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The 10 Best Chew Toys For Small Dogs

While chew toys are often associated with bigger dogs, little dogs frequently love playing with them, and some of them may become aggressive chewers.

Chew toys can keep your dog from getting bored, protect your furniture and other household items, and keep your dog's teeth healthy.

Different dogs will have their own tastes, and there is a vast selection of chew toys available for purchase at pet shops.

While there is an abundance of chew toys for medium and large dogs, tiny dogs and toy breeds have fewer possibilities.

Therefore, it might be difficult to find a chew toy that your little dog enjoys. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has evaluated some of the best chew toys for small dogs and are here to assist.

We will also talk about the different kinds of chew toys that are usually sold in pet stores and what you should think about when buying new toys for your dog.


JW Pet Chompion Dog Toy – Overall Winner

This JW Pet Chompion Dog Toy is a wonderful option for your tiny dog’s first toy. It features a playful dumbbell form that your dog can easily grasp, throw, and play with. It contains grooves and protrusions that aid in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. The sides are perforated so that goodies may be placed within.

The material is certified non-toxic and is soft enough for pups to gnaw on when they are teething. Vanilla flavor is added to the chew toy to stimulate chewing. Additionally, peanut butter or other dog-friendly treats may be put between the grooves to encourage extended play.

This toy’s sole drawback is that it may be too big for certain toy-breed pups to grasp and chew. With all the numerous ways this chew toy may be played with, we still believe it to be the finest overall chew toy for small dogs.


  • Multifunctional toy with a pocket for distributing treats
  • Safe for all stages of life
  • The presence of grooves and nubs improves oral health.
  • Certified non-toxic materials used


  • Potentially too large for toy breed pups

Best Value Nylabone Power Chew Bacon Flavored Dog Chew Toy

The Nylabone Power Chew Bacon Flavored Dog Chew Toy is the most cost-effective chew toy for small dogs since it offers a variety of advantages at an affordable price.

This specific toy is available in both extra-small and tiny sizes, making it suitable for most small dogs and toy breeds. It is constructed from durable nylon and imbued with a yummy bacon taste, so you won’t need to replace it until your dog totally destroys the toy.

Although this toy develops more textured as your dog continues to chew on it, it begins as a perfectly smooth surface. Therefore, your dog may initially have difficulty grasping it or may not find it as entertaining as other chew toys with more intricacies and characteristics.


  • Available in sizes small and extra-small
  • Made with resilient nylon
  • Bacon flavor throughout the whole toy


  • Texture that is monotonous or difficult to grasp may be dull.

Benebone Fishbone Dog Chew Toy – Exceptional Selection

Benebone is a recognized brand of dog toys that manufactures high-quality items. This specific fishbone chew toy is enjoyable for dogs and may endure for many weeks.

It’s simple to hold and flavored with salmon, so dogs will like chewing on it. You should not worry about your carpets and furnishings emitting a fishy stench, since the odor is scarcely perceptible to people.

This toy is a safe alternative to rawhide, and your dog may continue to chew on it. However, it is crucial to inspect the toy after every time your dog plays with it, since sharp edges might form and scratch your dog.


  • Easy to hold for dogs
  • Salmon odor is neither strong nor harsh.
  • Safe substitute for rawhide


  • May grow razor-like edges

The Best KONG Puppy Dog Toy for Puppies

This KONG toy is an icon and a must-have for many dog owners. It is constructed of soft, durable, all-natural rubber and is designed particularly for pups that are teething.

This toy encourages safe chewing and provides pups with hours of entertainment. It may be stuffed with a variety of food and used as an enrichment toy.

The design of the toy makes it to bounce erratically, making it even more entertaining for pups. Overall, we like that this toy provides several play options and is multifunctional.

However, cleaning the inside might be difficult. It’s safe for the top rack of the dishwasher, but grime may still get stuck within.


