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The 9 Best Chew Toys For German Shepherds

German Shepherds are clever, high-energy dogs who often need a great deal of exercise and mental stimulation to keep them occupied and free of surplus energy.

Chew toys are a great way to keep your German Shepherd amused, but these dogs can be rough on chew toys, so choosing the best chew toys for German Shepherds can save you money and keep your dog safe and happy.

There is something here for every German Shepherd, including puppies and older dogs, despite the fact that each dog is unique from.

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Benebone Wishbone Chicken Flavor Toy – Best Overall

Benebone Wishbone Chicken Flavor Toy is the ideal chew toy for your German Shepherd overall. This nylon toy is constructed to be durable, but it has some give, so it is probably safe for your dog’s teeth health.

The nylon in this toy falls off in extremely little slivers that are readily digested, and the chance of huge parts coming off is limited.

This toy is available in different sizes, the biggest of which is 6.3 inches by 9 inches, so you may confidently give it to your German Shepherd regardless of its size.

This toy is created in the United States and has chicken flavoring in every bite. This chew bone’s pet-friendly form makes it simple for your dog to keep in place.

Expect to spend a premium price for this chew bone, since it is one of the most costly toys we’ve evaluated.


  • Made of durable but delicate nylon
  • Designed to disintegrate into little, readily digestible slivers
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Chicken flavour
  • Made in America
  • Form pet-friendly and simple to hold


  • Premium price

Best Value Nylabone Power Chew Curvy Dental Chew

The most cost-effective chew toy for German Shepherds is the Nylabone Power Chew Curvy Dental Chew. This chew bone is constructed of nylon that breaks into little pieces and is readily digestible.

It has a delicious peanut butter taste to keep your dog occupied, and its ergonomic, curved shape makes it simple for your dog to grip. This toy is created in the United States and has rough ridges and nubs to help clean your dog’s teeth while they chew.

Multiple sizes are offered, allowing you to choose the size that is optimal for your German Shepherd. Be prepared to replace this toy if your dog is a big chewer, since it will have slightly jagged edges after prolonged use.


  • Made of durable nylon
  • Designed to be consumed in tiny, readily digestible portions
  • Ergonomic design facilitates holding
  • Ridges and bumps promote oral health
  • Multiple sizes available


  • It is possible for edges to become sharp

Premium Selection Playology All-Natural Squeaky Dog Bounce Ball

Playology’s All-Natural Squeaky Dog Bounce Ball is the best toy for your German Shepherd. This rubber toy has an enticing chicken taste, but other flavors are also available.

This rubber toy is gentle on the teeth and gums, and it makes a delightful squeaking noise. It also floats and bounces sporadically, leaving your dog wondering as to which way it will go.

It can be readily cleaned by washing it in the sink, allowing you to always keep it clean and safe for your dog. Be prepared to pay a little more than you would on other toys for this item.


  • Palatable chicken taste
  • Tough yet supple rubber
  • Offers an engaging squeaking sound
  • Unevenly bounces and floats
  • Simple to clean


  • Premium price

Ruff Dawg Dawg-Cube Toy

The Ruff Dawg Dawg-Cube Toy is a fun chew toy for dogs with strong jaws.

This toy is available in four different colors and is composed of durable rubber that floats and bounces unevenly to maintain your dog’s attention. This eco-friendly toy is recyclable after your dog has done playing with it.

This toy is created in the United States and is designed to endure a long time, even if your dog is a heavy chewer. It is spacious enough for even the largest German Shepherds.

This is the most costly toy on the list, therefore you will be required to pay a premium price.


  • Excellent choice for heavy chewers
  • Four colors available
  • Durable rubber compound
  • Floats and oscillates irregularly
  • Recyclable and American-made


  • Premium price

Extreme Tire Toy from Kong

The Kong Extreme Tire Toy is a huge dog-specific rubber dog toy. You may confidently give it to your German Shepherd since it’s constructed of durable rubber and built to withstand aggressive chewing.

Although durable, this toy has a little amount of give, so you may feel comfortable handing it to your dog to chew. It may be stuffed with goodies to maintain your dog’s attention, and the rubber construction assures an unpredictable bounce that will keep your dog on the move.

The durable rubber makes this toy simple to clean. Due to the pliability of this toy, several owners have seen their aggressive chewers ripping off little bits, therefore this toy is best used under supervision.


  • Durable rubber compound
  • Has adaptability
  • Inconsistent bouncing pattern
  • Can be filled with sweets
  • Simple to clean


  • Small fragments may be dislodged by heavy chewers

SodaPup Cone Ice Cream Snack Dispenser

The SodaPup Ice Cream Cone Treat Dispenser is constructed of rubber for durability. This hollow dog toy may be filled with treats or kibble to amuse your pet.

It may be frozen with kibble, snacks, yogurt, peanut butter, or soup to keep your dog occupied for an extended period. This toy is made from responsibly obtained materials, so you can feel good about your purchase.

This toy is designed to resist aggressive chewers, but a dog that is determined to get food or treats out of it may be able to chew off little parts, so be careful to observe your dog as he or she plays with this toy.


