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The 12 Best Chicken Coops

Following the lunacy of this year, many individuals are beginning to consider how they may live a more self-sustaining existence. This entails discovering methods to be self-sufficient, such as growing your own food and becoming less dependent on the grocery store.

Raising backyard hens is one of the finest methods to begin generating your own food, even if you have limited space. A mature hen may produce many eggs every week, so a flock can offer enough eggs for your household. Males are ideal for meat production because they grow fast and provide a lot of high-quality protein at harvest.

But, while you're rearing these birds, you'll need somewhere to put them, and the best chicken coops in BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) following evaluations provide a simple and handy way to keep your flock secure.


Weatherproof Outdoor Chicken Coop with Nesting Box by Petsfit

The Petsfit waterproof outdoor chicken coop is our favorite of 2021 since it is both convenient and well-made. It has all of the elements that make chicken life easier, such a nesting box with an opening top for quick access to the eggs.

The entire coop is large enough to comfortably house 3-4 full-sized adult hens, and the bottom pulls off for simpler cleaning.

Despite all of its amazing features, this chicken cage is competitively priced. However, it is not without flaws. The main compartment’s top does not open, and there is no slide-out tray, making cleanup more difficult.

However, unlike many similar goods in this price range, it is entirely waterproof and will keep your hens secure from any weather conditions.

Overall, this is a pretty well-constructed coop. It’s made of solid fir wood and comes with a one-year guarantee.

Even if you have little to no DIY expertise, it’s shockingly easy to put together and just takes 30 minutes. It’s hard to beat for the price, and we have no hesitation in recommending it.


  • The bottom may be readily removed for cleaning.
  • 3-4 mature chicks can be accommodated.
  • Priced reasonably
  • The warranty period of one year
  • It takes around 30 minutes to assemble.


  • The lid does not open.
  • There is no slide-out tray.


Outdoor Wooden Chicken Coop 36″

When you first start raising hens, you may not have the finances to purchase a full-size henhouse, which can be fairly expensive. Instead, start small with something like this Volowoo 36-inch outdoor wooden chicken cage.

It’s not the best chicken coop we’ve seen, but it has several wonderful features at a very cheap price, decreasing the barrier to rearing hens.

The smallest disadvantage of this chicken cage is its modest size. On the one hand, it takes up little area, making it ideal for tiny yards.

It’s ideal for bantam chickens, but you’ll probably only be able to keep one adult in here if you’re growing full-size birds. Nonetheless, it will be ideal for growing chicks because it is spacious enough to comfortably hold a huge number of them.

Many chicken coops are difficult to erect, but this one is relatively straightforward, thanks in part to its modest size.

It has two floors and a run on the bottom that is wire-enclosed for optimal ventilation. If you’re looking for a low-cost method to get started keeping hens right away, this is a great option.


  • Simple to put together
  • Ideal for chick rearing
  • Cheaper than the majority of options


  • Only big enough for one full-grown chicken.


Fiveberry Magbean 98″ Solid Wood Chicken Coop with Wheels

In life, you sometimes get what you paid for. That appears to be true of the Fiveberry Magbean 98-inch solid wood chicken coop. This is a tank-style coop made of solid fir wood.

It has two nesting boxes, two roosting bars, and two access doors. There is also a tray that slides out for simple waste disposal.

When completed, this chicken cage can easily accommodate 4-6 full-sized adult hens. It is completely safe for tiny animals, thus it will keep predators out.

It’s a pretty straightforward coop to set up; you won’t need to pay an expert to do it. The holes are completely pre-drilled, so all you need is a screwdriver to assemble it.

But don’t be fooled by its simplicity; this is a really sturdy coop. It’s fastened together with sturdy metal bolts and has a waterproofing coating on the inside to keep your birds secure and dry.

The lowest level is a huge wire-enclosed run where your birds may obtain fresh air and sunlight. There are also wheels to let you move this coop so your hens may eat on new grass from the run every day.


  • Suitable for 4-6 adult chickens
  • Built-in roosting bars and nesting boxes
  • Easy-to-clean slide-out tray
  • Very good ventilation
  • Made of genuine Fir wood
  • Waterproof


  • It’s rather expensive.


Large Chicken Coop for 15 Chickens by OverEZ

The OverEZ Large Chicken Coop is one of the coolest chicken coops we’ve ever seen. It’s by far the most beautiful on our list, but it’s also unreasonably pricey.

For the price of one of these, you might be a member of numerous other coops on this list. On the same note, it’s a large coop that can easily house 15 full-sized adult chickens.

If you have 15 hens, you’ll need plenty of nesting space, and this coop comes with five nesting boxes. Two roosts are also included.