  • Produced from natural rubber
  • Includes sweets-dispensing section
  • Erratic bouncing entertains canines.
  • Compatible with top-rack dishwashers


  • Interior might be tough to clean

The Hartz Chew ‘n Clean Tuff Bone

Another inexpensive choice, this chew toy is available in both extra-small and tiny sizes.

It includes a smooth, durable nylon border and a nubby middle that massages your dog’s gums and prevents plaque and tartar formation. To stimulate chewing, the toy is scented with bacon and is simple for dogs to grasp.

It is safe for all life stages and is soft enough for pups and adult dogs to chew on. It cannot resist vigorous chewing, though.

Therefore, it is crucial that you observe your dog as it chews on this toy and replace it immediately if a major piece comes off.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Extra-small and tiny sizes available.
  • Scented with bacon aroma
  • Safe for use by individuals of all ages


  • Not for heavy masticators

PetSafe’s Busy Buddy Bristle Bone Treat Dispenser

This toy is a fantastic interactive alternative for easily-bored pups. It is constructed with strong nylon and rubber to endure vigorous chewing.

It includes three distinct textures for dogs to enjoy for extended periods of time. While your dog eats, the nylon nubs massage its gums and the nylon bristles clean its teeth.

You may also encourage your dog to chew by adding goodies to the toy. The toy is simple to clean and dishwasher safe on the top rack.

However, it may be preferable to wash this toy by hand, since it may become easily disassembled after repeated rigorous use.


  • Made with sturdy nylon and robust rubber
  • Contains three distinct chewing sensations.
  • Bristles aid in tooth cleaning.
  • You may put treats to the toy.


  • Rapidly loosens with time

Mammoth Braided Tug with TPR Ball for Dogs

This toy is both a fun chew toy and an interactive toy for playing tug with your dog. It contains knots in several locations to facilitate your dog’s grasp.

It also includes a rubber ball that your dog may play with and gnaw on. The rope is composed of 100 percent cotton and is sufficiently soft for older dogs to chew on.

In addition to cleaning teeth, the rope strands are skillfully braided to withstand vigorous biting. This toy is excellent for pulling, chasing, and gnawing.

However, as it is neither flavored or scented, some dogs may not utilize it as a chew toy and would rather play with their humans than alone.


  • Knots aid in grasping the toy.
  • 100% cotton is used to manufacture rope
  • Fibers aid with dental hygiene
  • Durable and resistant to intense chewing


  • Not flavored or perfumed

Ethical Dog Chew Toy Bam-Bones Plus Beef Tough

This toy’s T-shape makes it easier for dogs to hold while chewing. The bumps on one end rub the gums while the dog chews. It has a delicious beef taste that many dogs will appreciate, and it will keep them occupied for a long time.

Although the toy is reinforced with bamboo fiber, it has not consistently resisted the test of heavy chewers. For determined dogs, the toy disassembles very rapidly.

Therefore, be careful to observe your dog when you initially give it this toy to prevent it from eating big pieces.


  • Easy to hold for dogs
  • Raised bumps rub gums
  • Beef flavored


  • Not resistant to heavy chewing

Petstages Dogwood Durable Dog Chew Toy

This toy resembles the form and feel of a tree branch, making it a safer option for dogs that like picking up sticks and twigs outdoors. It is built from genuine wood and non-toxic ingredients and has a woodsy aroma.

This odor frequently induces dogs who like chewing on sticks to do so. However, it may not be as beneficial for dogs who enjoy bacon or beef tastes.

You may also play fetch with your dog with this toy. It floats, making it an ideal beach or swimming pool toy. The tiny size is ideal for the majority of little dogs, but if your dog has trouble grasping it, try the petite size instead.


  • A secure substitute for sticks and twigs
  • Featuring natural wood and non-toxic components.
  • Floats on liquid
  • Available in a miniature version for extra-small dogs


  • Some dogs may not appreciate wood fragrance

Outstanding Squeaker Bone Dog Toy

This toy is suitable for both puppies and senior dogs. The soft rubber is enjoyable for dogs to chew, while the nubs stimulate their gums.

