's Guide

Now that you’ve read our reviews, we’ll discuss some advice for selecting the finest chicken feed for your requirements.

Important Considerations When Selecting the Appropriate Chicken Feed

Our reviews explored the top organic, non-GMO, and natural chicken feed alternatives available. When determining which chicken feed to purchase, you must first choose between these three alternatives.

  • Organic – Not permitted to contain animal by-products, antibiotics, or genetically engineered substances.
  • Non-GMO – Contains no genetically modified organisms
  • Natural—Loosely defined; the natural foods on our list do not include animal by-products but are neither organic nor non-GMO.

It is commonly believed that organic foods are the healthiest since they lack hazardous ingredients. As they lack preservatives, they tend to perish somewhat more quickly.

There are also a variety of options available for purchasing chicken feed. Among those discussed on our list are the following:

  • Pellets—Compact, dehydrated pieces
  • Crumples – Coarse, oatmeal-like substance
  • Whole Grains – Cereals, seeds, and nuts in their original form

The format you choose depends on what your chickens enjoy. Most prevalent are pellets, whereas whole grains are often the least processed. Crumbles may be simpler for birds with delicate stomachs to digest, but they can also increase food waste.

What Constitutes Good Chicken Feed?

Your chickens require many nutrients for optimal health and egg production. Protein is an essential component of chicken feed. It is important for optimal body function. Additionally, laying chickens require ample calcium. Together with calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D are required for the formation of robust eggshells.


After reading BestForPets (bestforpets.org)’s evaluations and gaining more knowledge about the best chicken feed brands for laying hens, you should be confident in your ability to make the best decision for your requirements. Whether you choose organic, non-GMO, or natural feed for your laying hens, our top three recommendations will fulfill your needs. Scratching and Pecking Small Pet Select Chicken Layer Feed , Organic Layer Feed , and Kalmbach Feeds All Natural Layer Crumbles  are excellent layer feed options that will keep your hens content and healthy.

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