Two huge vents offer airflow, which keeps the coop cool in the summer. In the winter, thick wood structure keeps out the cold, while waterproofing keeps out unwelcome weather.

The fact that you won’t have to construct this coop is a welcome relief for most, since it appears to be a complex assembly.

Instead, you’ll need to schedule a delivery time, and a tractor-trailer will bring it, unloading it with a lift gate. Have fun transporting it to where you want it to stay; you’ll definitely need some help!


  • It can accommodate up to 15 full-size chickens.
  • Five chicken nesting boxes
  • Waterproof
  • Provides adequate protection from predators.
  • There is no assembly required.


  • Prohibitively expensive


Wooden Hen House JAXPETY

The JAXPETY wooden hen coop is a well-made product at a reasonable price. It has luxury materials and construction, such as a weatherproof asphalt roof and premium pine wood walls with a waterproof lacquer finish.

Speaking of waterproof, owing to such characteristics, this hen house is virtually weatherproof, giving it the ideal spot to keep your chickens safe from adverse weather.

When the weather is favorable, this coop has an extra-large run on the lower floor. It’s all surrounded by wire mesh, which keeps predators away from your cherished birds while allowing them to have plenty of fresh air and sunlight.

The upper level is ideal for roosting since it offers plenty of protection from the outdoors. There are no nesting boxes in this area, so you’ll have to reach into the main room and pluck out the eggs.


  • Affordably priced
  • There are two levels.
  • Several rooms
  • Top-level is ideal for roosting.
  • Design that is weatherproof


  • To clean below, the entire hutch must be lifted.
  • There are no nesting boxes available.


Chicken Coop Kinbor

One of the more economical alternatives on our list is the Kinbor chicken coop. Despite the lesser pricing, it’s still a fantastic coop in general. It is robust and powerful due to its solid fir wood construction, unlike many similar goods in the same price range.

It has a spacious screened run with an enclosed second floor that is completely weatherproof for safe and pleasant roosting.

A nesting area with a flip-up top for easy access to the eggs is attached to the roosting space. Inside are two roosting boxes, allowing two hens to roost at the same time. Granted, just two full-size chickens would fit inside this coop, but at the price, we can’t complain.

However, the instructions might require an update because they make assembly more difficult than it should be.


  • Solid fir wood construction
  • Mesh walls provide for plenty of ventilation.
  • The roosting place is protected from the elements.


  • It can only hold two full-size chickens.
  • Instructions might be more specific.


Outdoor Wooden Multi-Level Chicken Coop by Best Choice Products

With numerous floors and plenty of well-ventilated run area, this Best Choice Products chicken coop can easily house 3-5 adult hens.

The run on the bottom floor is spacious enough for them to wander around and graze, and it’s wrapped in mesh for barrier-free airflow while yet providing predator protection.

However, the coop isn’t particularly safe, and a determined predator could definitely access the interior with little difficulty.

With this coop, cleaning is a breeze. The primary roosting area has a slide-out tray for removing old excrement.

There’s also a nesting box with an easy-access top to remove the eggs every day. There are three points of entry into the coop, making it simple to bring your birds in and out as required.

This coop is made of fir wood and galvanized wire. Although the wire is sturdy enough, the fir wood is unexpectedly thin, making the entire construction weak.

Despite the lack of reliability, it is also somewhat more expensive than many options. Overall, it’s not a horrible decision, but we believe there are better solutions available.


  • 3 points of entry
  • Easily accommodates 3-5 chicks.
  • Easy-to-clean slide-out tray
  • Nesting box built-in with easy access


  • Not very safe.
  • It is lightweight and unstable.
  • Pricier than comparable choices


Wooden Hen House in Aivituvin

We believe the Aivituvin wooden hen house is pricey for what you receive, however it’s not a bad chicken coop in general. It’s fairly little, holding only two full-sized chickens, yet it’s priced similarly to many bigger choices.

Still, there are some positive features here, like as the two nesting boxes that are easy to reach so you can obtain your eggs without difficulty every day.

This hen house’s bottom floor has a screened run with a UV-proof panel that protects your chicks from the sun. The walls of the run are covered with wire to allow for enough ventilation while keeping your birds secure from predators.

Upstairs, the main part is protected from the elements by a waterproof asphalt roof. There’s also a detachable tray to make cleanup a breeze.

On paper, everything about this hen coop appears to be perfect, but when you put it together, you may have a different opinion.

First, assembling is a chore since few of the predrilled holes line up well. This coop’s wood is also incredibly thin, making the overall building rather weak when put together.