As with other softer chew toys, though, this one cannot endure intense gnawing. The squeaker may also motivate determined canines to continue biting until it is extracted from the toy.

The dog toy is constructed from BPA-free, food-grade TPR rubber and has a charming squeaker that makes it more entertaining for the dog.

The squeaker is rather loud, so it’s recommended to just let your dog play with this toy during times when noise is acceptable.


  • Soft rubber is safe for puppies and elderly dogs
  • Promotes gum and tooth health
  • Made of food-grade, BPA-free TPR rubber
  • Contains a fun squeaker


  • Not resistant to heavy chewing
  • The squeaker may be very noisy.

Buyer's Guide

Clearly, there are several types of chew toys for little dogs. It will likely take some trial and error to determine which treats your dog prefers. Consider the following factors while buying for a new chew toy.


Most chew toys are composed of rubber or nylon. The substance is significant since it contributes to dogs’ safe play. For puppies and older dogs, softer materials are preferable, therefore you should seek out toys manufactured with thinner rubber or nylon fabric.

Toys for aggressive chewers may be be crafted from very durable materials. Ensure that your dog is chewing safely by keeping a close eye on it when it first begins playing with a new toy.


There are several forms and textures of chew toys. Some are entirely smooth, while others feature grooves or bumps that aid in the removal of tartar.

Various dogs enjoy different textures, so it might be useful to test out a variety of toys to see which one your dog prefers. Spread peanut butter or yogurt over toys with grooves and nubs to make playing for your dog even more fun.


Many reward toys are flavored to encourage dogs to chew on them for longer. The most common tastes are beef, chicken, and bacon.

Despite the fact that flavored chew toys encourage dogs to chew, the taste generally fades before the toy wears out. Therefore, you may need to replace them more regularly if your dog likes chewing due to the taste.

Treat Distribution

Some chew toys have a treat-dispensing feature to promote extended play. These sorts of toys often have a tiny hole through which you may place small snacks.

They create a challenge for dogs to utilize their natural instincts to fetch a reward. To prevent your dog from acquiring extra weight, you should either use low-calorie snacks or fill these toys with a minimal amount of goodies.


1. Can I offer my dog bones from previous meals?

If the bones are already cooked, it is not advisable to offer them to your dog to gnaw. If the remaining bones are uncooked, it is somewhat safer to offer them to your dog, but there are still hazards involved.

Salmonella infections, blockages, splintering injuries, and other complications might result from the consumption of raw bones, particularly if they are too tiny.

If you wish to offer your dog a bone to chew, ensure that it is raw and at least the size of its head to reduce the likelihood of a harmful chunk breaking off.

2. Can my dog safely chew on wood?

It is possible to chew wood, but it is likely to splinter. Wood splinters may lodge in your dog’s teeth, the roof of its mouth, its esophagus, and even its face. Wood does not breakdown and, if ingested, may induce gastrointestinal distress or an obstruction.

3. How can I prevent my dog from destroying furniture?

Always use positive reinforcement while teaching a dog. If your dog is chewing on your furniture, attempt to divert it by giving it a toy or an appropriate object to nibble on instead. Commend it when it chews appropriately.

If you need extra incentive for your dog, try bitter sprays meant to discourage chewing activities in dogs or place temporary barriers around objects you don’t want him to chew on.


The JW Pet Chompion Dog Toy is the most durable and versatile chew toy for tiny dogs, as determined by our evaluations.

The Nylabone Power Chew Bacon Flavored Dog Chew Toy is a safe alternative that many dogs appreciate if you’re searching for a more affordable option.

The Benebone Fishbone Dog Chew Toy is another alternative with a distinctive form that will amuse dogs who are bored. It may take some time until you discover a chew toy that your tiny dog enjoys.

However, the hunt is well worth the effort since it may supply your dog with hours of amusement and keep him or her delighted.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our selection of the best chew toys for small dogs has assisted you in locating the optimal product for your home.

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