  • Durable rubber compound
  • Hollow to be packed with food and goodies.
  • Can provide extended enjoyment for dogs when frozen.
  • Materials obtained sustainably
  • Designed for robust chewers


  • Small fragments may break off

BullyMake Cheeseburger Toy

The BullyMake Cheeseburger Toy is an enormous toy designed to be loaded with treats or food, therefore entertaining your dog.

It may also serve as a slow feeder for some canines. This durable rubber toy is intended for dogs weighing up to 150 pounds, making it great for German Shepherds of all sizes.

It provides a range of textures to maintain your dog’s attention and clean their teeth. This toy is created with durability in mind, and it bounces erratically when tossed.

The inside component of this toy may be tough to clean due to its design.


  • Large for dogs weighing up to 150 pounds
  • Allows for the dispensing of rewards or food
  • Durable rubber compound
  • Contains varied textures for appeal and dental health
  • Erratic leaping


  • May be hard to clean internally

Senior’s Nylabone Power Chew Wishbone Toy

The Nylabone Power Chew Wishbone Senior Toy is an excellent chew toy for your senior German Shepherd who is a heavy chewer.

This toy is manufactured with slightly more give than other nylon toys, ensuring that your senior dog’s oral health is preserved as it chews. Additionally, the rough surface promotes the oral health of your senior dog.

This toy is inexpensive, has a pleasant bison taste, and is simple for your dog to grab onto due to its ergonomic form. If your senior is still a voracious chewer, you should routinely inspect this toy for sharp edges.


  • Durable nylon fabric
  • Designed for older dogs
  • Enhances oral health
  • Budget-friendly toy
  • Bison taste and ergonomic form


  • May acquire sharp edges in chewers with a heavy bite

Dispenser for SodaPup Honey Bear Treats

The SodaPup Honey Bear Treat Dispenser is a hollow rubber toy that can be stuffed with treats and food to delight your dog. This toy is adorable and colorful, so both you and your dog will like it.

If your German Shepherd is on the smaller side, they may prefer the smaller version of this toy, since it is available in two sizes. This toy bounces unpredictably, so your dog will enjoy chasing it, plus it’s created in the United States.

Keep a close check on your dog as they play with this toy if he or she is a strong chewer, since there is a chance of little bits being gnawed off.


  • Durable rubber compound
  • Allows for the distribution of sweets and food
  • Adorable and brilliantly hued
  • Two sizes available


  • Requires supervision
  • Small fragments break off

Buyer's Guide

Chew toys are a terrific way to amuse your German Shepherd, but there are a few considerations to bear in mind when choosing them. There are no toys that can be played 100% reliably without supervision. All chew toys are susceptible to having bits gnawed off of them, particularly if your dog has access to them while you’re not home.

Regularly examine your dog’s chew toys to ensure they are not losing major pieces or becoming hazardous. Heavy chewers may destroy even the most durable chew toys, so keep this in mind while selecting toys. German Shepherds have powerful teeth that can destroy even the toughest toys.

Additionally, you should consider the toy’s durability. The greatest risk associated with these toys is that little parts may break off and become choking hazards or be so sharp as to cause internal injuries. Therefore, choose a toy that can readily survive a German Shepherd’s powerful teeth.


1. How frequently should my German Shepherd and I play?

Depending on the dog’s age, you should attempt to begin playing with your German Shepherd at least once per day. An energetic puppy may want more playtime, while a senior German Shepherd may not require that much exercise.

2. What are the greatest German Shepherd toys?

Chew toys and soft toys are both fantastic alternatives for German Shepherds, however every dog is different. These dogs have a tendency to be destructive chewers; a chew toy may prevent them from destroying your house. If you already know that your German Shepherd likes playing fetch, you might also get a fetching toy.

3. Why does my German Shepherd prefer certain toys?

While some dogs may be more selective than others, you should not be irritated if your German Shepherd only plays with a few of the toys in their toybox. Like toddlers, dogs have preferences and may prefer playing with some toys over others. If you are aware of the kind of toys that your dog like, you may purchase more in the future.

4. How can I prevent my German Shepherd from destroying my footwear and furniture?

If your German Shepherd refuses to quit damaging your house, you may need to get a sturdy chew toy or chewing toy.


The Benebone Wishbone Chicken Taste Toy is the greatest overall chew toy for your German Shepherd due to its pleasant flavor and ergonomic form that makes it easier for your dog to keep in place while chewing.

A budget-friendly option is the Nylabone Power Chew Curvy Tooth Chew, a durable chew toy with textures that promote dental health in dogs.

The greatest premium product is the Playology All-Natural Squeaky Dog Bounce Ball, which has irregular bouncing and chicken-flavored squeaking.

If you have a German Shepherd puppy, he or she will like the SodaPup Nylon Diamond Teething Ring, which provides durable chewing without harming your dog’s teeth or gums.

If you don’t know where to start, feel free to check out one of the best chew toys for German Shepherds that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has previously evaluated above.

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