  • Two nesting boxes
  • Cleaning is simplified thanks to the pullout tray.
  • Asphalt roof that is waterproof
  • The playing run is protected with a UV-resistant panel.


  • It can only handle two chickens.
  • Built of thin and fragile wood
  • The predrilled holes do not all align.


Large Multi-Level Wooden Poultry Cage

This multi-level poultry cage from Aivituvin is one of the largest on our list, holding up to 10 full-sized adult chickens.

However, it is primarily a fenced-in run, as the actual roosting room that shelters the birds from adverse weather is rather modest. Nonetheless, there is sufficient of run area here, ensuring that all of the birds get enough exercise.

Contrary to popular belief, assembling this cage is fairly straightforward. The predrilled holes appear to fit, and the instructions are not overly complicated. However, once constructed, you may be dissatisfied.

It is not waterproof, as you will realize when water begins to enter the roost. Overall, the quality is rather low, especially given the hefty price tag.

We believe you would be better served by one of the numerous alternative options that provide comparable quality at a lesser price, even if they are somewhat smaller.


  • Simple to construct
  • Ample running space
  • 6-10 chickens can be accommodated.


  • More expensive than alternatives
  • It is not waterproof.
  • Poor value for money.


Imperial Double Savoy Large Chicken Coop for Pets

At first appearance, this chicken coop appears to be among the best. It can contain up to ten birds and opens in a variety of ways for several entry points.

A galvanized metal pull-out tray on the inside makes cleanup a breeze. The best part is that it is completely predator-proof.

However, we discovered more problems in this coop than we imagined. First, the nesting boxes’ bottoms aren’t secure. They usually just fall off due to the weight of the birds and eggs.

Many of the predrilled holes do not line up during installation, complicating the process. The elbow hinges that allow the tops to open are brittle and fragile.

Similarly, many of the parts arrive damaged, which is a major letdown. Overall, even though it looks great, we’d pass on this one.


  • The top opens completely for convenient access.
  • Pull-out tray made of galvanized metal
  • Predator-resistant enclosure


  • Nesting boxes’ bottoms have fallen off.
  • Pre-drilled holes do not align
  • Weak elbow hinges are not durable.
  • Pieces arrive broken.


You’ll need a coop to keep your hens in if you’re ready to start rearing them. Our evaluations are intended to direct you to the best chicken coops that will keep your hens safe.

According to BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) study, the Petsfit weatherproof outdoor chicken coop is the finest option. It has a nesting box with a flip-up top for convenient egg removal, and its weatherproof construction protects your birds from the elements.

Another excellent option is the Volowoo 36″ outdoor chicken house, which is reasonably priced and makes it simple to begin rearing hens.

Buyer's Guide


The total size of the coop is an important factor to consider. How much room will it require in your yard? If you have a huge yard and plenty of space, you might not be concerned about how much space it will take up.

If you’re short on room, though, you’ll want to carefully evaluate the footprint of any coop you’re contemplating.

Determine how many chickens you want in your flock while thinking about size. Your coop must be large enough to comfortably accommodate all of them. If you wish to raise 10 hens, a coop built for six will not suffice.

Is it safe from predators?

If you live in the city and your yard is surrounded by a cinder brick wall, keeping your birds safe from predators may not be your top priority. In other cases, neglecting to adequately defend against predators may result in the untimely death of your flock.

Not every chicken coop is predator-proof. Some are simply not tough enough to survive a hungry predator. Others are well-built and long-lasting, capable of deterring a hungry coyote or raccoon from feasting on your herd.


Durability is related to predator-proofing, though not totally. You should also examine how well it can withstand wind and rain.

Some chicken coops appear to be solid, but upon closer inspection, they are made of flimsy materials that provide little support.

These poorly built coops will not endure as long as a well-made coop, albeit premium building often costs more.


Because hens are often kept outside, most chicken coops are intended for outdoor usage. This implies that the coop will be exposed to the elements, including all forms of weather.

It will be subjected to the elements of sun, rain, sleet, snow, hail, cold, heat, and who knows what else.

Not every coop is similarly prepared to deal with such severe weather. Some coops leak, while others do not keep you warm while it’s chilly outside.

If you live in a cold area, look for a well-insulated coop, and if you live in a warm environment, go for a well-ventilated coop. Look for a weatherproof cage wherever you reside to keep your hens safe from rain and snow.


If it were possible, you’d buy the best-made chicken coop you could locate, regardless of price. That, of course, is not how the actual world works. Premium items are outrageously expensive, and some of the top-tier chicken coops are exorbitantly priced.

You’ll have to weigh the features and quality you desire against the price you can afford. Still, there are many wonderful solutions that are reasonably priced; you simply need to choose your budget and purchase inside it.

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